Run it fast, run it long, run it any which way!

This week you’ve recorded times from 4 mins 45 seconds to 33 hours 56 minutes and lots more in between with some short and snappy runs, some really loong ones and some pretty soggy ones too. And there’s been racing action abroad too with more Ironman competition. In other words, the usual spectacular celebration of running (and swimming and cycling) exploits from the Clayton membership. Fantastic stuff.


Padiham Greenway

Organising his first senior race, Junior Coach Jason Pier did a super job with this popular fixture on the Burnley and Pendle Grand Prix series, which ran like clockwork and attracted a record 180 seniors to race on a warm, balmy mid week night.

Fast Wharfedale Senior James Hall blazed into the finish in under 16 minutes with 15:44, followed by our own Danny Collinge in 16:29. From then on, the flood of Clayton runners was pretty constant, with many PBs and course bests peppering the results.


PB for George Pier. Photo: David Belshaw


Donna Airey. Photo: David Belshaw


‘What do you mean I didn’t run quick enough?!’ Nick Hennessey was 1st Junior home in a speedy sub 18 minutes. Photo: David Belshaw


Thank. Goodness. That’s. Over… Lucy Stevenson. Photo: David Belshaw


Christine Leathley brings it home. Photo: David Belshaw


Bit more work needed on the double thumbs up Cassie Smedley? Photo: David Belshaw

Pos Name Cat Cat Pos Time
2 Danny Collinge MS (002/031) 00:16:29
8 Luke Turner MS (005/031) 00:17:16
9 Matthew Duckworth MS (006/031) 00:17:26
14 Nicholas Hennessey MJ (001/003) 00:17:49
17 Jonathan Pye MS (010/031) 00:18:06
19 George Pier MS (012/031) 00:18:21
27 Kevin Davies M55 (001/012) 00:18:49
33 Paul Hesketh M50 (002/016) 00:19:22
34 James Boult MS (018/031) 00:19:29
35 Gareth Berry M40 (006/026) 00:19:29
40 Mick Hughes M40 (008/026) 00:19:41
42 David Moynihan M50 (003/016) 00:19:52
43 James Dunderdale MS (021/031) 00:19:54
45 Reece Lawrence MJ (002/003) 00:20:01
46 John Roche M55 (003/012) 00:20:05
48 Michael Clarke M40 (011/026) 00:20:13
51 Sean Clare M50 (004/016) 00:20:19
52 Andy Bradley M50 (005/016) 00:20:21
53 Paul Foster M45 (006/012) 00:20:27
54 Craig Nicholls M40 (012/026) 00:20:34
56 Adam Stephenson MS (023/031) 00:20:38
59 Elizabeth Mullan FS (001/012) 00:20:53
67 Cassandra Smedley F35 (003/018) 00:21:24
72 Robert Morrison M45 (008/012) 00:21:46
73 Donna Airey F35 (004/018) 00:21:54
75 Chris Lawrence M50 (010/016) 00:22:07
78 Colin White M40 (013/026) 00:22:23
82 Jeffrey Pickup M65 (001/004) 00:22:31
84 James Hickie M55 (005/012) 00:22:40
86 Carl Carey M45 (010/012) 00:22:46
87 Michelle Abbott F35 (005/018) 00:22:49
99 Aaron Lundie MJ (003/003) 00:23:45
102 Nina Kewin F35 (006/018) 00:24:03
103 Nerina Gill F45 (002/007) 00:24:05
106 Julia Rushton F50 (003/008) 00:24:11
108 J Pollard F45 (003/007) 00:24:15
109 Ian Hargreaves M50 (014/016) 00:24:18
112 Lisa Ellis F35 (008/018) 00:24:28
117 David I. Scott M70 (002/002) 00:24:38
119 Jane Ryan F40 (003/008) 00:24:41
122 Bryn Barnes M65 (003/004) 00:24:52
124 Colin Woolford M40 (020/026) 00:24:55
125 Andrew Taylor M55 (009/012) 00:24:55
130 Lucy Scott FS (008/012) 00:25:12
133 Richard Lawson M75 (001/001) 00:25:29
134 Mark R. Knowles M40 (022/026) 00:25:32
141 Michelle Butschok F40 (004/008) 00:26:14
144 Rebecca Bradshaw FS (011/012) 00:26:38
145 Jane Hylands F45 (004/007) 00:26:42
148 Deborah Greenwood F45 (005/007) 00:27:06
152 Helen Burnett F45 (006/007) 00:27:30
156 Julia Taylor F55 (001/004) 00:28:39
163 Judith Carey F35 (016/018) 00:29:24
166 Geraldine Varley F55 (004/004) 00:30:03
167 Christine Egerton F65 (001/002) 00:30:06
171 Ron Chappell M65 (004/004) 00:30:44
172 Jack McGuire M60 (008/008) 00:30:53
174 Lucy Stevenson FJ (002/002) 00:31:18
175 Sharon Wilson F40 (008/008) 00:31:30
176 Anita Jones F60 (003/004) 00:32:07
177 Christine Leathley F65 (002/002) 00:32:09

Full Results Seniors

Junior races

There was also a record turnout of 83 juniors for these races, a large section of whom were Clayton Juniors. There were age group wins for Freya Birtwistle (U9G), Helena White (U13G), Tom Holden (U17B) and Millie Stubbs (U17G). Podium places were also occupied by Robbie Smedley (U13B), Finley Stubbs (U13B), Michael Stevens (U15B), Adam Stephenson (U15B), Ella Dorrington (U15G), Jay Bowman (U17B), Kaliska Clarke (U17G) and Alfie White (U17B). All our Juniors ran brilliantly and were smiling at one point or another during the proceedings.

Emily Johnson looking good and heading to the finish. Photo: David Belshaw

Emily Johnson looking good and heading to the finish. Photo: David Belshaw


Pos Name Cat Cat Pos Time
13 Charlie Plant M9 (007/008) 00:04:45
15 Ruby Cleaver F9 (005/008) 00:05:01
16 Freya Birtwistle F7 (001/001) 00:05:08
21 Olly Plant M9 (008/008) 00:05:27
22 Emily Johnson F9 (008/008) 00:05:30


Pos Name Cat Cat Pos Time
2 Robbie Smedley M13 (002/009) 00:06:46
3 Finley Stubbs M13 (003/009) 00:07:12
5 Matthew Jackson M13 (005/009) 00:07:16
9 Helana White F13 (001/006) 00:07:25
14 Nathan Kewin M13 (007/009) 00:07:56
19 Charlie Barnes M11 (006/015) 00:08:09
26 Toby Birtwistle M11 (011/015) 00:08:30
28 Imogen Ferguson F13 (005/006) 00:08:41
36 Fraser Anforth M11 (015/015) 00:09:37
38 Emily Nicholls F11 (008/010) 00:09:45
39 Ellisia Smedley F11 (009/010) 00:10:14
40 Joni Higgins F11 (010/010) 00:10:57
Michael Stevens chased winner Jack Villiers hard in the U15 race. Photo: David Belshaw

Michael Stevens chased winner Jack Villiers hard in the U15 race. Photo: David Belshaw

Beth Wheatcroft and Kaliska in the U15G race. Photo: David Belshaw

Beth Wheatcroft and Kaliska Clarke in the U15G race. Photo: David Belshaw


Pos Name Cat Cat Pos Time
2 Michael Stevens M15 (002/006) 00:10:58
3 Adam Stevenson M15 (003/006) 00:11:33
4 Lennon Jackson M15 (004/006) 00:11:40
5 Tom Holden M17 (001/003) 00:11:58
6 Harrison L. Codd M15 (005/006) 00:11:59
7 Jay Bowman M17 (002/003) 00:12:00
9 Ella Dorrington F15 (002/009) 00:12:13
10 Millie Stubbs F17 (001/002) 00:12:29
11 William Nicholls M15 (006/006) 00:12:52
13 Kaliska Clarke F17 (002/002) 00:13:18
14 Bethany Wheatcroft F15 (004/009) 00:13:23
15 Alfie White M17 (003/003) 00:13:37
17 Natasha Olszewska F15 (006/009) 00:13:52
18 Heidi Kewin F15 (007/009) 00:14:08
19 Keira Stevenson F15 (008/009) 00:15:33
20 Bronia Olszewska F15 (009/009) 00:15:58

Full Results Juniors

Lee Mill Fell Race

This midweek Rossendale Harriers fixture over 6 miles takes competitors on an industrial fell-tour of some of Rossendale’s largest stoneworking sites, past and present, with some good old fashioned moorland running thrown in too. Won by Phil Marsden from Horwich RMI, Chris Snell was the first Clayton runner home in 7th, with Alan Life in 11th and Stephen Fish in 47th.

Full Results


Heart of the Lakes Rydal Round

Along with the Guides races, the Rydal Round makes up the fell running attractions at Ambleside Sports. This longstanding AM race is held over 9 miles and 300ft of climb. Matt Perry was 12th in a fast time of 1:31:33 behind winner Simon Bailey (Mercia) in 1:23:37, Richard Briscoe was 63nd in 1:57:30 and Alan Dorrington 72nd in 2:03:32. 144 runners started.

Alan Dorrington reports:

“Chasing Briscoes in the mist… that was the theme for this Fairfield Horseshoe by another name. Following pretty much the same course, save for the initial climb up Nab Scar and a little bit of contouring around rather than over intermediate peaks, the weather during the round deteriorated reasonably decisively as a heavy rain shower and strong winds blew in over Fairfield summit. Depending on where you were in the field, this meant being buffeted and drenched at some point, some escaping the worst and others like myself being battered by the weather over the rougher rocky sections over Fairfield and down to Link Hause.

It had started innocuously enough, as I found myself pacing the long initial climb up to Heron Pike, only for Richard Briscoe to stride past at the bottom of the climb. Assuming he had been out clubbing till 4am the night before/raced for 3 days previously/was severly dehydrated* (*delete as applicable), I happily let him go and marvelled instead at the sight of Simon Bailey running the top section of the climb, some considerable way above me. I resolved to catch Richard later in the race for sure.

Except I didn’t, and he remained, tantalisingly, a short distance in front all the way over toward Fairfield and as the mist came in. The rain and wind and clag did for the vision through my glasses and reduced my pace to an embarassingly slow crawl over the rocky sections to Hart Crag till lower ground was gained, it stopped blowing a hooly and I could see again. Except there was no sign of Richard. He’d had a good run over the back side of the course and finished well on the now sodden descent back through Brock Crags and along to the sports field. Next time…

Alan Dorrington makes his way through the rain and clag on Fairfield. Photo: Stephen Wilson/GrandDayOut

Alan Dorrington makes his way through the rain and clag on Fairfield. Photo: Stephen Wilson/GrandDayOut

Full Results

Ambleside Sports Guides Races – BOFRA

Along with Grasmere, this is one of the oldest and more prestigious Guides Races in the country, following the usual ‘stupid steep up and then down’ format of Guides Races over the years.

Briony Holt revels in this kind of flat out racing up and down 45 degree slopes and took 2nd place in the U17G race by a clear margin behind perpetual rival, Rosie Woodhams. Her time over the same course as the Senior race would have placed her as 2nd Lady in that race too…

Briony Holt in full flight. Photo: Woodentops

Briony Holt in full flight. Photo: Woodentops

In the Senior race won by Rob Hope in 14:15, a plucky Richard Briscoe decided to see just how wrecked his legs might be from the Rydal Round a couple of hours before but still managed a respectable 21:39 and 59th with Andrew Firth in 72nd. Chapeau!

Here’s Richard’s report:

“On Thursday I decided to do the Rydal Round and the short Bofra race at Ambleside Sports. I had to to the Bofra race to try and get 8 championship races in. The main race is the Rydal round a cracking race was a good turn out. Three Clayton runners did the long race Matt Perry, Alan Dorrington, and myself. I started very well behind Matt but in front of Alan. I saw him behind me so I had to improve my game to stop him. The weather wasn’t good especially on top of Fairfield so had to be quick to get round. I managed the race and was faster than previous times. I felt good so I did the 2nd race as well the short Bofra race. Andy Firth and myself did it.”

Richard Briscoe feelsthe pain of 2fast race finishes in about as many hours. Photo: Woodentops

Richard Briscoe feels the pain of 2 fast race finishes in about as many hours. Photo: Woodentops

Andrew Firth on his way to the finish at Ambleside Sports. Photo: Woodentops

Andrew Firth on his way to the finish at Ambleside Sports. Photo: Woodentops

Full Results


Lakeland 100

Grim, overwhelming, stomach churning and unforgettable. That was just the portable toilets at this years Lakeland 100/50 event, never mind the tough, iconic ultra distance courses and traditional Lakeland ‘weather’ on offer to hardy ultra runners this weekend.

The M*A*S*H themed support station at Dalemain. Photo: Adrienne Olszewska

The M*A*S*H themed support station at Dalemain. Photo: Adrienne Olszewska

Put simply, Martin Terry had a knockout performance in the Lakeland 100. He ran consistently well throughout the race and was looking happy and strong at Dalemain checkpoint. He continued to race steadily and, despite a temporary period of tiredness in the later stages, managed to pick off a few runners to finish in 17th place overall with a time of 26:09:03. There are no age categories in the race but that position would have been 1st V50.

Andrew Armstrong finished in 113th place with a time of 33:56:30 despite suffering from sickness and struggling to refuel throughout, opting for a liquid diet of flat Coke and a single cup of soup between miles 25 and 75. Andy does like to keep things simple and minimal, but we’re not sure that nutrition strategy will fully catch on in the ultra world. Nor will the acquisition of trench foot due to the wet conditions that battered the 223 finishers in the 100 race for much of the weekend.

Congratulations to both on a truly mammoth accomplishment. Trench foot pictures withheld due to upsetting content.

Also a special mention to Clayton Juniors Natasha and Bronia Olszewska who worked really hard all weekend at the Dalemain checkpoint, looking after the 100 mile runners brilliantly.

Bronia and Natasha - experienced ultra helpers. Photo: SportSunday

Bronia and Natasha – experienced ultra helpers. Photo: SportSunday

Full Results to follow


Lakeland 50

Andy Laycock had a fantastic run in the 50 mile event, starting on Saturday. He was in first position for the first half of the race until he was overtaken by Casper Kaars Sijpesteijn who then went on to break the course record. Andy finished in 07:51:42.

Full Results to follow

Pilling 10k

Laura Hesketh had a fantastic run here, placing 1st Lady in 35:23 (a PB), and 7th overall. This continues her super run of form in recent races including last weeks Sale Sizzler 5k (16:44) and which has seen her place 16th overall in the UK rankings, the highest position ever for a Clayton senior lady.

Full Results

Turnslack Fell Race

This 8 mile race with 2001ft of climb starts out of Calderbrook near Littelborough and heads out over Hades Hill to Ramsden Clough before returning over Shore Moor. The race was won by Mike Fanning from Holmfirth in 1:10:52 and Paul Hesketh, Jack Holt and Jeffrey Pickup ran coming in 17th, 30th and 48th respectively.

Full Results

Cowling Gala Fell Race – BOFRA

Helana White popped across the border to this local gala fell race with its stone wall obstacled finish and came back with a 3rd place in the U12G race. And probably an ice cream.

Whoosh! Helana White getting those arms in the air. Photo: Woodentops

Whoosh! Helana White getting those arms in the air. Photo: Woodentops

Full Results


Sabden Fell Race

This English Hill Runners fixture takes in a 5.25 mile loop from Sabden over the quieter end of Pendle with some nice contouring running amongst a couple of stiff climbs giving around 1500ft of climbing. Dave Motley got his race face on as well as the bit between his teeth, and took a fine second place behind winner Grant Cunliffe of Rossendale Harriers with support from Chris Snell in 8th, Rick Moore in 31st and Peter Dugdale in 44th.

'You looking at me?' Dave Motley leading a group up onto Pendle. Photo: David Belshaw

‘You looking at me?’ Dave Motley leading the chasing group up onto Pendle with Chris Snell in close attendance. Photo: David Belshaw

Pos Name Cat Cat Pos Time
2 Dave Motley MS (002/008) 00:43:22
8 Christopher Snell MS (006/008) 00:46:19
31 Rick Moore M50 (013/016) 00:59:47
44 Peter Dugdale M60 (005/005) 01:18:11

Full Results

Ironman Switzerland

After Jon Cleaver’s recent efforts at Ironman UK, Vicky Heys has earned the right now to a very specific tattoo with a successful completion of Ironman Switzerland. Or Schweize/Suisse/Svizzera/Svizra depending on your language preference. Despite the multiple language options in Switzerland, the Ironman format remains the same: a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bicycle ride and a marathon 26.2-mile (42.16 km) run. A long way in other words…

Angela Shian sent us this report as presumably Vicky is putting her feet up somewhere and refuelling with cheese and chocolate:

“Vicky Heys is an Ironman!!!

Vicky is mostly known for racing the fells, being noisy at cross country….!! And has ran the odd road relay for us (with a little persuasion!). However this year her Inov8s have had to take a back seat. Vicky has always competed very well in local triathlons, but it seems that this is not enough of a challenge for her! Vicky and Julia Hartley booked to take part in the Switzerland Ironman, 2.4mile open water swim, 112 bike, then finish off with a full marathon, all this in hot and humid conditions. The hard training of 2017 paid off, she ran over the finishing line in 13hrs 40, in 17th position in her age category. Congratulations on the mammoth achievement, Vicky can now have a well earned rest, well until Yorkshireman marathon next month anyway….!!!”

Congratulations from all of us too!


Burnley parkrun – a total of 356 runners took part.

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
1 Tom BREWSTER 17:25 SM30-34
2 Nicholas HENNESSEY 18:13 JM15-17 New PB!
3 Jonathan PYE 18:28 SM25-29
7 Michael STEVENS 19:20 JM11-14
18 Mick HUGHES 20:54 VM40-44
38 Chris LAWRENCE 22:35 VM50-54
43 Charlie BARNES 22:44 JM10
49 Cassandra Darling SMEDLEY 22:51 VW35-39
50 Michelle ABBOTT 22:53 VW35-39
53 Sarah ANGELONE 23:10 SW30-34
56 Colin WHITE 23:14 VM40-44
74 David Ian SCOTT 23:57 VM70-74
76 Robbie SMEDLEY 24:05 JM11-14
78 Nina KEWIN 24:11 VW35-39
90 Bryn BARNES 24:59 VM65-69
97 Toby BIRTWISTLE 25:13 JM10
98 Charlie BIRTWISTLE 25:14 JM11-14
115 Lynsey BIRTWISTLE 25:57 VW35-39
117 Justin BIRTWISTLE 26:01 VM40-44
139 Heidi KEWIN 26:49 JW11-14
230 Judith CAREY 30:34 VW35-39
232 Marion WILKINSON 30:52 VW75-79
234 Stuart BARKER 30:59 VM50-54
240 Ella DORRINGTON-LEVY 31:06 JW11-14
242 Robert HIRST 31:08 VM65-69
246 Ron CHAPPELL 31:12 VM65-69
253 Ellisia SMEDLEY 31:52 JW10

Rugby parkrun – a total of 171 runners took part.

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
9 Sean CLARE 20:32 VM50-54

Harrogate parkrun – a total of 373 runners took part.

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
275 Emily JOHNSON 31:15 JW10
276 Lisa JOHNSON 31:16 VW45-49

Sewerby parkrun – a total of 234 runners took part.

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
71 Sophie ASHWORTH 24:53 JW11-14
94 Thomas ASHWORTH 27:00 JM10

Lyme Park parkrun – a total of 126 runners took part.

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
55 Katy THOMPSON 28:00 VW60-64
67 Paul THOMPSON 28:49 VM45-49

Pendle parkrun – a total of 81 runners took part.

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
5 Paul BRANNON 20:58 VM55-59
20 Eleanor Betty ROOT 25:04 JW15-17
24 Dawn TERRY 25:56 VW50-54
25 Barry MITCHELL  26:09 VM70-74
58 Yvonne WICKHAM  32:12 VW50-54
64 Grace Georgina ROOT  33:21 JW11-14
81 John HARTLEY  53:55 VM60-64

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge – a total of 241 runners took part.

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
140 Eileen JONES 00:29:27 VW65-69

Witton parkrun – a total of 62 runners took part.

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
24 Stephen FISH 27:47 VM60-64
62 Julia RUSHTON 48:47 VW50-54

Lytham Hall parkrun – a total of 150 runners took part.

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
36 Philip NAYLOR 23:42 VM40-44

Lancaster parkrun – a total of 218 runners took part.

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
130 Doug MUNROE 31:42 VM70-74

Blackpool parkrun – a total of 173 runners took part.

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
92 Christine Jennifer EGERTON 29:43 VW65-69
120 Christine LEATHLEY 32:06 VW65-69



Hills, hills and more hills!

With a few notable exceptions who went looong, you’ve been hitting the hills this week. Welsh hills, Lakeland hills and our very own local hills. Those gruesome hill rep sessions seem to have been paying off as there have been outstanding individual performances, some great team camaraderie and a lot of miles covered by you all. Belt up for a roller coaster ride this week!


Ian Terry Memorial 5k

Jane Hylands FV45 was Clayton’s sole representative in this midweek 5k won by M. O’Malley in 16:20. Jane came in 38th in 25:46.

Full Results


Sedbergh Sports fell race

Short and steep, this AS race packs in 1300ft of climb in its short 3.5m length. Won by Josh Boyle MU23 in 25:37, Wendy Dodds FV60 was 31st in 38:49 and Stephen Fish MV60 36th in 43:00. Stephen sent this report in:

“Always keen to try a race I’ve not previously done I headed up the M6 for the Friday evening event held just outside Sedbergh, in a field next to Buckbank Lane, just off the A683.

Sedbergh Sports is a typical Cumbrian local show with plenty of novelty events for children and adults, comprising of 3 legged, sack, potato, tyre rolling, sprint, ½ mile handicap, 1 mile handicap races, plus the fell races for U7s upwards.

The senior route took us out, after a lap of the show field, along Buckbank Lane before the steep ascent of Knott. On the initial part of the climb I managed to eventually pass Wendy Dodds and was amazed to look up and see the eventual race winner, Josh Boyle, actually running the climb. Wendy and I were in walking mode at this point and it wasn’t long before she came past me again and it stayed that way for the remainder of the race. Once Knott was conquered the ascent up onto Sickers Fell ensued, followed by a fast, exhilarating, descent into the show field. Despite having what I thought was a decent run, I only finished 36 out of 38 runners.

A very good ‘BOFRA’ style race, which had a bit of everything. One I would recommend, certainly justifying its category ‘A’ status, despite the tarmac portion at the beginning.”

Full Results


Snowdon Race

The big fixture of the weekend was the Snowdon Race. Held since 1976, its 10 miles up and down format on Wales’ highest mountain has led to its classic status on the mountain running calendar. Incidentally the male record for this race has stood since 1985, being one of Kenny Stuart’s enduring times from that golden era of fell/mountain running – an amazing 1:02:29.

A large contingent of Clayton runners made their way to the top bit of Snowdonia for the start in Llanberis. Quickest up and down in somewhat claggy conditions, and with the added cachet of wearing an England vest for the second time was Chris Holdsworth. He came a stunning 4th place in 1:09:17, 1 second off 3rd place and 3rd English counter behind the Italian winner Magnini in 1:06:42.


Chris Holdsworth pushing hard on the descent. Photo: Deborah Stevenson

Behind a cast of, well maybe not thousands but 10s of Clayton vests supported him with special mention going to Richard Stevenson who managed to rip the skin off not one but both heels during the descent. Ouch.


Dave Motley working on his way up the claggy climb.


That’ll be Wayne McIntosh.

Look away now... Selfie: Richard Stevenson

Look away now… Selfie: Richard Stevenson

Full results to follow when available.


Pendle Running Festival half marathon and 10k

A few hardy (foolhardy?) souls decided they hadn’t had enough of hilly half marathons the week after Hendon Brook and so opted to run the half distance at the Pendle Running Festival, an event growing in popularity owing to its relaxed atmosphere, additional family activities and scenic location in Barley.

With over 2000ft of climb in the half, and over 800ft in the 10k the routes were accurately described as challenging.Tom Brewster SEN was first Clayton runner home in the 10k in 3rd place and 40:05 whilst James Boult MU23 led the way in the Half in 1:39:18.

A trio of Clayton runners still nursing Hendon Brook legs formed a pact before the half marathon to sing, cajole and support each other round the hilly course.

Here’s their tripartite perspective ‘The Team Works!’:

Report by Cassie Smedley

“Well, to say that I was nervous entering another HM 6 days after completing the tough Hendon Brook HM was an understatement, but to be told that the Pendle HM was as tough wasn’t making me feel any better. We were set off with the 10k race, and needed to make sure we didn’t get carried away and set off too fast. It was great to run with Michelle but we also had Mick Hughes for support and encouragement, and the odd sing song from him to keep us entertained. We had a great run, kept each other going at a good pace, and Mick went to stretch his legs out with about 3k to go. Me and Michelle found our legs again and kicked into the finish. Came in strong to the finish line, hand in hand as always. Great run, with great team mates and friends”

Report by Michelle Abbott

“Well after having a bit of a rollercoaster week and doing Hendon brook just 6 day before it was time for the the Barley hm, first time for me. I wasn’t out for any records, just an enjoyable run which it was, kept a good continuous pace. I enjoyed every bit with Cassie and Mick running along side, it was brill. As we were coming back into Barley after first lap the 10 k runners were heading into the finish and we had to go and tackle another big hill before doing another lap. It was tempting to join the 10 k runners at that point but we still managed to keep plodding with a smile and finished strong before heading straight to the cafe for a well earned bacon butt.”

Report by Mick Hughes

“Having done the 10k last year, I had vowed to take on the Pendle Festival half marathon this year. What I had forgotten was that it would come just 6 days after Hendon Brook! My largest goal this year is completing the whole 14 PBGP races so having managed 1hr 57 at Hendon, I had to be smart in tackling this and one of my smartest decisions was to pace along with Cassie & Michelle. Taking on another 2000ft of climb and the 2nd hilly half marathon within a week would take discipline. The one thing Cassie & Michelle have in abundance is determination and stamina! These girls have real good engines and we took turns at pushing forward and leading the group. Add into the mix good personality and sense of humour and we were good to go. Having done the 10k last year I advised the ladies to remain steady in pace as tackling Stang Top twice is a test!. We chatted and willed each other on throughout all the elevation and many laughs kept us going as we paced just right to manage a nice sub 2 hr finish and another good day for team Clayton. It was another one of those races that stay in the memory and a reminder of just how great our team mates are.”

Triple trouble at the Pendle Running Festival half - Cassie, Mick and Michelle. Photo: David Belshaw

Triple trouble at the Pendle Running Festival half – Cassie, Mick and Michelle. Photo: David Belshaw

Donna Airey finishing. Photo: David Belshaw

Donna Airey finishing with a double thunbs up. Photo: David Belshaw

Full results to follow

Interim Facebook results here

Race to the Stones

The Ridgeway is old. Really old, and steeped in Iron Age features and subsequent history along its 100 mile-odd route through the Chilterns to the North Wessex Downs. It makes for great open trail running too as the Clayton team of Chris Funnell, Stephen Ainsworth, Rob Morrison, Andy Webster, and Colin White found out when they entered the 100km Race to the Stones, the stones in question being the iconic stone circle at Avebury.

Here’s what happened:

Back in late 2016 during one of our Sunday morning long run and natters we decided to try something different and Stephen suggested we gave Race to the Stones a go in 2017. The appeal was that this would be a good challenging distance (100K ultra over 2 days) and was the equivalent of trail running glamping as everything was included.

The run itself is along The Ridgeway which is an ancient 5000 year old trail from the Chilterns to the North Wessex Downs. This is trail running at its most scenic with miles of rolling hills and spectacular views. The forecast for the first day was cloudy but dry with temperatures around 22 degrees. The reality was cool with regular showers which kept the running to a comfortable temperature. There were refuelling stations every 10-12K with every type of sports nutrition you’ve heard of and quite a few I’d never come across. We quickly realised that our loaded backpacks which carried enough provisions for a weeks wild camping were totally superfluous as we took refuelling to a whole new level and Andy commented that he’d eaten less on all inclusive holidays.

Our plan was to run the route together as Team Clayton and soak up the whole experience. The end time wasn’t important. We all expected to comfortably complete the first 50K but the big question mark was how we were going to feel trying to get going again the next morning. We arrived mid afternoon at the half way camp where virtually every whim was catered for including unlimited hot food, bar, hot showers, massage, medic tents, pamper tent, sports nutrition, yoga class, live music, stretch out area and rollers and chill out zone complete with bean bags. In true Northern style we made full use of all the facilities. The overnight stay was in one man tents and runners and walkers arrivals continued to be announced over the speakers late into the evening. Between the wind rattling the tents and Rob shouting in his sleep we didn’t get much shut eye (apart from Rob) and at 0500am we all popped out of the tents bleary eyed and wondering how the legs were going to hold up.

A hot shower, porridge and full English later we all felt refreshed and good to go again and we set off just after 0600am although this was considered a late start and a big contingent had already left earlier.With the second day promising to be a bit warmer we all donned our Clayton vests. The scenery the second day was even more spectacular than the first and the early morning was calm and cool and it felt great to get the legs moving again. The route contained roughly 6000 feet of climbing and we were getting lots of shouts of “good effort” as we overtook lines of people without breaking pace as although the climbs were long and these weren’t hills by Northern standards. At the refuelling points everyone remarked on how we had stuck together and ran the challenge as a team. Mostly it was just pairs or individuals. Although most didn’t know where Clayton le Moors was many made comments about its infamous running history including Ron Hill and other Clayton le Moors legends.

After we had been running for a couple of hours Colin started grimacing as an old hip injury resurfaced and the next 20K proved to be the biggest test for Team Clayton as we battled through each 1K using a combination of encouragement, painkillers and shear determination. Andy’s stock phrase of “it’s just around the next bend” was no longer having effect and we were trying to decide if we had enough provisions in our backpacks to knock up a quick field stretcher. After force feeding Colin a handful of Randoms and lying that it was only 5K ( or one Parkrun) to go we dug deep for the final push and the glory that awaited at the finish which was at the Bronze Age stone henge at Avebury. At the finish line we had mixed feelings of pride of starting and completing as a team but sorry that it had come to an end. Although it was never about a fast time ( as we stayed much longer than most at the refuelling stops), Steve came away with the Vet 60 1st place which was the icing on the cake. Over a few beers we celebrated and relived our whole experience and talk was already about ideas for the next trip.

Race to the Stones Team Clayton

Race to the Stones Team Clayton

Junior FRA ‘do’

Four Clayton Juniors (Briony Holt, Ella Dorrington, Jenson Bentham and Christopher Brown) attended the Junior FRA ‘do’ at Marl Pits Rossendale. Part social, part prizegiving, the event was hosted as in previous years by Rossendale Harriers and combined running and coaching sessions, planning for the future and a talk from fell legend Steve Birkinshaw.

Briony was there to pick up her 3rd place award, presented by Steve Birkinshaw, for the season long English Championships U17G competition, a fantastic achievement in only her first year in that age group.

English Junior Fell Championships medal for Briony Holt. Photo Alan Dorrington

English Junior Fell Championships medal for Briony Holt. Photo Alan Dorrington


Kentmere Horseshoe fell race


Horseshoe? Go up to the left, round the back and then down from the right. Simples. Photo: Alan Dorrington

This edition was won by Joshua Jardine MU23 in 1:32:55. Andy Armstrong MV40 was first Clayton finisher in 100th in 2:04:24, Jack Holt MV60 105th in 2:04:56, Alan Dorrington MV40 214th in 2:23:53 and Wendy Dodds FV60 241st in 2:30:48.

Clayton Juniors coach Andy Armstrong reports:

“The Kentmere Horeshoe is a 12 mile/3000ft fell race in the old school tradition. It starts on a narrow country lane (ensuring a mad scramble for positions as the race heads up out of the village) and it finishes in a farmer’s field where water is available out of the back of a car. The presence of Pete Bland’s iconic red van, coupled with tea and sandwiches in the village hall afterwards complete the picture. No medals, no Tshirt, no Tannoy!

Between the start and finish is one of the prettiest horseshoe courses in the lakes with views beyond Windermere to the west and Haweswater to the east. A dry sunny day guaranteed fast times and comedy vest tans all round. Four Clayton members made the trip to Kentmere; first home was Andy Armstrong in 100th place chased all the way off the fell gate by Jack Holt in 105th (3rd MV60). Alan Dorrington was next in at 214th then Wendy Dodds some time later in 241st position (1st FV60).
The race is not without its dark side – Judith Taylor of Clayton lost her life on this course in 1994, during what were described as truly horrendous blizzard conditions. However on a clear day this would make a great introduction to anyone seeking to do longer fell races in the Lake District.
Andy Armstrong descends off Kentmere Pike to the finish. Photo: Mick Dobson

Andy Armstrong descends off Kentmere Pike to the finish. Photo: Mick Dobson

Alan Dorrington heading to the finish in Kentmere village. Photo: Mick Dobson

Alan Dorrington heading to the finish in Kentmere village. Photo: Mick Dobson

Full Results

BOFRA Cracoe fell race

Briony Holt continued her super run of form with a solid 2nd place and 9th overall in the U17 race held on a fast and for BOFRA, relatively tame grassy course.

Briony olt scaling the Cracoe wall. Photo: Carolyn Brett Muir

Briony Holt scaling the Cracoe wall. Photo: Carolyn Brett Muir

Full Results

Pendle Running Festival trail race

Day two of the Festival saw the Trail race with a game amount of climb around Barley, Newchurch and Whitehough.

The race was won by Burnley and Pendle regular Nick Gaskell in 31:40 and first Clayton runner home with a fantastic performance was 15 yr old Junior Nick Henessey in 6th place and 37:32.


Tall for his age? Junior Nick Hennessey was flying in the trail race. Photo: David Belshaw


Gareth Berry, Andy Bradley and Reece Lawrence battling it out in the trail race. Photo: David Belshaw

Full Results to follow

Interim Facebook results here

Ironman UK Bolton

Last but certainly not least given his efforts, Jon Cleaver has been quietly doing the lengths, kms and miles in preparing for the classic Ironman UK grueller, and joined fellow multiple kit option devotees at the start line in Pennington Flash on Sunday. Here’s how he got on – wonder if he’s going to get the tattoo now?

“Starting with an eye watering 03:45 wake up call I got myself changed and headed over to Penington Flash for the first event of the day 4km swim which involved 2 laps of the flash mainly trying to avoid getting kicked and elbowed in the head. I was pleased to come out at 01:18 which was exactly what I paced for in training. Next onto the bike going through Leigh over to Westhoughton, then Rivington for the start of two 50 mile loops and 5200ft of climbing I felt pretty good on the bike keeping on top of my feed and hydration. I came into T2 after 07:07 of cycling, considering this was probably my weakest event I was happy enough with the time. Then onto the run my strongest discipline having not done a marathon since April I was a bit rusty and my legs were shot at from the bike I had to summon all the strength I could muster on a pretty hilly road course over 1200ft in elevation. I finished the run in 03:45 which is not too shabby considering and heard the immortal words “Jonathan you are an Iron Man” at 12:32. Overall I placed 507 out of over 2000 making up a lot of ground on the run.”

Full Results


Burnley Junior Parkrun – a total of 77 runners took part.

Pos Name Time Cat Note
2 Robbie SMEDLEY 07:21 JM11-14 New PB!
4 Matthew JACKSON 07:37 JM11-14
6 Charlie BARNES 08:36 JM10
8 Bethany WHEATCROFT 08:43 JW11-14
13 Imogen FERGUSON 09:06 JW11-14
14 Jake ANFORTH 09:10 JM11-14 First Timer!
27 Fraser ANFORTH 10:19 JM10 New PB!
30 Ellisia SMEDLEY 10:41 JW10 New PB!
33 Charlie BIRTWISTLE 10:42 JM11-14

Burnley parkrun – a total of 368 runners took part.

Pos Name Time Cat
2 Jacob WATSON 17:36 SM30-34
4 Jonathan PYE 18:18 SM25-29
7 Nicholas HENNESSEY 18:37 JM15-17
8 Mark ASPINALL 18:42 VM55-59
9 Josh HALL 18:46 JM15-17
12 Michael STEVENS 19:18 JM11-14
21 Reece Adam LAWRENCE 20:36 JM15-17
29 Peter STEVENS 21:13 JM11-14
47 Charlie BARNES 22:14 JM10 New PB!
65 Aaron LUNDIE 23:16 JM15-17
68 Chris LAWRENCE 23:22 VM50-54
74 David Ian SCOTT 23:36 VM70-74
81 Bethany WHEATCROFT 23:49 JW11-14
88 Sophie ASHWORTH 24:09:00 JW11-14
119 Richard LAWSON 25:34:00 VM75-79
123 Donna SCOTT 25:38:00 VW50-54
129 John WILCOCK 25:49:00 VM50-54
131 Annabel WILCOCK 25:53:00 JW15-17
148 Evan WELSH 26:40:00 JM11-14
172 Caitlin WELSH 27:43:00 JW15-17
184 Imogen FERGUSON 28:03:00 JW11-14
191 Darcey HIRST 28:12:00 JW10
240 Stuart BARKER 30:17:00 VM50-54
254 Robert HIRST 30:50:00 VM65-69
259 Marion WILKINSON 31:08:00 VW75-79
278 Ron CHAPPELL 32:11:00 VM65-69

Pendle parkrun – a total of 76 runners took part.

Pos Name Time Cat Note
4 Paul HESKETH 20:37 VM50-54
26 Eleanor Betty ROOT 25:43:00 JW15-17
32 Dawn TERRY 26:14:00 VW50-54
53 Yvonne WICKHAM 30:40:00 VW50-54

Witton parkrun – a total of 94 runners took part.

Pos Name Time Cat Note
31 Paul THOMPSON 26:31:00 VM45-49
57 Christine Jennifer EGERTON 33:26:00 VW65-69 First Timer!
69 Christine LEATHLEY 35:41:00 VW65-69

Eglinton parkrun – a total of 104 runners took part.

Pos Name Cat Time Note
62 Eileen JONES VW65-69 29:27

Ayr parkrun – a total of 47 runners took part.

Pos Name Cat Time Note
16 Katy THOMPSON VW60-64 26:33

Dewsbury parkrun – a total of 113 runners took part.

Pos Name Cat Time Note
103 Robin PRICE VM70-74 37:04

Bramhall parkrun – a total of 387 runners took part.

Pos Name Cat Time Note
54 Andy BRADLEY VM50-54 22:00

Summer runnin’, happened so fast

Summer runnin’, had me a blast! Yes dear readers, summer is here and you lot are busy racing here, there and everywhere. Even slipping in a sneaky race or parkrun whilst on holidays at times. It’s been yet another action-packed week with superb turnouts at local events and great performances on show across the board from juniors to supervets.



The Ogden Valley Round is the first race in our club summer series. The series is extended to members of Trawden AC and three of their runners also took part. There was a great turnout of 39 runners with plenty of first timers in the Club summer series.

Danny Collinge was the first man over the finish in under an hour. Cassandra Smedley was the first lady finisher. An additional element to racing is added as each runner predicts the time they think they will achieve in the race with a handicap position being given to the closest estimate. Andy Dugdale had the best estimated time with a difference of only 14 seconds.

Report from Teresa de Curtis

Tuesday night saw a group of Clayton members completing the 6 mile Ogden Round fell race organised by Paul Healey. No watches were allowed and the runners had to estimate their finishing times in order to be in for a chance to win a prize.

Teresa de Curtis at the Ogden Valley Round. Photo by David Belshaw

Teresa de Curtis at the Ogden Valley Round. Photo by David Belshaw

The race started from a rainy Barley Green and went across the fields past Buttock Farm up to the top of the cart track. Loved the descent down the cart track, wet, stony and steep before going up the steps. At the top of Pendle, visibility wasn’t great due to the mist. We then followed the wall, across boggy ground and narrow paths towards Ogden Clough and then back to the finish at the Pendle Inn.
Loved this race, the conditions and the terrain. I know that some runners were nervous in case they got lost but John Roche lead a group of runners round and Sarah Helliwell was a voice in the mist too. A great race enjoyed by all and a big thanks to Paul and the marshals.

Report from Cassie Smedley

Ogden - Cassie and Wayne

Cassie Smedley and Wayne McIntosh racing at the Ogden Valley Round race. Photo by David Belshaw

I decided to do the Ogden and Pendle summer series race on Tuesday night. Turning into Barley I started worrying about the cloud cover over Pendle, but whilst signing up was told I would be OK, and wouldn’t get lost and had lots of encouragement by others signing up. So glad that I did. The climbs were tough, the descents were so much fun, and I absolutely loved it. Thanks to all for all your positivity pre race, as I’m sure I would have backed out otherwise.

Report from Lucy Scott

Tuesday evening is usually JR’s summer training, me and James had missed the previous couple of weeks so we were looking forward to a social run out with the team.

We turned up to Barley Car Park in the drizzle and met with other team members for a quick chat about what was actually happening that evening… the next thing I remember is walking out of the pub with my bib number, it turns out we were running the Clayton Summer Series!

Lucy Scott and James Dunderdale at the Ogden Valley Round. Photo by David Belshaw

Lucy Scott and James Dunderdale at the Ogden Valley Round. Photo by David Belshaw

I had no idea about the course or where the start was so we followed the crowd and made our way to the start line. The race began and the weather was getting gradually worse as we made our way up Pendle Hill;  visibility wasn’t great either.
As a team we ran up the hills, down the hills, back and forth over a stream and thoroughly enjoyed it all! The sun even came out for the last mile!

The time that I had guessed to finish at was way off but I shall have a better idea next time I think. Me and James are looking forward to doing the next one at the end of June in Worsthorne. Highly recommended

Pos Name Cat Time
1 Danny Collinge M 56:20
2 Dave Motley M 58:11
6 Sean Clare V50 63:46
7 Mark Nutter V50 65:32
8 Paul Hesketh V50 67:22
9 Michael Hogan V40 68:00
10 David Moynihan V50 70:49
11 Martin Brady V50 70:51
12 Cassandra Smedley L 70:52
13 Wayne McIntosh M 70:54
14 James Boult MU23 72:00
15 Simon Stansfield V40 72:02
16 Rick Moore V50 73:09
17 Andy Dugdale V50 73:34
18 Teresa De Curtis L40 74:58
19 Steve Bury V50 75:10
20 Ian Connell V50 75:20
21 Andy Firth V50 75:58
22 Colin Woolford V40 76:18
23 Richard Briscoe M 77:04
24 Stephen Fish V60 78:11
25 Sarah Helliwell L 82:10
26 Irene Roche L50 82:20
27 Peter Dugdale V60 82:33
28 Lisa Ellis L 99:29
29 Donna Airey L 99:30
30 Lucy Scott L 99:56
31 James Dunderdale M 99:58
32 Leanne Cottam L 100:44
33 Rachel Todd L40 101:35
34 Michelle Butschok L40 101:38
35 Julia Rushton L50 101:46
36 Helen Burnett L40 102:43
37 Carl Carey V40 102:56
38 John Roche V50 103:16
39 Judith Carey L 108:18

Full Results



Report from Racheal White

Clayton Juniors Helana White and Jenson Bentham wanted to take part in the Badger Stone Fell Relay Race so, with a last minute shout for a third junior, back came a familiar face, Dexta Thompson, to make the team up. It was lovely to hear the ribbing of the different teams whilst driving over and I am convinced that it took longer for them to come up with their team name “Jammy Dodgers” than it did to actually run the race.

L-R Dexta Thompson, Helana White and Jenson Bentham

L-R Dexta Thompson, Helana White and Jenson Bentham aka Team “Jammy Dodger”

Looking at last year’s results there were lots of teams taking part so we were really surprised to discover there were only 4 junior teams (2 Boys teams, 1 mixed and 1 female) and only a small number of adult teams for the fell relay race who turned up for this year. Jenson went first and put the team in a good position of 2nd place. He handed over to Helana who was slowly making ground up on 1st place until the 3rd place team runner turned wrongly before the second hill climb and took a big chunk off their run, by cutting their distance short – putting team Jammy Dodgers in 3rd.  Dexta went last and tried to close down the place, but the advantage the other team had was too much. However, as the only mixed Junior team they were 1st place in this class.

Helana was given the trophy for fastest female on the night after beating all the girls team. (The team that messed their route up were given sweets for the most “inventive route”, which was a nice way to handle it) A fun night out, with lots of laughing, giggling & running from the “old” team.  This would be even better with more teams and would make a great relay race for next year.



Dave Bagot was our only runner in this 2.8 mile mid-week fell race. Organised by Skyrac AC the race has 689ft of ascent as runners head to the top of the Chevin and back.

Dave Bagot at the Otley Chevin fell race. Photo by Woodentops

Dave Bagot at the Otley Chevin fell race. Photo by Woodentops

Pos Name Cat Time
16 David Bagot M 00:20:52

Full Results



James Williamson was our sole runner in this 6 mile fell race run over trail and open moorland from in Hebden Bridge, with a steep climb up to Stoodley Pike and back. He finished in 17th place with a time of 50:04 in a field of 85 runners.

Report from James Williamson

A last minute decision saw me making the short journey over the border to Hebden Bridge as the sole representative for Clayton in this low key fell race. After a disappointing outing at Weets English Champs race, I was hoping the legs had woken up after a few ‘easier’ days training….. Short fells aren’t my strong point, so I’ve planned to race a few more mid-weekers this summer to help me sharpen up.

The race is 6.2 miles, 1400ft ascent & sets off from the track adjacent to Calder Holmes Park, taking you on a steep ascent to Stoodley Pike monument before some fast running over open moorland as you descend back to the park via dense woodland. I set off nice & bonny to the Pike sitting towards the top 3rd of the field, once I’d touched the monument i knew i could make good ground on the group in front, i opened my stride and enjoyed a comfortable descent back to the finish taking several places on the way. 17th place in around 50 mins & a slightly better outing than Weets – a plus point was knocking 15 minutes off my previous time in this race from 2015!

Pos Name Cat Time
17 James Williamson M 50.04

Full Results


94 runners entered Hendersons End fell race to run a tough course that starts at the upper barn at Rivington and climbs to the Pigeon Tower, Pike, 2 Lads and the Trig Point before returning back almost the same way to finish back at the barn. This course is approx. 6.8 miles with 1200 ft. of ascent and is a good testing run.

Andrew Howarth was our sole runner finishing in 57th place.

Pos Name Time
57 Andrew Howarth 66:50

Full Results


A trio of Clayton-le-Moors Harriers took the trip across the border to Yorkshire for the Ingleton Scenery Race. This is a 4.7 mile route around the beautiful Ingleton Falls with 886ft of ascent. Richard Briscoe was our first finisher in 34th place with Andrew Dugdale in 47th and Peter Dugdale in 51st was also 1st V60. A total of 68 runners took part.

Report from Richard Briscoe

What a cracking race! A scenic trail race round the wonderful Ingleton Waterfalls. If you like running up steps and stone slabs this is for you. Last Thursday night there were three different races on but I wanted something different. For four pounds you get race entry and a bottle of beer, you can’t complain.

Pos Name Cat Time
34 Richard Briscoe M35 00:39:55
47 Andrew Dugdale M55 00:43:06
51 Peter Dugdale M60 00:45:38

Full Results



Even a holiday is a reason to race. Jane Hylands took advantage of a local race while she was on holiday in Wales.

Report from Jane Hylands

A half term holiday in Abersoch meant I was missing the Kelbrook fell race. Luckily the Abersoch 10k and 3k beach race were on the same day, I entered the 10k and my son did the beach race. The 10k is a mix of road, trail and beach running. The village was full of life with a great atmosphere before and after the race with children offering water pistol cooling if required and many residents providing hose pipe showers which were very welcome on such a warm, sunny day especially after the aptly named Tolcyn Brutal climb along the coastline.
The race finishes along the beach with a choice of hurdling the many groynes or running through the water before climbing back up the beach to the soft sand leading to the finish. I managed 57:27 as 121 female out of 374. The race is part of the Abersoch triple crown series (10k, triathlon and half marathon) – I’m tempted by the triathlon next year too. A very well organized race in a beautiful setting – highly recommended.


Andy Laycock and Dave Bagot took part in this classic Lakeland fell race covering 18 miles around the head of the Duddon Valley with 6000ft of climb over Harter, Hardknott, Little Stand, Swirl How, Dow Crag, White Pike and Caw.

Report from Andy Laycock

I’ve fancied doing one of the classic Lakeland fell races for a while so with a favorable weather forecast I thought I’d give Duddon a go. There was just Dave Bagot and me in Clayton vests in small but strong field of runners lined up in Seathwaite. With the majority of the climbing in the first half of the route, I tried to take it steady until Three Shires Stone and keep something in the tank for the long drag up to Swirl How.

Andy Laycock at the Duddon Valley race.

Andy Laycock at the Duddon Valley race. Photo by Granddayout Photography.

Thankfully conditions were pretty near perfect, clear skies made for easy navigating and a light breeze kept the heat in check. At the top of Swirl How I managed to get myself into a small group with some local runners, they knew the best lines and I was happy to follow for as long as I could keep up. After a tricky descent off White Pike there was just one small climb left, but what looks small and insignificant on the map feels very different 17 miles in. Relieved to see the flagged descent, I headed down off Caw and over the line in 3:12:20, utterly exhausted but a brilliant day on the fells.



The Grasmere Gallop 17km Trail Race takes in some of the most beautiful and iconic landscape in the Lake District; Loughrigg Terrace, Loughrigg Fell and Loughrigg Tarn, then returning to the village via the jewels of Rydal Water and Grasmere lake.

Breton Holdsworth at the Grasmere Gallop

Breton Holdsworth at the Grasmere Gallop

Breton Holdsworth took part in the 17K Grasmere Gallop trail race. He finished in 2nd place with a time of 1:11:54. A total of 172 runners took part.

Full Results


Over 50 Clayton Harriers ran in the latest race of the popular and local Pendle and Burnley Grand Prix series. Jordan McDonald was the first Clayton finisher in 5th place overall with Tom Brester and Luke Turner hot on his heels in 6th and 7th. There were strong performances from our young runners Nick Hennessey and Michael Stevens who were 1st and 2nd MU18 respectively. Irene Roche was our first Clayton in 70th place and 3rd lady.  Jane Ryan was 1st W40, Nerina Gill was 1st W45 and Irene Roche was 1st W55.

Report from Irene Roche

Kelbrook 3

Jordan McDonald and Luke Turner at the Kelbrook race. Photo by David Belshaw

Another warm, sunny day once again for this short, yet challenging, Kellbrook fell race. Quite a good turnout for the 5th race of the Pendle and Burnley Grandprix, to say lots of other races choices were on offer for the weekend. The terrain was dry which helped with faster running this year.

Kelbrook - Ladies

Clayton Ladies out in force at the Kelbrook race. Photo by David Belshaw

Clayton ladies won the team prize with other Clem prizes awarded too. Have to say it was good to see so much tangerine about, including relative newcomers to the club giving the race a go.

Kelbrook 2

Irene Roche, with Carl Carey chasing, at the Kelbrook race. Photo by David Belshaw

Well done everyone, with the usual thanks to all who make it happen, including spectators.

Pos Name Cat Time
5 Jordan McDonald M 24:26
6 Tom Brewster M 24:36
7 Luke Turner M 24:50
9 Nicholas Hennessey MU18 25:21
14 George Pier M 25:48
15 Paul Hesketh M50 25:57
18 Michael O’Donnell M40 26:30
27 James Boult M 27:08
28 Gareth Berry M40 27:10
31 John Roche M55 27:24
36 John Wilcock M50 27:41
40 Sean Clare M50 28:03
41 David Moynihan M50 28:05
44 Richard Briscoe M 28:15
47 Michael Stevens MU18 28:23
48 Andy Bradley M50 28:25
50 Mick Hughes M40 28:42
55 Stephen Ainsworth M60 28:58
56 Michael Clarke M40 29:00
61 James Dunderdale M 29:44
63 Adam Stephenson M 30:19
70 Irene Roche W55 30:51
73 James Hickie M50 31:13
74 Stephen Breckell M65 31:17
75 Chris Lawrence M50 31:19
80 Andrew Webster M45 31:55
81 Stuart Proctor M 32:14
82 Rick Moore M50 31:19
88 Carl Carey M45 33:03
88 Nerina Gill W45 33:05
97 Jane Ryan W40 34:11
99 Andrew Taylor M55 35:00
100 Jean Knightley W55 35:05
101 Donna Scott W50 35:06
104 Julia Rushton W50 35:49
105 Stephen Fish M60 35:51
110 Lisa Ellis W35 36:50
112 Tony Pilling M50 37:12
113 Janine Pollard W45 37:15
116 Bianca Bennett W 37:58
119 Ian Hargreaves M50 38:15
122 Mark Knowles M40 38:23
123 Deborah Greenwood W45 38:35
131 Bethany Quinn W 40:29
133 Karin Goss W65 41:06
134 Julia Taylor W55 41:22
135 Christine Egerton W65 43:14
136 Judith Carey W 44:19
137 Geraldine Varley W55 45:08
138 Robert Hirst M65 45:34
139 Jack McGuire M60 46:08
140 Ron Chappell M65 47:04
141 Christine Leathley W65 47:24
142 Anita Jones W60 48:17
144 Sharon Wilson W40 49:21

Full Results


There were nine Clayton vests at the Penyghent fell race. Peter Coates was our first Clayton man in 15th place overall.  Jo Perry was our first Clayton Lady. Super vet Keiran Carr was 69th overall and 1st V70.

A weekend of 2 “Pen’s” – Part One (Sarah Helliwell)

With Kelbrook and Penyghent fell races clashing, Sarah decided to have a go at something new. She took me up on my recommendation and told me she was doing Penyghent . I was on kids duty at the “Gala” as Sarah & Jo Perry set of through Horton with the other 140-ish runners plus a decent turn out from Clayton.

Sarah Helliwell at the Penyghent fell race. Photo by James Williamson

Sarah Helliwell at the Penyghent fell race. Photo by James Williamson

Once of the road it was tough going up the climb with the sun shining as runners were grateful for the breeze near the top. Jo had the stronger legs early on, however it was after my usual 30 mins before I got going and started to slowly pick of runners on the steeper section near the top. On the way back down I had a good tussle with about 4 runners before the last climb back over to Horton and the show field. Peter Coates was the first Clayton runner back with his usual solid run. Legend Kieran Carr won Vet 70 and me and Jo were the lasses holding up the rear. This is a great race as it has got a bit of everything – road, track, good tough steep climb and good decent and lots of grassy stuff in between!

Race report from Peter Coates

Penyghent fell race on Saturday is a 5.5 mile fell race with 1650 foot of ascent that is part of the Horton in Ribblesdale gala. Good turnout from Clayton Harriers to enjoy a great race in a fantastic location. The race leaves the gala field and follows the road through the village towards Brackenbottom before beginning the climb up to Penyghent. The climb gets increasingly steep up to the final bit of the climb which is a bit of a scramble up the rocks to the summit.

Peter Coates at the Penyghent fell race. Photo by James Williamson

Peter Coates at the Penyghent fell race. Photo by James Williamson

There was a slight route change at the summit from previous years due to the path reconstruction which added a bit of extra distance. I managed to pass a couple of runners on the fast descent before the final sting in the tail with the climb up to Whitber Hill from which I managed to hold my position on the run back towards the cart track and back down into Horton. A great family day out was enjoyed and happy with a finish of 15th overall.

Pos Name Cat Time
15 Peter Coates M40 0:56:06
44 Mark Nutter M50 1:03:33
69 Kieran Carr M70 1:07:59
86 Wayne McIntosh M 1:12:25
97 Martin Brady M50 1:15:24
99 Andrew Dugdale M50 1:15:55
104 Peter Dugdale M60 1:17:12
116 Sarah Helliwell L 1:23:19
126 Joanne Perry  1:27:50

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This was the 15th year of the running of the Wharfedale Trail Half Marathon and it was held in perfect conditions with runners greeted by warm sunshine, a slight breeze and very dry underfoot conditions with many runners opting to race in light weight road shoes. 418 runners took part on the day.

Chris Snell at the Wharfedale Trail Half Marathon. Photo by Woodentops

Chris Snell at the Wharfedale Trail Half Marathon. Photo by Woodentops

Three Clayton Harriers took part with Chris Snell finishing first for the club in 38th place, Chris Funnell Was 88th and Jeffery Pickup was 140th.

Report from Chris Funnell

I really enjoyed Saturday’s trail race. Starting from Wharfedale Rugby Club in Grassington. Had a quick catch up with Chris Snell and Jeff Pickup before the off. It’s the first time I’d done the race and Jeff said the climb up to Mastile goes on (and on….).

Chris Funnell at the Wharfedale Trail Half Marathon. Photo by Woodentops

Chris Funnell at the Wharfedale Trail Half Marathon. Photo by Woodentops

It was a beautiful clear day and the long climbs ahead were clearly visible. The route took in some spectacular scenery and craggy views and it felt really good to be racing back in this neck of the woods.

Jeff Pickup at the Wharfedale Half Marathon

Jeff Pickup at the Wharfedale Half Marathon

Pos Name Cat Time
38 Chris Snell MV35 01:45:13
88 Chris Funnell MV50 01:53:20
140 Jeffrey Pickup MV65 02:02:19

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Now in its fifth year, Burnley 10K runners took on the new course that was announced last year.

Like waiting for a bus - all of a sudden three arrive at once! Photo by David Belshaw

Like waiting for a bus – all of a sudden three arrive at once! Photo by David Belshaw

The new route begins and finishes in Towneley Park, in the shadow of the majestic Towneley Hall, the jewel in Burnley’s historic crown.

Helen Welsh and Melanie Hirst. Happy Burnley 10K finishers. Photo by Neil Welsh

Helen Welsh and Melanie Hirst. Happy Burnley 10K finishers. Photo by Neil Welsh

Runners have a flat and fast start and run along the bottom of the Park’s Events Triangle before heading along Hall Road and turning right after the Stables Café. They then follow the tree-lined causeway out of the park for a long downhill section along Todmorden Road.

Burnley 10K - aaron

Junior runner Aaron Lundi at the Burnley 10K. Photo by David Belshaw

The route then levels out to cross Harry Potts Way at Turf Moor, and follows Belvedere Road to the fire station before turning left into Thompson Park. The course follows the picturesque paths taking in the beautiful Boating Lake and Italian Gardens.

Runners leave Thompson Park at Queen Victoria Road then head up Queens Park Road, taking in further parkland then down Ormerod Road to meet Belvedere Road again and the flat and triumphant return to Towneley Park.

Report from Amanda Duffy

Burnley 10K - Paul F and Amanda D

Amanda Duffy racing to the finish with club mate Paul Foster. Photo by David Belshaw

It was an early start for one of my favourite races of the year the Burnley 10k. The new route starts and finishes in Townley Park. After having a bad run last year I had a bone to pick with that course!

The support all around the course was amazing as always and it really does help.

The toughest part of the course for me was the quarry, but it was nice to see Richard Lawson at the top cheering us on! I felt good on the rest of the course and finished 7th female.

It was a great well organised event with lots of excellent performances from team Clayton.

Pos Name Cat. Time
3 Danny Collinge M 00:34:48
9 Andrew Stubbs M45 00:36:40
18 Matthew Duckworth M 00:38:10
31 Jonathan Pye M 00:39:18
32 Nicholas Hennessey M 00:39:34
34 Daniel Plant M35 00:39:44
38 John Hartley M60 00:40:28
64 Richard Briscoe M35 00:42:35
95 Amanda Duffy F35 00:43:52
97 Paul Foster M45 00:43:51
120 Reece Lawrence M 00:44:43
146 Andrew Webster M45 00:45:47
170 Cassandra Darling F35 00:46:56
171 Michelle Abbott F35 00:46:56
172 Chris Lawrence M50 00:46:54
178 Colin White M40 00:47:01
201 Wayne McIntosh M35 00:48:12
213 Brian Wildman M50 00:48:15
230 Stuart Proctor M35 00:48:32
244 Aaron Lundie M 00:48:52
284 Nina Kewin F35 00:49:58
301 Julie Dawes F45 00:50:26
344 Darren Rushton M45 00:51:52
407 Justin Birtwistle M40 00:53:26
452 Danny Pilkington M40 00:45:01
463 Melanie Hirst F40 00:54:34
464 Helen Welsh F45 00:54:37
514 Ian Hargreaves M50 00:55:33
814 Helen Harrison F45 01:01:45

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Kettlewell fell race is the latest race in the BOFRA championship. A trio of Clayton Harriers took part.

Report from Andy Holt

This was my Second attempt at the BOFRA Kettlewell fell race; one and a half miles of lung busting ascents, scree runs and tussocks on a lovely summer’s afternoon.

Again I’d have my eyes on the clock trying to emulate my daughter, who runs the same route as an U17.

Andy Holt at the Kettlewell fell race. Photo by Woodentops

Andy Holt at the Kettlewell fell race. Photo by Woodentops

I remembered waiting at the bottleneck at the top of the first climb last so worked hard up the hill gaining a dozen or so places, and for the first time I could see the front of the race in front of me.

Trying to run again here was difficult but I managed to potter along, losing places on the runnable bits but catching up and overtaking the group around me on the inclines. The run down for me is pure survival, three ledges starting at a near vertical incline then bottoming  out for several hundred yards until the next one. The last ridge finishes in a scree run which is made worse by the speed you carry into it from the decent above.

I survived, tried and failed miserably overtaking the group of runners in front of me and finished with more cake a dip in the nearby stream.

The times aren’t out yet but some nifty stalking on Strava gives me a rough time of a minute quicker than last year and 10 places higher at 17th. Classic BOFRA fell race, well worth the drive and effort.

Richard Briscoe(67th), Briony(1st)and Jenson (15th)are the three other hoops on show representing clayton today.

Pos Name Cat. Time
18 Andrew Holt MV40 14:14
54 Richard Briscoe M 17:47

U17 Race

Briony Holt was our only runner in the U17 race. She finished 12th overall and 1st girl.

Briony Holt at the presentation for the Kettlewell U17 Race. Photo by Woodentops

Briony Holt at the presentation for the Kettlewell U17 Race. Photo by Woodentops

Pos Name Time
12 Briony Holt 14:56


Jenson Bentham having put in a strong performance to finish in 18th place in the U12 race

Pos Name Time 
18 Jenson Bentham 8:04

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Newly taken over by our club member, Mark Nutter, this is a low-key, cracker of a race. A perfect run for anyone put off by the inclement weather often faced at the Stan Bradshaw or Full Tour of Pendle. The route is open to interpretation as long as all checkpoints are visited and there’s plenty of climbing and good running to be had. A race that you should definitely have on your ‘to do’ list.

And they're off! Runners setting off on the Pendle Cloughs fell race. Photo by Andy Firth

And they’re off! Runners setting off on the Pendle Cloughs fell race. Photo by Andy Firth

A weekend of 2 “Pen’s” – Part 2 (Carl Helliwell)

With my 3 Peaks mileage in my legs I thought I should be doing myself justice and doing a few more longer races, plus with Ralph Baines BG next weekend I had to make sure I am fit enough to help on leg 3! So I decided to do “Pendle Cloughs”, which meant I would give Peter Coates a break at Penyghent (he told me he was bored and missed me), however it meant I had Dave Motley to put up with!

My aim was to turn up, have a go and have a nice day out on our local hill. The race starts at the picturesque village of Downham, as 30 runners mingled in the sunshine with maps in hand. It roughly took me 3 minutes before I forget my mantra and thought right “where’s Motley”? I realised this was a bad mistake as he told me he’d been out the night before, was struggling to keep upright and we both took a bad line to CP1. It was then evident to me that Motley wasn’t the challenge of the day. Que “Alan Life” who knew the route (unlike me – when I studied it for 10mins at midnight the night before).

Carl Helliwell at the Pendle Cloughs Fell Race. Photo by Andy Laycock

Carl Helliwell at the Pendle Cloughs Fell Race. Photo by Andy Laycock

This was my next error as CP2 was not on the wall as I thought and I saw quite a few runners out of the corner of my eye now running to CP3 and coming past me. It took me until the trig to regain my losses and I decided it was now “operation Alan” and I was going to use his knowledge and experience. I also felt that Alan help me enjoy the race and route at a more sensible pace and attitude than I had with my “headless chicken” moments for the first few miles. Alan was definitely the stronger of us 2, as he picked good route options and it was good see what he chose as I studied the map on the way round. He then started to pull away from me as we headed back towards the trig, CP8 and the decent back to Downham. As my guide had disappeared and left me! It was at CP8 I lost 4 places and had to retrace back up the well, which was “well annoying”. This was because I took the top path and not the lower path – idiot!

With tired legs and brain (plus the dreaded cramp looming in my calves) I decided to go back to my mantra and enjoy the last few miles of the race. I was glad to see the finish of what was an eventful day.

I would honestly say that this is a “belting race” and it is great hearing all the tales afterwards of who went where and how the positions where jostled from start to finish, this makes it an enjoyable and fun race. More so than in a normal fell race. This is a great race to take you to different areas of Pendle, to build confidence and gain navigational skills. Many people ran it in pairs, which was good to see. It’s a shame Alan didn’t let me – only joking!

Well done to all Clayton runners, marshals, and Mark Nutter for organising the event. I am sure it will grow in popularity. I will definitely be back as I have unfinished business with a few of them checkpoints…

Pos Name Cat Time
3 Alan Life M50 2:41:24
8 Carl Helliwell M40 2:49:56
10 Andrew Priory M40 2:53:46
14 David Naughton M50 2:58:08
17 Richard Bellaries M60 3:07:27
18 Dominic Carr M40 3:15:50
24 Colin Woolford M40 3:48:35
25 Claire Vincent L 3:48:36

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As always our club members have been out and about at a range of parkruns in a range of locations. This week saw a visit to Bushy parkrun, the very first parkrun location, a 5th birthday celebration with fancy dress and cake at Towneley Park in Burnley and a new course record at Pendle parkrun for Chris Holdsworth.

Abingdon parkrun – A total of 382 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
16 Alan DORRINGTON 20:34 VM45-49
85 Ella DORRINGTON-LEVY 24:14 JW11-14

Blackpool parkrun – A total of 220 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
54 Philip NAYLOR 24:10 VM35-39 First Timer!

Burnley parkrun – A total of 406 runners took part.

Happy 5th Birthday Burnley parkrun!

Clayton junior runners ready for the birthday parkrun at Towneley. Photo by David Belshaw

Clayton junior runners ready for the birthday parkrun at Towneley. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
3 Kevin DAVIES 18:55 VM55-59
7 Paul BRANNON 19:36 VM55-59
10 Matthew JACKSON 20:00 JM11-14
11 Richard STEVENSON 20:02 VM40-44
14 Adam STEVENSON 20:14 JM11-14 New PB!
22 Reece Adam LAWRENCE 21:29 JM15-17
35 Martin BRADY 22:22 VM55-59
40 Matthew DUCKWORTH 22:40 SM25-29
43 Sophie ASHWORTH 22:50 JW11-14
44 Jonathan PYE 22:50 SM25-29
48 Stuart PROCTOR 23:02 VM35-39
57 Robbie SMEDLEY 23:43 JM11-14
61 Bethany WHEATCROFT 23:56 JW11-14
65 Graham ROPER 24:08 VM55-59
69 Guy WHALLEY 24:18 JM10 First Timer!
70 Michelle ABBOTT 24:20 VW35-39
76 Cassandra Darling SMEDLEY 24:37 VW35-39
81 Caitlin WELSH 24:40 JW15-17 New PB!
85 Nick ROSCOE 24:46 VM45-49
91 Nina KEWIN 24:56 VW35-39
109 Richard LAWSON 25:56 VM75-79
110 Paul FOSTER 25:58 VM45-49
117 Andrew WEBSTER 26:07 VM45-49
120 Evan WELSH 26:16 JM11-14
123 Julie DAWES 26:28 VW45-49
124 John WILCOCK 26:31 VM50-54
125 Chris LAWRENCE 26:37 VM50-54
126 Annabel WILCOCK 26:38 JW15-17
181 Lennon JACKSON 28:43 JM11-14
184 Joanne MOTLEY 28:47 VW35-39
189 Donna SCOTT 28:57 VW50-54
191 Aaron LUNDIE 28:59 JM15-17
203 Darcey HIRST 29:42 JW10
205 Mick HUGHES 29:45 VM40-44
206 Ian HARGREAVES 29:45 VM50-54
251 James BOULT 30:49 SM20-24
283 Helen HARRISON 32:00 VW45-49
292 Emily JOHNSON 32:34 JW10 New PB!
293 Lisa JOHNSON 32:34 VW45-49
295 Ellisia SMEDLEY 32:41 JW10
296 Marion WILKINSON 32:41 VW75-79
378 Charlie PLANT 42:11 JW10
381 Olly PLANT 42:41 JM10

Bushy parkrun – A total of 1242 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
7 Jacob WATSON 17:22 SM30-34 First Timer!

Cuerden Valley parkrun – A total of 179 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
67 Paul THOMPSON 27:19 VM45-49 First Timer!

Dewsbury parkrun – A total of 114 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
97 Robin PRICE 35:08 VM70-74

Pendle parkrun – A total of 80 runners took part.

Congratulations to Chris Holdsworth for his new course record at Pendle parkrun.

Chris Holdsworth taking the course record at Pendle parkrun

Chris Holdsworth taking the course record at Pendle parkrun

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
1 Christopher HOLDSWORTH 16:22 SM25-29 New PB!
4 John HARTLEY 21:13 VM60-64
16 Millie STUBBS 23:56 JW11-14
24 Dawn TERRY 26:06 VW50-54
28 Eleanor Betty ROOT 27:03 JW15-17
54 Sophie MCINTOSH 32:15 SW25-29 First Timer!


Mad cows and fell runners!

Wow! Our members have most certainly been out in force this week! We’ve had huge turnouts of Clayton-le-Moors Harriers at Pinhaw and the Calderdale Way relay and plenty of fell running, road running and parkrunning too. You’ve been on the highest of hills, the flattest of beaches and downing pints before the finish line!



Andrew Dugdale and Peter Dugdale both ran in this low key race around National Trust Land in the Buckden Pike area. Andrew Dugdale was our first finisher in 18th place just under the hour and Peter Dugdale was 21st a couple of minutes over the hour.

Pos Name Cat time
18 Andrew Dugdale M55 00:59:07
21 Peter Dugdale M60 01:02:57

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Jack McGuire was our sole runner in this 5K race. He finished in 30th place with a time of 30:15.

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Linda Lord was our sole runner at the Blackstone Edge Fell Race, a 3.5 mile race with 1201ft of ascent.

Pos Name Cat Time
72 Linda Lord LV65 00:49:23

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Jenson Bentham and Helana White were the only Clayton Juniors at the first of this series of summer races.

Jenson had a cracking race and came in 2nd overall in U11 (2nd Boy), with a time of 5:52, followed not far behind by Helana who was 7th overall (3rd Girl U11) in 6:07

Pos Name Cat Time
2 Jenson Bentham U11 5:52
7 Helana White L11 6:07

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Five Clayton members took part in the midweek Kildwick fell race, a 3.5 mile race with 1201ft of ascent. Neil Hardiman was our first finisher in 25th place. 

Pos Name Cat Time
25 Neil Hardiman M45 00:31:04
36 Mark Nutter M55 00:32:28
79 Andrew Mark Dugdale M55 00:38:14
85 Peter Dugdale M60 00:39:00
93 Stephen Fish M60 00:41:45

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Ivan Whigham and Andy Firth travelled to the Peak District for this midweek race, a 6.2 mile route with 1020ft of ascent. Ivan Whigham finished first in 78th place and Andrew Firth was 161st.

Pos Name Cat Time
78 Ivan Whigham V55 00:51:36
161 Andrew Firth V55 01:01:21

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Another huge turnout of Clayton-le-Moors Harriers for the latest race in the Pendle and Burnley Grand Prix. A strong run from Danny Collinge gave him the winning position. In a welcome return to form, Jordan McDonald finishde in 9th place and Luke Turner was snapping at his heels in 11th place. Donna Airey was our first lady finisher.

Team Clayton out in force at the Wholan Nook race. Photo by David Belshaw

Team Clayton out in force at the Wholan Nook race. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos Name Cat Time
1 Danny Collinge M 30:23
9 Jordan McDonald M 32:11
11 Luke Turner M 32:43
13 Richard Stevenson M40 33:18
14 Jonathan Pye M 33:27
15 Jonathan Cleaver M 33:30
16 Chris Snell M 33:32
21 Dave Motley M 33:55
23 Josh Hall MJ 33:56
25 Ryan Belshaw M 34:14
32 Nicholas Hennessey MJ 35:05
33 Paul Hesketh M50 35:08
34 George Pier M 35:10
36 James Boult M 35:22
37 Geoff Gough M55 35:52
39 Dan Plant M 36:01
42 Stanley Grewal MJ 36:12
43 Michael O’Donnell M40 36:19
46 Gareth Berry M40 36:32
49 Sean Clare M50 37:07
55 John Wilcock M50 37:34
57 Kieron Mitchell M40 37:40
58 David Moynihan M50 37:48
59 Craig Nicholls M40 37:51
60 Richard Briscoe M 37:52
62 Michael Clarke M40 37:55
63 Stephen Ainsworth M50 38:03
67 Mick Hughes M40 38:12
68 Andy Bradley M50 38:13
72 James Dunderdale M 38:35
75 Robert Morrison M40 38:55
78 Adam Stephenson M 39:10
80 Donna Airey F35 39:19
82 Jeffrey Pickup M65 40:01
84 Elizabeth Mullan F 40:04
89 Andrew Webster M40 40:38
94 Reece Lawrence MJ 40:54
96 Christopher Lawrence M50 41:04
99 Martin Brady M55 41:14
100 Irene Roche F55 41:16
107 James Hickie M55 41:55
114 Sarah Angelone F 42:41
115 Michelle Abbott F35 42:47
117 Darren Rushton M45 43:05
120 Teresa De Curtis F45 43:19
122 Colin White M40 43:28
123 Carl Carey M45 43:31
131 Jean Knightley F55 44:20
134 Julie Dawes F45 44:38
135 Donna Scott F50 45:01
139 Julia Rushton F50 45:46
140 Jane Ryan F40 45:52
143 Bianca Bennett F 46:07
144 Andrew Taylor M55 46:19
148 David Scott M70 46:48
149 Lucy Scott F 46:52
152 Tony Pilling M50 47:15
159 Janine Pollard F45 48:01
161 Ian Hargreaves M50 48:05
168 Rachel Todd F40 40:01
170 Mark Knowles M 49:48
172 Jane Hylands F45 50:09
174 Deborah Greenwood F45 50:34
179 Helen Harrison F45 50:56
180 Michelle Butschok F40 51:32
184 Ted Orrell M75 52:23
188 Julia Taylor F55 53:32
191 Christine Egerton F65 55:44
192 Geraldine Varley F55 57:06
193 Judith Carey F35 57:20
194 Karin Goss F65 57:43
195 Ron Chappell M65 57:43
196 Anita Jones F60 57:51
203 Jack McGuire M60 59:46
205 Sharon Wilson F40 60:02
207 Christine Leathley F65 61:22

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Report from Mark Nutter

Charlesworth Chase Fell Race BS 8.3k / 366m Saturday 20/05

This race celebrates the marriage of Nick Charlesworth (race organiser) when he chased his bride up the fell.

Having met up with club mates Steve Fish and Andy Dugdale we set off early to this race in the Yorkshire Dales. The race starts from the Craven Arms in Appletreewick and having been there before for a ‘Bedlamite headtorch race’ I knew that parking would be tight, hence the early start.

Mark Nutter at the Charlesworth Chase fell race. Photo by Woodentops

Mark Nutter at the Charlesworth Chase fell race. Photo by Woodentops

Just as the race organiser was about to give starters orders, we saw a very flustered figure running towards us ~ it was Richards Briscoe who had just finished his shift at work and had driven as fast as you could to get to the race. Nothing like setting off early and being prepared then……..!

The route takes you from the pub across a few fields to the river, which you follow for half a mile before crossing a lane then taking a Land Rover track up through the woods to the open fell. From there, runners make their way via a stony / bouldery path to the summit of Simon’s Seat (whoever Simon is…….). Once having your number taken at the top, it’s back the same way.

There is a sting in the tail for this race though, because as you reach the finish line which is just past the pub, you have to drink a pint of beer (no spilling allowed!) before the final 15 meters to the finish line.

So I set off fast, as I usually do, but then started to think about that pint of beer which I had to drink before the finish line. So my tactic was to ease off on the last couple of fields before the finish, just so I would be in a fit state to drink my pint. Well my tactic didn’t work as I ended up racing eye balls out to the very end as I was keen to pass about another 4 runners over those last fields. When I got to the finish my lungs were gasping for air and my heart was beating fast, definitely not in a good state to ‘down a pint’. Those 4 runners I passed earlier got the better of me and finished their pints much quicker than me and carried on to the finish line. It seemed to take me ages to drink my beer, but fortunately I didn’t lose any more places.

It wasn’t long before Richard came into sight, but he was going straight for the finish line ~ it’s not like him to miss a pint. He was soon guided towards the drinks table and forced to drink his beer. Soon after, Andy Dugdale was drinking his beer and was keen to finish before Steve Fish came into sight. Andy struggled with his pint, but then raced off down the road, missing the finish line!! Then Steve arrived, calmly ‘downed’ his pint in record time and ran to the finish.

So the moral of this race is to arrive early, run slow and enjoy your pint at the end!


The Old County Tops is organised by the Achille Ratti Climbing Club (ARCC). The race is a circular route of approximately 37 miles with 10000 ft of ascent, which starts and finishes close to the New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Great Langdale. The route visits the three high points of the old counties of Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire, these being Helvellyn, Scafell Pike and Coniston Old Man respectively.

The race is run in pairs. Andy Armstrong and Nicholas Olszewski ran as a pair and Jean Brown once again joined forces with Nicky Spinks of Dark Peak.

Report from Nicholas Olszewski

First time on this event for both myself and Andy Armstrong and when Andy ask me to partner up with him for this event it seemed like a good idea at the time, even though I had a 100 mile event a week later, but we won’t go into that just yet.

Arriving at Langdale at about 07:00 on Saturday morning the weather didn’t appear that bad and Andy and I debated long sleeve or short sleeve top as it was quite warm at the time, we both decided long sleeve, which I’m grateful for and will become apparent later on.

Andy Armstrong and Nick Olszewski at the finish of the Old Counties Tops fell race.

Andy Armstrong and Nick Olszewski at the finish of the Old County Tops fell race.

As we went into the tent for kit check and registration the dark clouds could be seen moving in from over Crinkle Crags and within minutes the rain started and persisted for a good few hours to come, the forecast hadn’t predicted the rain till the afternoon, so it was going to be a bit of a damp start.

The route is straightforward, and for anyone that doesn’t know, you start in Langdale, travel through Grasmere, cross the main road and up to the summit of Helvellyn via Grisdale Tarn, Dollywaggaon and Nethermost Pike to eventually reach Helvellyn, from there it’s a fast and steep decent to the car park at Wythburn , cross the main road again and up Wyth Burn heading towards Greenup Edge, Stake Pass and to the next checkpoint at Angle Tarn. By this point the rain was still coming down and as we gained height again, the temperature was starting drop. At Angle Tarn I decided to put on my gloves and woolly hat, also a dryer waterproof top. In hindsight I should have layered more because as we reached the bolder field on Scafell I was verging onto being hypothermic; my legs were all over the place as I stumbled over the bolder field. My speech was becoming slurred and I was so cold. Fortunately I could recognise in myself what was happening and on the summit put another layer on and consumed 3 Snickers in a matter of seconds before retracing our steps to descend via Little Narrow Cove and out of the wind.

Once we dropped in height and the sun finally came out I began to feel loads better, amazing how quickly you can plummet but also how quickly you can recover if you act quickly enough, anyway, from here the route heads towards Great Moss, skirting round High Gate Crags towards Lingove Beck following Mosedale to Cockley Beck, the next check point, for some much deserved tuna sandwiches and a cup of tea, one last major climb left, Coniston Old Man.

From Cockley Beck you head up between Grey Friar and Great Carrs, God this was an arduous climb, I would hope everyone else felt the same and it wasn’t just me being a mardy pants but as we reached the saddle, you could see runners coming back from reaching the summit of Coniston and heading towards the Three Shire Stone, seeing this spurred me on to the summit of Coniston Old Man, a handful of peanuts and off we went passing others going up as we had a few moments before.

Having checked in at Three Shire Stone, you’ve got this awful bit of road, which is very steep, Wrynose Pass which seemed to go on for ever, finally we reached the turn off, a section I know very well as it’s a part of the Lakeland 100, only a couple of miles left now and on we headed through Blea Moss towards Blea Tarn, cross the road and a sharp steep descent towards the campsite, through Side House to the finish.

Nicky Spinks (L) and Jean Brown setting a new ladies record at the Old County Tops.

Nicky Spinks (L) and Jean Brown setting a new ladies record at the Old County Tops.

This is a great event and has to be done in pairs, myself and Andy Armstrong completed as a pair, first time for both of us, and Jean Brown who teamed up with Nicky Spinks and had a brilliant run and even broke the ladies record. Would I do it again, yes and hopefully with Andy as I ‘m sure we can knock a good bit of time off our 10:34.



Report from Amanda Duffy

I decided to have another go at the Pilling 10k to see if I could improve on my PB. It’s a very friendly race on country lanes with lots of PB potential, not a hill in sight! I was trying my best not to go out too fast as it’s my biggest downfall!

Amanda Duffy at the Pilling 10K

Amanda Duffy at the Pilling 10K

Set off at a comfortable pace heading out towards the sea, on the turnaround point I was in fourth place and making some ground on 3rd, at about the 2k mark I moved into 3rd place and managed to stay there and run a pretty even race and a PB by one minute

Pos Name Cat Time
17 Amanda Duffy F35 43:40

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Fresh from completing the Crazy Cow 10K, dynamic duo Cassie Smedley and Michelle Abbot headed to Blackpool for another 10K on the beach at Blackpool.

Report from Michelle Abbot

Well after squeezing in the crazy cow 10 k In 47.27 (had to do it for the cow )soon as we crossed the line myself and Cassie rushed straight over to Blackpool for our first 10k beach run. OMG that was the toughest 10k we’ve ever done its definitely one for list of things to do but perhaps not when you’ve just raced a 10 k 1 1/2 hour prior!

Michelle Abbott and Cassie Smedley at the Blackpool Beach 10K. Photo by Linda Ensby

Michelle Abbott and Cassie Smedley at the Blackpool Beach 10K. Photo by Linda Ensby

I thought it was tougher than fell, xc and the hilliest route put together. We started by running down onto the beach then through some waist deep freezing pools of sea ,over the hard rippled sand into the soft bumpy stuff then into the raked up sand  that you just sank and slid in. It was 5K to saint Anne’s pier then back again with the little incline back up to the finish. My thighs and rear have never felt so much burn;  definitely underestimated how tough that was going to be

Will be back to do it again but not on the back of a 10k just before. This is one you need fresh legs and a lot of will power and grit,  and also some support along the way from Lennon shouting down along the wall with Linda Ensby and David Howard ringing the cow bell cheering us on down on the sand helped us on that last 3K push back.

Pos Name Cat Time
39 Cassandra Smedley LV35 54:41.5
40 Michelle Abbott LV35 54:42.5

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This event attracts over a thousand runners every year and this year was no exception. We fielded 5 teams for the event. Our ‘A’ team of super-fast lads ran a storm to finish in 4th place with a combined time of 06:23:36 – up one place from last year’s event.

Team B earned a top 20 finish with the Vet 50 team not far behind them in 21st place. Our ladies ran strongly to finish in 61st place with the Mixed team, fielding some last minute substitutions in a respectable 65th place.

Leg 6 runners at the Calderdale Way Relay

Leg 6 runners at the Calderdale Way Relay

A total of 96 teams took part in the competition.

Report from Ladies Fell Captain, Sarah Helliwell

Calderdale Relay Ladies & Mixed Team

At last the day was here! The last few weeks of running around and getting signatures, last minute phone calls, messages and changes to the teams were done and dusted and it was time to enjoy the day!

Sarah Helliwell enjoying the challenge on the Calderdale Way Relay. Photo by Woodentops

Sarah Helliwell enjoying the challenge on the Calderdale Way Relay. Photo by Woodentops

The weather report was good and the day did not disappoint. We headed down to Todmorden in the van for Carl to run leg 3 for the men’s team. I had already had a text from Donna & Elizabeth of the Ladies Team saying that signing on had gone okay and they were ‘ready’ to take on the challenge set by Angela “nobody has ever passed the baton onto me and Vicky at leg 2” like a red rag to a bull, both ladies came in just under the 1hr45min cut off with a 1hr 44min run. Well done girls. Also from what I heard as well John and Michael got under their target time for the Mixed Team. Well done lads!

Clayton Ladies at the Calderdale Way Relay

Clayton Ladies at the Calderdale Way Relay

Leg 2 stalwarts Angela & Vicky for the first time set off before the masses, however Angela did have to be restrained from using the baton on Vicky as she was ‘positively’ encouraged by Vicky to get over them hills! New-comers to the relays Jean and Jo did superbly as neither of them had either done a fell-relay. They both did a good amount of reccying beforehand and did a fantastic job of getting each other around. Great stuff ladies.

Leg 3 was a cracking run from Anna Kelly & Claire Vincent on the short steep section between Todmorden and Blackshaw who were just pipped by one position by young Reece and Wayne from the mixed team.

Leg 3 Runners at the Calderdale Way Relay

Leg 3 Runners at the Calderdale Way Relay

Leg 4 is the tough up and down 9 miler between Blackshaw and Wainstalls which many consider as proper fell terrain. It was some of our more experience runners here as Barbara & Alison ran for the ladies and Katy & Lisa for the mixed team. However it is Lisa we need to thank who stepped in at the last hour to run. Not only was it her first relay but her first proper fell race and she did it the day after flying home from Florida. We may make a fell runner out of you yet!

Leg 5 was looking a bit panicky for me at one point as I waited for Carl to run back down from Blackshaw. I had spent the morning on Todmorden Park with the kids and was starting to worry as I got back to the van and Carl had not returned! Thankfully he made it, but the traffic was awful through Mytholmroyd. I literally got to Wainstalls at the closure of registration! I had Janine, Irene and Teresa to calm me down as we got ready for the mass start. The whistle went and we were off. Teresa and Irene started to pull away up the first hill as myself and Janine made our way over the stiles and steps. I felt okay for the first 20 minutes, then started to struggle as Janine set the pace. I knew that ‘d neglected drinking and eating with having the kids. I got fluid and a gel into me as we made our way up the climb at Queensbury and started to feel better. We kept taking it in turns with me utilising the rough stuff and hills and Janine the flat. We were both chuffed to do our first fell-relay and loved the support that everyone gives as you are going round.

Teresa reported, “After a few detours on the way, me and Janine arrived at the start of leg 5 at Wainstalls to meet up with our team partners Irene and Sarah. We ended up setting off as a mass start. It was a tough run in warm weather but I had a great partner in Irene who kept me going. It’s my first time doing a relay and I’d definitely do it again. Great team and club support, as many have mentioned. Plus, some good support from runners from other clubs on the way round.”

Irene Roche and Teresa de Curtis. Photo by Woodentops

Irene Roche and Teresa de Curtis.

Leg 6 was Julia and Nerina who brought the ladies team home and Paul and Michael bringing the mixed team back. Provisionally the ladies came 61 out of 96 teams and the mixed were 65.

Julia Rushton and Nerina Gill

Julia Rushton and Nerina Gill

I want to say a massive thank you to all those who ran and did the club proud. This is the first time I have ever organised the teams for a relay and it can be a tough job at times. There were a number of new ladies and lads who ran the relays today, with myself included. I want to thank the more experienced generation with helping me organise the teams and giving up their time to recce legs. It is the club and team spirit which shines through at events like this. It would be great to see some of these new faces at fell races over the summer months and putting their names forward for the Ian Hodgson and FRA relays in the autumn.

I hope everyone enjoyed their wine, beer, brew or hot chocolate on Sunday night. Carl enjoyed his homemade Thai curry.

Calderdale Results

Click image to enlarge

Full Results


Despite coming lower down the list of this roundup (it’s always ordered by date and then alphabetically if you were wondering) this race took place earlier in the day than the Blackpool Beach 10K and was the first of 2 races for Cassie and Michelle (who maybe took the “Crazy Cow” idea a little too much to heart!).

Sarah Angelone at the Crazy Cow 10K

Sarah Angelone at the Crazy Cow 10K

James Dunderdale was our first finisher in 48th place overall. Sarah Angelone was our first lady finisher in 94th with a PB and a welcome return to form after having a baby last year.

Pos    Name Cat    Time   
48 James Dunderdale M S 00:42:52
94 Sarah Angelone F S 00:45:51
121 Cassandra Smedley F35 00:47:27
122 Michelle Abbott F35 00:47:27
216 Peter Costello M55 00:52:13
227 Lucy Scott F S 00:52:32
391 Deborah Greenwood F45 00:59:31
421 Christine Egerton F65 01:00:40
506 Karen Clarkin F40 01:03:58

Full Results


This triathlon is part of a series (May & September) and this was the first triathlon Helana ever entered and is still her favourite Triathlon on the calendar. This year she moved up an age category but was determined to give it her best.

Helana White

Helana White

She did well in the pool, (200m swim), and as they have a rolling start it is hard to work out where you are in positions, when you leave the pool. After a windy transition, she had a great start to the cycle leg with a text book (and much practiced) scooting mount. A solid, strong 6K cycle leg followed with wind assistance one way… but headwinds coming back down the promenade. – She looked much more confident on the bike than previous races – this is due Alan Dorrington for sorting the seat height and his riding training with Helana at the cycle track. Thank-You Alan! A quick transition saw her out for the 1.8K run, which she felt strong in and was overtaking people all down this leg.

She was very surprised to be announced as 2nd Girl, as we had expected 4th / 5th whilst waiting for the results, – This is a great Triathlon for adults and juniors, especially first timers



Pos    Name Cat    Time   
58 Paul Thompson MV45 03:32:58

Full Results


Bolton parkrun – A total of 416 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
112 Katy THOMPSON 26:18 VW60-64
113 Paul THOMPSON 26:19 VM45-49 First Timer!

Burnley parkrun – A total of 426 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
3 Jonathan PYE 18:18 SM25-29
7 Nicholas HENNESSEY 18:50 JM15-17
10 Josh HALL 19:35 JM15-17
13 Simon WILSHAW 19:58 JM15-17
15 Gareth BERRY 20:03 VM40-44
18 David MOYNIHAN 20:14 VM50-54 New PB!
20 Michael STEVENS 20:25 JM11-14 New PB!
28 Helana WHITE 21:11 JW10
32 Mick HUGHES 21:47 VM40-44
38 Charlie BIRTWISTLE 22:03 JM11-14
42 Chris LAWRENCE 22:16 VM50-54
44 Reece Adam LAWRENCE 22:22 JM15-17
55 Lynsey BIRTWISTLE 22:48 VW35-39 New PB!
56 Daniel PLANT 22:48 VM35-39
61 Sophie ASHWORTH 22:56 JW11-14
62 Charlie BARNES 23:00 JM10
73 Michelle ABBOTT 23:24 VW35-39
74 Cassandra Darling SMEDLEY 23:24 VW35-39
77 Wayne MCINTOSH 23:30 SM30-34
89 Alfie WHITE 24:02 JM11-14 New PB!
92 Bethany WHEATCROFT 24:05 JW11-14
94 David Ian SCOTT 24:08 VM70-74
97 Dawn TERRY 24:13 VW50-54
98 Nina KEWIN 24:14 VW35-39
104 Lennon JACKSON 24:31 JM11-14
106 Evan WELSH 24:32 JM11-14
124 Bryn BARNES 25:20 VM65-69
131 Lisa JOHNSON 25:27 VW45-49
136 Caitlin WELSH 25:32 JW15-17
139 Melanie HIRST 25:44 VW40-44
149 Helen WELSH 26:02 VW45-49
152 Imogen FERGUSON 26:06 JW11-14
153 Bianca BENNETT 26:09 SW25-29
156 Annabel WILCOCK 26:13 JW15-17
157 John WILCOCK 26:14 VM50-54
162 Richard LAWSON 26:26 VM75-79
167 Ian HARGREAVES 26:34 VM50-54
170 Helen HARRISON 26:47 VW45-49 New PB!
176 Carl CAREY 26:56 VM45-49
259 Darcey HIRST 29:51 JW10
273 Matthew DUCKWORTH 30:11 SM25-29
290 Robert HIRST 31:00 VM65-69
293 Jane HYLANDS 31:05 VW45-49
301 Robbie SMEDLEY 31:30 JM11-14
306 Matthew JACKSON 31:35 JM11-14
311 Ron CHAPPELL 31:45 VM65-69
335 Christine LEATHLEY 33:06 VW65-69
365 Emily JOHNSON 34:46 JW10 New PB!

Burnley junior parkrun – A total of 86 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
8 Bethany WHEATCROFT 8:49 JW11-14 New PB!
15 Imogen FERGUSON 9:31 JW11-14
25 Ruby CLEAVER 10:57 JW10 New PB!
47 Emily JOHNSON 11:58 JW10 New PB!

Dalby Forest parkrun – A total of 204 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
42 Graham ROPER 23:06 VM55-59 First Timer!

Dewsbury parkrun – A total of 133 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
125 Robin PRICE 37:17 VM70-74

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge – A total of 288 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
155 Eileen JONES 29:01 VW65-69

Lytham Hall parkrun – A total of 181 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
30 Philip NAYLOR 23:27 VM35-39 New PB!

Pendle parkrun – A total of 87 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
6 John HARTLEY 21:30 VM60-64
21 Martin BRADY 23:48 VM55-59
46 Eleanor Betty ROOT 28:20 JW15-17

Skipton parkrun – A total of 170 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
2 Tom BREWSTER 18:00 SM30-34
104 Yvonne WICKHAM 28:34 VW50-54

Witton parkrun – A total of 79 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
78 Julia RUSHTON 46:49 VW50-54


The kids are all right

As we steam towards summer, there’s racing galore! As always our members have been racing hard but the glory goes to our younger runners this week.  As well as competing in the FRA championships, lots of our young runners have been stepping up to take part in tough senior races with great success. The future is definitely looking bright for this club if their achievements are anything to go by! Congratulations are in order for Chris Holdsworth, second counter in the victorious Lancashire team in this year’s Inter Counties Championship.



There was an excellent turnout of 194 runners for this tough 3.5 mile fell race with 1247ft of climb – a record for a non championship race. Was it the weather, free pasta supper or the prize draw for the rucksack? Maybe it was all of those factors. There was a fabulous range of ages in the race with the youngest runners aged 14 and the oldest vet in his 80s.

Young Clayton runners Curtis Holt, Briony Holt and James Boult at the Mearley Clough Fell Race. Photo by David Belshaw

The race was won by Josh Boyle for the second year running. Matt Perry was our first finisher and 3rd overall in the race. Carl Helliwell and Dave Motley joined him in the top ten.

Matt Perry

Matt Perry on his way to 3rd place. Photo by David Belshaw

Five of our junior runners took part. Nick Hennessey was our first junior in a respectable 40th place overall. Curtis Holt was next chased to the finish by his sister Briony who was 45th overall and 2nd Lady in the race.

Harry Mason stepping up to senior racing at Mearley Clough Fell Race. Photo by David Belshaw

Harry Mason stepping up to senior racing at Mearley Clough Fell Race. Photo by David Belshaw

Harry Mason had a great run to finish 113th and Natasha Olszewska completed the junior cohort in 146th place.

Natasha Olszewska running her first senior fell race at Mearley Clough. Photo by David Belshaw

Natasha Olszewska running her first senior fell race at Mearley Clough. Photo by David Belshaw

Briony Holt was our first lady finisher and Linda Lord was 1st LV60

Position Name Time
3 Matt Perry * 0.32.52
11 Carl Helliwell V40 0.35.23
16 Dave Motley 0.36.13
29 Alan Life V50 0.38.12
31 Geoff Gough V50 0.38.16
35 Paul Hesketh V50 0.38.35
40 Nicholas Hennessey 15 0.40.08
42 James Boult MU23 0.40.14
43 Curtis Holt 17* 0.40.17
45 (lady 2) Briony Holt L15* 0.40.23
51 Chris Funnell V50 0.40.45
52 Ivan Whigham V50 0.40.47
69 Richard Briscoe 0.42.05
70 Mark Nutter V50 0.42.07
78 Craig Nicholls V40 0.43.05
83 David Moynihan V50 0.43.39
99 Mark Taylor 0.45.17
100 Robert Morrison V40 0.45.18
102 Martin Brady V50 0.45.33
111 Andrew Howarth V60 0.46.12
113 Harry Mason 14 0.46.28
114 (lady 9) Teresa De Curtis L40 0.46.36
118 David Naylor V60 0.46.57
122 Darren Rushton V40 0.47.09
124 James Hickie V50 0.47.13
129 Andrew Mark Dugdale V50 0.48.32
132 Peter Dugdale V60 0.49.19
137 Andrew Walmsley V60 0.50.06
138 Colin Woolford V40 0.50.16
144 (lady 14) Linda M Lord L60* 0.51.05
146 (lady 16) Natasha Olszewska L14* 0.51.17
153 (lady 20) Sarah Helliwell L 0.52.52
171 Geoff Laycock V60 0.56.55
180 Karin Goss L60 0.62.47
190 Ron Chappell V60 0.83.41

Full Results



Jonathan Pye and Ron Chappell took part in the Ian Casey Memorial 5K. Jonathan finished in 3rd place overall with atime of 17:47.  Ron Chappel was 121st with a time of 34:36.

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
3 Jonathan Pye MS (002/021) 00:17:47
121 Ron Chappell M65 (003/003) 00:34:36

Full Results



Another bumper turnout of Clayton Harriers for the second race of the increasingly popular Pendle and Burnley Grand Prix race series. Danny Collinge was our first Clayton finisher in 9th place overall with Jordan McDonald and Dave Motley following on in the top 20.

Clayton runners at Pinhaw

Clayton runners at Pinhaw

Junior runner Nick Hennessey continues his great form to finish in 22nd place overall and 1st MU18. Geoff Gough was 1st M55, Jeff Pickup was 1st M65 and Barry Mitchell was 1st M70

Younger generation coming through at Pinhaw Trail Race.

Younger generation coming through at Pinhaw Trail Race.

Our first lady finisher was Donna Airey in 88th place and 5th lady in the race. Anita Jones was 1st W60.

Report from Craig Nicholls

Having completed the Hameldon Hill race in what I felt to be a timely fashion, I decided that maybe I should have a go at the entire Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix. As a cross country veteran (after two full seasons now – wow) I have become accustomed to donning the Harrier Vest for weekend races but a race on a Friday Night was a whole new experience for me. The decision, however, had been made so any plans for the usual food, alcohol and TV combos were scrapped and the vest was on.

I arrived half expecting to be greeted by about 20 to 30 hardcore running enthusiasts so it came as a great relief to see there were over 200 people from all walks of life and many of them were the   usual Clayton crowd there to support the club and each other.

The run itself was the usual run up hill, run down hill, collapse at the finish sort of affair I’ve come to expect from these events. The scenery (I imagine) was epic and the view of Earby (the one time I glanced up away from my feet) as I ran back down was lovely so I can see why people love them so much and my goal for this summer will be to get fit enough to actually enjoy one.

Craig Nicholls at the Pinhaw trail race. Photo by David Belshaw

Craig Nicholls at the Pinhaw trail race. Photo by David Belshaw

Probably the best thing about these races (for me at least) is seeing so many of our wonderful junior section at the finish line. These guys are a credit to the club and the coaches who give up their free time and are probably the biggest factor in my own development at the moment as you can’t help but be inspired by the progress they are all making.

See you all at Clowbridge Reservoir on Wednesday

Pos Name Cat Time
9 Danny Collinge MSEN 33:18:00
12 Jordan McDonald MSEN 33:45:00
19 Dave Motley MSEN 34:33:00
21 Chris Snell MSEN 34:54:00
22 Nicholas Hennessey MU18 35:04:00
28 Josh Hall MU18 35:43:00
34 Paul Hesketh M50 36:12:00
35 George Pier MSEN 36:14:00
40 James Boult MSEN 36:41:00
43 Geoff Gough M55 36:57:00
44 Michael O’Donnell M40 37:06:00
46 Daniel Plant MSEN 37:35:00
47 Gareth Berry M40 37:36:00
52 John Roche M55 37:52:00
59 Michael Clarke M40 38:31:00
61 Sean Clare M50 38:35:00
63 Reece Lawrence MU18 38:40:00
68 David Moynihan M50 39:02:00
70 Andy Bradley M50 39:08:00
71 Craig Nicholls M40 39:12:00
72 Richard Briscoe MSEN 39:13:00
74 John Wilcock M50 39:18:00
83 Mick Hughes M40 39:58:00
84 Robert Morrison M40 40:07:00
85 James Dunderdale MSEN 40:08:00
87 David Naughton M55 40:27:00
88 Donna Airey W35 40:30:00
89 Adam Stevenson MSEN 40:34:00
93 Stephen Ainsworth M60 40:51:00
94 Jeffrey Pickup M65 41:20:00
95 Elizabeth Mullan WSEN 41:24:00
98 Cassandra Smedley WSEN 41:43:00
99 Paul Foster M45 41:43:00
103 Andrew Webster M45 42:24:00
116 Irene Roche W55 43:11:00
122 Andy Quinn M45 43:30:00
124 Chris Lawrence M50 43:38:00
137 Barry Mitchell M70 45:01:00
143 Carl Carey M45 45:47:00
148 Nerina Gill W45 46:16:00
149 Donna Scott W50 46:36:00
152 Colin White M40 47:05:00
153 Jean Knightley W55 47:11:00
154 Julie Dawes W45 47:19:00
155 Andrew Taylor M55 47:26:00
156 Martin Griffin M55 47:27:00
158 Bianca Bennett WSEN 47:40:00
164 Julia Rushton W50 48:20:00
167 Jane Ryan W40 48:32:00
171 Lucy Scott WSEN 49:28:00
174 Eleanor Root WU18 49:43:00
180 Ian Hargreaves M50 50:24:00
191 Mark Knowles M40 52:20:00
193 Bethany Quinn WSEN 52:31:00
197 Deborah Greenwood W45 53:44:00
200 Jane Hylands W45 55:00:00
204 Danny Pilkington M40 56:25:00
207 Julia Taylor W55 58:23:00
208 Judith Carey WSEN 59:27:00
210 Christine Egerton W65 59:42:00
212 Geraldine Varley W55 01:01:10
213 Ron Chappell M65 01:02:40
214 Anita Jones W60 01:03:10
215 Jack McGuire M60 01:04:20
216 Sharon Wilson W40 01:04:30
217 Christine Leathley W65 01:05:41

Full Results



Congratulations to Christopher Holdsworth whose great form continues as he represented Lancashire in this year’s UK Inter-Counties Fell/Hill Running Championship. In a very strong field he finished in 7th place overall with a time of 42:22 making him second counter in the winning Lancashire team.

Chris Holdsworth representing Lancashire at the UK Inter County Fell Running Championships. Photo by Woodentops

Chris Holdsworth representing Lancashire at the UK Inter County Fell Running Championships. Photo by Woodentops

In the ladies’ race, Louisa Powell-Smith finished in 19th place making her third counter in the Lancashire team who finished in fourth place.

Full Results


Four Clayton Harriers took part in this classic, Lakeland fell race. Starting and finishing at Rydal Hall the 9 mile route incorporates 2999ft of climbing. Andy Laycock had a great race to finish in 16th place. Wendy Dodds was our sole lady runner and finished in 195th place. Wayne McIntosh and James Williamson completed the Clayton cohort finishing the race together in 263rd an 264th place respectively.

Andy Laycock in the Fairfield Horseshoe fell race. Photo by Richard Gardiner

Andy Laycock in the Fairfield Horseshoe fell race. Photo by Richard Gardiner


Pos Name Time
16 Andy Laycock 1:33:46
195 Wendy Dodds 2:02:34
263 Wayne McIntosh 2:12:39
264 James Williamson 2:12:19

Full Results



Well done to Ellie Root who took part in the Chester Deva Aquathlon. After a good solid swim and a decent run on tired legs (having raced at Pinhaw), she finished in 9th place in the girls youth category.


Well done to Josh McKay, Helana White, Jenson Bentham, Christopher Brown, Ella Dorrington, Jackson McKay and Briony Holt who ran at the 5th round of the English Junior Championships at Kettlewell. The uphill only races up Great Whernside featured long steep, grassy climbs on the lower slopes for the younger age groups and rougher rockier terrain for the U15s and above.

This is the toughest level of competition in fell running and our Juniors have been doing the club proud with their efforts at this race(and during the series as a whole), competing on the hardest courses for Juniors in the country.

U13 Race

Pos Name Time
15 Jenson Bentham 10:11
19 Christopher Brown 10:24
28 Helana White 10:48

U15 Race

Jackson Mckay in the U15 Race. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Jackson Mckay in the U15 Race. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Pos Name Time
14 Jackson McKay 13:01
52 Ella Dorrington 16:03

U17 Race

Briony Holt in the U17 race. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Briony Holt in the U17 race. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Pos Name Time
28 Briony Holt 22:08

Full Results


Paul Foster was our sole runner in the popular PlusNet Leeds Half Marathon.  He finished in 713th place with a time of 01:38:45

Report from Paul Foster

My favourite event bar none. The city of Leeds really gets behind this event every year and the support around the entire 13 miles is incredible, from the thousands cheering you on in the city centre to the street party atmosphere in the surrounding districts. Every year there are bands, pipers on the route, and this year there was even a women’s choir. Yorkshire loves its sporting events.

Paul Foster at the PlusNet Leeds Half Marathon

Paul Foster at the PlusNet Leeds Half Marathon

The sun was beating down for the third year in a row, and although not as hot as last year, the many hosepipes spraying cold water courtesy of some residents were very welcome. There are quite a few longish hill sections on the run and I was happy with my time of 1:38:45 which was an improvement of 9 minutes over last year, placing 675 out of a field of nearly 6800.

Full Results


Another resounding win for fast lad Danny Collinge at the Worden Park 10K. Dawn Terry was our only lady runner and she finished in 158th place in 50:24.

Pos Name Cat Time
1 Danny Collinge M 0:33:20
50 George Pier M 0:42:42
52 Reece Lawrence M 0:43:00
83 Robert Morrison MV40 0:46:34
93 Christopher Lawrence MV50 0:46:58
100 Brian Wildman MV50 0:47:32
121 Colin White MV40 0:49:10
158 Dawn Terry FV50 0:50:24

 Jack Maguire took part in the fun run finishing in 39th place with a time of 09:29


Abingdon parkrun – A total of 343 runners took part

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
149 Samuel Spencer HARDISTY 27:06 SM20-24

Bournemouth parkrun – A total of 491 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
26 Michael STEVENS 20:09 JM11-14 First Timer!

 Burnley parkrun – A total of 351 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
2 Tom BREWSTER 17:49 SM30-34
14 Nicholas HENNESSEY 20:01 JM15-17
15 Daniel PLANT 20:12 VM35-39
17 Lennon JACKSON 20:21 JM11-14
18 Simon WILSHAW 20:23 JM15-17
19 Kieron MITCHELL 20:27 VM40-44
23 Helana WHITE 20:45 JW10
24 Jonathan PYE 20:46 SM25-29
26 Gareth BERRY 20:52 VM40-44
32 David MOYNIHAN 21:44 VM50-54
40 Gordon BARRETT 22:16 VM55-59
41 Matthew JACKSON 22:16 JM11-14
58 Aaron LUNDIE 22:59 JM15-17
59 Natasha OLSZEWSKA 23:01 JW11-14 New PB!
61 Charlie BIRTWISTLE 23:04 JM11-14
70 Sarah ANGELONE 23:42 SW30-34
76 Charlie BARNES 24:12 JM10
83 Dawn TERRY 24:27 VW50-54
106 Lisa JOHNSON 25:34 VW45-49
125 Caitlin WELSH 26:03 JW15-17
126 Imogen FERGUSON 26:04 JW11-14
127 John WILCOCK 26:07 VM50-54
128 Annabel WILCOCK 26:08 JW15-17
134 Jake ANFORTH 26:21 JM10
147 Carl CAREY 26:58 VM45-49
151 Melanie HIRST 27:02 VW40-44
152 Helen WELSH 27:02 VW45-49
158 Bronia OLSZEWSKA 27:20 JW11-14 New PB!
165 Lynsey BIRTWISTLE 27:34 VW35-39
166 Charlie PLANT 27:35 JW10
167 Toby BIRTWISTLE 27:35 JM10
168 Adrienne OLSZEWSKA 27:36 VW45-49
172 Andrew WEBSTER 27:43 VM45-49
194 Evan WELSH 28:24 JM11-14
195 Bethany WHEATCROFT 28:25 JW11-14
196 Darcey HIRST 28:26 JW10
204 Mark TAYLOR 28:49 VM35-39
222 Tony PILLING 29:34 VM50-54
228 Alan DORRINGTON 29:49 VM45-49
234 Richard LAWSON 30:00 VM75-79
280 Judith CAREY 32:03 VW35-39
287 Robert HIRST 32:41 VM65-69

Dewsbury parkrun – A total of 129 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
113 Robin PRICE 35:42 VM70-74

Dolgellau parkrun – A total of 39 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
13 Katy THOMPSON 25:38 VW60-64 First Timer!

Lytham Hall parkrun – A total of 157 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
43 Philip NAYLOR 23:36 VM35-39 New PB!

Pendle parkrun – A total of 91 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
2 Kevin DAVIES 19:38 VM55-59
3 Jackson MCKAY 19:49 JM11-14 New PB!
7 Paul BRANNON 20:53 VM55-59
8 John HARTLEY 21:23 VM60-64

Rutland Water parkrun – A total of 246 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
111 Eileen JONES 28:08 VW65-69 First Timer!

South Manchester parkrun – A total of 577 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
356 Yvonne WICKHAM 28:13 VW50-54


Making our mark

Well you have certainly been making your mark this week from call ups to Team GB to mass attendance at races.  There have been Great Hill Races, trail races, road racing in parks and by the sea as well as competitive fell racing at Sedburgh.  Roll on long summer evenings and plenty of racing!


Our Clayton colleague Christopher Holdsworth has been selected to run for the Great Britain senior men’s team at the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships, to be held at Premana, Italy in August. This is fantastic news, not just for Chris, but for the whole club, and should be a great inspiration to our junior athletes. International vests, particularly GB vests don’t come round every day, and this selection is just reward for a great winter’s training and some outstanding racing put in by Chris this year.

Chris Holdsworth at the 3 Peaks Race. Photo by Andy Jackson

Chris Holdsworth at the 3 Peaks Race. Photo by Andy Jackson

Well done Chris: the whole club is really proud of you, and we will be with you all the way to Italy.



Julia Rushton and Ron Chappell took part in this midweek 5K race. Julia was 43rd with a time of 23:26 and Ron Chappell was 65th with a time of 29:28. A total of 66 runners took part.

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
43 Julia Rushton FV50 23.26
65 R. Chappell MV65 29.28

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Jonathan Pye was our sole runner in the first race of this popular series organised by Chorley AC. He finished in 10th place with a time of 27:00

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
10 Jonathan Pye MS (006/027) 00:27:00

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Fifteen juniors took part in the junior race which is also one of the summer series of races. Lennon Jackson was our first finisher storming into 17th place with a time of 05:33 with Robbie Smedley snapping at his heels in 18th. Ella Dorrington was our first girl in 40th and with a time of 6:07 with Sophie Ashworth chasing her tail in 41st. Some excellent midweek running from our juniors.

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
17 Lennon Jackson M17 (014/042) 00:05:33
18 Robbie Smedley M17 (015/042) 00:05:34
27 Matthew Jackson M17 (020/042) 00:05:48
38 Jenson Bentham M11 (001/017) 00:06:03
40 Ella Dorrington F17 (014/050) 00:06:03
41 William Nicholls M17 (026/042) 00:06:04
44 Helana White F11 (001/016) 00:06:07
46 Sophie Ashworth F17 (017/050) 00:06:09
59 Luke Guest M17 (033/042) 00:06:21
79 Thomas Ashworth M11 (008/017) 00:06:55
82 Alfie White M17 (037/042) 00:07:08
89 Imogen Ferguson F17 (039/050) 00:07:36
100 Jake O’Dowd M17 (040/042) 00:07:52
117 Emily Nicholls F11 (011/016) 00:08:12
126 Ellisia Smedley F11 (013/016) 00:08:26

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Helana White took part in the Chorley duathlon (Run – Bike – Run) at Astley Park.  The weather was very different to the trail races earlier in the week with very blustery conditions. The wind was blowing against the competitors on the uphill bike section which did not bode well for Helana but she pulled it out of the bag and had a cracking race!

She came in 4th on the run and then only lost 2 places in the bike section; she was delighted with that as she had expected to lose a lot more places in this section. She ran hard to close the gaps and get 6th in the T2 class. She was not too long behind the winner which means lots of points as time from the winner is how points are worked out in this league.



Fantastic running all round and a shout out for Team Stevenson over the tannoy at the 2017 Beaverbrooks Blackpool 10K race. There was a new PB for Adam, Keira ditched her pacemaker dad and nipped in under the hour in her first ever 10K race and Lucy, taking a break from GCSE studying, finished in a comfortable 67 minutes.

Team Stevenson in action at Beaverbrooks' Blackpool 10K. Photos by Deborah Stevenson

Team Stevenson in action at Beaverbrooks’ Blackpool 10K. Photos by Deborah Stevenson

Good enough to earn fish and chips and a trip to the arcades.



Jacob Watson and Stephen Biscomb travelled to … to take part in the Blacksticks Blue 10K race. Jacob was 5th in the race with a time of 37 minutes dead and Stephen was 33rd in 44:15. A total of 146 runners took part.

Report from Jacob Watson

I’m not sure why, but for some reason I favour a challenging, hilly road race over a flat course. My favourite event on the race calendar is definitely Hendon Brook and I’d have to say that, in terms of challenge, this race is its little brother. Much like Hendon Brook, this race takes you over picturesque and hilly country roads and also similarly, being mainly flat, Blacksticks’ first mile does a good job of filling you with a false sense of security.

Jacob Watson at the Blacksticks Blue race.

Jacob Watson at the Blacksticks Blue race.

The next 2 miles however proved very tough, taking any speed I may have otherwise had out of my legs for the sheer downhills in the latter stages. From the off, I decided to set off at what I believed to be a conservative pace in order to save my energy for the climbs to come. I started off in 6th place and things remained that way for the first 2 miles. During the main climb in mile 3 I managed to take 5th but couldn’t close the gap between me and Trawden’s Stephen Hall who was running well in 4th.

Stephen Biscomb at the Blacksticks Blue 10K

Stephen Biscomb at the Blacksticks Blue 10K

The last mile proved tough going with my energy reserves zapped from the previous miles. With Stephen still a good 40 seconds ahead of me I was happy to cross the line in 5th to claim my prizes of cheese and wine! A great race and definitely one for fans of a challenging course.
Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
5 Jacob Watson MS 0:37:00
33 Stephen Biscomb MV60 0:44:15

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Senior Race

It was a beautiful day as huge turnout of 75 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers lined up for this year’s Great Hameldon Hill Race.

Most of the runners at the Great Hameldon Hill Race. Photo by Adrienne Olszewska

Most of the runners at the Great Hameldon Hill Race. Photo by Adrienne Olszewska

Always popular with our club members, this race is the first in the local Pendle and Burnley Grand Prix series.

Carl Helliwell warming up before the Hameldon Hill Race. Photo by Adrienne Olszewska

Carl Helliwell warming up before the Hameldon Hill Race. Photo by Adrienne Olszewska

Danny Collinge was our first Clayton finisher and 2nd overall in the race. Jordan McDonald was 1st MU23, Carl Helliwell was 1st V40 and Geoff Gough was 1st V55. With 50 men running in the race we had 15 men’s team in with the ‘A’ team (D Collinge | A Laycock | D Motley) taking 3rd place.

Runners heading up the first climb. Photo by Adrienne Olszewska

Runners heading up the first climb. Photo by Adrienne Olszewska

There was a great turnout of women in the race with 25 Clayton Ladies running. Clair Vincent was our first lady home and 5th lady finisher overall in the race. Jean Knightley was 1st L55, Anita Jones was 1st L60 and Karin Goss was 1st L65. With so many ladies in the race we dominated the team results taking 1st (C Vincent | D Airey | E Mullan) and 2nd (C Smedley | T DeCurtis | B Savage) and had 8 complete teams in the event.

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
2 Danny Collinge MS (002/057) 00:38:55
11 Andrew Laycock MS (009/057) 00:41:45
14 Dave Motley MS (012/057) 00:42:35
16 Carl Helliwell M40 (001/027) 00:43:15
18 Jordan McDonald M23 (001/002) 00:43:32
23 Chris Snell MS (014/057) 00:44:10
24 Andrew McFarlane M45 (004/024) 00:44:20
27 Luke Turner MS (016/057) 00:44:34
32 Michael Toms M50 (002/034) 00:45:36
33 Paul Hesketh M50 (003/034) 00:45:45
35 Geoff Gough M55 (001/021) 00:45:58
36 Michael O’Donnell M40 (005/027) 00:46:11
39 Jon Cleaver MS (022/057) 00:46:37
44 Jonathan Pye MS (024/057) 00:47:10
58 Chris Funnell M50 (007/034) 00:48:45
59 John Roche M55 (004/021) 00:48:56
66 Sean Clare M50 (010/034) 00:49:26
73 John Wilcock M50 (011/034) 00:50:02
75 Craig Nicholls M40 (013/027) 00:50:13
80 David Moynihan M50 (014/034) 00:50:25
90 Robert Morrison M40 (015/027) 00:51:28
92 Jeffrey Pickup M65 (002/010) 00:51:48
94 Andy Bradley M50 (016/034) 00:52:10
95 Reece Lawrence M23 (002/002) 00:52:21
97 Claire Vincent FS (002/010) 00:52:36
100 Richard Briscoe MS (037/057) 00:52:51
102 Donna Airey F35 (003/008) 00:53:05
104 James Dunderdale MS (039/057) 00:53:30
114 Mick Hughes M40 (016/027) 00:54:22
116 Paul Foster M45 (014/024) 00:54:27
117 Stephen Ainsworth M60 (002/008) 00:54:33
120 Mark Taylor MS (045/057) 00:54:39
121 Andrew Webster M45 (016/024) 00:54:41
122 Elizabeth Mullan FS (003/010) 00:54:42
126 Martin Brady M55 (010/021) 00:55:18
127 Cassandra Smedley F35 (004/008) 00:55:24
129 Chris Lawrence M50 (020/034) 00:55:44
133 Geoff Smith M40 (018/027) 00:55:58
144 Adam Stephenson MS (046/057) 00:57:14
152 Stuart Proctor MS (049/057) 00:57:41
153 Andrew M. Dugdale M55 (012/021) 00:57:58
154 Stephen Breckell M65 (004/010) 00:57:59
155 Teresa De Curtis F45 (003/016) 00:58:15
159 Barbara Savage F50 (006/014) 00:58:58
164 Nerina Gill F45 (004/016) 01:00:00
171 Carl Carey M45 (020/024) 01:00:34
174 Stephen Fish M60 (005/008) 01:01:39
175 Donna Scott F50 (007/014) 01:01:42
176 Julia Rushton F50 (008/014) 01:01:46
180 Angela Shian F40 (003/009) 01:02:14
181 Martin Griffin M55 (015/021) 01:02:21
184 Sarah Helliwell F35 (005/008) 01:02:41
187 Julie Dawes F45 (006/016) 01:02:52
191 Jean Knightley F55 (001/001) 01:04:13
192 Lucy Scott FS (007/010) 01:04:20
194 Joanne Bennett F45 (008/016) 01:05:18
195 Bryn Barnes M65 (006/010) 01:05:30
196 Jane Ryan F40 (004/009) 01:05:39
197 Michael Clarke M40 (024/027) 01:05:39
202 Geoff Laycock M60 (007/008) 01:06:21
205 Ian Hargreaves M50 (033/034) 01:06:35
211 Janine Pollard F45 (011/016) 01:07:49
213 Justin Birtwistle M40 (026/027) 01:08:33
221 Michelle Butschok F40 (008/009) 01:10:25
222 Mark R. Knowles M40 (027/027) 01:10:26
226 Bethany Quinn F23 (002/003) 01:11:30
236 Deborah Greenwood F45 (014/016) 01:15:25
237 Karin Goss F65 (001/001) 01:15:43
242 Robert Hirst M65 (009/010) 01:19:35
243 Judith Carey F35 (008/008) 01:19:38
244 Jane Hylands F45 (016/016) 01:19:42
245 Anita Jones F60 (001/001) 01:23:16
246 Ron Chappell M65 (010/010) 01:28:11
247 Jack McGuire M60 (008/008) 01:29:40
248 Sharon Wilson F40 (009/009) 01:33:14

Full Results


Over 30 juniors raced in the first race of this year’s Burnley and Pendle Grand Prix.

Juniors ready to race! Photo by Adrienne Olszewska

Juniors ready to race! Photo by Adrienne Olszewska


Four of our very youngest runners took part in the U9 race. Charlie Plant was our first finisher in 7th place overall and 1st F7 and there was some great running from Ruby Cleaver who was running in her vest for the first time, Emily Johnson and Olly Plant.

Ruby Cleaver

Ruby Cleaver delighted with her first official race for Clayton-le-Moors Harriers.

Pos Name Cat Cat/Pos Time
7 Charlie Plant F7 (1/3) 00:03:41
16 Ruby Cleaver F6 (2/8) 00:04:08
20 Emily Johnson F7 (3/3) 00:04:26
21 Olly Plant M6 (4/5) 00:04:32


Hameldon - U11 Boy

Harry Cole in the U11 race. Photo by David Belshaw

Changes in the age category rules mean that some of our younger runners took part in the more challenging U11 race despite some of them only being 8 years old on race day. This race took the runners out of the playing field and up and around the Coppice; a big step up from the previous race for a lot of them. However, undaunted our plucky juniors rose to the challenge and put in plenty of gustsy performances. Harry Cole was our first finisher and also the overall winner.Emily Nicholls was our first girl finisher.

Pos Name Cat Cat/Pos Time
1 Harry John Cole M10 (1/3) 00:11:02
5 Harry Wharton M10 (2/3) 00:12:16
6 Charlie Barnes M8 (1/10) 00:12:38
11 Toby Birtwistle M8 (4/10) 00:13:21
15 Brayden Clarkson M9 (6/8) 00:13:41
18 Jake Anforth M10 (3/3) 00:13:52
29 Emily K. Nicholls F9 (4/10) 00:14:54
32 Darcey E. Hirst F9 (7/10) 00:15:02
36 Ellisia Smith F8 (5/6) 00:16:35
38 Joni Higgins F9 (10/10) 00:19:40


Six juniors ran in the U13 race. Robbie Smedley was our first finisher and 2nd overall in the race. Helana White was first girl in the race and 6th place overall.

Imogen Ferguson powering to the finish. Photo by David Belshaw

Imogen Ferguson powering to the finish. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos Name Cat Cat/Pos Time
2 Robbie Smedley M11 (1/8) 00:10:51
3 Matthew Jackson M11 (2/8) 00:11:16
6 Helana White F10 (1/3) 00:11:34
9 Charlie Birtwistle M11 (6/8) 00:12:08
10 Luke Guest M12 (2/2) 00:12:10
18 Imogen Ferguson F11 (2/3) 00:13:51


Eight juniors ran in the U15 Race. Michael Stevens was our first finisher and 2nd overall in the race. Ella Dorrrington was our first girl and 2nd girl overall in the race.

Michael Stevens in the U15 Race. Photo by David Belshaw

Michael Stevens in the U15 Race. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos Name Cat Cat/Pos Time
2 Michael Stevens M14 (1/1) 00:14:42
4 Lennon Jackson M13 (2/6) 00:15:38
7 Ella Dorrington-Levy F12 (1/4) 00:16:59
9 Sophie A. Ashworth F13 (2/3) 00:17:09
12 Natasha Olszewska F14 (1/1) 00:18:01
13 Bethany Wheatcroft F13 (3/3) 00:19:01
15 Jake O’Dowd M13 (6/6) 00:20:23
16 Bronia Olszewska F12 (4/4) 00:20:47


Four of our older junior runners took part in the U17 Race. Nick Hennessey was our first finisher and 2nd overall in the race. Millie Stubbs was our first girl and also first girl in the race.

Joshua Hall in the U17 Race. Photo by David Belshaw

Joshua Hall in the U17 Race. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos Name Cat Cat/Pos Time
2 Nicholas Hennessey M15 (2/4) 00:13:32
3 Joshua Hall M15 (3/4) 00:13:39
4 Jay Bowman M14 (1/1) 00:14:31
7 Millie Stubbs F14 (1/2) 00:15:43

Full Results


Amanda Duffy was our sole runner in the Heaton Park 10K. She finished 33rd overall, 5th Lady and 2nd FV35 in a field of 291 runners.

Amanda Reports

What a fantastic day to be racing! The sun was out and I was running in the Heaton Park 10K. The course itself was scenic and hilly, a two-lap course mainly on tarmac with some gravel paths which took you round a lake and then a couple of good climbs up towards Heaton Hall. I managed to place 5th female so very happy with that.

Pos Name Cat Time
33 Amanda Duffy V35 00:45:51

Full Results


Senior Race

Pos Name Cat Time
29 Andrew Holt MV40 24:53


A strong run from Briony Holt gave her 9th place overall and 1st girl in the U17 race.

Briony Holt in the U17 race. Photo by Geoff Thompson

Briony Holt in the U17 race. Photo by Geoff Thompson

Pos Name Time
9 Briony Holt 23:45


Jenson Bentham was our only runner in the U12 race where he finished 10th overall.

Jenson Bentham at the BOFRA Sedburgh race.

Jenson Bentham at the BOFRA Sedburgh race.

Pos Name Time
10 Jenson Bentham 8:42

Full Results


Blackpool parkrun – A total of 187 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
93 Helen HARRISON 29:02 VW45-49 First Timer!

Burnley parkrun – A total of 420 runners took part

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
2 Jonathan PYE 18:19 SM25-29
4 Nicholas HENNESSEY 18:51 JM15-17
11 Jackson MCKAY 19:24 JM11-14
15 Matthew JACKSON 19:34 JM11-14 New PB!
16 Matthew DUCKWORTH 19:35 SM25-29
18 Alan DORRINGTON 19:48 VM45-49
21 James BOULT 19:58 SM20-24
31 Susan BURNS 20:48 VW55-59
33 Paul FOSTER 20:54 VM45-49
47 Donna RILEY 22:02 VW50-54
54 Alison DUGDALE 22:17 VW45-49
58 Gordon BARRETT 22:27 VM55-59
60 Reece Adam LAWRENCE 22:27 JM15-17
64 Chris LAWRENCE 22:34 VM50-54
77 Graham ROPER 22:55 VM55-59 New PB!
86 Bethany WHEATCROFT 23:28 JW11-14 New PB!
100 Lennon JACKSON 23:45 JM11-14
101 Michelle ABBOTT 23:45 VW35-39
102 Cassandra Darling SMEDLEY 23:47 VW35-39
105 Brian WILDMAN 23:50 VM50-54
108 Julie DAWES 23:57 VW45-49
133 Lisa JOHNSON 25:01 VW45-49
134 Imogen FERGUSON 25:04 JW11-14
135 Caitlin WELSH 25:05 JW15-17 New PB!
138 Bryn BARNES 25:07 VM65-69
146 Bianca BENNETT 25:27 SW25-29
147 Lynsey BIRTWISTLE 25:28 VW35-39
148 Toby BIRTWISTLE 25:29 JM10
149 Charlie PLANT 25:29 JW10 New PB!
151 Evan WELSH 25:32 JM11-14 New PB!
152 Melanie HIRST 25:33 VW40-44 New PB!
155 Helen WELSH 25:36 VW45-49 New PB!
168 Annabel WILCOCK 26:01 JW15-17
169 John WILCOCK 26:02 VM50-54
178 Aaron LUNDIE 26:15 JM15-17
187 Donna SCOTT 26:36 VW50-54
199 Beth QUINN 26:50 SW18-19
224 Carl CAREY 27:36 VM45-49
237 Justin BIRTWISTLE 28:22 VM40-44
241 Stuart HARTLEY 28:42 VM60-64
242 Deborah GREENWOOD 28:51 VW45-49
252 Darcey HIRST 29:01 JW10
278 Ron CHAPPELL 29:53 VM65-69
298 Robert HIRST 30:26 VM65-69
306 Judith CAREY 30:47 VW35-39

Conwy parkrun – A total of 276 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
132 Christine Jennifer EGERTON 29:20 VW65-69 First Timer!
196 Christine LEATHLEY 33:07 VW65-69

Lytham Hall parkrun – A total of 180 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
35 Philip NAYLOR 23:37 VM35-39 New PB!

Pendle parkrun – A total of 98 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
1 David EDMONDSON 19:32 VM50-54 New PB!
5 John HARTLEY 21:14 VM60-64
6 Paul BRANNON 21:18 VM55-59
19 Simon WILSHAW 23:02 JM15-17
24 Martin BRADY 23:35 VM55-59
28 Finley STUBBS 24:31 JM10
31 Barry MITCHELL 24:56 VM70-74
46 Eleanor Betty ROOT 26:48 JW15-17
65 Yvonne WICKHAM 29:40 VW50-54

Wyre Forest parkrun – A total of 194 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
43 Dawn TERRY 25:11 VW50-54 First Timer!

York parkrun – A total of 692 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
393 Eileen JONES 27:46 VW65-69 First Timer!


Peaking for the Bank Holiday weekend

The introduction of the beginning of May Bank Holiday by Michael Foot in 1978 might have been a response to a traditional day off for workers in Iron Curtain countries at the time, but it’s fair to say that the Clayton family had no such intentions of taking it easy this Bank Holiday weekend. Some stunning achievements on the fells of the Dales, multi-discipline success and the usual rapid road running has led to a real humdinger of a weekend. Take a breather, for a moment, and savour what you’ve all been up to.


Orchan Rocks

The local midweek fell race season is here properly now – Orchan Rocks is one of those classic up and down, short blast of fun races that you can squeeze in after a day at work. Just under 3.5 miles and over 900ft of climb means a big effort up and a swift descent back down. Alex Whittern of Calder Valley won in 22:30 and five Clayton runners took part: 26th Mark Nutter MV50 in 30:01, 33rd Andrew Howarth MV50 in 32:35, 34th Darren Rushton MV40 in 32:43, 42nd Colin Woolford MV40 in 34:24, and 45th Steven Fish MV60 in 36:05.

Full Results

Bunny Run Relays

Bunny relays 2017

Reece Lawrence and James Boult at the Bunny Relays 2017. Pic: John Merrick

Finishing off the Spring Bunny Run series, this relay event near Haworth is always a popular one amongst adults and juniors alike and features a chocolate prize list even a chocoholic would have problems coping with! Despite some shenanigans with the egg baton, James Boult’s team claimed bragging rights for fastest Clayton team in 36th place out of 96, just ahead of Reece Lawrence’s team in 45th and Nick Hennessey’s team in 46th. Andrew Holt ran in a family team placed 55th and sends this report:

The Bunny Runs are a frantic,fast low-key series of runs organised by the recently honoured, fell running royalty couple Dave and Eileen Woodhead. The three weekly, 5k-ish runs culminate in a relay which I entered as part of a parents team to run alongside our kids (prior to James Boult organising a team from Clayton unfortunately) The relay involves carrying a raw egg up and around Penistone Hill using the hard gravel tracks, with the fastest runners completing it in around 9 minutes. The conditions were near perfect,wind pushing you up the hills,dry underfoot, maybe a little cold but otherwise excellent. As expected the personnel changed within our team, and having offered to help James out as a replacement the parents mustered a team and I was asked to run the last leg, conveniently against my daughter. Briony’s team gave her a minutes start on me so I was left chasing shadows. Despite getting excited and setting off at a ridiculously fast pace I didn’t burn out and settled into a fast but short run finishing the 1.6 mile course in a reasonable time of 11-20. We avoided any injuries, dodging sweets and cream eggs at the pub later, what better way to spend your Tuesday evening. Great to see so many other orange shirts at the event too.

Full results


Phil Roberts Cowm 5k

Starting out of Whitworth, Rossendale this race was won by T. Muir in 17:36. John Roche was first Clayton finisher, back home on 19:57.

Pos Name Cat Time
15 J. Roche MV55 19.57
50 Julia Rushton FV50 23.24
90 J. McGuire MV60 30.33

Full Results


3 Peaks Race

Some finish! Christopher Holdsworth empties the tank to secure 3rd place. Photo: Rupert Bonnington

Some finish! Christopher Holdsworth empties the tank to secure 3rd place. Photo: Rupert Bonnington

Wow! The 63rd edition of this classic race didn’t disappoint from a Clayton point of view. We had a bumper number of competitors testing their pacing and nutrition strategies, some back for their 21st finish, top 10 team finishes for the clubs leading teams, an age class win and an incredible podium finish for a Clayton vest. Where to start…?

Both Andy Orr and Martin Brady completed 21 3 Peaks Races this weekend, an amazing run of completions for this tough race. They will receive a special commemorative award listing their races and times. For Martin, this was an extra special achievement as several of his 21 completions have come after having after heart valve surgery 7 years ago. Bravo both of you.

Martin Brady after his 21st finish. Photo: Kath Brady

Martin Brady after his 21st finish. Photo: Kath Brady

Clayton ‘s A team secured 6th overall in the highly competitive team competition. Well done to Chris Holdsworth, Dave Motley, Matt Perry and James Williamson. The MV40 team of Richard Stevenson, Andrew Orr and Peter Coates was 4th and the MV50 team of Garry Wilkinson, Paul Hesketh and Martin Terry went better still and was 2nd.

Wendy Dodds took the WV60 win in 4:51:07 and a collected a fine looking trophy.

WV60 winner Wendy Dodds. Photo: Woodentops

WV60 winner Wendy Dodds. Photo: Woodentops

However, the story of the day had to have been Christopher Holdsworth’s 3rd place overall in 2:54:49. After a hard winter and Spring of training and some results indicative of his building form, Chris attacked the race at full gas, at times holding second place and giving his all at the finish to somewhat over-achieve on his goal of a sub 3hr run.

Fresh from his stunning result, here’s Chris’s report:

Last year I wrote a few tips to consider when competing at the Three Peaks. One of them was to never feel like you are over exerting yourself before you’ve reached Ingleborough – otherwise you risk a world of pain at the hands of Whernside.

However, this year I had to ignore my own advice if I wanted any chance at the targeted goal of a sub 3 hour Three Peaks result. With it being an unusually dry day for the area, I knew there’d be no better time to achieve it!

From the beginning I had intentions of keeping on the back of the leading 5 or so runners. The legs were feeling particularly fresh and I soon found myself jostling for 2nd and 3rd place on the way up to Pen Y Ghent. Near the summit I could see Ricky Lightfoot was looking to be struggling. Once we descended off Pen Y Ghent I decided to just sit on the back of Ricky and move past when the pace he was setting dropped below the pace I was feeling comfortable at. Half way to Ribblehead I moved ahead and made good progress to the checkpoint.

Once at the bottom of Whernside, I was still feeling very energetic. Steady away I climbed up the tough fell keeping race Leader Tom Owens in my sight. A third of the way up is a very boggy section, to which both legs were sucked in knee deep. Pulling them out gave me cramp in both calves – this then pulsated the entire rest of the climb in waves, especially on the gnarlier sections. With a quarter of the climb to go, just before the steepest section to the summit, eventual race winner Murray Strain sailed past me – clearly this was his his strong suit! and I was missing the runnable trail of Pen Y Ghent…

Reaching the summit, the cramps were still going strong and were joined by a cramping up back from the tired jolts running down the flag steps. Unable to breathe or control my legs, I held on knowing Ilkley’s Jack Woods wasn’t far behind. I knew I had to just get back to the road section where I could get back to some quicker running, regain my form and shake the cramps.

The smile I had for most of the run was fading, and was in need of some fuel to see me through to the climb up Ingleborough. Reaching Hill Inn I was able to pick up my Mountain Fuel infused water and took on as much as I could. It allowed me to run the whole way up to Ingleborough. Sadly, like rot, the cramp had set in and my calves were tiring on the steep boulders just before running to Ingleborough summit checkpoint. I had 30 seconds or so on the tailing runners, Jack Woods and a Salomon runner I thought to be Ricky Lightfoot with a second wind, but they soon made that up and passed me on the tougher sections down off the top. I could only delicately descend off Ingleborough and hoped to make up the time on the less technical section.

Really unfortunately, Jack Woods took a tumble which allowed me to move back ahead to chase down the Salomon runner. At this point my feet were in bits, the nuts and bolts were loosening and I could feel the body crying out for the finish. All I had to do was keep the Salomon runner in view, hang on and reach the finish to place 4th and Sub 3 hours.

Turning down into the finish straight, I could see I was coming in under the 2H55 mark if I could put a sprint on. The roar of the crowd cheering me down the finish spiked the adrenaline and I was able to come in at 2:54:49 – goal achieved!

It wasn’t until a few minutes after that I realised it wasn’t Ricky coming past me, but Tom Owens who had gotten lost after Whernside, meaning I had actually finished in 3rd place and 100 quid richer!

I was incredibly pleased to finish where I did, and felt I couldn’t have raced any better than I did on the day, but there’s still room for improvement yet. The support around the course was the best I’ve ever experienced, and the amount of people sending me messages of congratulations has been overwhelming and is really appreciated.

There were great performances on the day from every Clayton-le-Moors member, and you can tell that this race is special to the club. I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Richard Stevenson down of Whernside. Photo: Sport Sunday

Richard Stevenson down off Whernside. Photo: Sport Sunday

First timer Richard Stevenson also had a fantastic run, pacing it really well through diligent recceing, and enjoying the rewards of a solid Spring’s training:


12 months ago after ready the reports, seeing the photos and speaking to various
people I made the decision to have a go at the Yorkshire 3 Peaks race this year.
So after doing enough qualifying races and spending many hours running up and down as many hills as I could find I was excited and raring to go as we congregated in Horton on Saturday morning. I knew it was going to be tough, I’d had numerous people advising me on how to run certain sections where to hold back where to dig in and how to try and fuel myself so that I didn’t bomb on Inglebrough. So after all the months of training, the planning and the preparations the event didn’t disappoint.  Yes it was brutal, yes my feet and legs are battered, yes it was mentally draining but would I do it all again next year, of course I would, who wouldn’t? I heard it described as the off-road equivalent of the London Marathon and  I can see why, for atmosphere and camaraderie it was fantastic. With the banter between runners and the endless support out on the course from marshals, club members and friends it can drag you through any bleak moments. So thanks to all who shouted and supported me on the day and to everyone who give me advise, very much appreciated.  I would definitely recommend this event if you fancy a challenge. Also a huge well done to all members who ran, whether it was your 1st or 21st and whether you finished 3rd or 503rd I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you there next year.
Dave Motley knuckling down to it up Whernside. Photo: Nigel Hodson

Dave Motley knuckling down to it up Whernside. Photo: Nigel Hodson

David Bagot. Photo: Woodentops

David Bagot in full flight. Photo: Woodentops

Pos Name Cat Time Class
3 Christopher Holdsworth M 02:54:49 Elite
59 Dave Motley M 03:35:26 1st
62 Matt Perry M 03:36:31 1st
64 James Williamson M 03:36:45 1st
72 Andy Laycock MU25 03:38:46 1st
76 David Bagot M 03:39:16 1st
123 Richard Stevenson MV40 03:49:24 2nd
142 Ryan Belshaw M 03:52:51 2nd
146 Andrew Orr MV40 03:53:35 2nd
152 Peter Coates MV40 03:54:13 2nd
157 Garry Wilkinson MV50 03:55:19 2nd
161 Paul Hesketh MV50 03:56:00 2nd
176 Martin Terry MV50 03:59:13 2nd
204 Jean Brown WV40 04:03:59 2nd
274= Carl Helliwell MV40 04:12:53 2nd
279 Andrew Priory MV40 04:13:16 2nd
291 Chris Snell M 04:15:01 2nd
339 Dominic Carr MV40 04:22:41 2nd
354 Brian Horrocks MV50 04:23:52 2nd
363 Alan Dorrington MV40 04:25:16 2nd
387 Ivan Whigham MV50 04:29:55 2nd
442 Chris Funnell MV50 04:37:54 Standard
517 Andrew Bradley MV50 04:48:57 Standard
534 Wendy Dodds WV60 04:51:07 Standard
570 Simon Stansfield MV40 04:56:56 Standard
597 Martin Brady MV50 05:02:20 Standard
600 David Horrocks MV50 05:02:49 Standard
685 Richard Briscoe M 05:29:49 Standard

Full results


Five hardy Clayton runners toed the line for this 60plus mile, iconic ultra distance event round the Yorkshire Dales. It’s classic route, and comprehensive support for runners and walkers attracts a large and often loyal entry.

Regular Fellsman finisher, Adrienne Olszewska reports:

Five Clayton Harriers milled about nervously on the playing field behind the Community Centre in Ingleton as ready as they could be for the start of the Fellsman, a tough and gnarly 61 mile traverse over the high ground of the Yorkshire Dales. Four fast lads and then plodder me; just 4 would finish.

This year conditions were exceptionally good. We’ve had a relatively dry spell of weather over the last few weeks and there was even a weather warning for potential sunburn. Unheard of for an event that often throws torrential rain, hail, sleet and snow at the entrants.
In my head this event has three distict parts; the first part is the “dear God I really hate hills” climbing section (Ingleton to Dent), the second part is the “I really, really hate mud and tussocks” section (Dent to Hell Gap) , and finally, the last bit is the “I just really, really, really want this to be over” section (Hell Gap to Threshfield).
A combination of too warm clothing and mild weather made it slow going for the first section and even a bog-free climb up Blea Moor didn’t make for speedy progress.  Any hopes of making it to Fleet Moss before I was grouped for the night section were abandoned early on – this was going to have to be a completion so I decided to just plod on and make the best of it.
I was grouped at Redshaw in a team of 6 for the night section.  We fast hiked and made steady progress over the tricky section from Fleet Moss and Yockenthwaite Moor. Again not much in the way of bogs this year but plenty of rough tussocks to batter the feet and ankles. The wind got up and, while it wasn’t sub-zero like previous years, it got pretty cold. I was finally glad of my warmer gear.
We headed up and over Buckden Pike and took a really direct line to the checkpoint at Top Mere – we saw headtorches from one or two other groups around but seemed to leave them all behind. We got to Park Rash just as it was coming light.  One of the group had been suffering with knee issues for some time and when we got to the checkpoint he was looking in a bit of a bad way so we stayed for a lot longer than I would have liked.
Eventually, he decided to carry on and we were off for the final climb up Great Whernside which was disappearing into mist as we headed up to the summit ridge.
You hit an area of peat hags on the way down from Great Whernside where I got stuck for a while last year because they were massive after an exceptionally wet winter.  This year they were fairly dried out so we got to Capplestone Gate with only a few ankle deep bits. I stopped to take off my warm gear and get ready to run the last few miles to the finish only to be shouted back by our group leader. We hadn’t been officially disbanded and to leave before then would have meant a disqualification for the whole group. So with slumping shoulders worthy of a teenager I tramped along sulkily at the back until we got to the final checkpoint at Yarnbury and we were officially disbanded.  With a cheery wave I set off on the final 2 mile road section trotting as fast as I could which wasn’t really very fast at all after 24 hours on the go.
I forgot to look at the time when I got in but I’m fairly sure it was a little over 24 hours.  Didn’t manage to crack it this year but despite swearing off this event for the rest of my life, I might just have another go at breaking the 24 hour time next year.
Ralph Baines had a great run; with a Bob Graham round in his sights, all of his Lakeland training sessions paid off big time and he knocked a good 2 hours off his best Fellsman time. Nick Olszewski had a tough run but still finished in around 16 hours 24. Andy Armstrong had a fast start but retired at Stonehouses after becoming dizzy and fatigued. I think the final runner was Andy McFarlane but I am not sure how he got on.
An energetic Adrienne Olszweska. Photo: Sport Sunday

Adrienne Olszewska feeling the Fellsman vibe. Photo: Sport Sunday

Awaiting results


Coniston fell race

Tom Addison won this AM 8.7m race with 3494ft of climb in 1:08:13 from Sam Tosh in second. First woman home was Lou Roberts in 1:25:47.

Wayne McIntosh reports:

Headed up to the Lakes again this week for the Coniston fell race. 8 miles and 4000′ was certainly going to be a test on legs that were still harbouring the effects of a tough run the previous weekend. All my previous race reading had led me to 2 conclusions:

1. Start steady and 2. Don’t get it wrong off the Old Man. Pre race was jovial and the race contenders were pretty obvious with Tom Addison and Sam Tosh both in attendance preferring this to the masses slogging round the Yorkshire Dales. There were also a good few Clayton present. I got loosened up and had a brief recce of the first climb, which didn’t look too bad until I was informed that what appeared the crest wasn’t anywhere near the summit and I probably had the best part of another 1000′ after that, splendid. Into the race and last week was clearly evident on the first climb as I laboured up the initial slope with doubts of how the rest of the day would play out. Thankfully Andy Firth was in sight and he led a group of 4 Clayton up a pretty good line to the summit of Weatherlam. A tricky descent was followed by the technical ascent of prison band to the summit of swirl how. I was feeling pretty decent by now and the pretty flat, yet technical run to Coniston Old Man seemed to come and go without much thought. Off the Old Man I opted for the tourist path as I’d never been up before and the wrong line off the direct approach can leave you in bother with cliffs and crags through the quarry. I descended pretty well but knew it was a longer line when the Dugdales popped out on the path before me having been ahead of both of them at the summit. A big effort down the final stretch saw me pick up a couple of places and even pip a young Ambleside runner on the line. Top day our at a top race!
Pos Name Cat Time
36 KIRT LIVESEY M45 01:28:23
77 JACK HOLT M65 01:36:47
162 ANDREW FIRTH M50 01:53:26
189 PETE  DUGDALE M60 02:01:09
192 DAVID NIELD M55 02:01:45
195 KATY THOMPSON W60 02:02:20
200 ANDREW DUGDALE M50 02:03:36

Full Results


It’s A Piece of Cake 10k

Craig Nicholls ran this Manchester based 10k and finished 45th in 43:48. He sent this report:

Having asked on the Facebook page for a recommendation for a nice 10K I ended up booking in for the ‘Piece of Cake’ 10K race at Boggart Hole Clough. Given that I’m pretty sure I asked for a nice fast 10K I was a little surprised to hear all the talk about ‘angel hill’ but as a seasoned fell runner (I’ve now completed one) I put this to the back of my mind and readied myself for a crack at this hill they were all going on about and tried to keep the faith that a new personal best could still be on the cards. It turned out that Angel Hill was indeed a bit of a beast (albeit nothing to worry our proper fell runners) but all the training up and down Pendle Hill with our wonderful juniors must have paid off as I did manage to battle up it (three times) and managed to get round in under 45 mins for a new personal best time. All in all I would strongly recommend the Piece of Cake race to anyone looking for a friendly inclusive race. It’s probably not the fastest course going but of the handful I’ve now done it was definitely one of the most fun.

Full results


Edge Hill Junior Aquathlon

Our talented Junior aquathletes/triathletes have been in action this weekend again at one of the Triathlon England North West series races, Helana White in the T2 Class and Ellie Root in the Youths.

Rachael White sent this report:

Helana raced first and this was definitely a race of two halves for her. She had 250m Pool swim followed by 2K trail run. Still only 10, and new into the T2 Cat (11-12 Years) she is finding swimming against the great club swimmers hard. She was ranked 25th out of the pool (out of 32) – nearly 2 mins down on the leader… but, had a smooth & fast transition ( ranked 3rd) overall, gaining time back and flew out of transition to start her favourite discipline – Running. From our view point I could see the girls running above and around me on the trail, I could see Helana with her normal determined running style eating into the gaps and gaining lots of places. – She put the 3rd fastest run in of the category, which meant she dragged her overall position up to 8th – Very proud of her, – This bodes very well for next season in this same age group.
Ellie’s race was not until late afternoon, and she had a much more consistent race across the disciplines. She swam 400m followed by 4.8k run. – Her great swimming saw her 6th fastest in the pool, whilst a fast transition (ranked 4th), put her in a good position for the run. Following the same route as Helana, but with more laps, Ellie had a good run in a very strong field and came in 9th. This put her overall position as 9th.
Both girls were brilliant, once again flying the flag for Clayton and more than holding their own against the traditional Triathlon Clubs.

Full Results

Lancaster Three Bridges 10k

An almost flat route for this 10k, save for the bridges over the River Lune from which it takes its name. Michelle Abbott raced round in under 48 mins and sent this report:

Michelle Abbott with her Lancaster 3 bridges 10k medal. Photo:

Michelle Abbott with her Lancaster 3 bridges 10k medal. Photo:

As I was just starting to feel a little more normal after 7 months of injuries, I decided to enter the Lancaster 3 Bridges 10k. I was the only Clayton runner there and having never done this race before, was unsure of what to expect. After hearing that there were some steps to run up, my first thought was that I was going to end up on my face! Luckily, and suprisingly, I managed to stay upright even after tackling the steps 5k into the race, something which resulted in serious jelly legs. At the top, I carried on to the finish not feeling my best and about 2 minutes off my normal 10k time. I was happy to get under the 48 minute mark though, in one piece and after tackling a serious head wind along the bridges. I will definitely be taking this race on next year!

Results not yet available

Keswick Half Marathon

Donna Airey ran at this scenic (aka hilly) half marathon, completing it in 1:42:41. She reports here:

The Keswick Half was advertised as one of the most scenic 13 miles 192.5 yards. They weren’t wrong. There was a very hilly 6 miles after the start, followed by 7 miles of undulating back round Derwent Water. It was well organised, with great support from locals, cyclists and tourist all the way round. A bargain at £15 with a t shirt. Optional slate coaster was also on offer at extra cost. Proceeds going to the local rugby club. Had a good race myself, 10th female and 2nd F35. Could have been less windy but other than that perfect conditions. Definitely worth a look next year.

Full Results


Coiners fell race

A longstanding favourite in the Calderdale area, this 7m race with 1100ft climb takes runners on a fast tour of Coiners country with steep valley sides giving way to (usually) boggy moorland. Tom McGuinnes won in 45:33 and local Holly Page was first woman in a speedy 49:47. Just 3 Clayton runners were present… James Boult takes up the story:

Bank holiday Monday. Free afternoon. 7 mile fell race? Why the hell not?

12pm: Sunny and warm when leaving Burnley. Sunglasses on.

12:30pm: Raining when entering Todmorden (shock horror). Intermittent wipers on. Sunglasses off.

1pm: Hit every red light going and traffic through Hebden Bridge. Excellent. Still raining. Very dull and miserable.

1:20pm: Make it to registration with the wrong shoes and not enough time to go back to the car. Sun comes out and it’s roasting again. Wonderful.

Three Claytonions made the trip over to Mytholmroyd to join the 110 other runners taking on the 7 mile Coiners fell race for Bank Holiday Monday. Alan Life told us the last time he raced Coiners was in 1993 so he wasn’t sure if the route was the same. Maps were on hand but there was little time left to study it.

1.35pm: Traffic delays meant I was in trail shoes and not my fell ones when we set off and like a muppet, I set off at the front and found myself fifth for the first mile. And that is about as long as it lasted before what felt like every man and his dog came past me on the first of the course’s climbs. The only word I can use to describe this absolute b&tch of a hill is dreadful. After a quick descent down a cart track the course goes up. An initially steep woodland heads up into a lung busting climb, and this twists and turns so much that when it levels out at the top you feel like you’re about to throw up. A few hundred metres of flat leads onto another horrendous climb onto the moorlands leading over to Stoodley Pike, which, thankfully, was entirely trail and allowed me to push on. The climb up to the aforementioned monument is gradual and very scenic, with the improved conditions opening up this beautiful vista. The descent is equally as gradual, and that is where the trail ended and my footwear became utterly useless. The race organiser told us the nice weather meant the first part of the course was dry, and the latter was boggy to the extent of knee-deep patches. He wasn’t wrong. After riding my luck for the first half a mile after Stoodley Pike I went down like a sack of spuds, thankfully just after a photographer. Literally just after though. As in, as soon as the shutter closed my feet decided now would be a good time to give up and I went face first into the ground. Brilliant. Plodding on after picking myself up I reached the marshland and went knee-deep faster than you could say “knee-deep.” I know, I was in the middle of telling myself to be careful for the knee-dee… Unfortunately this continued for the next mile of marshland before the final loop back to the start. Going down more times than I care to admit I got some rhythm back and caught up with a group of leaders and managed to sit in nicely. Taking us along a nice rockface back towards the start I went down again, cursing aloud my decision to put trail shoes on. The final few hundred metres is a fast straight and then an almighty descent to the finish, and I was able to take back a few lost positions on my way to the finish. A great race and one that I recommended to anyone. Just wear fell shoes. Seriously. For a fell race, who knew?

Pos Name Cat Time
25 James Boult U23 59:06
27 Alan Life M50 59:13
93 Stephen Fish M60 01:20:01

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Junior FRA Coiners race

The Junior FRA Championships returned to more local climes for the fourth of the six round series.

Jenson Bentham does his best 'I can fly' impression over the final wall. Photo: Alan Dorrington

Jenson Bentham does his best ‘I can fly’ impression over the final wall. Photo: Alan Dorrington

Run on a slightly different part of the valley side to the adult races, the junior courses featured a fairly steep grassy climb out of the start, some valley tracks and for the older runners a large dose of moorland bog running before all joining together for a headlong grassy spring downhill to the finish.

Josh McKay was the only Clayton junior in the U11 race, finishing 43rd. Jenson Bentham and Christopher Brown battled throughout the U13 race, Christopher just getting the better of Jenson in the flat out rush to the finish, ending up 22nd and 23rd. Helana White was 6th girl in 38th position.

In the U15 race, Jackson McKay had a solid race in a stacked field to get a great 9th place. Ella Dorrington had her usual ‘relaxed’ start but made up good time through the bogs to get 18th girl and 56th overall.

Jackson McKay working hard. Photo: Geoff Thompson.

Jackson McKay working hard. Photo: Geoff Thompson.

Ella Dorrington, wearing some of the bogs from up top. Photo: Alan Dorrington

Ella Dorrington, wearing some of the bogs from up top. Photo: Alan Dorrington

Briony Holt had a full on sprint finish after a tour of the bogs higher up, to claim a brilliant 4th girl position and 27th overall in the U17 race.

Provisional results yet to be corrected


Burnley Junior Parkrun

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
2 Nathan KEWIN 8:20:00 JM11-14
3 Charlie BIRTWISTLE 8:25:00 JM11-14
5 Imogen FERGUSON 8:53:00 JW11-14  New PB!
8 Bethany WHEATCROFT 9:08:00 JW11-14
11 Heidi KEWIN 09:41 JW11-14
13 Kady THOMPSON 09:47 JW10
34 Emily JOHNSON 12:51 JW10

Burnley parkrun – a total of 392 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
7 George PIER 18:42 SM18-19
8 Nicholas HENNESSEY 18:48 JM15-17
9 Josh HALL 18:52 JM15-17
21 Paul BRANNON 19:56 VM55-59
23 Reece Adam LAWRENCE 20:03 JM15-17
26 Lennon JACKSON 20:19 JM11-14
29 Robbie SMEDLEY 20:37 JM11-14
30 Matthew JACKSON 20:39 JM11-14 New PB!
35 Susan BURNS 20:51 VW55-59
38 Helana WHITE 21:14 JW10
51 Michael STEVENS 22:01 JM11-14
54 Jason PIER 22:12 VM45-49
59 Cassandra Darling SMEDLEY 22:25 VW35-39
60 Chris LAWRENCE 22:29 VM50-54
69 James HICKIE 22:53 VM55-59
71 Charlie BARNES 22:57 JM10
73 Colin WHITE 23:01 VM40-44
74 Charlie BIRTWISTLE 23:03 JM11-14
80 Michelle ABBOTT 23:20 VW35-39
81 Graham ROPER 23:22 VM55-59
86 Julie DAWES 23:40 VW45-49
89 Stephen AINSWORTH 23:49 VM60-64
100 Bethany WHEATCROFT 24:06 JW11-14
101 Nina KEWIN 24:07 VW35-39
120 Jean KNIGHTLEY 24:53 VW55-59
135 Tony PILLING 25:28 VM50-54
138 Donna SCOTT 25:32 VW50-54
142 Helen WELSH 25:46 VW45-49 New PB!
144 Caitlin WELSH 25:49 JW15-17 New PB!
145 Imogen FERGUSON 25:49 JW11-14
148 Nathan KEWIN 25:59 JM11-14
152 Charlie PLANT 26:09 JW10 New PB!
153 Toby BIRTWISTLE 26:09 JM10
154 Lynsey BIRTWISTLE 26:10 VW35-39
185 Justin BIRTWISTLE 27:02 VM40-44
191 Heidi KEWIN 27:13 JW11-14
225 Christine Jennifer EGERTON 28:42 VW65-69
303 Jonathan PYE 32:16 SM25-29
319 Christine LEATHLEY 33:12 VW65-69
321 Ellisia SMEDLEY 33:13 JW10 New PB!
324 Olly PLANT 33:34 JM10 New PB!
325 Daniel PLANT 33:35 VM35-39

York parkrun – a total of 681 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
395 Helen HARRISON 27:05 VW45-49 New PB!

Oldham parkrun – a total of 271 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
60 Eileen JONES 29:54 VW65-69

Milton Keynes parkrun – a total of 462 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
59 Aaron LUNDIE 23:40 JM15-17

Carlisle parkrun – a total of 228 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
12 John WILCOCK 20:52 VM50-54
47 Stuart PROCTOR 22:54 VM35-39

Skipton parkrun – a total of 168 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
1 Tom BREWSTER 17:51 SM30-34

Pendle parkrun – a total of 101 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
John HARTLEY 21:08 VM60-64
5 Simon WILSHAW 21:21 JM15-17
27 Dawn TERRY 25:29 VW50-54
47 Yvonne WICKHAM 29:31 VW50-54
58 Robert HIRST 31:11 VM65-69

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge – a total of 258 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
55 Barry MITCHELL 23:59 VM70-74

Witton parkrun – a total of 98 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
22 Carl CAREY 25:22 VM45-49 New PB!
33 Nerina GILL 26:54 VW45-49
34 Julia RUSHTON 26:59 VW50-54
62 Judith CAREY 32:40 VW35-39 New PB!


Feeling epic!

What a week! Big races, small races and everything in between, and, as always, you have been giving it your all. We’ve had runners at the two biggest marathons in the world and at classic Lakeland fell races. We’ve also been celebrating success at the Mid Lancs Cross Country presentations for our juniors and seniors.



It was fantastic to see that Clayton Harrier, Nerina Gill had headed over to America to take part in the iconic Boston Marathon, and especially good to have a lady runner there on the 50th anniversary of Kathrine Switzer’s historic completion in 1967. Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon and a major force in breaking down the barriers for women endurance runners. She ran the race again this year aged 70 wearing her original number 261.

Report from Nerina Gill

I knew a few things about the Boston marathon before I went: it’s the world’s oldest continually run marathon, and entry is by qualification or charity place only; it’s almost a straight line point to point course ending in central Boston; the temperature can be anything from 10 to 30C, and while the first and last four miles are downhill, there are four hills between 16 and 21, the last of which is called Heartbreak Hill.

Well I’d qualified, so I’d earned my place at the start line, and duly arrived at Boston Common to be bussed 26 miles out to Hopkinton. It was already too warm for the disposable extra layers I’d taken with me, and by my 10.50 start the sun was decidedly hot. I decided to ignore the previous day’s email from the organisers recommending that people who weren’t acclimatised should slow down, and set off at my planned pace.

By mile 13 I was more or less on target, but my mile splits were slowing, and I knew it was just going to be about getting through in one piece.

I starting walking through every water station and concentrated on trying to dig in, and keep focussed. At the top of the first hill at mile 17 was an open fire hydrant, and I ran right through it. The water was freezing and drenched me immediately, and I felt my temperature start to come down right away. A few more of those and I began to feel better. Heartbreak Hill was long and wearying, but since I was no longer trying to run at race pace, I was able to stay fairly comfortable.

Once that was behind me I knew it was all downhill, but oh those downhills hurt after that distance, and I got very little extra speed and a nasty bout of cramp. No choice but to walk until it eased, but at least it was clouding over, and the end was in sight.

The ever present crowds became much more cosmopolitan in the city, the signs just as witty, and I was able to relax and enjoy the last couple of miles, and even speed up for the last few hundred yards.

The whole experience was one I’ll never forget, and in the end it wasn’t about the time (4 13 58, still my third fastest) but about being there, doing my first overseas marathon and being part of such an amazing event.

The one other thing people know about the Boston Marathon – it was attacked by terrorists four years ago. The phrase that came out of that was everywhere: Boston Strong. It is, and in the end, so was everyone who ran.

Pos Name Cat Time
184385 Nerina Gill FV45 04:13:58

Full Results


A group of nine club members took part in this Bank Holiday 5K race organised by Cannonball Events. Laura Hesketh was our first finisher and second lady in the race in 18:15. Christine Egerton was 1st FV65.

Laura Hesketh racing hard at the Hollingworth Lake 5K. Photo by MP Bundy

Laura Hesketh racing hard at the Hollingworth Lake 5K. Photo by MP Bundy

Paul Hesketh was 17th and 1st V50 and David Scott and Richard Lawson were 1st V70 and 1stV75 respectively.

Super Vet, Richard Lawson, at the Hollingworth Lake 5K. Photo by MP Bundy

Super Vet, Richard Lawson, at the Hollingworth Lake 5K. Photo by MP Bundy

Lennon and Matthew Jackson were our 2 junior runners.

Pos Name Cat Time
9. Laura Hesketh F 0:18:15.0
17. Paul Hesketh MV50 0:19:02.0
32. Lennon Jackson MU14 0:20:22.0
58. Matthew Jackson MU14 0:21:37.0
86. Michelle Abbott FV35 0:23:27.0
95. David Scott MV70 0:23:50.0
137. Richard Lawson MV75 0:26:42.0
170. Christine Egerton FV65 0:29:12.0
209. Christine Leathley FV65 0:33:21.0


Senior Jack McGuire ran in the Golden Mile race along with junior runners Erin and Millie Hesketh.

Pos Name Sex NetTime
33 Jack McGuire Mv60 08:15.0
39 Erin Hesketh FU9 08:47.0
45 Millie Hesketh FU9 09:08.0

Full Results


Report from Mick Hughes

After contemplating a few other races that weekend I stumbled across this little race and thought what a fantastic cause – a local couple adding to their London Marathon fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer by staging this 5k trail in Clayton. It would have been a shame to not represent the Harriers there.

Mick Hughes with his prizes at the Woodlands Trail Race

Mick Hughes with his prizes at the Woodlands Trail Race

The course was a loop starting beside the track and heading onto trail through the woodlands then more challenging climbs and rough little descents and twisting turns through the thicker woodland on the other side of the track. There was a good turnout of mixed ages / abilities and I thought I’d test the faster group by staying with the front 2 from the off, I was behind a younger quicker lad most of the way but lead briefly for half a lap. After 2 and a half laps (5k) I had managed to win a tussle for 3rd with a local Preston club runner. Upping my pace on the final half I managed to keep third as the gap to fourth place widened. 3rd place meant a first podium position ever for me,  a 21 minute finish and the prize of Easter chocolate (of course!) and other goodies. I made a good donation to help their fund and was very happy to come in for my first ‘3rd position finish’ for a very worthy cause and especially at Clayton Le Moors



A trio of Harriers took part in the Peter Erhardt Cowm Reservoir 5K race. John Roche was our first finisher in 20 minutes dead in 21st place over all and 1st MV55.Irene Roche was our first lady finisher in 40th place with a time of 22:43. Julia Rushton completed the team in 45th place and 23:28. A total of 81 runners took part.

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
21 J. Roche MV55 20;00
40 Irene Roche FV55 22:43
45 Julia Rushton FV50 23:28

Full Results


Eight Clayton Harriers took part in the third and final Bunny Run in the popular series organised by Woodentops. Our first finisher was junior runner Jackson McKay who was 30th overall and 2nd U15 male.

Jackson McKay giving the seniors a run for their money! Photo by Woodentops

Jackson McKay giving the seniors a run for their money! Photo by Woodentops

James Boult was our first senior finisher in 63rd place. Beth Quinn was our first lady runner in 227th place.

Report from Beth Quinn

On Tuesday night 9 Harriers made the trip over to Haworth to take on the last of the three Bunny Runs. It was a perfect night for the 2.6 miles around Penistone Quarry and we each set off hunting down a fast time.

Beth Quinn at the Bunny Run race. Photo by Woodentops

Beth Quinn at the Bunny Run race. Photo by Woodentops

Several of us, including Wayne, James and myself, managed to take a minute at least off last weeks time. Everyone ran well and was rewarded with Soup and Tiger bread back at the pub, overall it was an enjoyable mid week race.

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
30 Jackson McKay U15 17:37
63 James Boult M 19:11
185 Wayne McIntosh M 23:52
208 Carl Carey MV40 25:09
227 Beth Quinn F 26:20
232 Stephen Fish MV60 26:36
280 Christine Egerton FV60 33:36
281 Judith Carey F 33:40
286 Christine Leathley FV60 37:18

Full Results



Our condolences go to the family and friends of the runner who tragically collapsed and died during the running of this race.

Seven seasoned Clayton fell runners travelled up to the Lake District to take part in this 4 mile fell race with 1083ft of ascent organised by Ambleside AC.

Mark Nutter was our first finisher in 98th place overall. Wendy Dodds was our sole lady runner in 135th place and 1st FV60.

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
98 Mark Nutter MV50 36:48
107 Ivan Whigham MV50 37:50
135 Wendy Dodds FV60 40:30
140 Andrew Howarth MV50 41:47
160 Andrew Firth MV50 43:50
161 Andrew Dugdale MV50 43:57
167 Peter Dugdale MV60 44:40

Full Results



The Mid Lancs League held their annual presentation evening and celebrated success in this year’s cross country League.  The club picked up some team awards and also some individual awards.

Top Row: Mick Hughes, Michelle Abbott, Irene Roche Bottom Row: U15 Girls - Natasha Olszewska, Millie Stubbs and Briony Holt

Top Row: Mick Hughes, Michelle Abbott, Irene Roche
Bottom Row: U15 Girls – Natasha Olszewska, Millie Stubbs and Briony Holt

Team Awards

Gold for the U11 Boys Team and the U15 Girls Team

Silver for the Vet 55 Ladies

Bronze for the Vet 35 Ladies, Senior Men, Senior Men ‘B’ Team, Vet 40 Men and Vet 50 Men

Individual Medals

Gold for Dexta Thompson in the U11 Boys, Silver for Briony Holt in the U15 girls and Silver for Irene Roche in the Vet55 Ladies.

Well done to all our members that took part in this year’s cross country competitions.

Final Standings in Full



Wendy Dodds, Chris Funnell, Chris Snell, James Williamson, Wayne McIntosh, Neil Hardiman, Barbara Savage, Simon Stansfield, and David Nield  were on the entry list for the 21st Anniversary Waltz Fell Race. This is an 11.5 mile fell race with 3600 feet of ascent and covers the Newlands Valley Horseshoe in the Lake District.

James Williamson at the Anniversary Waltz fell race. Photo by Woodentops

James Williamson at the Anniversary Waltz fell race. Photo by Woodentops

Report from Wayne McIntosh

Headed up to Newlands once again to take on an early season classic, 11.6 miles and 4000′ of the Newlands Horseshoe just outside Keswick. Lovely spring temperatures meant only a vest and shorts were needed and even a splash of Baz Luhrman (sunscreen) was needed on my sparsely populated head!! We got away on time and set of on the largely trail start in the shadow of Catbells towards the first climb of the day, Robinson.

Wayne McIntosh at the Anniversary Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

Wayne McIntosh at the Anniversary Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

I opted for a different tact up here and took a line that had tempted me over the last couple of years, heading right as soon as you get through the fell gate. This worked out well as I cut out in front of Babs (Barbara Savage) who I generally consider a stronger climber than me.

Barbara Savage at the Anniversary Waltz fell race. Photo by Woodentops

Barbara Savage at the Anniversary Waltz fell race. Photo by Woodentops

It also broke the climb into two halves and gave my legs some recovery. I felt pretty strong from this point and was happy to be picking off runners all day to come home in 2.38 and a massive PB around this course, a 16 minute gain on last year and leaves the 3.14 of 2013 a distant memory. Saw a good few Clayton about on the day and a special mention to James Williamson who finished 32nd overall, a great achievement in a reported field of over 500.



Report from Alan Dorrrington

It was a fully-loaded, full fat version of the Junior FRA series up and over Cat Bells this weekend. Lakeland races tend to be steeper, rockier and rather bigger than our local moors and fells, and the courses at this round were no exception.

Juniors racing at the Anniversary Wa! Photo by Alan Dorrington

Juniors racing at the Anniversary Wa! Photo by Alan Dorrington

Starting straight from the pen up a 45 degree slope, the first climb (for the U11 and upwards) up Skelgill Bank was nearly 600ft, before the ridge towards Cat Bells was reached. It had many competitors on all fours by the top, and for the U15/U17/19 races was a mere warm up before the big climb and scramble up to the Cat Bells summit. The U13 racers had peeled off before this final climb enjoying a wickedly fast grassy descent all the way to the finish, at breakneck speed. The U15/U17/U19s, all running the same course, descended round the back of Cat Bells on a fabulous single track path before (rather cruelly) having to climb back up another 250ft before their final descent. That final climb was torture, even for the strongest competitors and I’ve never seen so many juniors at their absolute limit. It was a true test of fell running ability, and though I seem to be saying this regularly these days, was the hardest course I’ve seen juniors have to tackle.

No matter, our Clayton Juniors were in sparkling form, matching the Lakeland weather. Jenson Bentham looked strong over the ridge to the turn and blazed the descent to take 5th in the U13B race, a fabulous result. Christopher Brown was running strong too and making full use of his descending ability, bagged 15th spot.

Christopher Brown in the U13 Race. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Christopher Brown in the U13 Race. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Ella Dorrington had a really strong race, taking places on the scramble to the summit and pacing her effort well to run the second half of the final climb while many around her walked, beating many of the older girls in the U15G race. Briony Holt also had her usual strong performance, revelling in the steep terrain and long climbs to finish well to the fore of the U17G race.

Ella Dorrington in the U15 race.

Ella Dorrington in the U15 race.

Report from Briony Holt

The third round of the FRA series was held in Keswick at the foot of Catbells, a 450m mountain along the side of Derwent Water. The forecast was saying snow and sleet however, what we did get was nothing like that; sunny spells with a some wind at the summit! Unusual day for the Lake District in April!

Briony Holt in the U17 Race. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Briony Holt in the U17 Race. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Having walked the route the week before, it was a lot steeper than I remembered, starting straight up the west edge to the walkers path at the top, over on to the summit and back down the west edge in to the finish in the town of Skegill. Despite all of my efforts in walking the course previously, I still managed to go the wrong way!
Prior to the race, I was expecting a good result as this course was perfect to my strengths (steep, long and narrow). However, due to having a bad start, I left myself too much to catch up on during the race. I came 3rd U17 girl which to be honest isn’t a position I can complain about! Maybe my strengths have changed a little bit since a year ago. Just to finish this race was an achievement, especially the younger juniors who had to climb a similar height as the under 19’s! Despite not coming in the position I wanted, I absolutely loved the course especially the FREE meat and potato or after the race. Onwards and upwards to the next one!

U13 Race

Pos Name Time
5 Jenson Bentham 11:11
15 Christopher Brown 12:15

U15 Race

Pos Name Time
41 Ella Dorrington 40:59

U17 Race

Pos Name Time
21 Briony Holt 37:10

Full Results




Marathon Results

James Dunderdale and Stephanie Hawke took part in the Blackpool Marathon which usually runs on the same day as the London Marathon.

Report from James Dunderdale

I took on my very first 26.2 miler in 2016 at the Manchester Asics Marathon and it couldn’t have gone any worse than it did. I got stuck in traffic jams, started an hour late, had to run 2km to the start line and set off forgetting to take my glasses off. All this aside, my entry last year was a hasty decision and I went in to this race very under prepared and it showed.

This year I lined up at Blackpool having learned from some of my mistakes and things went a lot smoother. I won’t lie and say I followed a training programme and I never trained beyond 13 miles due to boredom – but I was more aware of preparation and my body’s limitations and didn’t try and set off at 10k pace like last year!

So there I was lined up on the start mat running with my Clayton vest, compression socks and a hydration backpack full of gels and McDonald fries for energy. My race plan was simple… stick to my own pace, don’t get carried away and forget the word ‘marathon‘, it’s just long run day! I was expecting myself to be out there for some time so to combat the boredom I took some music to help the miles fly and while I had checked that earphones were permitted, this created problems on its own. My dear wife had planned a surprise play list full of rock and cheesy power ballads (think AC/DC, Meatloaf and Aerosmith) for the long run ahead, however having borrowed the MP3 player off a friend’s 10 year old daughter and not deleting her music first I spent the next few hours listening to hits from One direction, Take That, Cher and What does the fox say? If looks could kill..!

James Dunderdale at the Blackpool Marathon.

James Dunderdale at the Blackpool Marathon.

I was soon knocking the miles down with fear in me that people could hear what was coming from my earphones. My pace was steady and I was feeling confident as I took in the sights of Blackpool. I passed the Tower, Sandcastle, Pleasure Beach and quite literally the hundreds of B&Bs along the front. I’d say this was good the first time but as the course was two laps of the seafront between Bispham and south Blackpool the next three times I passed them saw the appeal fade. All too quickly I discovered that I’m not a fan of loops whether it was in the running sense or the roller coasters thundering around above me. The weather was unusually nice for Blackpool and the crowds looked bewildered that a race was carrying on around them but they behaved and some were inspired enough to whip their tops off and run a few yards beside us with the beer bellies proudly slapping up and down. You couldn’t get upset at this after all… it’s the north and you’re in Blackpool!

The bag of cold McDonalds fries came in handy and kept me topped up with energy longer than I expected. I was within the last 10km before I started to decline and had to dig in and focus. Each and every mile after seemed to go on longer. The sun started to batter me more as the marathon became less of a run and more of a plod along and any small incline became another battle. The 26 mile marker was a real relief and the finish line which was hidden by one last slope. The same thought poured into my head as the Manchester Marathon… never again, but who knows? I got round in 3hrs 55min knocking an hour and a half off last year’s effort. With some real training and the temptation of the big one in London, this PB could be just another milestone.

Pos Name Cat Time
118 James Dunderdale M 3:55:59.7
225 Stephanie Hawke LV35 4:05:37.2

Half Marathon Results

Four Club member took on the half marathon course. First finisher was Paul Foster was new member Paul Foster in a borrowed shirt! He was our first runner and finished in 1:34:40 in 64th place. Double act Michelle Abbott and Cassie Smedley finished within a couple of seconds of each other 1:46:30 and 1:42:32 respectively, despite a tumble by Michelle at the 7K point. Lucy Scott completed our quartet in 385th place and a time of 1:58:30.

Report from Paul Foster

Although this was my second Blackpool Half Marathon, it was my first ever event as a member of Clayton le Moors Harriers, and despite valiant attempts by Deborah Greenwood to get me a race vest in time, the delivery didn’t come in time for Sunday so it was Mick Hughes to the rescue, lending me his race top for the day.

Paul Foster at the Blackpool Half Marathon

Paul Foster at the Blackpool Half Marathon

Blackpool is obviously a flat course, but it is always the weather that dictates whether it’s a tough race or not. Come St Georges Day and it was beautiful sunshine and only a gentle breeze along the Lancashire coastline, and a big friendly turnout for the 3 events taking place; the Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k.

I much prefer this event that follows the promenade (closed to traffic for the events) down to the South Shore and back, to the Great North West route earlier in the year, and I had a really good run, coming home with a PB by 4 minutes and 9th in my age group, even though I was really feeling it over the last few miles; something I need to work on!

It was great to be able to wave to fellow Clayton runners out on the course and the support, as always at this event was really good too. A new experience for me though was hearing shouts of “Come on Clayton” from spectators, which made me feel like a proper runner!

There are always ‘sights’ in Blackpool, and this year was no exception, seeing people checking out of their hotels and B&Bs looking worse for wear as you and a few thousand others happily trot past, but this year I had to smile as I passed a group of people waiting patiently for the lights to change at a pedestrian crossing near the tower so they could get across the road. There was no traffic other than runners because the road was closed for the event – I don’t think any runners stopped at the red light!

My next half marathon event is Leeds on Sunday 14th May.


Report from Cassie Smedley

What an eventful HM in Blackpool. The weather was great and the atmosphere was brilliant. With there being a 10k, HM and Full matathon there were lots of people. Me and Michelle set off well, on course for a sub 1hr 40. However, 7k in Michelle decided to take too much interest in what the pavement looked like!

Dynamic Duo Cassie Smedley and Michelle Abbot at the Blackpool Half Marathon

Dynamic Duo Cassie Smedley and Michelle Abbot at the Blackpool Half Marathon

Pure grit and determination to finish, and a lots of encouragement and dragging Michelle along by me kept us going. Still a great time of 1hr 46. Brilliant support from the spectators and marshalls as always. Bring on the next adventure!

Pos Name Cat Time
64 Paul Foster MV45 1:34:40.6
194 Michelle Abbott LV35 1:46:30.4
197 Cassandra Smedley LV35 1:46:32.2
385 Lucy Scott L 1:58:30.4

Full Results


Jack McGuire was our sole runner in this one mile race. He  finished in 16th place with a time of 7:28. A total of 90 runners took part

Full Results


Mark Nutter was our sole runner in this 5.7 mile fell race with 2789ft of ascent organised by Mercia Fell Runners. He finished in 18th place overall with a time of 58:59 and was 1st MV55.

Mark Nutter in the Mynd Dragon fell race. Photo by Graham Spencer

Mark Nutter in the Mynd Dragon fell race. Photo by Graham Spencer

Full Results


On a glorious day 10 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers were in London for the start of the world’s biggest marathon. Dan Plant was our first finisher in 3:05:51. Jon Cleaver finished soon after in 3:08:40. Lynsey Birtwistle was our first lady finisher and she was delighted to crack the 4 hour mark on her third London Marathon. As always our club members rose to the occasion and their hard work over the winter months paid off with some great times. Well done to all of you!

L-R Lynsey Birtwistle, Jane Hyland, Dan Plant, Jane Ellis and Clare Wilson

L-R Lynsey Birtwistle, Jane Hylands , Dan Plant, Lisa Ellis and Clare Wilson

Report from Lynsey Birtwistle

This was my third year and once again I managed a PB and finally the broke the elusive 4 hours! I set off in a quicker pen than last year and, even though you try not to, you do get carried away with the pace. I was going well till about 17 miles then it got tough! I managed to keep up good for age pace until the dreaded 20 miles then the wall came! I had to have several words with myself and I could feel 4 hours slipping away from me. I had to dig so deep in the last couple miles.

As I approached the mall my watch turned to 3:59 I had to sprint to the finish to come in at 3:59:34 a 6 minute PB! Last year I said never again but thank goodness I did! 3 is the magic number. Massive congrats to Dan plant also for running the race of his life and getting good for age

Report from Dan Plant

After getting lucky with a ballot place I was determined to make this marathon count. We got to the race village and there was a buzzing atmosphere and the nerves kicked in big time.

Dan Plant at the London Marathon

Dan Plant at the London Marathon

As the race started I tried sticking just behind the 3 hour pacer but he was really up on the pace so I just ran my own race trying to stick at 6.45s and even shocked myself how long I held it for . The fatigue started to kick in about 22 miles but I kept thinking the GFA time was on! I managed a sprint finish. Finishing 9 seconds under the GFA in 3.05; this is a massive achievement for me achieving a 13 min PB and 22 mins faster than last year. Thanks to all the Clayton runners for the support. Well done everyone some fantastic results!!

Report from Lisa Ellis

When I started running last winter, Running a Marathon was never my top priority but I did tell myself if I got the opportunity to run the London Marathon then I’d take it, after all some people wait years and still don’t get in.

Lisa Ellis and Jane Hylands with their finishers medals.

Lisa Ellis and Jane Hylands with their finishers medals.

The training was tough but so glad it did and although I didn’t pressure myself to a specific time I’m more than happy with the result as it turned out to be a hot run for most of us.

Massive thank you to the Clayton Family for the opportunity and the support, you’re all amazing!

Report from Jon Cleaver

This was my second attempt at London having ran 03:20 there in 2013. I met Dan early morning at the tube station and we went on to meet Lynsey to go onto Blackheath. I must admit I was pretty nervous on the day as I didn’t know how my legs would respond after running sub 3 just weeks before.

I started in pen 1 which was a luxury and off we went at 10:01. My legs didn’t feel brilliant from the off and it doesn’t help that it’s so busy that getting into a groove is nearly impossible for the first 10 miles for fear of tripping someone or you getting tripped. I ran the first half in 01:27 which was on plan, but I knew I couldn’t hold it for much longer. Dan came alongside me around the half way point running like a machine and it was great to see a familiar face, that didn’t last for long however as he left me for dust after about a mile. At that point I reset my expectations and just wanted to finish in a respectable time.

L-R Dan Plant, Lynsey Birtwistle and Jon Cleaver

L-R Dan Plant, Lynsey Birtwistle and Jon Cleaver

Slowing down actually let me take in a lot more of what was going on and the crowds were amazing 5 people deep in places. Seeing Justin a number of times on the route spurred us on and our families at Buckingham Palace. I actually got a second wind about mile 23 but by then it was too late to try for good for age. Dan Plant deserves a mention he has grafted like you would not believe over the last 4 months and I’ve taken him on some brutal long hilly training runs and I have never heard him complain! He smashed his PB and got good for age which means he is guaranteed a spot next year. Top guy, top training partner and top result – I knew he’d do it

Pos Name Cat Half time Finish Time
2425 Plant, Daniel 18-39 01:29:03 03:04:51
2856 Cleaver, Jonathan 18-39 01:28:19 03:08:40
4604 Cran, Alexander 45-49 01:33:50 03:20:13
4069 Hogan, Michael 45-49 01:35:42 03:16:58
11649 White, Colin 40-44 01:48:51 03:54:38
13234 Birtwistle, Lynsey Jeanetye 18-39 01:54:11 03:59:34
20765 Ellis, Lisa 18-39 02:11:27 04:30:35
24633 Wilson, Clare 18-39 02:15:30 04:46:04
27454 Hylands, Jane 45-49 02:20:03 04:58:04
29282 Naylor, Philip 18-39 02:22:19 05:07:05

Full Results


Burnley parkrun – A total of 410 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
6 Richard STEVENSON 17:54 VM40-44 New PB!
7 Andy LAYCOCK 17:56 SM20-24
9 Jonathan PYE 18:01 SM25-29
12 Nicholas HENNESSEY 18:25 JM15-17 New PB!
13 Chris SNELL 18:26 VM35-39
14 Kevin DAVIES 18:29 VM55-59
15 Josh HALL 18:32 JM15-17 New PB!
18 Jackson MCKAY 18:59 JM11-14
24 Reece Adam LAWRENCE 19:58 JM15-17
27 David MOYNIHAN 20:15 VM50-54 New PB!
32 Lennon JACKSON 20:49 JM11-14
43 Alison DUGDALE 21:32 VW45-49 New PB!
44 Donna RILEY 21:33 VW50-54
47 Michael STEVENS 21:45 JM11-14
48 Martin BRADY 21:49 VM55-59
65 Harry SMITH 22:20 JM10
67 Charlie BARNES 22:32 JM10
70 Chris LAWRENCE 22:34 VM50-54
71 Millie STUBBS 22:34 JW11-14
72 Sophie ASHWORTH 22:35 JW11-14
91 Aaron LUNDIE 23:25 JM15-17
96 David Ian SCOTT 23:31 VM70-74
103 Sarah ANGELONE 23:53 SW30-34
105 Julie DAWES 23:58 VW45-49
110 Dawn TERRY 24:13 VW50-54
119 Bethany WHEATCROFT 24:34 JW11-14
128 Kian ADAMS 25:09 JM10 New PB!
130 Bryn BARNES 25:10 VM65-69
138 John WILCOCK 25:32 VM50-54
144 Annabel WILCOCK 25:40 JW15-17
155 Ian HARGREAVES 26:01 VM50-54
158 Melanie HIRST 26:05 VW40-44 New PB!
163 Imogen FERGUSON 26:07 JW11-14
197 Helen HARRISON 27:10 VW45-49
200 Beth QUINN 27:13 SW18-19
257 Darcey HIRST 29:15 JW10
262 Robert HIRST 29:35 VM65-69
300 Heidi KEWIN 31:22 JW11-14

Burnley Junior parkrun – A total of 75 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
4 Michael STEVENS 7:53 JM11-14 New PB!
13 Bethany WHEATCROFT 9:01 JW11-14
15 Imogen FERGUSON 9:03 JW11-14 New PB!
16 Kady THOMPSON 9:05 JW10 New PB!
22 Brayden CLARKSON 9:50 JM10
29 Darcey HIRST 10:42 JW10
50 Emily JOHNSON 12:38 JW10

Congleton parkrun – A total of 224 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
1 Jacob WATSON 17:21 SM30-34 First Timer!

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge – A total of 227 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
131 Eileen JONES 29:28 VW65-69

Pendle parkrun – A total of 90 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
1 Paul HESKETH 19:48 VM50-54 New PB!
3 Simon WILSHAW 20:30 JM15-17 New PB!
7 John HARTLEY 21:10 VM60-64
25 Barry MITCHELL 24:53 VM70-74
59 Yvonne WICKHAM 30:19 VW50-54
60 Christine Jennifer EGERTON 30:24 VW65-69

Witton parkrun – A total of 98 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
16 Carl CAREY 25:54 VM45-49 New PB!
20 Katy THOMPSON 26:22 VW60-64
23 Paul THOMPSON 26:31 VM45-49
58 Judith CAREY 33:34 VW35-39 First Timer!


Grinds, Bunnies and Horseshoes

The lighter nights are here and midweek evening races are coming back so lots of you are racing 2 or 3 times a week now. This week saw the first British Fell Championship race in Northern Ireland and some Lakeland fell running debuts. There’s also been some super fast racing at the Fastrax, Cowm and Littleborough 5K races. Plus trail running and some parkrun tourism.



269 runners lined up on a sunny Tuesday evening on Penistone Hill near Haworth to take part in the first of the popular Bunny Run series organised by the irrepressible Woodentops. Three Clayton Ladies ran.

Christine Egerton at the Bunny Run Race. Photo by Woodentops

Christine Egerton at the Bunny Run Race. Photo by Woodentops

Pos  Name Cat Time 
199 Dawn Terry FV50 26:40
266 Christine Leathley FV60 37:09
267 Christine Egerton FV60 37:29

Full Results



Andrew Firth was our sole representative in this 2.5 mile race with 1575ft of ascent organised by Keswick AC.

Pos  Name Cat Time 
97 Andrew Firth MV50 00:41:48

Full Results


A dozen Clayton Harriers took part in this midweek 5K race. Laura Hesketh was the first Clayton finisher and first Lady runner in the race, 4th place overall,  with a time of 17:48. Stephen Green was our next finisher in 19th place and 1st MV60. Cassie Smedley was 1st L35 and Irene Roche was 1st L55

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
4 Laura Hesketh FS 17.48
19 S. Green MV60 19.47
25 L. Jackson MJ 20.36
37 A. Lundie MJ 22.01
38 Cassie Smedley FV35 22.09
41 Michelle Abbott FV35 22.3
45 Irene Roche FV55 22.39
52 Nina Kewin FV35 23.15
55 Julia Rushton FV50 23.42
66 Heidi Kewin FJ 25.43
68 Jane Hylands FV45 25.57
77 Julie Taylor FV55 28.46

Full Results


Julie Dawes was our sole runner in the first of the Littleborough 5K race series.  She finished in 79th place with a time of 0:25:16

Full Results



Another dozen Clayton runners took to the Lakeland fells for the Coledale Horseshoe fell race. Matt Perry had a fantastic run to be our first finisher in 14th place overall, confidently holding his own amongst some top level fell runners.

Matt Perry at the Coledale Horseshoe Fell Race. Photo by Paul Dobson

Matt Perry at the Coledale Horseshoe Fell Race. Photo by Paul Dobson

Next in was Andrew Laycock in 38th place. Dave Motley also put in a strong performance fresh from the Manchester marathon last Saturday.  Teresa de Curtis and Sarah Helliwell were representing the ladies and were both taking on a Lakeland fell race for the first time.

Sarah Helliwell loving her first Lakeland fell race. Photo by Paul Dobson

Sarah Helliwell loving her first Lakeland fell race. Photo by Paul Dobson

Report from Teresa de Curtis

This weekend saw a group of Clayton members running the high fells of the Lake District and some making great times.

The Coledale Horseshoe from Braithewaite near Keswick is an 8.5 mile route with 3300 feet of ascent or thereabouts.  This was mine and Sarah Helliwell’s first Lakeland race and both of us had plenty of pre-race nerves.  Unfortunately, for Sarah, she had succumbed to the end of term lurgy and had been struggling with a bad cold all week but being made of tough stuff she was determined to compete.

Teresa de Curtis in action at the Coledale Horseshoe fell race. Photo by Paul Dobson

Teresa de Curtis in action at the Coledale Horseshoe fell race. Photo by Paul DobsonFull

On the day, the conditions were good, clear skies and plenty of warm sunshine (not always a runner’s friend).  Sarah and I started off at a very comfortable pace but due to a major bottle neck at the beginning of the first ascent, we were at a standstill for 2 or 3 minutes according to Strava and  ‘Strava never lies!’ (Donna Airey, 2017)

The first daunting climb was 2000 feet and 2 miles long up to Grizedale Pike!  Part way up Sarah was struggling with her chest and told me to go on.  It felt like forever reaching the summit but the run off was worth it and once you commit yourself and as Andy Firth says – empty your mind, it’s surprising how many less confident descenders you end up passing.  There was a great rocky scramble through scree and crags up to Eel Crag and you had to be careful of the loose rock.

The final descent, approximately a mile long, was great fun if you love descending, and once again, I managed to sail pass quite a few runners.

I finished the race in 2hrs and 3mins, according to my watch, and waited for Sarah at the finish line. Unfortunately, John Sharples informed us that Dominic Carr had taken a tumble and had a suspected broken finger. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Dominic.

As always, the camaraderie and support from fellow Claytoners and runners from other clubs was fantastic.  A female runner came and shook my hands and congratulated me on my descending and nicknamed me the Demon Descender.  Pretty darn chuffed with that (she didn’t mention my ascending though – oh well never mind eh?)

As quoted by Sarah Helliwell, “Coledale Horseshoe – cracking race, weather and a beautiful part of the lakes!”  What more could you ask for?

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
14 Matt Perry MS 01:20:19
38 Andrew Laycock MS 01:27:29
46 Dave Motley MS 01:28:58
52 Kirt Livesey MV40 01:29:55
93 Dominic Carr MV40 01:37:54
133 Jon Sharples MV60 01:43:00
202 Chris Funnell MV50 01:53:44
219 Chris Whiteoak MS 01:58:24
238 Andrew Firth MV50 02:01:46
243 Teresa de Curtis LV40 02:03:05
267 David Nield MV50 02:06:11
310 Sarah Helliwell L 02:18:04

Full Results


The Donard Challenge is the first race of the British Fell Running Championships. There are four races in each participating nation and the Donard Challenge is in Northern Ireland. A quartet of Harriers travelled to take part.

Paul Hesketh at the Donard Challenge. Photo by Richard Cowan

Paul Hesketh at the Donard Challenge. Photo by Richard Cowan

Pos Name CaT Time
118 Neil Hardiman MV40 01:17:52
128 Paul Hesketh MV50 01:19:10
200 Wendy Dodds FV60 01:30:31
236 Barbara Savage FV50 01:44:19

Full Results


A few Clayton vests spotted on photos of this 7 mile fell race with 1250ft of ascent organised by Rochdale Harriers.

No results are available as yet but Andrew Walmsley, Robert Hirst, Stephen Fish, Chris Snell and Peter Coates are in some of the photos.

Awaiting Results



Report from Jonathan Pye

Starting in Wetherall in the sleepy Cumbrian countryside, the 3 villages 10 mile road race should probably be renamed 5×2 road race because it’s two five mile laps around (wait for it) 3 Cumbrian villages. The race seemed to attract quite a few keen runners from the border county clubs and I wouldn’t have found out about it had Jonathan Cox of Eden Valley runners fame not mentioned it to me the day before. I set off like a fool and did the first three miles at 5:55 pace before discovering that this road race involved those pesky things called hills. The climbs were hardly steep but more lengthy and persistent and I found myself needing a second wind (non existent in the sunshine) at the halfway stage. Despite my naive and naughty fast start I still hit my target of sub 70 minutes coming home around the 1:08 mark. An enjoyable outing for a man who regards anything further than 5k as the devil’s plaything.

Awaiting Results


Some excellent results for our junior runners in the Fastrax 2K race with Lennon Jackson taking the win and Helana White first girl and 4th overall.

Clayton Juniors at the Fastrax 2K race with coach Marion Wilkinson. Photo by Woodentops

Clayton Juniors at the Fastrax 2K race with coach Marion Wilkinson. Photo by Woodentops

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
1 Lennon Jackson M13 (001/001) 00:07:37
2 Matthew Jackson M11 (001/001) 00:07:54
4 Helana White F10 (001/002) 00:08:07
7 Charlie Barnes M8 (002/004) 00:09:10
12 Imogen Ferguson F11 (001/001) 00:09:43
14 Darcey Hurst F8 (001/003) 00:10:13
15 Ellisia Smedley F8 (002/003) 00:11:49

Full Results


A great run from Jacob Watson who battled Trawden’s Nick Gaskell to take the win at this flat and fast 5k race.

Jacob Watson powering to the finish. Photo by Woodentops

Jacob Watson powering to the finish. Photo by Woodentops

Our junior runners Nick Hennessey and Stanley Grewal put in strong performances amongst a competitive group of young runners.

Nick Hennessey doing it in style at the Fastrax 5K. Photo by Bryn Barnes

Nick Hennessey doing it in style at the Fastrax 5K. Photo by Bryn Barnes

John Hartley continues his great form to finish in 16th place and 1st Vet60.

Supervet John Hartley at the Fastrax 5K. Photo by Woodentops

Supervet John Hartley at the Fastrax 5K. Photo by Woodentops

Amanda Duffy was our first lady finisher in 29th overall and 2nd F35.

Amanda Duffy making it look effortless at the Fastrax 5K. Photo by Woodentops

Amanda Duffy making it look effortless at the Fastrax 5K. Photo by Woodentops

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
1 Jacob Watson MS (001/008) 00:16:49
12 Nicholas Hennessey MJ (004/007) 00:18:44
16 John Hartley M60 (001/003) 00:19:43
18 Stanley Grewal MJ (006/007) 00:19:52
25 Richard Briscoe MS (008/008) 00:21:04
29 Amanda Duffy F35 (002/003) 00:21:26
32 Michelle Abbott F35 (003/003) 00:22:04
42 Jack McGuire M60 (003/003) 00:29:49

Full Results


A trio of Clayton Harriers took part in the Fleetwood 10K. The race runs along Fleetwood’s Outer Promenade and Esplanade with great views over Morecambe Bay and is a flat and fast course. Dan Plant was our first finisher in 10th place with a time of 39:22 followed by James Dunderdale in 18th place and 43:02. Lucy Scott was our sole lady runner and she was 80th in 53:05. A total of 231 runners took part.

Pos Name Cat Time
10 Daniel Plant M 39:22.2
18 James Dunderdale M 43:02.6
80 Lucy Scott L 53:05.0

Full Results


Martin and Kath Brady took part in this 10K multi-terrain race.  Martin was 72nd in 49:18 and Kath was 141st in 56:25. A total of 254 runners took part.

Pos Name Cat Time
72 Martin Brady M55 49:18
141 Kath Brady F50 56:25

Full Results


Organised by Mad Bull Events this race follows a beautiful and scenic route from the Bowling Green in Rivington village and heads out alongside Anglezarke Reservoir towards White Coppice. It then follows the path to Wheelton Plantation up through the woods and out at the top following a trail up and around back down to White Coppice and on to Rivington.

Three Harriers took part. Ludovic Salsmann was our first finisher in 118th place. Dawn Terry was our first lady finisher in 133rd place and Julia Rushton was 173rd. A total of 255 runners took part.

Pos Name Cat Time
118 Ludovic Salsmann V40 1:39:01
133 Dawn Terry F50 1:41:26
173 Julia Rushton F50 1:48:53

Full Results


Banstead Woods parkrun – A total of 186 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
85 Katy THOMPSON 25:27 VW60-64 First Timer!

Brueton parkrun – A total of 477 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
263 Helen HARRISON 27:55 VW45-49 First Timer!

Burnley parkrun – A total of 391 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
4 Nicholas HENNESSEY 18:59 JM15-17
7 Josh HALL 19:12 JM15-17
21 Lennon JACKSON 20:15 JM11-14 New PB!
28 Robbie SMEDLEY 20:31 JM11-14 New PB!
32 Adam STEVENSON 20:40 JM11-14 New PB!
38 Kevin DAVIES 20:59 VM55-59
46 Nick ROSCOE 21:30 VM45-49
52 Matthew JACKSON 21:47 JM11-14
55 Helana WHITE 22:02 JW10
64 Chris LAWRENCE 22:22 VM50-54 New PB!
67 Martin BRADY 22:29 VM55-59
69 Charlie BARNES 22:32 JM10 New PB!
78 Carl CAREY 23:02 VM45-49
86 Michelle ABBOTT 23:23 VW35-39
87 Cassandra Darling SMEDLEY 23:26 VW35-39
93 Nina KEWIN 23:42 VW35-39
95 David Ian SCOTT 23:44 VM70-74
111 Aaron LUNDIE 24:16 JM15-17
112 Jake ANFORTH 24:17 JM10
114 Julie DAWES 24:23 VW45-49
115 Sarah ANGELONE 24:27 SW30-34
125 Brian WILDMAN 24:46 VM50-54
142 Richard LAWSON 25:22 VM75-79
153 Beth QUINN 25:59 SW18-19
170 Annabel WILCOCK 26:29 JW15-17
198 Deborah GREENWOOD 27:43 VW45-49
208 Donna SCOTT 28:08 VW50-54
213 Charlie PLANT 28:17 JW10
214 Daniel PLANT 28:17 VM35-39
231 Christine Jennifer EGERTON 28:43 VW65-69
241 Darcey HIRST 29:11 JW10
242 Heidi KEWIN 29:12 JW11-14
244 Ron CHAPPELL 29:16 VM65-69
281 Judith CAREY 31:03 VW35-39
348 Ellisia SMEDLEY 35:45 JW10

Conwy parkrun – A total of 288 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
72 Sophie ASHWORTH 24:27 JW11-14 First Timer!

Dewsbury parkrun – A total of 131 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
126 Robin PRICE 36:02 VM70-74

Pendle parkrun – A total of 105 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
1 David WALKER 18:42 VM35-39 New PB!
9 John HARTLEY 21:27 VM60-64
33 Barry MITCHELL 24:51 VM70-74

Penrith parkrun – A total of 186 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
5 Jonathan PYE 18:40 SM25-29 New PB!

Skipton parkrun – A total of 187 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
2 Tom BREWSTER 17:53 SM30-34

South Manchester parkrun – A total of 339 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
225 Yvonne WICKHAM 27:32 VW50-54 First Timer!

Witton parkrun – A total of 80 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
10 David MOYNIHAN 22:23 VM50-54
24 Paul THOMPSON 26:28 VM45-49 New PB!
25 Nerina GILL 27:19 VW45-49


Up hills, down dales and round the streets

It’s nearly the Easter holidays but there is no let up to your racing action. The fell season is in full swing now with County Championship medals among the successes this week, as well as a batch of PBs for our road devotees reaping the rewards of their winter training in the warmer weather. With some mountain orienteering and aquathloning (is that a word?) thrown in for good measure, it’s the usual diverse roundup of racing, results and rumbustious fun that you lot always seem to have.


Pete Hartley Memorial fell race – Liver Hill

This popular mid week fell race escaped the wintry conditions of last year that saw marshalls struggling with hypothermia and was run off in reasonable, if boggy conditions this time.

Karl Steinegger of Ambleside AC was first home in 34:47 and first of the twelve Clayton runners back was Peter Coates.

Pos Name Cat Time
5 Peter Coates V40 36:38
14 Chris Snell SEN 38:47
20 Ryan Wilkinson Sen 41:04
21 Neil Hardiman V45 41:12
44 Ivan Whigham V55 44:15
47 Mark Nutter V55 45:13
60 Richard Briscoe SEN 49:12
67 Andrew Howarth V55 49:45
76 Darren Rushton V45 51:04
79 Colin Woolford V40 51:29
85 Barbara Savage LV50 52:20
110 Stephen Fish V60 58:39

Sole Clayton Junior in the Junior races was Ella Dorrington who was 1st U13G and 7th overall in the U13s race.

Full results


The Colin & Brenda Robinson Cowm 5k, Whitworth

The Club Road Championships continued midweek in Whitworth for the Cowm 5k in less than ideal conditions. A large contingent of Clayton runners braved the weather, with 15th placed James Boult leading them home.

Race report from James Boult:

A wet and blustery night set the scene for the second race in the 2017 Road Championships, with two laps of the scenic Cowm reservoir in Rochdale making it a fast, furious course. With a good Clayton turnout assembled on the start line and the absence of the big guns in play we quickly realised that 50 points were up for grabs and 5 of us stood a good chance of taking them home. Setting off bang on 7 a small incline leads onto the first of two laps, with me, Dan Plant and Recce Lawrence leading the way. Moving to the top of the pack I made sure I stuck at a comfortable pace for the first lap, keeping steady as not to blow up and ruin the race.

By the second lap it was a two horse race between me and Dan, and I could feel him on my heels the whole way. I upped the pace again while maintaining a comfortable speed and by the gate leading onto the reservoir I found myself to be a couple of places ahead. Putting in another kick I managed to put a few places between myself and Dan and kicked on. Keeping a comfortable pace I knew I could up the tempo if needed, but with Darwen half on Sunday I kept it easy and didnt push as not to risk injury. Feeling strong coming into the final half a KM I upped the pace again, taking four more places on my way to a 15th place finish and just 20 seconds shy of a PB set last July. Dan took 2nd Clayton counter with Mick Hughes in 3rd. Some fantastic results and PBs galore made for a successful championship race.

James Boult at the Cowm 5k. Photo: David Belshaw

James Boult at the Cowm 5k.
Photo: David Belshaw

Pos Name Cat Time
15 J. Bould MS 19.12
20 D. Plant MS 19.36
25 M. Hughes MV40 20.05
26 L. Jackson MJ 20.09
27 J. Wilcock MV50 20.12
30 D. McMullan MV50 20.18
32 S. Green MV60 20.29
36 R. Morrison MV40 21.05
38 A. Quinn MV45 21.1
39 A. Airey MS 21.12
42 R. Lawrence MJ 21.25
44 Cassandra Smedley FV35 21.36
46 C. Lawrence MV50 21.44
52 Donna Airey FV35 21.58
53 M. Brady MV55 22.04
57 M. Kewin MJ 22.36
61 Michelle Abbott FV35 22.56
68 Nina Kewin FV35 23.5
71 W. McIntosh MS 24.18
72 Lisa Ellis FS 24.2
73 Lisa Johnson Fv45 24.48
74 Beth Quinn FJ 24.52
77 Heidi Kewin FJ 25.2
80 Julia Rushton FV50 25.4
82 I. Hargreaves MV50 25.48
87 B. Barnes MV65 26.34
88 Jane Hylands FV45 26.46
94 R. Lawson MV75 27.33
103 Karen Clarkin FV40 29.14
106 Marion Wilkinson FV75 30.16
107 R. Hirst MV65 30.22
108 Anita Jones FV60 30.46
109 Christine Leathley FV65 33.13
110 R. Chappell MV65 30.39

Full results


Pendle Hill Fell Races

It’s been a few years since the Pendle Hill fell races had some nice Spring weather and the rain and clag was back again for this year’s edition, particularly for our hardy Juniors who raced before the adults. This year, extra spice was added to the races as they doubled up as the Lancashire Fell Championships in all age groups. Plenty of recent rain made the fellside fairly soggy, especially on the climb up from Buttock.

Senior Race

Chris Arthur of Bowland Fell Runners was a clear winner this year, with our own Chris Holdsworth leading the club charge in 5th place. Danny Collinge was 2nd U23 in 9th place, after setting off at a blistering pace.

Linda Lord at Pendle. Photo: David Belshaw

Linda Lord at Pendle.
Photo: David Belshaw

Pos Name Cat Cat Pos Time
5 Chris. Holdsworth MS (004/042) 00:34:41
8 Matt Perry MS (005/042) 00:36:26
9 Danny Collinge M23 (002/005) 00:36:36
15 Peter Coates M40 (002/036) 00:38:39
37 Chris Snell MS (017/042) 00:40:50
48 Geoff Gough M50 (006/037) 00:42:52
60 Neil Hardiman M40 (011/036) 00:44:17
105 Craig Nicholls M40 (024/036) 00:49:52
112 Claire Vincent FS (006/016) 00:50:34
121 Teresa de Curtis F40 (006/010) 00:52:24
125 Mark Taylor MS (038/042) 00:52:38
130 Rick Moore M50 (026/037) 00:52:56
134 Barbara Savage F50 (003/007) 00:53:46
141 Andrew M Dugdale M50 (029/037) 00:55:16
150 Linda Lord F60 (001/003) 00:56:26
154 Wayne McIntosh MS (039/042) 00:57:02
155 Katy Thompson F60 (002/003) 00:57:03
182 Michelle Butschok F40 (010/010) 01:07:06
183 Karin Goss F60 (003/003) 01:07:57
Chris Holdsworth at Pendle. Photo: David Belshaw

Chris Holdsworth at Pendle.
Photo: David Belshaw

Senior Results

Junior Races

The rain came down and the clag came in shortly before the start of the Junior races, leading to some of the wettest and boggiest conditions seen in a long while over Barley Green and up to Buttock. This didn’t deter our Juniors, with Emily Nicholls putting in a spirited performance in the U11G for 9th girl, despite being a distinct height disadvantage over the stone stile in her race. Robbie Smedley chased the leaders hard up to the turn in the U13B race, and was rewarded for his efforts with a well deserved Bronze medal. He was followed up in that race by Luke Guest in 16th.

Jackson McKay finished well clear to take the Lancashire title in the U15B, with Adam Stevenson and Lennon Jackson not far behind in 6th and 7th with Will Nicholls in 11th and Jake O’Dowd in 13th. Ella Dorrington was closing in at the finish on the winner of the U15G but had to settle for Silver, 2 seconds down in her first year in this age group. Bethany Wheatcroft and Heidi Kewin also both stepped up to the U15 distance and climbing really well, finishing 9th and 11th.

Finally, Nick Hennessy away from his more familiar tarmac surfaces, put in a great performance to keep some experienced and older U17 boys in sight on the climb high onto the fell and secure 4th place.

U11s race

Pos Name Cat Cat Pos Time
20 Emily Nicholls F11 (009/012) 08:33:00

U13s race

Robbie Smedley working hard before the turn on his way to 2nd place. Photo: Alan Dorrington

Robbie Smedley working hard before the turn on his way to 2nd place.
Photo: Alan Dorrington

Pos Name Cat Cat Pos Time
3 Robbie Smedley M13 (003/021) 00:16:32
21 Luke Guest M13 (016/021) 00:20:11

U15s race

Pos Name Cat Cat Pos Time
1 Jackson McKay M15 (001/016) 00:18:47
6 Adam Stevenson M15 (006/016) 00:22:21
7 Lennon Jackson M15 (007/016) 00:22:24
9 E Dorrington-Levy F15 (002/010) 00:22:42
11 William Nicholls M15 (009/016) 00:22:55
21 Bethany Wheatcroft F15 (008/010) 00:29:00
22 Jake O’Dowd M15 (014/016) 00:29:45
24 Heidi Kewin F15 (010/010) 00:30:05
Ella Dorrington descends to the finish. Photo: Deborah Stevenson

Ella Dorrington descends to the finish.
Photo: Deborah Stevenson

U17s race

Pos Name Cat Cat Pos Time
4 Nicholas Hennessey M17 (003/005) 00:26:46
Happy muddy Juniors. Photo: Deborah Stevenson

Happy muddy Juniors.
Photo: Deborah Stevenson

Junior Results

Junior FRA Championship West Nab

Four of our Juniors, Helena White, Briony Holt, Christopher Brown and Jenson Bentham travelled over to Holmfirth for the 2nd round of the Junior FRA Championships and were rewarded with better weather than in Lancashire…

Briony Holt running in the U17G for her first year took an excellent 3rd place against older opposition. It’s shaping up to be a great year again on the fells for Briony. Helena White was 7th in U13G with Jenson Bentham 12th in U13B and Christopher Brown 20th.

Full results

Jenson Bentham pushing on up the first climb. Photo: Geoff Thompson

Jenson Bentham pushing on up the first climb.
Photo: Geoff Thompson

Helena White with her own distinctive style. Photo: Geoff Thompson

Helena White with her own distinctive style.
Photo: Geoff Thompson

Briony on her way to 3rd place U17G. Photo: Geoff Thompson

Briony on her way to 3rd place U17G.
Photo: Geoff Thompson

Calderdale Hike

This longstanding event offers both marathon distance and ultra distance (37.2miles) routes round the Calderdale hills, with checkpoints at great sounding places like Coolam, Slatepit Hill and Lumbutts. Andrew Armstrong and Nick Olszweski (among others) ran, preparing for the Fellsman Hike in late April. Nick ran round in 7:40 with full results to follow.

New Dungeon Ghyll fell race

Wendy Dodds was the Clayton representative here, coming in 1st WV60 in 42nd place and a time of 56:31.

Full results



Lads Leap fell race

This AS race unsurprisingly packs in a fair bit of climb in it’s 5.9m route around the popular Crowdon area of the Peak District, steeped in rock climbing history, and randomly, populated by large white hares. Stephen Fish MV60 was the sole Clayton runner, finishing in 1.24.54

Report from Stephen Fish:

Always keen to try a race I’ve not previously done and being unavailable for Saturday’s Pendle race, I picked out the Lad’s Leap on the Sunday to do.

On a pleasant, early, spring morning I set off to the Crowden Campsite, situated on the Woodhead Pass in the Peak District National Park, for the start, only taking 50 minutes of travelling to reach.

124 runners lined up on the start line to tackle the demanding route that takes in Lad’s Leap twice. Once a short road section was out of the way, a long lung-busting climb ensued and lead onto Robinson’s Moss. This portion of the race was very boggy underfoot, with more than one competitor having to extract their shoes from said bogs.  After about a mile over the tops, through deep heather, the route then had a long descent into a disused stone quarry. All this lost height had to recouped, as we re-joined the outward route over Lad’s Leap again. The earlier lung-buster climb now became an exhilarating descent down the welcome finish line.

A pretty good race in my book, which had a bit of everything. One I would recommend, certainly justifying its category ‘A’ status.

Full results to follow

Baildon Boundary Way (Runners)

Martin Terry was running here, on a shorter race distance than of late…

Pos Name Cat Time
108 Martin TERRY M55 01:50:10

Full results

Kong Mini Mountain Marathon – Coniston

A beautiful Spring day in the Lakes saw Alan Dorrington teaming up with friend Greg May for this 4hr score event held around the Old Man of Coniston range. A strong collection of high scoring controls over the back half combined with a headlong descent off Wetherlam via Hen Tor to Tilberthwaite saw them pick up 4th Vet pair.

Goat's Water from Goat's Hause. Photo: Alan Dorrington

Goat’s Water from Goat’s Hause.
Photo: Alan Dorrington


ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon

A rare (and evidently painful) foray onto the roads for some, and a sharpner for London for others, Manchester’s rainy streets (bathed in sunshine) were the backdrop for this weekend’s 26.2 miles. ‘Team Sub 3’ were led in by a charging Lee Smith in 2:50:13, followed by Jon Cleaver in 2:56:17 and a presumably lost and disoriented Dave Motley in 2:56:58 wondering where the fells were. With John Hartley winning the V60 category in 3:06:38 and Danny Pilkington also running round in 6:34:53, that made for some solid Clayton miles over the weekend. A fantastic effort by all!

Report from Jon Cleaver:

I had booked this for training on my route to London for a PB, however after a couple of solid 20 mile races at Spen and Trimpell I felt ready to give a PB a go especially considering the forecast was as good as it was ever going to get. After meeting Dave & Lee at the Lowry we went over to the start on the Chester road near Old Trafford. The route takes you towards the city centre before turning back and heading out to Sale and Altrincham at the half way point then back to Emirates cricket ground for the finish.

I hatched a plan to run a moderate first half learning from my Trimpell experience and went through just under 88 minutes where I saw Gary Wilkinson filming the race. I was feeling confident at that point so pushed a bit harder and took my pace down 5/10 seconds a mile all the way to mile 23 where I caught up with Dave and then through to what feels like the longest finish in history. Really pleased with 02:56:17 finish and the other Clayton lads Lee Smith, Dave Motley and John Hartley did incredibly with Lee getting the bragging rights on the day running an incredible 02:50. 3 weeks to London!!

Jon Cleaver cruising to his sub 3hr marathon. Photo: Lynsey Birtwhistle

Jon Cleaver cruising to his sub 3hr marathon.
Photo: Lynsey Birtwhistle

Pos Name Time Cat Cat Pos
121 Lee SMITH 02:50:13 V35 32
249 Jon CLEAVER 02:56:17 V35 66
273 Dave MOTLEY 02:56:58 V35 69
583 John HARTLEY 03:06:38 V60 1
8652 Danny PILKINGTON 06:34:53 V40 1058

Full results

Darwen Heritage Half Marathon

Described as undulating, and definitely scenic and with great views, this Darwen Dashers organised half is in its second year now. Jacob Watson stormed round to 9th place overall in 1:20:01 with a solid group of Clayton Seniors, Vets and Ladies behind. The Ladies picked up the team prize with Cassie Smedley, Michelle Abbot and Vicky Heys all scoring.

Report from James Boult:

Having absolutely shattered my half marathon PB last year, taking 45 minutes off in total with 38 of them coming off at Darwen I returned this year excited for what is one of my favourite races of the year. Conditions were perfect as we set off and knowing a comfortable pace consistently would mean I’d break the 1.42 I ran here last year, I started with a good game plan. In what is one of the nicest and most scenic 10ks I’ve done the views alone make for a good distraction and it wasn’t long before I reached 6k. Telling Rob on the drive over that I felt good and was going to go for it I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist the allure of a good race.

Having raced my last 2 half marathons with him we’ve become a great team and mange to bring out the best in each other, evidenced in our performance at Manchester in October. He joined me at 6km and we naturally took the pace up, reaching 10km in 45 minutes; bang on time and two minutes faster than last year. The race at Darwen doesn’t start until 9 miles in and as I drove on with water stations a good relief in the heat, the hills started. Steep and gradual and short and even steeper, they come thick and fast after mile 8. At 14km I was bang on track for a sub 1.40 but pain in my glutes restricted speed on the flats and I struggled to get momentum.

Forcing myself through i reached the final 2 and a half miles of pure downhill, finding myself another 3 minutes up on last year. Managing to pick up enough speed to get back to comfortable 6 minute miles I raced onto the finish to knock 5 minutes off last year’s time and to take 3rd Clayton counter in 55th place. Rob came in a couple of minites after to shatter his time from last year too, in what was a great turnout for team Clayton. Ben Fish took the overall win, crushing the course record on the way to a 69 minute finish. Roll on next year.

Team Clayton at the Darwen Heritage Half Marathon Photo:

Team Clayton at the Darwen Heritage Half Marathon

Mich Hughes enjoying the sun at the Darwen Heritage Half. Photo:

Mick Hughes enjoying the sun at the Darwen Heritage Half.

Pos Name Cat Cat Pos  Time
9 Jacob Watson M S (006/072) 01:20:01
35 Andrew Orr M45 (007/029) 01:30:51
55 James Boult M S (026/072) 01:37:29
57 David Moynihan M50 (004/029) 01:37:58
64 Robert Morrison M40 (017/039) 01:39:31
96 Mick Hughes M40 (022/039) 01:44:35
110 Christopher Lawrence M50 (012/029) 01:47:07
127 Cassandra Smedley F S (004/040) 01:49:22
128 Michelle Abbott F S (005/040) 01:49:22
144 Geoff Smith M40 (027/039) 01:53:10
146 Vicky Heys F45 (006/030) 01:53:28
147 Irene Roche F55 (002/006) 01:53:28
148 Nerina Gill F45 (007/030) 01:53:28
231 Angela Shian F S (022/040) 02:08:10
260 Andrew Webster M45 (027/029) 02:15:03

Full results

Padiham Aquathlon

Alfie and Helena White donned their swimming costumes and club vests for the Aquathlon this Sunday. Mum Rachael reports:

Flying the Clayton Flag at Padiham Aquathlon, Helana came 1st Girl and 3rd overall in her age cat and Alfie (age 14) had to do the adults distance 600m swim & 5k run. Very proud of them both

Alfie and Helena White at the Padiham Aquathlon. Photo: Rachael White

Alfie and Helena White at the Padiham Aquathlon.
Photo: Rachael White

Awaiting results

Garstang Gallop 7

Five Clayton Harriers took part in this 7 mile race that raises money for UK Prostate Cancer.  Stephen Biscomb was our first finisher and also 1st MV60.  Christine Egerton was our sole lady runner and also 1st LV65.

Pos Name Cat Time
33 Stephen Biscomb MV60 00:49:06
40 Richard Briscoe MV35 00:50:36
58 Brian Wildman MV50 00:55:16
117 Christine Egerton FV65 01:08:10
120 Ron Chappell MV65 01:09:45

Full results

Parkrun results

Burnley Junior Parkrun

A total of 58 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
3 Nathan KEWIN 08:16 JM11-14
9 Bethany WHEATCROFT 09:22 JW11-14
12 Heidi KEWIN 09:32 JW11-14
13 Brayden CLARKSON 09:37 JM10 New PB!
15 Kady THOMPSON 10:13 JW10
18 Darcey HIRST 10:22 JW10 New PB!
25 Charlie PLANT 10:51 JW10
40 Joni HIGGINS 12:19 JW10
53 Olly PLANT 14:57 JM10

Burnley Parkrun – a total of 210 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
5 Laura HESKETH 18:14 SW30-34
13 Terry O’LEARY 20:01 VM35-39
17 Sean CLARE 20:43 VM50-54
31 Stephen AINSWORTH 21:48 VM60-64
32 David MOYNIHAN 21:51 VM50-54
40 Donna RILEY 22:16 VW50-54
42 Gordon BARRETT 22:18 VM55-59
44 Kevin DAVIES 22:22 VM55-59
50 Reece Adam LAWRENCE 22:32 JM15-17
55 Charlie BARNES 22:46 JM10
60 Michelle ABBOTT 22:59 VW35-39
64 Charlie BIRTWISTLE 23:08 JM11-14
75 David Ian SCOTT 23:53 VM70-74
80 Nick ROSCOE 24:08:00 VM45-49
84 Aaron LUNDIE 24:14:00 JM15-17
85 Nina KEWIN 24:16:00 VW35-39
94 Jake ANFORTH 24:36:00 JM10
101 Julie DAWES 24:56:00 VW45-49
108 Keira STEVENSON 25:12:00 JW11-14 New PB!
109 Lisa JOHNSON 25:12:00 VW45-49
110 Donna SCOTT 25:13:00 VW50-54
111 Toby BIRTWISTLE 25:16:00 JM10
116 Andrew TAYLOR 25:23:00 VM55-59
133 John WILCOCK 25:57:00 VM50-54
142 Annabel WILCOCK 26:05:00 JW15-17
157 Justin BIRTWISTLE 26:39:00 VM40-44
181 Carl CAREY 27:41:00 VM45-49
220 Helen HARRISON 29:53:00 VW45-49
230 Robert HIRST 30:23:00 VM65-69
249 Darcey HIRST 32:11:00 JW10
258 Judith CAREY 32:40:00 VW35-39
288 Ron CHAPPELL 34:09:00 VM65-69

Dewsbury parkrun

A total of 114 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
110 Robin PRICE 25:13 VM70-74

Southwark parkrun

A total of 292 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
208 Eileen JONES 29:03 VW60-64

Skipton parkrun

A total of 177 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
3 Tom BREWSTER 18:17 SM30-34

Pendle parkrun

A total of 76 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
12 Martin BRADY 24:11 VM55-59
35 Yvonne WICKHAM 30:48 VW50-54

Witton parkrun

A total of 64 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
25 Paul THOMPSON 26:58 VM45-49  New PB!
26 Katy THOMPSON 27:12 VW60-64

Blackpool parkrun

A total of 172 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
28 Alan LIFE 22:18 VM50-54
75 Carol LIFE 26:26 VW50-54