Pendle Aggregate Trophy

Proudly sponsored by Moorhouses

In the 2019 Pendle Aggregate Trophy competition members receive points for competing in the following seven races:

Saturday 2nd March 11:00 am Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round (BM), Barley.
Saturday 6th April 2:00 pm Pendle Fell Race (AS), Barley.
Saturday 7th May 11:00 am Pendle Cloughs (AL), Barley.
Tuesday 14th May 7:15 pm Mearley Clough Fell Race (AS), Worston.
Saturday 17th August 11:00 am Pendle 3 Peaks (AM), Barley.
Saturday 24th August 2:00 pm Pendleton Fell Race (AS), Pendleton.
Saturday 16th November 10:30 am Tour of Pendle (AL), Barley.

Standings for the 2019 competition will be published on the Team Clayton Facebook group.

There is a single competition available to Ladies and Men, with the Pendle Aggregate Trophy being awarded to the winner. A Moorhouse’s prize is available if the winner attends our Awards Evening. Points are awarded in each race as follows: 1st Clayton Lady 30 points; 2nd Clayton Lady 29 points; and so on. 1st Clayton Man 30 points; 2nd Clayton Man 29 points; and so on. Each member’s points from all races are added together to determine the final rankings. It is necessary to have completed at least three races to win the competition.

Here are the details of the Pendle Aggregate Trophy competition in 20182017, 2016, 2015 and 2014. Congratulations to 2018 winner Vicky Heys.