July/August Roundup

July/August Roundup

It’s a bit of a short edition this month – many thanks to David, Rebecca and Richard for your reports. I’m not sure that getting you to volunteer to provide race reports is working, so from now on I may also be approaching people to write about the interesting races they’ve done. Let this be your warning!

Remember you don’t have to be the best sports writer – just a few sentences and some photographs are fine. If you would like to volunteer a report, please email it to roundup@claytonlemoors.org.uk

And if I’ve missed anything out or made any mistakes, please let me know and I will fix them as soon as possible.

Race Reports

Return to the Fells

by David Edmondson

Morecambe 10k – July 7th

David Edmondson at the Morecambe 10k

David Edmondson at the Morecambe 10k

After almost 12 months of giving road running a good go I finally admitted that it’s time to go back to my first love and run on the fells again. The turning point was the Morecambe 10K on the first weekend of July. A very flat fast course and I felt I’d be able to go under 36 minutes on that course having run 36:36 in the Trafford 10K in very poor conditions back in March, I should have been faster and stronger. I was however a bit fatigued from training hard and I’d not tapered to the same extent. To cut a long story short I was running through treacle for much of the race and came in 4th in 37:07. I was third Vet 50 with a V45 in third and the winner was a V55! In fact there were only 2 runners under 35 years old in the top 10! Well it was Morecambe; I guess the jokes about god’s waiting room might have a bit truth in them. The conditions were great except a strong sea breeze, beautiful blue skies and great views across Morecambe Bay. I felt a bit deflated after the race and gazed across to the Lakeland Fells and something clicked, yes I’d had enough of road running, I’d given it my best shot, I’d set out to get an England vest and done so but once my times levelled off it didn’t really feel like there was much left for me, it seemed a bit one dimensional. Time for a change!

Kentmere Horseshoe Fell Race – July 28

Kentmere Horseshoe Route

Kentmere Horseshoe Route

I’ve not done a fell race for over two years with the exception of Fallfest last September. My last real fell race was the Anniversary Waltz in April 2017 where I came in just over the 2 hour mark but finished strong running hard along the final descent, track and road. I subsequently had some calf issues, another clue that at the time that I was still overstriding. Even before that I’d been doing a bit of work on posture, core strength and gait. I’ve subsequently focused on that process more and more, culminating in resigning from my secondary teaching career and becoming a full time Pilates Teacher.

David ascending at the Kentmere Horseshoe Race

David ascending at the Kentmere Horseshoe Race

Anyway on the last weekend of July I originally had a choice of the Lancaster 10 or the Caldervale 10 as I was planning on stepped up the road distances. A quick look at the Fellrunning Calendar showed that Kentmere Horseshoe Fell Race was that weekend. I’d only done it once before back in 2008 when I was not particularly fit but we always seemed to be on holiday that late in July so I’ve not returned despite it being a favourite route. It was an easy decision; back to fell running.
The weather forecast didn’t look great at first but a closer look showed the rain and cloud would be clearing from the east, it was however very sunny and warm, the Pete Bland van was selling out fast on peaked caps! It was great to catch up with runners I’d not seen for a few years, not just from Clayton but other local clubs; a great atmosphere.

The race started promptly at 1:00 and I wasn’t too sure of my pace or position but I wasn’t too worried either. The run out on the track was good but then up towards Buck Crag through the bracken on a steep climb we all started to feel hot, the air in amongst the trod was stifling. Although my legs felt strong I was puffing and panting going up there and really felt like I’d not done this for a while. Dave Nuttal, a former Clayton runner, was pulling away form me. Not to worry I resolved to take it pretty easy on the climb as it lasts a while and more importantly to enjoy the climb. The view on either side of Yoke, Ill Bell and Froswick are stunning and the climb is the time to enjoy them.

David enjoyed the views from the summit

David enjoyed the views from the summit


I lost a few more places running up to High Street before the nice steady descending down to Nan Bield Pass. Across this sort of terrain and feeling okay I knew I could open my legs up a bit a get some of those places back. Climbing up from the Pass I started to feel a bit of fatigue and started to remember it’d been a long while since I’d raced beyond an hour. I wasn’t the only one suffering, quite a few were suffering from the attentions of the sun and there seemed to be a lot hobbling after turning an ankle. The steady descending off Kentmere Pike again gave me a chance to move a bit faster and then the final steep and, in places, rocky descent to the valley bottom. With tired legs I took it pretty easy but by the bottom I was done. I had planned on running fast on the last mile or so which is flattish track, it wasn’t to work out quite like that: the wheels had fallen off, the only runners I passed looked worse than I did.

On reflection I’m ignoring times and numbers and focusing on how I felt. Although I lacked the strength endurance I felt like I moved well and the work I’ve done on stability, strength, posture and gait was paying off well.

Great performances from all the other Clayton runners, especially Andy Laycock who is proving to be a class act running the fastest time since Andy Brown in 2010, meanwhile Jean Brown wrapped up a Lake District Grand Prix V50 podium.
Andy Laycock 1:46:46
David Edmondson 2:01:10
Ralph Baines 2:15:25
Jean Brown 2:16:16
Teresa De Curtis 2:38:55
Nicola Spenser 2:59;39

PS I’ve an entry for Chester Marathon going cheap if anyone fancies it!

Pendleton Fell Race

by Rebecca Bradshaw

Rebecca and her dad Jez at the start of Pendleton Fell Race. Photo by David Belshaw

Rebecca and her dad Jez at the start of Pendleton Fell Race. Photo by David Belshaw

I’ve often wanted to try some local fell races but felt that I’d be out of my depth. Realising I’d have to actually do them to get better, I decided to have a go at Pendleton. I instantly regretted it when I arrived and looked desperately for someone I’m used to running with. Everyone looked like an experienced fell runner! Some friendly Clayton faces reassured me that I’d get round in one piece so I set off near the back with my dad who was running it with me. After a lap of a field, the climbing started right away but I felt surprisingly good and the views were incredible. I was feeling proud thinking I was nearly at the top then heard someone groan and looked up to see a line of runners climbing a much steeper ascent ahead.

Rebecca descending at Pendleton Fell Race

Rebecca descending at Pendleton Fell Race

I managed both climbs but my real struggle was descending. As much as I tried to follow the “brain off, breaks off” mantra, all I could think was “Lucy will kill me if I break a leg before our marathon”. I nervously and ungracefully made my way down and will have to do some work to change my style from elephant to mountain goat! I had a second wind with about a mile to go and knowing even I couldn’t get lost at that point, I pushed on to the finish without my dad (sorry dad, I had to mention beating you!). I was overwhelmed by how encouraging and inclusive fell runners are and felt like I’d been instantly adopted into the community. If anyone is lacking in confidence but wants to try some fells, I would urge you to just have a go. It definitely won’t be my last!

The Blisco Briscoe Dash

by Richard Briscoe

One of my favourite races in the fell running calendar this. On a Wednesday afternoon after work I decided to drive up to the Langdales to do the race. On the way the weather wasn’t that bad but when I got to Kendal the rain started, I thought it was only going to be a shower. I brought my tent up with me so I arrived at Dungeon Ghyll pitched up my tent in the driving rain and got ready for the race.

The race is only five miles but there I over 2500 feet of climbing. The start of the race its a fast road section and then the path cuts off to the right going towards red tarn and to the summit of Blisco. I got to the top the weather was terrible thick fog and driving rain there were a group of up together I was with Ivan Wigham I think we took the longer descent cos of the weather but we found the route back where we came.

Richard on the Ascent. Photo by Grand Day Out Photography

Richard on the Ascent. Photo by Grand Day Out Photography

Ivan passed me on the descent it was very slippy on the rocks by the river but got to the road section so I had to try and catch up so had to speed up on the road. I finished the race and was drenched, some of the runners went straight back to the Old Dungeon Ghyll. I had a quick shower and got changed and caught up the lads in the pub for the presentation and afterwards there was folk music on so I was a good day and night all round.

Results Roundup

2nd July – Rochdale 10k – Results

2nd M60 – Alan Clarkson

2nd July – Stoodley Pike Fell Race – Results

1st MU18 – Jackson Mackay; 2nd MU18 – Charlie Parkinson.

3rd July – Astley Park Trail Race Series 3/4 – Results

6th July – Blackfell Race – Results

6th July – Heptonstall Festival Fell Race – Results

3rd MS – Dave Motley; 3rd MV40 – Carl Helliwell; 2nd V50 – Neil Hardiman.

7th July – Hendon Brook (PBGP) – Results

3rd M50 – Chris Funnell; 2nd M60 – John Roche; 2nd FS – Elizabeth Stephenson; 3rd F35 – Donna Airey; 2nd F40 – Lisa Stansfield; 1st F60 – Irene Roche; 3rd F40 – Cassandra Smedley; 3rd F50 – Helen Harrison; 1st F70 – Karin Goss; 2nd F60 – Julia Taylor.

7th July – Morecambe 10k – Results

3rd V50 – David Edmondson

7th July – Skiddaw Fell Race – Results

9th July – Ian Terry Memorial 5k Cowm Reservoir Race – Results

1st MJ and 2nd overall – Nicholas Hennessey; 1st Female and 1st FJ – Helana White; 3rd MJ – Peter Stevens; 1st M60 – John Roche; 3rd M60 – Alan Clarkson.

11th July – Bull Hill Fell Race – Results

1st M60 – Brian Horrocks

13th July – Warton 10k – Results

13th July – Wasdale Fell Race – Results

14th July – Towneley 10K (PBGP) – Results

1st MJ – Nicholas Hennessey; 3rd M50 – Chris Funnell; 1st M60 – John Roche; 2nd M60 – Stephen Ainsworth; 1st F60 – Irene Roche; 1st F55 – Julia Rushton; 3rd FS – Sophie Carr; 3rd F50 – Helen Harrison; 3rd F60 – Julia Taylor; 1st F70 – Karin Goss; 1st M75 – David Scott; 2nd F70 – Christine Leathley.

14th July – Towneley Junior Races (PBGP) – Results

2nd M9 – Francis Woodruff; 2nd F13 – Eleanor Edwards; 1st F15 – Helana White; 2nd M15 – Robbie Smedley; 3rd M15 – William Woodruff; 1st F17 – Ella Dorrington; 2nd F17 – Bethany Wheatcroft; 3rd F17 – Tanith-Jade Ellis.

14th July – Garstang Ice Cream 10k – Results

17th July – Blisco Dash – Results (Excel Spreadsheet)

20th July – Man v Lakes – Results

21st July – Asda Burnley 10k – Results

2nd – Mark Magee; 1st Female – Laura Hesketh;

24th July – Padiham Greenway 5k (PBGP) – Results

1st MJ and 3rd overall – Nicholas Hennessey; 3rd MJ – Charlie Parkinson; 1st M55 – Kevin Davies; 3rd M40 – Gareth Berry; 2nd M60 – John Roche; 1st FS and 3rd Female overall – Rhiannon Wickham; 3rd FJ – Millie Stubbs; 2nd M70 – Barry Mitchell; 3rd F55 – Julia Rushton; 1st F70 – Karin Goss; 2nd M75 – David Scott; 3rd M75 – Richard Lanson; 2nd F70 – Christine Leathley.

24th July – Padiham Greenway Junior Races (PBGP) – U7/U9 Results – U11/U13 Results – U15/U17 Results

3rd M7 Alistair Motley; 2nd F13 – Amelia Halstead; 1st F11 – Lottie Grace Smith; 1st M17 – Peter Stevens; 1st F15 – Helana White; 2nd M15 – William Woodruff; 2nd M17 – Connor Jones; 3rd M17 – Lennon Jackson; 3rd M15 – Robbie Smedley; 2nd F17 – Sophie Ashworth; 3rd F17 – Bethany Wheatcroft.

27th July – Tolkien Trail 10k – Results

1st F60 – Julia Taylor; 2nd M70 – Charlie Clutterbuck.

28th July – Kentmere Horseshoe Fell Race – Results

30th July – Uphill Fell Race (Summer Series) – Results

30th July – Downhill Fell Race (Summer Series) – Results

2nd August – Power of 5k (Lancaster) – Results

3rd August – Borrowdale Fell Race – Results

3rd August – Creag Dhubh Hill Race – Results

4th August – Worsthorne Moor (PBGP) – Results

1st M23 and 3rd Overall – Nicholas Hennessey; 3rd MS – Ryan Bradshaw; 1st M60 – John Roche; 3rd M45 – Jason Pier; 2nd FS – Donna Airey; 1st F60 – Irene Roche; 3rd FS – Sophie Carr; 2nd F70 – Karin Goss; 2nd F60 – Julia Taylor; 1st M80 – David Scott.

4th August – Worsthorne Moor Junior Races (PBGP) – Results

3rd M9 – Francis Woodruff; 1st F13 – Eleanor Edwards; 1st M15 – William Woodruff; 1st F17 – Ella Dorrington; 1st M17 – Lennon Jackson; 2nd M17 – Theo Burfield; 2nd F17 – Bethany Wheatcroft.

7th August – Astley Park Trail Race 4/4 – Results

10th August – Littondale Fete 4 – Results

12th August – Boulsworth Fell Race (PBGP) – Results

2nd W45 – Teresa de Curtis; 3rd W45 – Janice Davies; 1st W60 – Irene Roche; 1st W70 – Karin Goss; 2nd W70 – Christine Leathley; 3rd M40 – Will Herman; 3rd MU21 – Nicholas Hennessey.

12th August – Boulsworth Fell Junior Races (PBGP) – U7/U9 Results – U11/U13 Results – U15/U17 Results

2nd U11G – Lottie Grace Smith; 1st U13G – Eleanor Edwards; 2nd U13G – Eliena Lusty; 3rd U15G – Sianna Smith; 2nd U17B – Lennon Jackson; 3rd U17B – Theo Burfield; 1st U17G – Ella Dorrington; 3rd U17G – Bethany Wheatcroft.

13th August – Coppice Trail (Summer Series) – Results

14th August – Whittle Pike Fell Race – Results

1st MV60 – Geoff Gough; 3rd MV50 – Alan Life; 1st LV70 – Linda Lord.

17th August – Catherine Dowdall Memorial Fell Race, Darwen – Results

2nd M55 – Mark Nutter; 2nd M70 – Dugald McCallum; 1st F65 – Katy Thompson.

17th August – Podium 5k Races, Barrowford – A Race Results – B Race Results

1st B Race FJ – Helana White; 2nd B Race MS – Danny Fleming.

18th August – Norland Moor Trail Race – Results

22nd August – Stanley Curran 73rd Birthday 5k Cowm – Results

1st M70 – Barry Mitchell

24th August – Pendleton Fell Race – Senior Results – Junior Results

27th August – Littleborough Lions 5k – Results

28th August – Harrock Hill (4/4) – Results

31st August – Blackshaw Head Fete Fell Race – Results

Parkrun Roundup

Course PBs from our local Parkruns.

6th July Burnley Mark Magee SM30-34 16:47
Nicholas Hennessey JM15-17 17:15
Jake Anforth  JM11-14 23:27
Hyndburn Jack O’Hara  SM20-24 21:55
 13th July Burnley Chris Dunderdale  SM30-34  21:18
 20th July Burnley William Woodruff  JM11-14 19:11
Eleanor Edwards   JW11-14  22:28
 27th July Burnley Nicholas Hennessey  JM15-17 16:52
William Woodruff  JM11-14 18:57
Jack O’Hara  SM20-24 20:05
Lucy Scott SW30-34 24:40
Owen Edwards  JM10  25:10
Hyndburn Katy Thompson  VW65-69  27:09
Pendle Connor Jones  JM11-14  20:10
Susan Farnworth  VW60-64  32:55
 3rd August Burnley Charlie Parkinson  JM15-17  19:03
Bethany Wheatcroft  JW15-17  23:22
Paul Thompson  VW45-49  24:31
TJ Ellis  JW15-17  27:17
 Centre Vale Laura Hesketh  VW35-39  18:06
 Hyndburn Dawn Terry  VW55-59  26:29
 Pendle Susan Farnworth  VW60-64  32:28
 17th August  Burnley Joni Higgins  JW11-14  33:04
 Hyndburn Jack O’Hara  SM20-24  21:39
 24th August  Burnley Darcey Hirst  JW11-14  26:50
 Centre Vale Ian Hargreaves  VM55-59  30:41
 Hyndburn Jane Hylands  VW45-49  30:28
 Pendle William Woodruff  JM11-14  22:00
 31st August  Burnley Charlie Parkinson  JM15-17  18:38

Junior Parkrun Roundup

 7th July Clitheroe Castle  Charlie Fee JM11-14  07:36
 16th June Burnley  Helana White JW11-14  06:58
 Guy Whalley JM11-14  08:26
Clitheroe Castle  Emily Nicholls JW11-14  08:35
 23rd June Burnley  Olivia Huyton JW11-14  08:42

June Roundup

Welcome to June’s Roundup

This month you’ve got a wealth of interesting Race Reports and articles to read. The Roundup is nothing without these, so special thanks go to this month’s contributors – Rachael White, Michelle Abbott, Katy Thompson, Craig Eccles, Donna Airey, Cassie Darling-Smedley, Irene Roche and Jason Pier.

As usual, please let me know of any mistakes or omissions and I’ll sort it out as soon as possible – just email roundup@claytonlemoors.org.uk

July and August’s Roundups will be amalgamated due to holidays. Please forward your race reports as usual though. Thanks!

 Modern Pentathlon Laser Run

by Rachael White

When is running not just running?,  When you run into a target area, shoot at targets with a laser pistol until you have 5 hits and then run 400-80 m, round a course and back into the shooting range to repeat the whole process several times in an exciting first past the post Modern Pentathlon Laser Run competition .

Helana White. Photo by Rachael White

Helana White. Photo by Rachael White

This is what 2 Clayton Juniors Alfie and Helana did in the British Laser Run Championship Qualifiers on 23rd June. They both train in Modern Pentathlon, (Alfie also Fences weekly) – and entered the completion against the top British Athletes.  Both were successful in their competitions, and  have now been selected by Pentathlon GB to represent Great Britain in the European Championships in Weiden, Germany in August and the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary in early September.

Alfie White. Photo by Rachael White

Alfie White. Photo by Rachael White

Their passion for shooting and competing is infectious, so straight after the Trawden Burnley & Pendle Grandprix race, Helana & Alfie were joined by Ellisia and Robbie travelling west to Fleetwood for the School Games Qualifiers at Rossall School. – All four children were amazing (especially considering the run course had been marked out wrong and they ran an extra 400 metres). They have now been ranked against all other heats in the country and wait to see if they have made the national schools finals.

Robbie Smedley. Photo by Rachael White

Robbie Smedley. Photo by Rachael White

It is great to see the Clayton Juniors using their run speed and stamina and fitness in other sports, not just the traditional running.

Ellissia Smedley. Photo by Rachael White

Ellissia Smedley. Photo by Rachael White

Witton Park Relays Race Report

by Michelle Abbott

Well I had the pleasure of managing 9 fabulous ladies teams for the Witton Park Relays, my first one as official road captain and I had an amazing response. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of ladies. Everyone gave it their all and we had some brilliant results across the board.


Judith had an amazing sprint finish, giving everything to finish in front. Photo by David Belshaw


I just want to to say thank you to all that took part with an extra thank you to Donna Airey who went out twice – you’re a star! Hopefully I will see plenty of you ladies for the next relays at Sport City in September, you can’t beat a good team event.

Aggies Staircase Fell Race Report

Report by Katy Thompson

After several years of doing results and a couple of years of being on holiday, this was my first chance to do my local race for 10 years. A fine evening saw 88 runners set off from Punstock Road for the first climb up to Darwen Tower, then back down to the top of Bold Venture Park and up the overgrown gully that is Jacobs Ladder. Over the moor and down to the bottom of Aggies Staircase, the shortest but steepest of the three climbs, now very eroded. Then it was back past the Tower and down to the finish at Punstock, midgy as usual.

The ladies' prosecco and wine haul. Photo by Katy Thompson

The ladies’ prosecco and wine haul. Photo by Katy Thompson

I was pleased to be only a couple of minutes slower than 10 years ago. Being local, l stayed for the prizegiving, where we were given first Ladies team. I was a bit surprised as Chorley had got several ladies prizes and it turned out they were actually first team with 1st, 3rd and 4th to our 5th (Michelle Abbott), 6th (Lisa Ellis) and 8th (Me). But we got to keep the prosecco anyway!

Hendon Brook Race Report

by Craig Eccles

Having raced this three times previously over the years I knew exactly what to expect, the only difference this time round is that two years ago I had major knee surgery and was told by my surgeon that I’d never run again. Fortunately, with the right mind set and help of my superb physio and fellow fell runner, Lee Shimwell, I’ve managed to get back to running, not as fast as before but back all the same.

Being primarily a fell runner, Hendon Brook is my favourite road race, challenging but manageable.

As with all race days, I turned up to register nice and early only just missing out on race number “1” so instead I asked for my lucky number “13”. I passed the next hour chatting to other runners, some of which I haven’t seen for a very long time. It’s now 10.30am and nerves are setting in, just the usual, what if I don’t get round, how would I get back, etc, etc.

Due to the heat and the distance of the race, I decided that I’d not warm up and instead use the first mile or two as my warm up with a view of trying to preserve my knees.

 11am – the usual pre race briefing from John and we’re off, nice and steady pace, nothing silly.

Craig, lucky 13, near the start of Hendon Brook. Photo by David Belshaw

Craig, lucky 13, near the start of Hendon Brook. Photo by David Belshaw

Feeling really good up to The Shooters water station my good friend and ex club member, Mick Hughes, caught me up.  He could have just said “Hi” and shot off but he suggested that we run together for a while – this actually lasted for the next 10 miles. The heat wasn’t too bad, the occasional areas of shade and gusts of wind were very welcome.  Thoroughly enjoyed running through Catlow Ford, Thursden Valley, Coldwell and down to Trawden.

At last we’re at the centre of Colne and heading down to the Admiral Lord Rodney, not far to go now, only two and half miles and a small matter of Lenches to tackle and it’s job done.

I’ve never had a problem with Lenches previously but with the knees as they are this time it got me good and proper.  Nothing for it but to walk as fast as possible, get up it and hopefully be able to go again once at the top. A quick check of the watch confirmed that I’m not going to break any records, but I already knew that. Using every bit of guts, determination and experience I managed to keep going at a reasonable pace. You would not believe the relief I felt at seeing the back end of the golf course knowing that I am now really close to finishing.

Turning the last corner into the school, and I have no idea where it came from, I managed a bit of a sprint to the finishing line clocking 2.15.46, nowhere near my fastest time of just under 1.50 but still just to finish was all this year was about, job done.

Craig using all his reserves for a sprint finish. Photo by David Belshaw.

Craig using all his reserves for a sprint finish. Photo by David Belshaw.

Would I do it again? Absolutely, hopefully next year.

A massive thank you has to go out to absolutely everybody who gave up their time to provide water, food and support along the route.

Calderdale Way Marathon Race Report

by Donna Airey

Donna Airey with husband Alan at the Calderdale Marathon. Photo by Donna Airey

Donna Airey with husband Alan at the Calderdale Marathon. Photo by Donna Airey

I entered this local-ish marathon to use as part of training.
Registration was in Todmorden. As a point to point race, you then could either make your own way or get on the bus to the start.
The route takes in legs 6, 1 and some of leg 2 of the relays before finishing in Todmorden.
A very enjoyable route through the lovely Calderdale countryside.
Having done leg 1 a couple of times in the relays I knew what was waiting for me 10 miles in, hills, hills and more hills. Great organised event, the marshals at check points were a god send as was the food.
Was very happy to finish 2nd solo female.

Baht’at Trail Marathon Race Report

by Cassie Darling-Smedley
Michelle and Cassie enjoying their hard-earned slushes

Michelle and Cassie enjoying their hard-earned slushes. Photo: Baht’at Trail Marathon

As part of mine and Michelle Abbott’s long run days, we decided to book onto the Baht’at marathon, a tough one but we were confident that we would have been up to the miles on training runs by then so went for it. Our first marathon too.

How wrong could we be! Injuries prevented us from doing our long runs, so the furthest we had run leading up to the race was around 10k, no where near where we should have been. As you all know what we are like, this wasn’t going to stop us taking part. Our aim was to complete in around 5 1/2 hours.

The weather was rather warm as we set off. It seemed to climb, climb and climb some more. As we got to the Fell section, we took on some refreshments, scanned our chips and set back off again. The views were amazing. The route lead us through where the fires had been on Ilkely Moors, and it was amazing to see the plant life growing back. We tagged back off the Moors and it was a well deserved decent all the way back to the start, only to remember we had to do it all again.

I wasn’t aware, but Michelle had a plan on the way back up! She had spotted a chippy that was selling slush 😂 With her emergency money, we called in and enjoyed a walk to the first marshal station. We were greeted by runners of the half coming back down, most saying “you’re mad” or “rather you than me”.

To say it was tough is an understatement. I struggled on the way back down, everything was hurting. Michelle, as always, kept me going and provided entertainment throughout.

It was enjoyable but tough! First marathon completed, bring on the Ultra!

Trawden Trail Race Report

By Irene Roche
Team Clayton at Trawden (Irene crouching with the Juniors at the front). Photo by David Belshaw

Team Clayton at Trawden (Irene crouching with the Juniors at the front). Photo by David Belshaw

With the Pendle and Burnley Grand Prix now in full swing there was a record attendance for the Trawden 7 Trail Race.
Having missed last year’s race here, the long climb in the first mile (following the run round the field at the start of the race) seemed to take forever to complete. But once the top was reached we had a mixed terrain of paths, fields and more tarmac. And…plenty more hills.  It was good to see lots of new faces as well as the usual ones at the GP events.  All of which had their own race stories to discuss at the end as we mixed together with a well earned bottle of beer and pie, organised by Trawden Athletic Club.
Will be back next year!

Jason Pier’s June

by Jason Pier
The month of June started with the Kelbrook fell race. A short tough course on a mixture of tarmac, trail and fell. Again there was a record attendance at the latest Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix event. As with my previous races I managed to get a good start for the steady climb up the road and across the field, before descending down across the river and up to the other side. The big hill that everyone talks about was soon upon us. At this point you can lose or gain quite a few places on your competitors. Luckily for me I managed to gain places simply just by scrambling my way to the top. With legs like jelly I started on the fast downhill return (which is the most enjoyable part of Kelbrook race) and after a sprint finish was over the line in 26.46mins. An almost 3 minute pb and more surprising for me was the 1st V45 award, the first race award I’ve ever won. Absolutely buzzing.
Jason sprinting to the finish at Kelbrook. Photo by David Belshaw

Jason sprinting to the finish at Kelbrook. Photo by David Belshaw

Next up for me was a couple of 5k races which were Burnley Parkrun and the Barrowford 5k. I’ve been working hard on my speed in training and these two races would test how well the training had gone. They are also ideal races to judge if you run better in a morning or evening race situation. Set myself a target time of sub 20 and spurred on at the end by Danny and Ryan (thanks lads) managed a parkrun pb of 19.11. With that time also now my 5k best I moved on to the Barrowford race looking for more improvement and so I entered the A race for sub 20 runners. With very consistent lap times and again spurred on by the many shouts of encouragement I finished with yet another pb, this time 18.35.
Jason digging deep at the Podium Race, Barrowford.

Jason digging deep at the Podium Race, Barrowford.

Sabden 6 trail race was next and a first time entrant for me too. With not doing this race before I wasn’t sure what to expect. It has everything, flat, steady climbs, fast downhill and of course a sting in the tail at mile 5. This time I didn’t have my usual good start and after getting boxed in on the narrow road I had a lot of catching up to do. I managed to claw back a number of places before the hill climbs started, but on reflection may have gone off too quickly. Found it hard going on the climbs to be honest, but stuck at it and all the time thinking what was to come at mile 5. Was it as bad as everyone was saying. Coming up the rough road you could hear the cheers for those already at the climb to the reservoir, and looking to my right there it was. I must admit I quite liked that climb and I must say the support and encouragement from everyone most certainly helped. Again much like Kelbrook my legs were like jelly at the top but knew I was on my way back to the finish. Another new race ticked off and a time of 45.31 so happy with the progress.
Looking strong at Sabden

Looking strong at Sabden. Photo by SportSunday.

Last race of June was the Witton Park Relay. A great event organised by Richard Taylor which brings together club members of all abilities. It’s also a great team bonding event where everyone is rooting for each other and nobody feels under pressure. Great turn out from Clayton with many Junior, Men’s and Ladies teams taking part. Running as part of the Men’s C team along with Craig Stansfield and Iain Wilkinson we managed a respectable overall time of 55.06mins and a 35th place finish. Well done to all the Clayton teams and especially our Junior boys of Charlie Parkinson, Nick Hennessey and Jackson McKay who were not only 1st junior boys team but also broke the junior course record too.

Results Roundup

1st June – Kelbrook Fell Race (PBGP) – Results

1st MU18 – Nicholas Hennessey; 1st M45 – Jason Pier; 3rd M50 – Andrew Priory; 3rd M60 – Alan Archer; 1st M65 – Stephen Biscomb; 1st M75 – David Scott; 2nd WSEN – Claire Vincent; 3rd WSEN – Elizabeth Stephenson; 3rd W35 – Lisa Ellis; 2nd W45 – Janice Davies; 3rd W45 – Rachel Gilmore; 1st W60 – Julia Taylor; 1st W70 – Karin Goss; 2nd W70 – Christine Leathley

1st June – Long Duddon Fell Race – Results

3rd overall – Andy Laycock; 1st FV50 – Jean Brown; 1st FV60 – Wendy Dodds.

1st June – Pen-y-Ghent Fell Race – Results

2nd MV40 – Peter Coates; 1st LV60 – Nicola Dugdale

1st June – Wharfedale Trail Half Marathon – Results

3rd MV50 – Chris Funnell; 1st MV65 – Jeffrey Pickup.

1st June – Calderdale Way Ultra Races – Results

2nd June – Morecambe 10k – Results

5th June – Astley Park Trail Series 2/4 – Results

9th June – Marsden 10 – Results

12th June – Holcome Two Towers – Results

2nd M50 – Craig Stansfield; 1st M60 – Peter Dugdale.

13th June – Two Lads Fell Race, Horwich – Results

14th June – Podium, Barrowford (PBGP) – A Race – B Race – U16:30 Race – Junior Races

15th June – Pilling 10K – Results

15th June – Buckden Pike – Results

1st M60 – Peter Dugdale; 3rd M60 – Andrew Firth.

15th June – Great Lakes Fell Race – Results

1st M70 – Jack Holt

16th June – Father’s Day 10K, Lancaster – Results

1st MV60 – Alan Clarkson

16th June – British Masters 5K Road Championships, Horwich – Results

16th June – Kettlewell Fell Race (BOFRA) – Results

1st Lady – Briony Holt.

18th June – The Tor Fell Race, Helmshore – Results

3rd overall and 2nd MJ – Charlie Parkinson; 2nd M55 – Martin Brady.

18th June – Paddy’s Pole Fell Race – Results

1st MV40 – Peter Coates; 2nd MV50 – Alan Life; 3rd MV50 – Andrew Priory; 1st FV60 – Nichola Dugdale; 1st FV70 – Linda Lord.

19th June – Sabden Trail Races (PBGP) – Senior Results – Junior Results

2nd M7 – Alistair Motley; 2nd F13 – Eleanor Edwards; 1st F15 – Helana White; 2nd M15 – William Woodruff; 1st F17 – Sophie Ashworth – 2nd F17 – Bethany Wheatcroft; 1st M17 – Jackson Mackay; 3rd M17 – Peter Stevens; 3rd F40 – Lisa Stansfield; 3rd F50 – Helen Harrison; 1st F60 – Irene Roche; 1st F70 – Karin Goss; 3rd MS – Mark Magee; 2nd M60 – John Roche; 3rd M60 – Stephen Ainsworth; 2nd M65 – Robert Hirst; 2nd M70 – Barry Mitchell.

20th June – Aggies Staircase Fell Race – Results

3rd M50 – Alan Life; 1st W65 – Katy Thompson; 2nd M55 – Martin Brady. 1st Ladies Team (Lisa Ellis, Michelle Abbott, Katy Thompson).

27th June – Witton Park Trail Relays – Results

1st MJ Team – Charlie Parkinson, Nicholas Hennessey, Jackson Mackay; 2nd FJ Team – Helana White, Ella Dorrington-Levy, Briony Holt.

29th June – Whaley Waltz Fell Race – Results

30th June – Trawden 7 (PBGP) – Senior Results

2nd F60 – Irene Roche; 1st F70 – Karin Goss; 3rd F70 – Christine Leathley; 3rd M55 – Kevin Davies; 1st M60 – John Roche; 2nd M60 – Stephen Ainsworth; 1st M75 – David Scott; 1st MU21 – Nicholas Hennessey; 3rd MU21 – Alfie White.

Parkrun Roundup

1st June Burnley Iain Wilkinson SM30-34 19:20
Erin Hesketh JW10 25:12
Clitheroe Castle Charlie Fee  JM11-14 21:41
 8th June Burnley Jason Pier  VM45-49 19:11
Olivia Huyton  JW11-14  25:43
Hyndburn Martin Brady  VM55-59 24:17
 22nd June Burnley Helana White  JW11-14  18:16
Wayne McIntosh  VM35-39  21:53
Olivia Huyton  JW11-14  25:20
TJ Ellis  JW15-17  28:18
Clitheroe Castle Charlie Fee  JM11-14  21:04
Hyndburn Jack O’Hara  SM20-24  22:39
Rachel Gilmore  VW45-49  27:07
 29th June Burnley Carl Carey  VM45-49  21:16
Wayne McIntosh  VM35-39  21:44

Junior Parkrun Roundup

 9th June Burnley  Eliena Lusty JW10  08:26
 16th June Burnley  Helana White JW11-14  06:58
 Guy Whalley JM11-14  08:26
Clitheroe Castle  Emily Nicholls JW11-14  08:35
 23rd June Burnley  Olivia Huyton JW11-14  08:42

May Roundup

Thanks for this month’s Roundup go to Kath Brady (for uploading results to the Team Clayton Facebook page, keeping me up to date with who’s running where), to Mark Nutter for his brilliant race report, and to Jason Pier and Will Herman for writing about their running experiences this month.

As usual, if I’ve missed a race or achievement out, or if you’d like to mention a team member’s superb race effort, just let me know – roundup@claytonlemoors.org.uk

Race Reports

Pendle Cloughs Race Report 2019

Proudly sponsored by

In my report for last year’s race I promised ‘Mist over Pendle’ for 2019. How wrong I was! Despite having freak hailstorms the day before the race whilst I was putting out some of the controls it was, yet again, a case of factor 50 suncream!

103 runners set off following the flagged section through flat fields taking in the lovely aroma of bluebells from the neighbouring woodland of the Downham Estate. Appearing to lull the runners into what they might have seen as an ‘easy day out on the fells’ they soon realised the severity of the race as they reached the fell gate and met the climb up Burst Clough – the first of eight climbs. With bumbags laden with full ‘FRA Kit’ and the sun blazing down it was going to be a tough day on Pendle.

After around 45 mins the leading four were within seconds of each other at CP3 at the bottom of the ‘Big End’, but by CP6 at Ashendean Clough this was reduced to the trio of Iain Embrey (Bowland), Nick Leigh (Horwich) and record holder Tom Brunt (DkPk). Iain and Nick were pushing strongly into Ogden Clough and then up Boar Clough to the summit of the hill, whilst Tom was struggling to maintain the fast pace set by the leaders. Once reaching the summit it’s a 2 ½ mile downhill dash to the finish, but not forgetting the check point at Robin Hoods well (which some struggle to find!) on the way. It was a sprint to the finish line, which comes into sight for the last 200 meters, and it was Iain who managed to just hold off Nick by 1 second. Tom finished in 3rd place just over 3 minutes behind, although he managed to hold onto the course record of 2.04.20 which he set in 2012.

In the ladies race it was Sarah Littleman (DkPk) who showed an early promise with a lead of nearly two minutes by CP3 at the bottom of the ‘Big End’. But Jean Brown (Clayton-le-Moors) had her in her sights by CP5 at Stainscomb and managed to overtake her en route to CP6 at Ashendean Clough and powered on to win with nearly a two minute margin. Full results.

The top 20 were the lucky finishers who managed to get changed before the unforecasted downpour, with the remaining runners finishing wet, but still happy!

As usual the finishing area was crowded with runners pouring over their maps discussing their routes, or deciding which bottle of Moorhouse’s beer to choose, which all runners received as the race was sponsored by Moorhouse’s Brewery.

Many runners commented how much they enjoyed parts of the route which lacked footpaths and took them to places seldom visited on Pendle. Despite it being tougher than some expected, they all promised to be back next year.

A huge thank you to the marshals and helpers, the landowners and farmers and you, the runners, for making this race a pleasure to organise. Tell your mates about how much you enjoyed it this year and bring them back with you next year for a great race and some more Moorhouse’s beer.

One year we will have ‘Mist Over Pendle’ so you’ll be glad you found your route in clear weather this time! Next year’s race will be on Saturday 9 May 2020. See you all there!

Mark Nutter, Race Organiser

The Bob Graham Round

by Will Herman


Much has been written of the Bob Graham Round, by better writers and better runners than me.

I will not attempt to emulate them. It is too soon for one thing.

One week after completing the BG, I am still absorbing the experience, recalling moments on the mountains that I think of as home, moments with friends, moments of discomfort, of pain, of joy and of simply being. To run on the fells for nearly 24hrs is an experience few will ever know. It is one I will never forget.

It is impossible to say where the journey began. The Bob is something that has occupied my mind, at times wholly, for at least five years. It is something that I was aware of, and held muted aspirations towards for many years before that.


It was, I think, while waiting for friends beneath Rossett Pike to support an attempt in 2015, that I acknowledged my own desire to make a serious attempt. I watched three or four groups come through that day, though my friends never arrived, a knee injury forcing a halt on Fairfield.

Two years later and I found myself running up Skiddaw on my first attempt. As darkness fell, so the clag descended and from there on things got steadily worse. Leg 2 was run on bearings throughout in appalling visibility and strong winds. On Fairfield, after hours of intense concentration in dire conditions, I accepted it wasn’t meant to be and we called it a day at Dunmail. It was the right decision.

But The Bob is a journey once begun, that needs closure.

Late in 2018, I started to make serious preparations once again. Long runs in all weathers, hard days on the fells in full winter conditions, painful physio sessions, a more disciplined stretching routine than I have ever stuck too in the past…

To the dismay of some, I continued racing until the week before, recording some of my best results to date – 8th at Eskdale Elevation, 8th at Pendle Cloughs – both tough AL races covering some rough ground. Racing is perhaps not the best training for a BG but it gave me confidence. And that confidence is key.

And so after months of preparation, at 7.05am on May 18th, I set off for a second attempt, running anti-clockwise in the Clayton-le-Moors tradition, which suited my schedule and body clock.


The first two legs felt easy enough, and while it was a little harder to get going again after a rest at Wasdale, leg 3 never felt overly taxing and I arrived at Dunmail feeling confident. Leg 4 was hard. Fairfield was dispatched in short order but after that things went awry. Dizziness and nausea plagued me passing Helvellyn and for the length of the Dodds. By the end of Leg 3 I was an hour ahead of a 22hr schedule, but on leg 4, moving more slowly than I realised, the buffer I had created disappeared.

Climbing out of Threlkeld, Blencathra hidden in the clag, I clawed up the ridge for what seemed like hours. By the time we reached the summit I had other problems. My left knee was becoming increasingly painful and the descent towards Calva was a blur or darkness, clag and pain. Worse still, we were not in fact descending towards Calva. The pain in my knee was forcing me off the traverse onto a more direct descent which put less stress on the joint. By the time we arrived in the valley we were seriously off route.


There followed a nightmarish traverse, leaping through huge spongy tussocks covered in 3ft high heather, to regain the trod beside Wiley Gill. Somewhere along the way, the pain, nausea and tiredness turned to raw determination and, as though racing, I ran and paced hard up Calva. A fast descent pulled enough time back to ease off slightly on the last climb of Skiddaw and approaching the summit, choking back unexpected emotion, I stood in the bitter wind, trying to understand there were no more.


The descent was long and slow, secure at last in the knowledge I would make it to the Moot Hall within 24hrs.


After nearly 70 miles, 42 summits and some 27,000ft of ascent, at 6.52am I touched the green door of the Moot Hall, completing the Bob Graham Round.

Could I have gone faster, stopped less, taken a better line off Blencathra? Yes. Will I run it again, try for a ‘fast’ round? Maybe. But first there are the summer’s races to come. And then, maybe, Ramsay’s Round.

For now it is enough.
So many people helped along the way, not just on the weekend of the attempt, but in the months and years leading to it and I am hugely grateful to all, for the advice and encouragement given and the confidence shown.

A special vote of thanks must go to Andy Laycock who ran legs 2 & 3, and then turned out again in the early hours to run the final leg in poor conditions. And to all of the support runners, more than one of whom also ran more than one leg and whose support and enthusiasm for my attempt was humbling.

The runners:

Leg 1: Russell Clarke, Matt Perry, Chris Snell, Richard Briscoe
Leg 2: Andy Laycock, David Bagot, Peter Coates
Leg 3: Hayley Evans, Andy Laycock, Andy Webster
Leg 4: Ralph Baines, Andrew Priory, Mark Nutter
Leg 5: Hayley Evans, Andy Laycock, Ralph Baines, David Bagot

And last but far from least, thanks to Sarah Robertshaw for ferrying bags and bodies around Cumbria and making sure everyone was where they needed to be.

Thank you all.



Jason Pier’s May

Hameldon Hill
Jason at Hambledon Hill. Photo by David Belshaw

Jason at Hameldon Hill. Photo by David Belshaw

Due to me organising the Hameldon Junior Races for the last few years I’ve not been able to take part in the senior event. That changed this year with Marion Wilkinson taking over the role of presenting the junior prizes and Briony Holt relieving me of my junior tail runners job. (Thank you)  This enabled me to relax a little more and prepare for the race. I didn’t have the best of starts, getting boxed in going around the trees on the playing field. Once onto the road, I got into a good steady rhythm ready for the climb up to the top of the coppice. After reaching the top, and after my legs had recovered, I set my sights on a couple of my team mates with the aim of keeping as close to them as possible. I was feeling pretty good, and even managed to pass a couple of runners at the trig point. The long downhill return is always a fast affair and I had to give it my all to keep up with team mate and future Calderdale Way Relay Partner Gareth Berry. I was chuffed to bits to finish just behind him knocking 8 minutes off my previous best time.
Thanks to Michael Clarke, Jane Ryan and all the volunteers for putting on a great event.
Pinhaw Fell Race
Jason finishing strongly at Pinhaw. Photo by David Belshaw

Jason finishing strongly at Pinhaw. Photo by David Belshaw

First time runner at the Pinhaw Fell Race.
I arrived at registration at the cricket club in good time. Only been in the club once before and had forgotten how compact it was. After joining the long spiralling queue and waiting what seemed like ages, I had my number and was ready for the 5 mile race. Warm up complete, and after several good luck handshakes we were off. One good thing about running at a race for the first time is you don’t know what to expect. I’d heard from others that it was a long continuous climb up to the beacon, believe me it was. I managed to get up to the beacon in a decent time then it was all out on the downhill section. Lost a couple of places to the more experienced fell runners coming across the fell. Again had to work hard just to keep up with them. Luckily I pulled one place back and even managed to pass the first lady finisher at the Red Lion pub on the way to the finish line. Happy with my time of 37.25
Wholan Nook
Jason heading uphil at Wholan Nook. Photo by David Belshaw

Jason heading uphill at Wholan Nook. Photo by David Belshaw

Next race of the month for me was the Wholan Nook trail race. Another race I’d not done for a few years. The last time I ran this race it started down the lane at the far end of the lake. I took my place amongst the record number of runners and positioned myself near the front so I could get a good start. This race has everything, fast flat sections, testing up hill and fast downhill and is always a popular event. I managed to maintain a good pace all the way around and felt strong at the end picking off a couple of runners to record a time of 36.09
Again thanks to John Roche and all the volunteers.
Calderdale Way Relay
One of the main reasons for competing in the first few Grand Prix races was to judge my form against other club runners as I’d managed to be selected to run leg 2 for the B Team. I won’t deny it but I was a little worried in March when I found out I was paired with Gareth Berry. All sorts of thoughts went through my mind. ” I’ll never keep up with him”, “I’ll let the team down”, etc. After running the three races in early May I was starting to feel much more confident. I went on the official recce the week before just to make sure I knew where I was going. Race day came and we met up with Simon, Neil and Barbara leaving one car at the finish and driving the other to the start. Registration and kit check done we waited as the leg 1 runners started to come in. We took over from Iain Wilkinson and Nick Roscoe who had both run a great leg. Our leg took us up to Withins Reservoir before heading up to Stoodley Pike. Me not being as confident a fell runner on the steep decent as others a couple of teams passed us. Working hard as a pair we managed to retake a few teams heading down into Todmorden. The sting in the tail on leg 2 is Dobroyd Road. A hell of a climb on tarmac taking you up above Todmorden before the fast decent into and through the woods above Todmorden Sports Centre where we handed over to Charlie Parkinson and Keiron Mitchell. Got to say I loved the relays and was again happy with our time of 1hr 15 minutes. Cheers Gareth we made a great pairing.  Thanks to Wayne McIntosh and Paul Wale for sorting out the teams.
Burnley Lions 10k 

Last race of May for me was the Burnley Lions 10k in Colne. Great 2 lap course starting outside Colne cricket club. Testing climb up to the Alma Inn then past Colne golf club and back to the cricket club before starting lap 2. Again my thought was to position myself near the front to get away quick. Had a great tussle all the way around with team mate Andy Holt pushing each other right to the end. Very happy with a time of 41.27 on a tough course.

A Word from Will Herman – Lakes Meets:

With the Bob Graham put to bed and a minor injury on the mend, I’m planning to start the monthly Lakes meets again in July. I will post full details in the coming weeks but the first date for the diary is Sunday 14th July. The venue is likely to be Wasdale and the route around 12m, taking in the less rocky summits around Haystacks.

Results Roundup

1st May – Lothersdale Fell Race – Results

1st May – Hollingworth Lake Race 1 – Results

1st FJU16 – Helana White; 2nd MU23 – Alfie White.

4th May – Bollington 3 Peaks Fell Race – Results

4th May – Coniston Fell Race – Results

Clayton Harriers at Coniston Fell Race - photo by Dave Motley

Clayton Harriers at Coniston Fell Race – photo by Dave Motley

5th May – The John Purdy Memorial Springhill Hospice Cowm 5k – Results

5th May – Hameldon Hill Fell Race (PBGP) – Senior Results – Junior Results

3rd M45 – Andrew Holt; 3rd M60 – John Roche; 1st M70 – Dugald McCallum; 2nd FS – Clare Vincent; 3rd FS – Helen O’Rourke; 3rd F45 – Janice Davies; 3rd F55 Julia Rushton; 1st F60 – Linda Bostock; 2nd F60 – Irene Roche; 1st F70 Karin Goss; 2nd F70 – Christine Leathley.

1st F11 – Lottie Grace Smith; 2nd F13 – Eliena Lusty; 2nd M15 – Robbie Smedley; 1st F15 – Helana White; 2nd M17 – Peter Stevens; 3rd M17 – William Nicholls; 1st F17 – Sophie Ashworth.

6th May – Coiners Fell Race – Results

9th May – Ian Casey Memorial Cowm 5k Race – Results

1st M60 – Alan Clarkson; 2nd M70 – Ron Chappell

10th May – Pinhaw Trail Race (PBGP) – Results

3rd M45 – Andrew Webster; 3rd M50 – Andrew Priory; 2nd M55 – David Naughton; 1st M60 – Stephen Ainsworth; 2nd M60 – Alan Clarkson; 1st M65 – Stephen Biscomb; 3rd M65 – Jeffrey Pickup.

11th May – Pendle Cloughs Fell Race – Results

1st L and 1st LV50 – Jean Brown; 2nd V50 – Mick Proctor; 2nd V60 – Brian Horrocks; 1st V70 – Jack Holt.

11th May – Flower Scar Fell Race – Results

12th May – Wigan Trail 10k – Results

14th May – Mearley Clough Fell Race – Results

1st U18M and 3rd overall – Jackson Mackay; 2nd V50 – Alan Life; 3rd U18 – Christopher Brown; 1st U23 – Sean Leo Grover; 3rd L and 1st LU18 – Ella Dorrington; 2nd LV50 – Jean Brown;  1st V60 – Peter Dugdale; 1st V70 – Kieran Carr; 1st LV70 – Linda M Lord; 2nd LV70 – Karin Goss; 3rd LV40 – Teresa de Curtis; 1st LV60 – Nicola Dugdale.

15th May – Wholan Nook Trail Race – Results

1st F60 – Irene Roche; 2nd F60 – Jean Knightley; 1st F70 – Karin Goss; 2nd F70 – Christine Leathley; 2nd MJ – Nicholas Hennessey; 3rd MJ – Charlie Parkinson; 2nd M60 – Stephen Ainsworth; 3rd M60 – Alan Clarkson; 1st M65 – Stephen Biscomb;

18th May – Fairfield Horseshoe – Results

19th May – Calderdale Way Relays – Results

20th – 24th May – Dragon’s Back Race – Results

Craig Stansfield. Astonishing! Photo by No Limits Photography

Craig Stansfield during the Dragon’s Back Race. Astonishing! Photo by No Limits Photography

21st May – Ogden Valley Round – Results

24th May – Burnley Lions 10k (PBGP) – Results

2nd MJ – Nick Hennessey; 3rd MJ – Alfie White; 3rd M45 – Jason Pier; 2nd M60 – Stephen Ainsworth; 3rd M60 – Alan Clarkson; 1st M75 – David Scott; 3rd F40 – Sarah Whittaker; 2nd F45 – Janice Davies; 3rd F55 – Julia Rushton; 2nd F70 – Karin Goss.

25th May – Isle of Jura Fell Race – Results

25th May – Ras Y Moelwyn – Results

Nichola Dugdale and Jean Brown with their category winners' trophies. Photo: Andrew Firth

Nichola Dugdale and Jean Brown with their category winners’ trophies at Ras Y Moelwyn. Photo: Andrew Firth

1st FV50 – Jean Brown; 1st FV60 – Nichola Dugdale.

25th May – Hutton Roof Fell Race – Results

26th May – Helvellyn and the Dodds – Results

26th May – Sedbergh – U19 Results – U17 Results – U15 Results – U13 Results

27th May – Austwick Amble – Results

27th May – Bowley Hill – Results

29th May – Fo(e) Edge – Results

1st MV60 – Alan Archer; 3rd LSEN – Sophie Ashworth.

29th May – Hollingworth Lake Race 5 – Results

1st F and 1st FJU16 – Helana White; 3rd M U23 – Alfie White.

30th May – Ingleton Waterfalls – Results

3rd M35 – Mark Taylor; 1st M60 – Peter Duedale; 1st F60 – Jude Ashworth.

30th May – That’s so Hebden Bridge – Results


Parkrun Roundup

Date Venue Name Age Time
 4th May  Burnley  Wayne McIntosh VM35-39  22:35
 Lucy Scott  SW30-34  26:06
 Millie Hesketh  JW10  30:54
 Pendle  Martin Brady  VM55-59  23:21
 11th May  Burnley  Michael Stevens  JM15-17  17:39
 Jackson Mackay  JM15-17  18:01
 Peter Stevens  JM15-17  18:34
 Charlie Barnes  JM10  20:50
 Clitheroe Castle  Emily Nicholls  JW11-14  24:28
 Yvonne Wickham  VW55-59  28:19
 18th May  Clitheroe Castle  Craig Nicholls  VM40-44  21:06
 Pendle  Carl Carey  VM45-49  23:13
 25th May  Burnley  Helana White  JW11-14  18:30
 Connor Jones  JM11-14  20:02
 Amelia Halstead  JW11-14  22:16

Junior Parkrun Roundup

Date Venue Name Age Time
 5th May  Burnley  Olivia Huyton  JW11-14  09:02
 Erin Hesketh  JW10  09:21
 Millie Hesketh  JW10  10:38

Asda Green Token £500 award

Clayton-le-Moors Harriers Juniors were recently presented with a cheque for £500 from the Asda Green Token Scheme. The scheme which runs quarterly in stores is to help local community groups, sees Asda customers choose from one of three causes, and give them their “green tokens”.

Clayton-le-Moors Harriers Juniors, who won the challenge in Asda Burnley for January to March this year are delighted to have been presented with a cheque for £500. The money will go towards tracksuits and other kit for the local running group which trains in Burnley, and competes all over the north of England in many different disciplines including road running, cross-country and fell running.

Annette McGowan-Doe, Asda Burnley’s Community Co-ordinator, presents the £500 cheque. Photo David Belshaw

Annette McGowan-Doe, Asda Burnley’s Community Co-ordinator, presents the £500 cheque. Photo David Belshaw

They were presented with their cheque at a training session at Barden track taken by lead coaches Marion Wilkinson and Jason Pier. Marion said “We are so pleased to receive this award from Asda. Their support for our club, and their commitment to community groups and projects is vital, and very much appreciated. The money will be well spent on our large number of Junior runners who train and show such dedication week-in, week-out”.

April Roundup

Clayton Harriers have been very busy racing not just all over the country (from fell to road and even the London Marathon – well done Colin White and Elizabeth Stephenson), but internationally too – see Donna Airey’s report of her fantastic Boston Marathon. It would be great to hear more from you about your race experiences – I hope this month’s report will inspire you to contribute. Email your words and pictures to roundup@claytonlemoors.org.uk

As usual, if anything is missing or incorrect, please email to let us know then it can be corrected.

Donna’s Boston Marathon

Report by Donna Airey

So I, if you haven’t heard already…..

I did a 132 day running streak, ran Jamaica Pond USA parkrun then ran a few miles in Boston. Boston Marathon, held on Patriots day and is the oldest marathon going in its 123rd year.The only way to get in is run a good for age time at another marathon or “buy” your way in.

Desperately trying to calm my nerves the night before, I came across the following quote. Boston is the cream of the crop in the marathon world, it has such history that you feel such honour to be part of it. The days leading up to marathon were treated like a holiday, cocktails, burgers, sightseeing and a lot of walking. Not ideal prep which also added to my pre race nerves.

As a point to point race, runners were transported to the start on American yellow school buses which I thought was well cool. At this point the weather was horrific. Thunderstorms and heavy rain. Athlete’s village was like a bog. Although I did smile thinking there was more mud there than I saw all XC season. By time we started it had fined up but was extremely humid.

I set off well, way faster than my “plan”. 10 miles in and the sun decided to show. By 14 miles I felt like there was no way I would finish and I hadn’t even hit the hills yet!l. Dropping the pace felt worse. The last 12 miles I decided I’d have to run/walk, best decision I made. This gave me chance to chat to other runner’s, high five dogs and every child willing and soak up every single second of it. The spectator’s were truly awesome, every single part of the route was deep with people. You could hear constant cheering, people offering all sorts of goodies, including beer (which I thought was mean). Those miles flew by.

Donna with a huge smile after finishing the Boston Marathon. Photo by Alan Airey

Donna with a huge smile after finishing the Boston Marathon. Photo by Alan Airey

Big races have never appealed to me, Boston may just have changed my mind.
Proud to see me in my Clayton vest on the finish line on Boston Marathon!

Donna with her Finishers Medal. Photo by Alan Airey

Donna with her Finishers Medal. Photo by Alan Airey

Eskdale Elevation

Race Report by Will Herman

Eskdale Elevation

Eskdale Elevation

I’d been chasing an Ambleside AC vest for what seemed like hours. He’d slipped out of sight going over Whin Rigg. I’d caught him, nearly, traversing beneath Illgill Head, bare arms freezing in the bitter wind despite the sun. I’d lost him in the tussocks north of Burnmoor Tarn. And now he was on the skyline above – still running somehow – towards the summit of Scafell. It was a gap I could close if I could just keep pace. I slipped and landed heavily before clawing up and on to reach a faint trod and better ground, forcing the legs, breathing hard.

“Keep it going lad.”

I’d heard those same words, that accent, before. Unmistakable. Joss Naylor.

I smiled. It probably didn’t look like it. And ploughed into the steep slope above. Sensing a better line, a Pennine vest was traversing towards me, spurring another short burst to keep ahead. I cut across more boulders, off the loose path towards equally steep but grassy runnels leading an intricate but direct line to the summit. We topped out together, on opposite sides of the cairn, confusing the marshals with our sudden appearance from north and south. The Ambleside runner was nowhere to be seen. The Pennine vest followed me for a while and then disappeared too. I saw no other runners until the finish, still thousands of feet and several miles below.



There can’t be many, if any races in the calendar that generate the same level of debate about route choice as the Eskdale Elevation. It all starts in the usual way – the opening charge leading up a steepish track onto the moor above Boot. But within minutes the field disperses. Not just the odd runner – the entire field. In every direction. This, and the rough ground that the route covers – from old forestry plantations to thick gorse, boulder fields and bottomless bogs – is what characterises the race. And what makes it special.

There are only three checkpoints. And even to the untrained eye, there are very obviously some decisions to be made about how to reach them. In the clag it’s a course that will require real competence with a compass. In clear weather, it is still remarkably easy to go wrong. In short, it is a race that requires mountain sense. It is everything a fell race should be. And if you thought it was all downhill from checkpoint 2 at the summit of Scafell, you would be right. But more than one faced a long climb back to Eel Tarn and checkpoint 3.

I’ve no idea which way the Pennine runner descended though he finished just shy of four minutes behind me. The Ambleside runner it transpired had finished some three and half minutes ahead in 6th place, while I was more than happy to note only seven runners gathered at the end as I passed the finish, 2nd V40 and 8th overall, with a time of 2:17:01.

Eskdale Elevation

Eskdale Elevation

What a brilliant race! And great to run it in the company of Clayton’s Ralph Baines and Andy Armstrong as well as friends from Pennine FR and Buckley Runners. So if you haven’t already, put this in your calendar for 2020. And make time for a recce beforehand.

Manx Mountain Marathon

Report by Katy Thompson

In the 1990s a small contingent of Clayton runners made the trip across to the Isle of Man each Easter to run the Manx Mountain Marathon, but in recent years only my son Paul, Simon Halliday and Jean Brown have represented the club in the race.  Paul has been across every year since 1996 and this year I decided it was time to go back.  Having run the full distance in 1996 and 2002, I knew I wasn’t fit enough to do that, so decided to do the Half Mountain Marathon over the last 13 miles of the race.  Having survived the Howgills Fell Race two weeks earlier, a similar distance with twice the climb, I was feeling quite confident.

After a 20 minute flight from Liverpool on Good Friday we were met by the friends we were to stay the night with.  Next morning Paul set off early for the coach to his start at Ramsay at 8am.  My race didn’t start until 1pm at St Johns where Paul had gone through in 6th place a couple of hours earlier.

Paul Thompson (in the middle, to the right of the man in grey). Photo by Katy Thompson.

Paul Thompson (in the middle, to the right of the man in grey). Photo by Katy Thompson.

The view from the coastal path towards the end. Photo by Katy Thompson

The view from the coastal path towards the end. Photo by Katy Thompson

It was very hot as 60 of us set off on the steep climb up Slieau Whallian, followed by a long slog up South Barrule.  From here the climbs are shorter and sharper, ending with a lovely run along the coastal path and down to the finish at Bradda Glen.   I had passed a lot of runners in the second half, and was pleased with my position of 28th, second Lady Vet in just 3 hours.  Paul had finished 6th in the full 30+ mile race in just under 6 hours.

Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson

It was lovely to sit in the sun outside the Bradda Glen café, but we had a plane to catch, so we walked into Port Erin for the bus to the airport.  I would love to go back again next year, and to stay longer to see more of the island.  Although the full race might be a bit too much for some, the Half is definitely one for the diary.

Teenager with Altitude

Race Report by Will Herman

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many 1,000 yard stares at the end of a race. Many had run the Newlands Memorial rather than Teenager with Altitude, but regardless, everyone suffered in the sun that day – most being a good 20 minutes down on expected or past form.

Clayton Runners at Newlands Valley Races

Clayton Runners at Newlands Valley Races

From the off, Teenager was brutal. The climb up Causey Pike went well enough – in fact everything was going well until starting ‘that descent’. If you have never stood on the summit of Whiteless Pike and looked down on Bleak Rigg, there is no other way to describe it but stupidly steep. And it just keeps on coming. After which a relentless climb up Robinson leads to easier ground.

This second half of Teenager is fast runnable ground. Strangely enough, I passed more than one runner having a sit down. I had to have a word to stop myself doing the same. Coming off Maiden Moor I took a daft line, one which I knew was wrong, lost me a top 20 place, and saw me pass several Newlands Memorial runners more than once. All very confusing. And I still wanted to have a sit down.

On Catbells I simply lost the plot. I remember drinking the last of the water I’d scooped up beneath Dale Head after which the last descent was a blur of blisters and mild sun stroke.

Will Herman on a brutal Teenager with Altitude. Photo by Stephen Wilson

Will Herman on a brutal Teenager with Altitude. Photo by Stephen Wilson

Not a race to underestimate and with 7,000ft of ascent, it’s up there with the longer lakes classics in more ways than one – thanks to Jean and others who cheered me on at the finish. A great turn out for the club and great to see so many Clayton vests on the hill ‘enjoying’ the sun.

Pendle Fell Race Report

Proudly Sponsored by


Report by Mark Nutter

In my second year of organising this fell race (the very first fell race I ran way back in 1984) I was pleased that it had again been chosen as the Lancashire Championships. I was pleased that the farmer had allowed me to retain the same route as last year, which involves cutting up through his fields to Buttock farm – a favourite of all runners as it takes out 1 mile of tarmac but only reduces the overall race route by ¼ of a mile. I was pleased the sun was shining and conditions underfoot were dry, making my flagging of the initial route through the farmer’s fields a breeze. I was pleased that Moorhouse’s Brewery was sponsoring the race, with bottles of beer for all finishers. I was pleased that 233 runners turned up too (50 more than last year), despite there being an English championship race being held on the same day, and clashing with other popular races. I was also pleased the Pete Bland’s van was on the car park. You can guess it, yes I was pleased!

So, on to the race. Conditions were ideal and times were going to be fast. Chris Holdsworth from Ribble Valley Harriers led the field from the whistle and maintained his clear lead to the finish, winning by nearly 2 minutes in a new course record time of 30.19. U23 Matthew Knowles from Lancaster & Morecambe AC was in 4th place on the first main climb, but his descending skills paid off and rewarded him with 2nd place overall in 32.04. The winner’s clubmate Thomas Corrigan finished in a creditable 3rd position.

Photo by Woodentops

Photo by Woodentops

In the ladies race it was last year’s winner Catlin Rice from Ribble Valley Harriers who took the win again, this year in 22nd place overall in a time of 37.18, with half a minute to spare over Nik Tarrega from York Knavesmire Harriers in 2nd place. Victoria Mousley enjoyed a fast run too, finishing just over a minute behind.

The vets categories produced some great competition too, with winners in every category up to V70 for both men and women – a creditable feat to the longevity of our sport. Full Results.

Prizegiving was held in the village hall, with all category winners receiving Pete Bland vouchers, a presentation pack from Moorhouse’s Brewery, T-Shirts and bottle openers. And that’s in addition to the free bottle of Moorhouse’s beer for all finishers!

The marshals and timekeepers all did a great job, as did John Schofield’s team on the results and the ladies in the village hall for putting on soup, tea and cakes. Many enjoyed their ‘post race debrief’ in the Pendle Inn where more Moorhouse’s beer was available in the form of Clayton-le-Moors Blonde.

The race has historically been held on the first Saturday in April, so next years’ race will follow suit on the 4th April.

Get the date in your diaries for more FREE MOORHOUSE’S BEER – oh, and a good blast up Lancashire’s greatest hill!

Clayton Harriers enjoying their post-race Moorhouse's beer.

Clayton Harriers enjoying their post-race Moorhouse’s beer. Photo by Woodentops.

Lancashire Junior Fell Race Championships

Report by Alan Dorrington

A record turnout of 230 Juniors accompanied the sunshine at Pendle on 6th April for the traditional fell season opener up our local hill. As last year, the race doubled as the Lancashire Fell Champs for Juniors (and Seniors) with medals available to Lancashire based runners and selection for the Fell Inter-Counties Championships up for grabs too for the U17 and U19 age groups and above.

The Pendle courses all feature steep starts, but with plenty of runnable ground in between (plus some hard climbing for the older age groups) before the final swoop to the finish and the traditional ditch at the end.

Sadly Clayton only had two runners in the U9 and U11 age groups but both Francis Woodruff and Lottie Smith ran really well in big fields to take 6th place in their respective age groups, not far off the front of the race.
In the U13s Charlie Fee took a top ten place in the boys race and Eleanor Edwards came really close to a medal in the girls race.
Robbie Smedley, back from injury. Photo by David Belshaw

Robbie Smedley, back from injury. Photo by David Belshaw

Back from injury, Robbie Smedley showed his ability on the fells with a 4th place and Silver medal in the U15B Lancashire Champs. Helana White was the clear winner of the girls race and the Lancashire Champion, also coming in 4th overall.

Clear winner of the U13G Race - Helana White. Photo by David Belshaw

Clear winner of the U15G Race – Helana White. Photo by David Belshaw

The U17 boys showed real strength in depth with 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th – well done Jackson, Peter, Michael and Will. It was also great to see Theo Burfield back racing after quite a long break with injury.

Jackson Mackay. Photo by David Belshaw

Jackson Mackay. Photo by David Belshaw

Ella Dorrington was 2nd (and Silver) in the U17 girls race and gained selection for Lancashire for the Inter Counties in June. She will be joined by Briony Holt who finished 4th in the U19 girls and earned selection too.

Nick Hennessey was back on form in the U19 boys with 7th followed up by Charlie Parkinson in 11th
Francis Woodruff – 6th boy
Lottie Smith – 6th girl
Charlie Fee  – 7th boy
Charlie Barnes – 20th boy
Louis Woodruff – 29th boy
Eleanor Edwards – 4th girl
Emily Nicholls – 11th girl
Robbie Smedley – 4th boy and Silver in the Lancashire Champs
Guy Whalley – 19th boy
Helana White – 1st girl and Lancashire Champion
Sianna Smith – 11th girl
Hannah Eccles – 12th girl
Imogen Ferguson – 14th girl
Jackson McKay – 5th boy
Peter Stevens – 6th boy
Michael Stevens – 7th boy
William Nicholls – 8th boy
William Barlow – 10th boy
Lennon Jackson – 11th boy
Theo Burfield – 12th boy
Ella Dorrington – 2nd girl and selection for Lancashire
Sophie Ashworth – 5th girl
Bethany Wheatcroft – 7th girl
Nick Hennessey – 7th
Charlie Parkinson – 11th
Briony Holt – 4th and selection for Lancashire

Results Roundup

2nd April – Pete Hartley Memorial Liver Hill Fell Race – Results

6th April – Pendle Fell Races – Senior Results – Junior Results

2nd M40 – Peter Coates; 1st M60 – Mike Wallis; 2nd M60 – Geoffrey Gough; 2nd F23 – Rhiannon Wickham; 1st F70 – Karin Goss.

1st F15 – Helana White; 2nd F17 – Ella Dorrington.

6th April – Howgill Fell Race – Results

1st M70 – Jack Holt; 2nd W50 – Jean Brown; 1st W65 – Wendy Dodds; 2nd W65 – Katy Thomspon.

7th April – Brun Valley Trail 10K – Results

3rd overall and 2nd MJ – Nicholas Hennessey; 2nd Female and 2nd F35 – Michelle Abbott; 3rd Female and 1st F40 – Cassandra Smedley; 2nd F40 – Lisa Stansfield; 3rd MJ – Aaron Lundie; 1st F45 – Rachel Gilmore; 1st M75 – Richard Lawson; 3rd F55 – Geraldine Varley; 2nd F65 – Christine Egerton; 1st F70 – Christine Leathley.

7th April – Darwen Heritage Half Marathon – Results

1st FV35 – Donna Airey; 2nd FV35 Lisa Ellis; 3rd MV40 – Craig Nicholls; 2nd FV50 – Helen Harrison.

7th April – Baildon Boundary Way – Results

7th April – ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon – Results

Kevin Davies – MV55 – 02:57:54 (Chip time).

10th April – Mollie Campbell Cowm 5k – Results

10th April – Loughrigg Fell Race – Results (Excel File)

13th April – Eskdale Elevation – Results

2nd M40 – Will Herman.

14th April – Radcliffe 10 Multi Terrain – Results

2nd M60 – Peter Butterworth.

17th April – Billy Knox Cowm 5k – Results

19th April – Salford 10k Road Race – Results

3rd Female and 1st F35 – Laura Hesketh; 3rd M65 – Stephen Biscomb.

20th April – Newlands Valley Fell Races – Results

1st F 50-59 – Jean Brown; 2nd F 60-69 – Wendy Dodds

21st April – Guiseley Gallop – Results

3rd M60 – Peter Butterworth.

23rd April – Witches’ Clough – Results

24th April – Roger Colson Cowm 5k – Results

27th April – Three Peaks Fell Race – Results

1st Class Awards – Andy Laycock (21st), David Bagot (30th); 2nd Class Awards – Andrew Webster, Paul Hesketh, Avril Duckworth, Chris Funnell,

30th April – Orchan Rocks Fell Race – Results

30th April – Geoff Doggett Memorial 5k Cowm – Results

Upcoming Races

For more details see the Calendar

Our Races

  • 14th May – Mearley Cough Fell Race
  • 14th July – Towneley 10k Road Race
  • 24th July – Greenway 5k Road Race
  • 24th August – Pendleton Fell Race
  • 28th September – Thieveley Pike Fell Races
  • 16th November – Tour of Pendle Fell Race

Pendle and Burnley Grand Prix Races

  • 15th May – Wholan Nook Trail Race
  • 24th May – Burnley Lions 10k Road Race
  • 1st June – Kelbrook Fell Race
  • 8th June – Weets Fell Race

Rossendale Harriers Races

  • 31st July – Lee Mill
  • 7th August –  Pilgrims Cross
  • 14th  August – Whittle Pike
  • 21st August –  Golf Ball

Parkrun Roundup

Date Venue Name Age Time
 6th April  Burnley Mark Magee  SM30-34 17:07
Simon Smith SM35-39 17:36
Tj Ellis  JW11-14 29:09
 Clitheroe Castle Andrew Priory  VM50-54 21:31
 13th April  Burnley Jonny Hall  SM25-29 18:52
Craig Nicholls  VM40-44 20:01
 Centre Vale Graham Roper  VM55-59 24:07
 Witton Simon Smith  SM35-39 18:56
 20th April  Burnley Daniel Fleming  SM30-34 17:51
Craig Nicholls  VM40-44 19:59
Michelle Abbott  VW35-39 21:31
Eliena Lusty  JW10 22:45
Alan Archer  VM60-64 23:35
 Hyndburn Kevin Davies VM55-59 20:02
Andrew Orr VM45-49 22:07
Stephen Green VM60-64 22:48
 27th April  Burnley David Edmondson  VM50-54  18:29
William Nicholls  JM11-14  20:08
 Emily Nicholls  JW11-14  24:23

Junior Parkrun Roundup

Date Venue Name Age Time
 14th April  Burnley  Robbie Smedley  JM11-14  07:13
 William Barlow  JM11-14  08:33
 21st April  Burnley  Helana White  JW11-14  07:08
 Louie Woodruff  JM10  08:07
 Erin Hesketh  JW10  09:24
 Phoebe Jackson  JW10  09:28
 28th April  Burnley  Francis Woodruff  JM10  09:00

March Roundup

Welcome to the March Roundup.

As ever, if I’ve missed anything out, please let me know so I can make corrections. Race reports are desperately needed – you can email these to me – roundup@claytonlemoors.org.uk.

It’s been a busy month with the end of the Cross Country Season, and hardly time to pause for breath before the start of the Fell Season. Later in the Roundup you’ll find details of the senior fell training sessions, courtesy of Mark Nutter.

The Club’s Junior and Senior Awards Presentation evening was held on 22nd March at Burnley Football Club. Marion Wilkinson and John Roche were our comperes for the evening, announcing the winners of the awards, which were presented by Club President Dave Scott, with David Belshaw taking photographs.

Winners at the Awards Presentation (l-r) Richard Briscoe, Tara Robb, Carl Helliwell, Michelle Abbott, Donna Airey.

Winners at the Awards Presentation (l-r) Richard Briscoe, Tara Robb, Carl Helliwell, Michelle Abbott, Donna Airey. Photo by David Belshaw

Juniors at the Awards Presentation, with junior compere Marion Wilkinson and the other junior coaches

Juniors at the Awards Presentation, with junior compere Marion Wilkinson and the other junior coaches. Photo by David Belshaw

Multiple Award winner, irene Roche, with Senior Compere and husband John, and club President Dave Scott

Multiple Award winner, Irene Roche, with senior compere (and husband!) John, and Club President Dave Scott. Photo by David Belshaw

All the prize winners are listed in the programme – Awards Evening 2019.

More photos from the evening can be seen on David Belshaw’s running photos page.

Fell Training News – Mark Nutter

Senior Summer Fell Training – Every Tuesday at 6.30pm

Now that Summer is coming, from April fell training now moves each month to various venues. There are usually 15-20 runners out each week but we can cater for more. Everyone is welcome, no matter what ability. Everyone stays together and no-one gets left behind (not usually anyway!). If we have sufficient numbers we can split into groups of similar ability – that way everyone gets a good run.

The runs take place on exposed fells so you will need to bring with you a bum bag containing waterproof jacket and trousers, hat and gloves. Most runs are about 90 minutes in duration, so a drink and an energy bar might be a good idea too. Post-run refreshments are always enjoyed at a nearby pub. There’s no need to ‘book’ a place – just simply turn up at the venue and be ready to run at 6.30pm.

The monthly venues are listed below and on the Clayton website, but if you need further details contact Mark Nutter on 07899 995181.

Month and Time Venue
*APRIL 6:30pm Sabden – meet at public car park in village, BB7 9EW
*MAY 6:30pm Barley – meet at public car park in village, BB12 9JX
JUNE 6:30pm Worsthorne – meet at Village Green, BB10 3NH, for fell and trail runs
*JULY 6:30pm Worston – meet at Calf’s Head car park, BB7 1QA
*AUGUST 6:30pm Accrington – meet at Peel Park, Turkey Street BB5 6EW
SEPTEMBER 6:30pm Barrowford – meet at public car park adjacent to Old Bridge Inn, Gisburn Road BB9 6AJ. A head torch is required later in the month.
  • * Note that the Summer Series Races are held on 23rd April, 21st May, 30th July and 13th August at these venues.

 Summer Series of Fell Races – Races with a Difference – Predict Your Time!

If you haven’t tried the Summer Series of races then you’re in for a treat! The 2019 Summer Series consists of five Tuesday evening races for members of Clayton-le-Moors Harriers only, with a minimum age of 16 years. As well as the usual prizes, there are prizes in each race for the closest pre-race predicted time to the actual time taken. Watches are only allowed if the time is not visible! A runner’s best three races will count for the overall series prizes.

Prizes in each race are usually alcohol or chocolate, with the overall series having printed T-shirts as prizes too.

Entry is just £4 per race (£4 for two races on 30th July) and is on the day only.

The first race on 23 April from Sabden is the original route of the Witches Clough fell race that was organized by Linda and Peter Lord in the late 1980’s. It featured on ITV’s ‘Treasure Hunt’ where Anneka Rice (in her helicopter) had to find and chase Linda dressed as a witch.  This route has not been used since so it promises to be a good start to the Summer Series.

As with the Summer Training, there’s no need to book a place – just simply turn up and be ready to run at 6.30pm.

Details of the races are listed below (along with a link to the maps) and on the Clayton website, but if you need further details contact Mark Nutter on 07899 995181.

Date Time Race Route Venue
23rd April 6:30pm Witches’ Clough 4M/1000′ Map Public car park, Sabden BB7 9EW
21st May 6:30pm Ogden Valley Round 6M/1500′ Map Public car park, Barley BB12 9JX
30th July 6:30pm Race 1: Uphill Fell 1.8M/1280′
Race 2: Downhill Fell 2.9M/1355′
Calf’s Head, Worston BB7 1QA
13th August 6:30pm Coppice Trail (three laps). In memory of Tony Aspin. 5.5M/1000′ Map Peel Park, Turkey Street, Accrington BB5 6EW

Team Managers’ Reports

Road Report – Richard Stevenson

Men’s 12 Stage Road Relays

The Northern Athletics 12 stage Road Relay championships were held on Sunday 24th March at a bright and blustery Birkenhead Park. I was last at these relays 2 years ago in Blackpool but this year was my first as Team Captain, the event doesn’t disappoint and is a great experience with a chance to test yourself against some of the best road runners in the north of England. The event consists of 4 x long legs (approx. 8K) and 8 x short legs (approx. 4K).

Ryan Bradshaw got us off to a good start on the tough first long leg where it’s very easy to start too fast amongst the mass start. Craig, Matt, Iain and Danny all then put a great shift in on their legs to maintain our position before Jason, James, Gary and Andrew F managed to pick off a couple of teams to move us forward. By now the runners were very well spread out so it can be a lonely run on your leg but Dom and Briscoe managed this to maintain our position and handover to Andy Webster fresh from the Howarth Hobble a couple of weeks back he’d had a long wait for his leg to start but he powered around and picked off another team to finish in 46th place.

Today was all about the experience as a majority of the team were either new club members or new to relay racing so I’d like to thank them for stepping out of their comfort zones (some a long way) and put their names forward to have a go, hopefully they all enjoyed the experience and will be there at the NA Autumn Relays in September alongside more team mates who fancy giving it a go. Don’t be shy fellas!

46 Clayton-Le-Moors Harriers 3:53:32; 1 Ryan Bradshaw (49) 27:03; 2 Craig Nicholls (54) 15:05; 3 Matthew Duckworth (54); 28:14 4 Iain Wilkinson (53) 14:35; 5 Daniel Fleming (49) 27:43; 6 Jason Pier (47) 1:15:21; 10 Dominic Clayton (49) 15:30; 11 Richard Briscoe (48) 15:15; 12 Andrew Webster (47) 14:58

Cross Country Report – Donna Airey

The last XC was held at Cuerden Valley early March. What a great turn out for our seniors. The Ladies team battling for silver and bronze placing and the men to stay up in Division 1.

Cassie was our first lady back followed closely by Michelle who showed team spirit running in Rachel from Burnley AC who was struggling. Myself, coming in 3rd Clayton lady to make up our A team which finished 5th. Our B team, Lisa Ellis/Irene Roche/Rececca Bradshaw finished a good 16th place.

Our V35 team finished 2nd overall, V45 – 8th and V55 – 4th

 Ladies Final results

League 1 team -Silver, F35 – Bronze, F55 – Bronze. (no pressure next season ladies!)

The men had a battle of relegation on their hands. Ryan Bradshaw being our first counter back. The men’s team finished a fantastic 3rd overall. Thank you to those who turned up and ran to help keep our men’s team in league 1!!!!

The Mid Lancs season overall has been fantastic. As always there has been blood, sweat, tears (from the men), cheers and cake.

A special mention to Helen Harrison, who had never done XC before, improved so much as the season went on. Completed 9 Palladium races and competed (finishing in our A team) at the National XC Champs.

Also, Jane Hyland, Sue Allen, Christine Leathley and James Dunderdale who completed all in the Palladium and Tara and Mark our XC Club Champ’s.

I really hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

Junior Report – Alan Dorrington

Cuerden Mid Lancs XC

There were team places and individual series medals up for grabs at the last round of the Mid Lancs Cros-country series at Cuerden at the beginning of the month. It’s a challenging course at Cuerden with lots of short sharp elevation changes meaning the racing is far from flat and fast.

Helana White used her climbing legs to good effect to take 2nd in the U13G, and followed up by Amelia Halstead, Sianna Smith and Eleanor Edwards our U13G took a fine 2nd place team on the day which clinched their 3rd place team in the series overall. Coming back from injury, Robbie Smedley continued to build his fitness and took 7th in the U13B.

Our U15G team of Ella Dorrington, Imogen Ferguson, Hannah Eccles and Beth Wheatcroft had raced hard all season and were rewarded with 3rd place team in the series after a strong outing at Cuerden.

Jackson McKay was 7th in U15B and Nicola Moynihan continued to race well with 4th in U17G followed by Briony Holt in 5th.

An individual Mid Lancs series win after a long hard-fought season went to Helana White in U13G whilst Jackson McKay was 5th U15B in the series.

Well done to all our Juniors who raced all season long in this, and the Red Rose series – some great team spirit kept the results coming.

Clough Head Junior FRA Champs

The English Junior Fell Championships series started this month in the Lakes at a fantastic new venue for fell racing, Clough Head above Threlkeld. This was a proper fell course featuring plenty of steep climbing and for the U17 and U19 runners a tough and technical in places descent from high up on the fell.

Sadly there were no Clayton Juniors running in the U9 to U13 categories, but Robbie Smedley (10th boy) and Helana White (3rd girl) both had great runs in their first year at U15 level. Christopher Brown was 18th in U15B with Guy Whalley getting stuck into Lakeland fell racing for the first time in 35th. Hannah Eccles was 22nd in the U15G.

In the U17s, William Nicholl was 24th boy and Ella Dorrington 14th girl both stepping up to courses that were considerably harder than what they would have run at U15 level.

Briony Holt climbed fantastically well on the U19 climb that went on and on and descended well too to take 4th in U19G, whilst Charlie Parkinson also had a fine run against some really quick lads to take 9th.

A special mention goes to the four Clayton Juniors who were selected to represent Lancashire in the Inter Counties XC Championships – Helana White, Jackson McKay, Nicola Moynihan and Briony Holt. Helana, Nicola and Briony were also selected for the Lancashire Schools team for the English Schools Championships this month – well done to all of them on their well-deserved selection.

Race Reports

Inter Counties Cross Country

Report by Rachael White

It was a busy March for the Inter-Counties athletes.

March 9th Inter-Counties Competition – Loughborough 

4 Clayton Junior athletes were selected to represent Lancashire, Briony Holt, Nicola Moynihan, Jackson Mackay and Helana White. We arrived to find the club tents were situated outside the main event field, which was disappointing as this left those in the tent feeling left out, and we were less able to cheer team mates on, whilst getting changed but this was outside Lancashire’s control.

Clayton Juniors representing Lancashire Schools (l-r Jackson Mackay, Nicola Moynihan, Briony Holt, Helana White). Photo by Rachae White

Clayton Juniors representing Lancashire Schools (l-r Jackson Mackay, Nicola Moynihan, Briony Holt, Helana White). Photo by Rachae White

The day was a complete mixed bag of weather, from dry to very windy with rain thrown in. (Vicky McKay can testify to the wind after coming off worst when a flying tent flattened her, but that is a whole different story). The course is undulating and unforgiving, although it was not the mud bath of the previous year. All 4 athletes had great races, and had great results for Lancashire.

Jackson Mackay. Photo by Rachael White

Jackson Mackay. Photo by Rachael White

Jackson’s race was first up, and he powered round in 71st (3rd Lancashire Counter).

Next was Nicola & Briony’s race, and they luckily avoided the mass fall at the start just behind them. Nicola was 99th (3rd Lancashire Counter), Briony, who is only just coming back from injury at Christmas was 173rd.

Helana was the last of the Clayton Juniors to race, and came in 16th (1st Lancashire Counter).

What stands out for me from this day is the team spirit that Clayton Juniors have. Everyone was checking on each other when they were spotted, yelling for their club mates around the course, running to take photos of each other and congratulating each other at the end. – This teamwork is what makes it such a great club.


March 16th English Schools Inter-Counties Competition – Leeds

The following week-end was the English Schools Inter-Counties at Leeds, and this time we had two athletes, Helana and Nicola make the team and get on the team bus on the Friday night. This time the race was at Temple Newsam Park, Leeds. Nicola and Helana stayed with the team the night before the race, leaving us parents to travel on our own to watch them on the Saturday.

It was a VERY wet day, with more or less constant rain. – The course is great for spectators as it is looped, so you can stand still and see the athletes in several parts of their race.

Helana White. Photo by Rachael White

Helana White. Photo by Dave Woodhead

First up was Helana, who had to start at the back of the pen as she qualified in 8th position. This is the first time she was old enough for this race, the team coach told her (and another Year 8 girl), to aim for top 200. – The course suited her, and with typical determination, and wanting to justify her place, she fought her way through to the front of the field, to come in 38th and 3rd Lancashire Counter. This helped the Lancashire Junior Girls team to get 2nd place overall.

Nicola Moynihan. Photo by Rachael White

Nicola Moynihan. Photo by Dave Woodhead

Nicola had to wait a little longer for her race (more rain and cold ensued). The seniorgirls had a long hard race, with the field now completely churned up, slippy and muddy. Nicola will say that she does not really like mud, and prefers road –but I am not so sure, as she had a cracking race against some top athletes and finished 134th place and 5th Lancashire Counter.

Both girls were at the bottom end of this age group – so will stay in the same age groups next year, when others go up.

Jason Pier’s March

After doing very little in terms of racing in 2018 due to one reason or another, I decided something had to change. January saw me go the whole month without a alcohol. (Something I’ve never managed before). I upped my training include a long run on Sunday’s, followed by treadmill sessions on Monday’s and Friday’s along with my usual training with the SoS group and Clayton Juniors. With the no alcohol rule and more sensible eating I soon shed some of the extra weight I’d gained with my inactivity. I felt much fitter and training became more enjoyable. Next was to choose a couple of races to focus on.

First up was the Podium 5k. Sat. 2nd March.

I arrived at a very wet and windy Steven Burke track hoping that my training would pay off and a new 5k pb would come my way. I’ve never managed to run under 20.57mins before so I entered the B race and after a good warm I was off. The first mile went great 6.00mins dead (slow down you fool or you’ll blow up). Next mile was more like it 6.30mins. With the wind getting stronger and more encouragement from Marion I tucked in behind another runner and gave it my all until the finish line. Quick glance at the clock and 19.41mins. Got to be happy with that after only 6 weeks training. Still room for improvement.


Jason battling at a very wet Podium 5k. Photo by David Belshaw

Jason battling at a very wet Podium 5k. Photo by David Belshaw

Next up the Irwell Valley 20 miler. Sat. 10th March.

Along with my good friend and training partner Gary Moore we booked on the Irwell Valley 20 mile off road race. With both of us never running that kind of distance before this was definitely going to test us. Training went well with our first long run session being 12 miles. We upped the distance by a mile each week until we reached 18 miles. This seemed to work really well for us both. It also gave us the opportunity to find new training routes.

Race day came and the weather conditions were pretty awful with heavy rain, sleet and snow showers. After a slight delay we were off along with fellow Clayton runners Donna Airey, Robert Morrison and Colin White. Race pace over the first few miles was much quicker than I’d planned, but surprisingly I felt good, helped by Donna’s company for the first 12 miles, before she moved ahead of me. Miles 15, 16 and 17 saw my pace drop a little as I began to doubt I could finish the race. I managed to get back to my race pace for the last 2 miles all the time telling myself you can do this. 20 miles came and no finish line in sight, (few choice words came out). The course was actually 20.3 miles long. So I gave it everything I had for the last third of a mile to come over the line in 2hrs 44mins 57 secs. Absolutely buzzing to have finished 50th out of 338.

Thanks to Donna for helping me through the first half. Well done to Robert and Colin on your runs.

You can almost feel the pain...

You can almost feel the pain…

Special thanks to Gary who’s been such a great training partner.

For anyone wanting a 20 mile race as part of their marathon training I can highly recommend this race. Very well organised with great marshals encouraging and cheering you along. Plenty of goodies at the end too.

Results Roundup

2nd March – Cuerden Valley (Mid Lancs Cross Country League) – Results

2nd U13G – Helana White;2nd U13G Team (Helana White, Amelia Halstead, Sianna Smith); 3rd U15G Team (Ella Dorrington-Levy, Imogen Ferguson, Hannah Eccles); 2nd Ladies Over 35 Team (Cassie Darling-Smedley, Michelle Abbott, Donna Airey); 3rd Senior Men’s Team (Ryan Bradshaw, Matthew Duckworth, Daniel Fleming, James Dunderdale, Alan Dorrington, Andrew Holt); 3rd V60 Man – Brian Horrocks.

1st= U13G – Helana White

2nd March – Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round – Results

2nd MS – Andy Laycock; 1st M70 – Jack Holt; 3rd M70 – Kieran Carr; 1st F60 – Katy Thompson.

2nd March – Podium 5k – A Race ResultsB Race Results

2nd in B Race – Peter Stevens.

3rd March – Ron Hill Accrington 10k – Results

1st Senior W60 – Irene Roche; 1st Senior M60 – John Roche.

10th March – Trafford 10K – Results

1st V40M – David Edmondson; 1st V35W – Laura Hesketh

10th March – Irwell Valley 20 Miles – Results

10th March – Roddlesworth Roller – Results

17th March – Thirsk 10 Mile Road Race – Results

17th March – Trimpell 20, Lancaster – Results

24th March – Birkenhead (Northern Athletics U15 & U17 5k Road Championships) – Results

24th March – Birkenhead (Northern Athletics Women’s 6 Stage Road Relay Championships) – Results

24th March – Birkenhead (Northern Athletics Men’s 12 Stage Road Relay Championships) – Results

24th March – Garstang Gallop 10k – Results

27th March – Brenda and Colin Robinson’s 5k Cowm Race – Results

Upcoming Races

Fell Races

Sat 13/04/19 Eskdale Elevation AL England Lake District
Sat 13/04/19 Kong Kettlewell Unknown England York. Dales
Sat 13/04/19 Wardle Skyline BM England South/West Pennines
Sun 14/04/19 Arant Haw AS England York. Dales
Sun 14/04/19 Kong Mini Mm Round 2 MM England Lake District
Tue 16/04/19 Bunny Run 3 CS England South/West Pennines
Wed 17/04/19 Grisedale Grind AS England Lake District
Sat 20/04/19 Newlands Race AM England Lake District
Sat 20/04/19 Rivington Pike BS England South/West Pennines
Sat 20/04/19 Teenager With Altitude AL England Lake District
Tue 23/04/19 Bunny Run Relay Relay England South/West Pennines
Sat 27/04/19 65th Three Peaks AL England York. Dales
Sat 27/04/19 Mourne Highline AM N.Ireland BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP
Tue 30/04/19 Orchan Rocks AS England South/West Pennines

Road races

Sun 14th Apr – Flat Caps 10k (Sowerby Bridge Snails)
Sun 14th Apr – 3 Bridges 10K, Lancaster
Wed 17th Apr – Billy Knox Cowm 5k Race
Fri 19th Apr – Salford 10K
Fri 19th Apr – Caldervale County 10 or 4 mile race (Hilly road race)
Wed 24th Apr – Roger Colson Cowm Reservoir 5k
Sat 27th Apr – Wray Scarecrow 10K
Tue 30th Apr – Geoff Doggett Memorial 5k
Or if you fancy a bit of off road running:Sun 7th Apr – Rivington 10 mile Trail Race (Mad Bull Events)

Sat 13th Apr – Burnsall Trail Half marathon (Due North Events)
Sun 14th Apr – Radcliffe Trail 10K (Radcliffe AC)Information about most of the above races can be found at: https://www.ukresults.net/2019cal.html

Parkrun Roundup

Date Venue Name Age Time
 2nd March  Burnley  Tj Ellis  JW11-14  29:32
 9th March  Clitheroe Castle  William Nicholls  JM11-14  21:10
 23rd March  Burnley  Helana White  JW11-14  18:48
 Jonny Hall  SM25-29  18:56
 Candice Louise Heys  VW40-44  21:02
 Olivia Huyton  JW11-14  27:58
 Clitheroe Castle  William Nicholls  JM11-14  20:30
 Craig Nicholls  VM40-44  21:19
 Emily Nicholls  JW10  25:46
 30th March  Burnley  Rebecca Rimmington  VW35-39  20:37
 Eliena Lusty  JW10  23:49
 Helen Harrison  VW50-54  25:50
 Olivia Huyton  JW11-14  25:55
 Clitheroe Castle  Mark Taylor  VM35-39  21:37
 Witton  Paul Thompson  VM45-49  19:19

Junior Parkrun Roundup

Date Venue Name Age Time
 3rd March  Burnley  Helana White  JW11-14  07:13
 Olivia Huyton  JW11-14  09:06
 Clitheroe Castle  Emily Nicholls  JW10  08:51
 24th March  Burnley  Eleanor Edwards  JW11-14  08:29
 Darcy Hirst  JW10  09:38
 Owen Edwards  JM10  09:53
 Phoebe Jackson  JW10  10:01
 31st March  Clitheroe Castle  Emily Nicholls  JW10  08:51

February Roundup

February might be our shortest month, but it’s given a lot of great racing which has inspired a bumper month of race reports. Thanks so much to our contributors (in no particular order) Alan Dorrington, Richard Stevenson, Donna Airey, Sarah Helliwell, David & Jill Scott, Michelle Abbott, Craig Nicholls, Lisa Ellis, and David Belshaw. Wow! If you enjoy reading race reports, please consider writing your own for inclusion here – with a couple of photos if you have them.

This month, sadly Mick Hughes and Luke Turner have stepped down from their roles captaining the Men’s Cross Country and Road/Trail Teams. I’m sure everyone in the club would like to thank you both for all your hard work and dedication over the time you’ve been in post.

As ever, if I’ve got anything wrong or missed anything out, please contact me and I’ll try to correct it.

Helen Stevens


Introducing our New Road/Trail Captain – Richard Stevenson

Richard Stevenson. Photo by Deborah Stevenson

Richard Stevenson. Photo by Deborah Stevenson

Most of you will know me but if not let me introduce myself – I’ve been a Clayton member for 5 years now and a member of the Clayton Juniors coaching team for the last couple. Over the years I’ve tried my hand at a variety of races from flat 5K’s to Trail marathons and pretty much everything in between. I’ve also represented Clayton in numerous team events including XC, road relays, Ian Hodgson Fell relays and the Calderdale Way relays. So I’m hoping these experiences will help me in my new role. My first task as captain is to get a team together for the Northern 12 Stage road relays so if anyone is interested in joining me this month give me a shout.


Ladies’ Cross Country Report

by Donna Airey, Ladies’ Cross Country Captain

Mid Lancs XC Leigh Sports Village
The 5th Mid Lancs XC race was held at Leigh Sports Village. Not an ideal XC course, flat and a fair bit of trail. The usual pre race topic of conversation was a must for this fixture, spikes, fell, trail.
The ladies had a great race, Rebecca Rimmington our 1st lady back in a cracking time and position. Followed some way behind by myself and Michelle to make up our A team, which finished 8th and our F35 team which finished 4th
Our V45 team, Jane Hyland, Rachel Gilmore and Helen Harrison finished 11th
V55 team, Yvonne Wickham, Christine Leathley and Sue Allen finished 5th.
Thank you to all the 12 ladies who represented the club and well done!

The National XC Championship, Harewood House
I’ve never done the Nationals before, I have never seen so many club tents and flags in one field before. By far one of the best experiences I’ve had whilst running. The atmosphere and buzz around the start was amazing and they could not have picked a better venue with a cracking course. Even the sun made an appearance!
Cassie Smedley was our first lady back. Followed by myself, Rebecca Bradshaw and Helen Harrison who made up out A team.
Also representing the club once again, Christine Leathley and Sue Allen. These 2 are an inspiration.
A very enjoyable day out for the team and well done to all that ran.

Some of our Ladies At National Cross Country Championships - Donna Airey, Rebecca Bradshaw, Cassie Darling-Smedley, and Michelle Abbott. Photo by Dave Woodhead

Some of our Ladies At National Cross Country Championships – Donna Airey, Rebecca Bradshaw, Cassie Darling-Smedley, and Michelle Abbott. Photo by Dave Woodhead


Junior Roundup February 2019

by Alan Dorrington

The Lancashire Schools Championships  on 2 Feb was the first big race for our Juniors in February. Held at the traditional Witton Park venue, a good number of our Juniors were in unfamiliar vests, representing their local authority teams and aiming for selection to represent Lancashire in the English Schools.

Selection went to Helana White with a fine 8th place in Inter Girls (Yr 8 and 9) and to Nicola Moynihan and Briony Holt with 4th and 8th in the Senior Girls race. Nick Hennessey was 13th in Senior Boys and Amelia Halstead had a fine race for 2nd in Yr Girls with Eleanor Edwards in 8th. Good luck to our Juniors in the Champs race in March.

U15 Clayton Girls running together in different schools vests - Imogen Ferguson and Hannah Eccles (Burnley Schools), Helana White and Sianna Smith (Hyndburn and Ribble Valley Schools), and Ella Dorrington (Rossendale Schools)

U15 Clayton Girls running together in different schools vests – Imogen Ferguson and Hannah Eccles (Burnley Schools), Helana White and Sianna Smith (Hyndburn and Ribble Valley Schools), and Ella Dorrington (Rossendale Schools). Photo by David Belshaw

Amelia Halstead running for Blackburn Schools

Amelia Halstead running for Blackburn Schools. Photo by David Belshaw

Nick Hennessey running for Burnley Schools

Nick Hennessey running for Burnley Schools. Photo by David Belshaw

Nicola Moynihan running for Burnley Schools

Nicola Moynihan running for Burnley Schools. Photo by David Belshaw

The following week, The penultimate Mid Lancs XC at Leigh was the usual flat fast affair and stand out results came form Helana White in 2 win the U13G race and on-form Nick Hennessey who was 4th in the U17B race. Importantly, the U13G and U15G teams continued their good run setting them up for team medal positions after the final Mid Lancs round at Cuerden

The English National Cross Country Championships held at Harewood House at the end of the month was the usual grand affair – over 8000 runners competing and the backdrop of an English stately home as you sprinted for home.

Jackson Mackay at National Cross Country Championships. Photo by David Belshaw

Jackson Mackay at National Cross Country Championships. Photo by David Belshaw

Well done to all our Juniors who got valuable big-race experience, and hopefully had a great sunny Spring day out in Yorkshire:

U13 Girls.
Amelia Halstead

Eleanor Edwards
Helana White
Sianna Smith.

U13 Boys.
Guy Whalley
Robbie Smedley

U15 Girls.
Imogen Ferguson
Hannah Eccles
Ella Dorrington – Levy
Bethany Wheatcroft

U15 Boys.
William Nicholls
Jackson McKay
Lennon Jackson

U17 Girls.
Nicola Moynihan

U17 Men.
Michael Stevens
Peter Stevens


Kong Mountain Marathon  – 3 February 2019

Report by Alan Dorrington

The Kong Mini Mountain Marathons are a series of 1-day 4 hour score events, held in mountain or moorland locations and spaced through out the year. The 2019 series started on 3 February in Snowdonia, with an event HQ at Capel Curig. Heavy snow in the days beforehand were always likely to make things a little more interesting, and sure enough the organisers took out some of the higher controls in the Carneddau with reports of thigh deep drifts at higher spots and in sheltered features.

It snowed! Photo by Alan Dorrington

It snowed! Photo by Alan Dorrington

A heavy cold that sent me to bed the day before wasn’t the best preparation but I vowed to get out and have a good day on my feet without too much hard running. Armed with a race vest full of extra warm kit, and plenty of food, I figured that despite the reduction of controls at higher altitudes, there was still fun to be had picking off controls over Galt Yr Ogof and Y Foel Goch and over toward Tryfan and the Ogwen Valley. Unfortunately, a howling wind and near zero visibility above 700m meant there was little to see, but the extra navigational challenge of finding the small controls in a huge whited-out mountain landscape stopped it from being too tedious…
Dropping off into the Ogwen Valley it all suddenly cleared revealing stunning views of the neighbouring mountains. With 2 hours left on the clock and a long but straightforward run back to the finish, I set about picking off controls on the lower reaches of the Carneddau picking my way between alternating patches of iced up bog and stream to slide around on and deep drifts to fall in. The temperature had risen fast late in the morning, and the melt was in full swing leading to heavy going in softening snow, aided by a big shower that blew in from Lyn Ogwen.

The sun appearing over the mountains. Photo by Alan Dorrington

The sun appearing over the mountains. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Another final drenching on the tracked run back to the finish control, and I was back with 8 minutes left on the clock and having had no major navigational errors. The Kong MMM events are great social affairs afterwards and put on great food for tired and weather beaten runners and it was over some fab pea and mint soup I was pleased to discover my approach of very steady running and concentrating on navigational accuracy had put me 5th in my V50 class. Up and off to the Lakes for the next round – if you fancy some mountain navigation in a very low key but well organised event then come and give them a go.

Winter Warmer 10K – 3rd February 2019

Report by Craig Nicholls

Following on from my success at the Ribble Valley 10K (the write up rather than the actual running) I thought I should perhaps have a crack at another low cost local 10K and stumbled upon the Blackburn Road Runners Winter Warmer.
To my delight (and then disappointment) I found that this race was (and then wasn’t) part of the Team Clayton Road Championships. I needn’t have worried though as this race doesn’t need to be a point scoring event to be worthwhile entering.
The weather in the run up to the event was absolutely brutal. Not quite the ‘beast from the east’ that we had to endure last winter but an arctic blast nonetheless that covered all the roads with a treacherous layer of ice. Fortunately the Blackburn Road Runners had a plan and not only were the roads and pavements cleared in time for the race but they had also done the athletics track at Witton Park where the race would start and end.

The starting line-up at the Winter Warmer

The starting line-up at the Winter Warmer

If we thought the weather was brutal then the course was even worse. A gentle trot round the running track was followed by a seemingly never ending climb to the Clog & Billycock at Pleasington which gave meaning to the tagline #beatbuncer that I’d been reading about all week. Fortunately it was pretty much all downhill after that and aside from one last climb after about 6.5K there was plenty of opportunity to get your breath back and then attempt to pick up the pace back to the finish line.

A speedy finish from Craig. Photo by David Belshaw

A speedy finish from Craig. Photo by David Belshaw

The Marshalls were outstanding and there were literally dozens of them along the route to provide words of encouragement and keep everyone motivated on the way round before we entered back onto the athletics track for a rousing finish. Anyone thinking they might ease off for a gentle finish was in for a shock as hundreds of supporters lined the track to spur you on and make sure you pushed yourself right to the line.
With pacers on hand to help you keep on schedule, Marshalls and spectators spurring you on and a cake stand in the main hall to fuel you up for the race this race is an excellent opportunity to get a really solid time on a lovely, scenic, challenging course and I fully intend doing it again next year.

Mr Sparkle’s Dark Un

Report by Alan Dorrington

There aren’t many night time fell races around during the winter, perhaps for obvious reasons! However, Mr Sparkle’s is a gem with its well marked course, large numbers of marshalls and moorland disco attracting a diverse crowd of runners from whippets to fell-fun runners (that’s an official sub-group of fell runners from now on…).

Photo by Alan Dorrington

Photo by Alan Dorrington

It’s a madcap dash through the dark woods above Roddlesworth Reservoir before a long drag and stiff final pull onto Darwen Moor. Heading toward Darwen Hill and the Tower the runners are treated to a suitably lit moorland disco scene with S Club 7 on the sound system bringing back the memories for us oldies. It was all very surreal but there was no time to party as there was then a helter-skelter descent back down to the pub to finish. My eyesight is rubbish at the best of times so I run with an industrial searchlight strength headtorch, causing one of the runners I caught on the descent to moan that it was ‘like being chased by the sun..’ Hopefully he got a tan as I swept past on the way to the finish and my first (and probably last) top 10 fell race finish – 9th overall and 2nd V50.

Bleasdale Circle Fell Race

Report by Sarah Helliwell

Unusually, for this time of year and especially for this race the sun was shining and visibility was great, with the ‘Brucie Bonus’ of both myself and Carl being child free and both being able to race. There was a great turn out for the first club championship race as runners warmed up in the warm February sun. It was a record turn out as we all congregated outside the village hall and started to head up the lane towards the fields and Fair Snape fell.

The line of runners made their way through the farm as the climb started to gradually rear up before getting harder and finally into hands on knees as we gained 300m in a lung busting ascent. It was then a good mile of runnable paths along the tops to Parlick before the grassy descent down to the farm and the tough slog back through the fields to Bleasdale. There were some good runs with Peter Coates as first Clayton home in 5th place followed closely by Carl Helliwell and Will Herman, missing out on the men’s team prize to Bowland by 3 points. Also well done to Michelle Abbott, first Clayton lady home followed by Vicky Heys and Teresa De Curtis to win the ladies team prize. Jack Holt won the V70 and Ivan Whigham was given some birthday cake.

Personally I was chuffed as I had nearly knocked 5 mins off my previous time and. Well done everyone who ran on a glorious day and near perfect conditions underfoot. Let’s hope the weather is just as good for the next championship races in May, Hameldon followed by Pendle Cloughs. See you then Sarah

Oulton Park 10K

Report by Lisa Ellis

So Jane & I felt we had some 10k unfinished business so decided to do the Oulton Park 10k. After preparing for what we thought was going to be a warm run forecasted to be 12-15 degrees for the race, it was a very cold & very foggy 4 degrees & I had dressed for summer! It was difficult trying to judge the direction of the track when you couldn’t see far enough in front especially when all the other runners spread out. Regardless, it didn’t stop our determination to achieve our PBs and as a bonus we both won our age categories. All the winter training has paid off, thank you JR and the rest of the Clayton family.

Lisa Ellis. Photo by Asics Race on Track

Lisa Ellis – 1st Female V35. Photo by Asics Race on Track

Jane Hylands -1st Female V45. Photo by Asics Race on Track

Jane Hylands -1st Female V45. Photo by Asics Race on Track

Lisa and Jane celebrate together on the podium. Photo by Asics Race on Track

Lisa and Jane celebrate together on the podium. Photo by Asics Race on Track

Ilkley Fell Race

Report by Michelle Abbott

Right. Well the day after the Leeds XC and my first ever DNF due to injury and my compartment syndrome flare up. I thought – I’m not going to be beaten and let it get me down so I went onto to try out out the Ilkley fell race the following day. I arrived and met up with fellow Claytoners who, may I add, are proper fell runners. I made my way to the start, but stayed at the back as didn’t know what to expect – bit of a bottle neck start straight onto the climb which was hills within a massive hill,lots of technical climb and a bit of descent then more climbing till we finally got to the top. Then, with a rocky run along the top of the hill and after inhaling a massive fly, I finally reached the descent back may I add only about 1 k of it with another hill thrown in for good measure then the finish sprint back into the field. The views are amazing, Marshalls were fantastic, runners were fab as they had to put up with my nattering all way round, and the supporters which of one who my I add I don’t know approached me we had a chat said I was such an inspiration and bought me a hot chocolate , lovely ,a very tough little fell race but will be definitely doing again.

David’s words of Wisdom…

by David (and Jill!) Scott

Dave Scott, Lancashire Cross Country VM75 Champion. Photo: Donna Airey

Dave Scott, Lancashire Cross Country VM75 Champion. Photo: Donna Airey

Jill asks, ‘Is he an anorak or is it a case of OCD?’
Looking at James Dunderdale’s very muddy running shoes as he pulled them out of his bag prior to the XC run at Cuerden on Saturday, prompted me to pen a few lines to add to Helen’s round-up.
When I started teaching PE in the early 1960’s I wore white Dunlop pumps, that were only EVER worn in the gym, Every Friday night I removed the laces and washed them by hand in warm soapy water. The pumps themselves were gently scrubbed with water before Meltonian Whitening was applied, using a sponge applicator.  Newspaper was pushed inside and they were allowed to dry overnight.
My running shoes still get similar treatment. Soles checked every time, especially after a JR training session in the dark. XC races usually mean 3 pairs of shoes to be cleaned on a Sunday morning.  One pair to walk to the course and jog round/warm up; a pair to race in, Walsh P.B.’s these days; and Jill’s!!!! They are cleaned in cold water using a small scrubbing brush, stuffed with newspaper and if not raining put outside to dry. Sometimes it needs 2 lots of newspaper to dry them out before being put away for the next race.
I’m not sure that OCD was a named condition in the 1960’s, but Jill thinks I suffer from it!!!

Results Roundup

3rd February – Capel Curig (Kong Mini Mountain Marathon Series) – Results

3rd February – Winter Warmer – Results

9th February – Leigh Sports Village (Mid Lancs XC League) – Results

2nd U13G – Helana White; 3rd U13G Team (Helana White, Sianna Smith, Eleanor Edwards);3rd V60M – Brian Horrocks.

9th February – Windy Hill Fell Race – Results

2nd M60 – Alan Archer.

10th February Barbondale (Kendal Winter League) – Results

1st LV60 – Wendy Dodds

10th February – Valentines 10K (Lancaster) – Results

1st MV50 – David Edmondson; 1st W – Laura Hesketh.

15th February – Mr Sparkle’s Dark Un – Results

16th February – Bleasdale Circle Fell Race – Results

1st MV40 – Peter Coates; 3rd MV40 Carl Helliwell;1st MV65 Stephen Fish; 3rd MV65 Andrew Walmsley;1st MV70 Jack Holt; 2nd Men’s Team; 1st FV45 Vicky Heys; 2nd FV45 Teresa de Curtis.

17th February – Great North West Half Marathon (Blackpool) – Results

1st Lady V55 – Avril Duckworth.

17th February – Longsleddale (Kendal Winter League) – Results

23rd February – Harewood House (National Cross Country Championships) – Results

24th February – Oulton Park 10K – Results

1st Female V35 – Lisa Ellis; 1st Female V45 – Jane Hylands.

24th February – Ilkley Moor Fell Race – Results

24th February – Sedbergh School (Kendal Winter League) – Results

1st LV60 – Wendy Dodds.

Parkrun Roundup

Date Venue Name Age Time
2nd February Pendle Helen Harrison VW50-54 30:45
9th February Clitheroe Castle Andrew Priory VM50-54 22:23
 16th February Burnley Daniel Fleming SM30-34 17:54
Peter Stevens JM15-17 18:42
Charlie Parkinson JM15-17 19:23
Helana White JW11-14 19:25
Imogen Ferguson JW11-14 22:20
Eliena Lusty JW10 24:05
Emily Nicholls JW10 24:50
Jane Hylands VW45-49 25:06
Sophie McIntosh SW25-29 27:57
Natalie Nicholls VW35-39 30:29
 23rd February Burnley Mark Magee SM30-34 17:11
Phoebe Jackson JW10 30:10
Clitheroe Castle Andrew Priory VM50-54 22:09

Junior Parkrun Roundup

Date Venue Name Age Time
 10th February Burnley Helana White  JW11-14  07:25
Clitheroe Castle William Nicholls  JM11-14  07:22
 17th February Burnley Francis Woodruff  JM10  09:05
Clitheroe Castle Emily Nicholls  JW10  08:58
Emily Johnson  JW10  11:30
Burnley  Helana White  JW11-14  07:22

Moorhouse’s sponsorship

Clayton-le-Moors Harriers are delighted to announce that Moorhouse’s Brewery are proud sponsors of our Pendle Fell Races and Club Fell Competitions for 2019.

Moorhouses Clayton BannerAll adult finishers in the Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round, Pendle Fell Race, Pendle Cloughs Fell Race, Mearley Clough Fell Race and Pendleton Fell Race will receive a bottle of Moorhouse’s beer. And Clayton-le-Moors Blonde ABV 3.9% will provide much needed refreshment for tired runners in the local pub after each race.

Moorhouse’s prizes will be awarded to members successful in our 2018 and 2019 Club Fell Championship, Pendle Aggregrate Trophy Competitions, and John North Trophy competitions. Clayton-le-Moors Blonde ABV 3.9% will enhance the celebrations at our annual Awards Evening held on 22nd March at Turf Moor.

Clayton-le-Moors Harriers are not only passionate for fell running but also for the mystical landscape of Pendle Hill, famous for its long-told myths and legends. We look forward to sharing some of Pendle’s secrets with Moorhouse’s during 2019.

January Roundup

It appears to have been a quiet month, race-wise. Don’t be fooled though – some of our veteran ladies and gents have been leading the way in the Kendal Winter League, with a special mention to Jean Brown (who seems to be amazing at evey discipline), Wendy Dodds (two 1sts), Linda Lord (a 1st at Giggleswick AND 2 Parkrun PBs), Katy Thompson, and Jack Holt. VM75 David Scott was also victorious at Lancashire Cross Country Championships – see his race report further down.

As a special feature, I asked David Edmondson, who recently won an England vest for 10K, to write about how he has managed to improve his form over recent years. I hope you find this interesting and useful.

As ever, many thanks to all our contributors for helping make the roundup possible. Cheers!

The Long Road Back: From Injury to an England Vest

by David Edmondson

I have been running competitively for over 40 years, to a moderate level of success. Frequently plagued by injury; like most. Especially over the last few years, maybe it’s inevitable? Since 2013 I’ve never felt like I was running well.

Now my wife Tracy who has been teaching Pilates for 14 years has been pointing out areas of improvement for some time, in particular to do with posture and dynamic posture: running gait in other words.

My problems included:
• Hyper extending knees
• Head too far forward
• Pelvis hiking
• Shoulders too far forward
• Week core
• Glutes not firing

You can see some of the faults in the cross country picture.

Cross Country

Cross Country

Over the last few years something has clicked, maybe my engineering background helped. We are very much design to run so why do we frequently get injured? I put months of thought and analysis into the problems a couple of years ago. In fact I enjoyed that so much I eventually resigned form my teaching career to join Tracy teaching Pilates. Some of my classes specialising in Running.

What did I find was the solution to my problems? A real concentration on getting that posture right, improving stability, running gait and crucially, ensuring my glutes are not only strong but firing properly. I’ve slowly altered my running gait, minimum necessary change each time. Much of these gains made through Pilates with some work that I’ve called Pilates Plus; the same principles but with weights or resistance. The picture form Telford 10K perhaps demonstrates some of these improvements; still with some gains to be made.

Telford 10K

Telford 10K

How have I improved? I returned to road running last summer after perhaps 3 or 4 races since 2009. My 4th road race of 2018 I ran 10 miles in just over 63 minutes to grab the V50 Lancashire 10 Mile Champs and a few weeks later ran just over 37 minutes at the Telford 10K to get an England selection. Not stunning times but over the last 12 months I’ve only averaged 25 miles a week; my lowest average for some years! Now I have the correct movement patterns, stability and strength I can begin building the mileage up again and we’ll see what I can do?

I’m running for England V50 10K team in May and then hope to focus on an Autumn marathon; aiming for an England vest at that distance.

Lancashire Cross Country Championship 2019

Race Report by David Scott
It was a cold January Saturday, with rain forecast for the afternoon, so my usual stalwart supporter, Jill (aka Dave Scott’s wife) decided not to come. I first ran in the Lancs. as a Senior in 1965 and have run numerous times since. In those days, I was more concerned about my position, but in recent years I now look at how many runners are behind me when I finish. As a Vet60, I beat 30, and then steadily the numbers dropped to 22 as a Vet 65 and then 20 as a Vet 70.  Last year when I was not quite 75, I beat 4! This year I improved to beat 7!!
I’ve been running at Witton Park since I was 15 and years ago running up ‘The Saucer’ was one of my strong points.  Nowadays I can just about run up it on each of the 3 laps. The worse thing that has happened is probably that I can no longer set off ‘fast’!!!! In 2018 I was last at the end of the starting straight, but managed to pass 4 in the next 2 laps but that was it; the others a looong way ahead. This year, 2019, I was last but only by ONE metre and soon overtook others and managed 7 by the finish.
The underfoot conditions over the past 2 years have been some of the best that I can remember and even the notorious muddy gate at the bottom of the hill (which the fast guys fly through with no obvious slowing down) was only 3 or 4 muddy strides.
Receiving a Lancs. medal standing on the podium being photographed is one of the great things about the Championships and although this year there were less than 10 people still watching as I stood on the top step, I still felt very proud to win a Gold and represent Clayton.
Dave Scott, Lancashire Cross Country VM75 Champion. Photo: Donna Airey

Dave Scott, Lancashire Cross Country VM75 Champion. Photo: Donna Airey

Ladies’ Cross Country Report

by Donna Airey

Back to back XC races during October, November and December. It weird when your hit with the 4 weeks break. I, and I’m sure others too, was happy when it was back to putting the spike on.

First up (feels like ages ago now) was the Lancashire XC Championships at Witton Park. A fantastic course, drier than previous years but still good fun. Great turn out from the seniors with the ladies team finishing 5th overall. Everyone did fantastic, well done!
Our ladies Vet team finished an impressive 3rd and bagged themselves a bronze medal
Also impressive performances by Julia Rushton (2nd V55), Karen Goss (1st V65 and 1st V70) and Christine Leathley (2nd V65) who all finish on the Podium.

Some of the Ladies' Team at the Lancashire Cross Country Championships

Some of the Ladies’ Team at the Lancashire Cross Country Championships. Photo: David Belshaw

Week after we were back to Mid Lancs League. Held on our turf, we once again had a good number of ladies taking part. Well organised by Trawden, results were up before I’d even got my spikes out the bag. Being able to hear when Burnley (well Fulham) scored was also a bonus!

We had good results and currently ladies stand in the league joint 2nd place in Division 1. V35 – 3rd. V45 3rd. V55 3rd. We need as many as you as possible for the 2 remaining fixtures, please!

5th “A”— 22 Tara Robb 25, Jean Brown, 29 Rebecca Rimmington
11th ‘B’ 118 — 36 CDarling-Smedley, 39 Michelle Abbott, 43 Donna Airey
F35 – 3rd— 13 Jean Brown, 16 Rebecca Rimmington,19 C Darling-Smedley
F45 – 4th— 9 Jean Brown, 26 Irene Roche, 28 Julia Rushton
F55 -4th — 4 Irene Roche, 29 Susan Allen, 30 Christine Leathley

The last January fixture was the Northern Athletics XC Championships held at Pontefract. Thank you to all that put their name forward to represent the club, especially after the committee decided to affiliate to NA so our members could take part in these big events.

My 4th year doing the Northerns and a different venue each time. There’s just something special about taking part in this big event, the atmosphere, the talent, the challenge of a longer course. Well done to those who ran and hope you all had a good day out and we see more of you put your name forward next year!

Junior Report

by Alan Dorrington

The first race of the month was one that many of our Juniors had been targeting all season – the Lancashire XC Championships. Witton Park can be very muddy at this time of year but conditions were surprisingly firm and even the infamous Saucer descent was relatively mud-free.

Helana White powering to the finish to become Lancashire Cross Country U13G Champion

Helana White powering to the finish to become Lancashire Cross Country U13G Champion. Photo: David Belshaw

Helana White led the U13G race from early on with her usual focus and took a comfortable win to become Lancashire Champion and achieve her second County vest. Backing up her win with great runs also, her team mates Sianna Smith (13th), Amelia Halstead (15th) and Eleanor Edwards (23rd) helped the girls to 2nd Team.

U13 Girls' Team (L-R Amelia Halstead, Helana White, Sianna Smith, Eleanor Edwards). Photo : David Belshaw

U13 Girls’ Team (L-R Amelia Halstead, Helana White, Sianna Smith, Eleanor Edwards). Photo : David Belshaw

In the U11B, Charlie Fee continued to progress in 17th  place and Fraser Anforth was 56th. We had 5 girls running in the U11G race, with Eliena Lusty tantalisingly close to the top 10 in 11th, Emily Nicholls 26th, Lottie Smith 35th, Phoebe Jackson 49th and Ellisia Smedley 54th.

U11 Girls' Team (L-R Lottie Smith, Emily Nicholls, Phoebe Jackson, Ellissia Smedley, Eliena Lusty). Photo: David Belshaw

U11 Girls’ Team (L-R Lottie Smith, Emily Nicholls, Phoebe Jackson, Ellisia Smedley, Eliena Lusty). Photo: David Belshaw

By comparison, unfortunately we had no boys running in the U13B race, for the first time coaches can remember – here’s hoping the boys bounce back and we can field a good team in future races.

Jackson Mackay finishing strongly to earn (hopefully) a Lancashire Vest. Photo: David Belshaw

Jackson Mackay finishing strongly to earn (hopefully) a Lancashire Vest. Photo: David Belshaw

Jackson McKay just missed out on automatic selection for the County team with 7th in U15B so fingers crossed he still gets another vest, whilst Will Nicholls was 27th, Lennon Jackson 42nd and Will Barlow 43rd.

U15 Boys (L-R Jackson Mackay, Will Nicholls, William Barlow). Photo: David Belshaw

U15 Boys (L-R Jackson Mackay, Will Nicholls, William Barlow). Photo: David Belshaw

Ella Dorrington led our U15G home in 18th, closely followed by Imogen Ferguson (23rd), Sophie Ashworth (27th), Hannah Eccles (34th) and Beth Wheatcroft (45th).

U15 Girls' Team (L-R Sophie Ashworth, Ella Dorrington-Levy, Bethany Wheatcroft, Hannah Eccles, Imogen Ferguson). Photo: David Belshaw

U15 Girls’ Team (L-R Sophie Ashworth, Ella Dorrington-Levy, Bethany Wheatcroft, Hannah Eccles, Imogen Ferguson). Photo: David Belshaw

The U17B attacked the race with their usual commitment in a really strong field with Nick Hennessey 17th, Charlie Parkinson 18th, Michael Stevens 24th and Peter Stevens 27th and finally Caleb Thornber 31st. Nicola Moynihan was our sole representative in the U17G race with a fine 9th place.

U17s (L-R Charlie Parkinson, Caleb Thornber, Peter Stevens, Nick Hennessey, Michael Stevens, Nicola Moynihan). Photo: David Belshaw

U17s (L-R Charlie Parkinson, Caleb Thornber, Peter Stevens, Nick Hennessey, Michael Stevens, Nicola Moynihan). Photo: David Belshaw

The following week, our cross country Juniors returned to the local fixture in Towneley Park, as part of the Mid Lancs series. There were top 20 performances in the U11 from Eliena Lusty and Charlie Fee, and Helana White took a gritty second in the U13G with Amelia Halstead, Sianna Smith and Eleanor Edwards helping the girls to 3rd team.

Jackson Mckay was just pipped into 2nd after a close race in the U15B and with William Nicholls and Lennon Jackson, the boys took 3rd team.

Our U17B team was on fire at their home fixture and with Nick Hennessey (4th), Michael and Peter Stevens (9th and 10th) and Charlie Parkinson (11th) they won the team prize. Fantastic work lads!

The Kendal Winter League is a well established series of races that can best be described as cross-country on steroids or fell racing-lite. Either way, they are a great way of keeping some fell fitness and experience going over the winter months and fell devotees Ella Dorrington and Christopher Brown attended several during this month. Ella placed  2nd U17G at Giggleswick and 3rd at Whitestones in Cumbria, whilst Christopher was 10th in U15B at Scout Scar, 11th at Giggleswick, and 7th at Whitestones.

Finally, a sizeable team made their way across to Pontefract racecourse for the Northern Athletics Cross Country Champs, a high quality race with large fields. All our Juniors raced well against the best runners in the region, on a fast but draggy course round the infield of the racecourse.

1st January – New Year’s Day Awakener, Whitworth – Results

1st F55 – Yvonne Wickham; 2nd M50 – David McMullan.

5th January – Lancashire Cross Country Championship – Results

1st U13G – Helana White; 2nd U13G Team (Helana White, Sianna Smith, Amelia Halstead, Eleanor Edwards); 3rd Ladies (Vets) Team (Jean Brown, Michelle Abbott, Cassie Darling-Smedley); 1st VM75 – David Scott.

6th January – Scout Scar Fell Race (Kendal Winter League) – Results

1st LV60 – Wendy Dodds; 2nd LV50 – Jean Brown; 1st MV70 – Jack Holt;

13th January – East Lancs Hospice 10K – Results

1st M50 – David Edmondson; 1st M60 – John Roche; 2nd M45 – Robert Morrison.

12th January – Towneley Park – Mid Lancs Cross Country – Results

2nd U13 Girl – Helana White; 3rd U13 Girls Team (Helana White, Sianna Smith, Amelia Halstead); 2nd U15 Boy – Jackson Mackay; 3rd U15 Boys Team (Jackson Mackay, William Nicholls, Lennon Jackson); 1st U17 Mens Team (Nick Hennessey, Michael Stevens, Peter Stevens);3rd Ladies Over 35 Team (Jean Brown, Rebecca Rimmington, Cassie Darling-Smedley); 1st Vet 70 Men – David Scott; 3rd Vet 70 Men – Richard Lawson; 2 Ladies Over 50 – Carol Life; 3rd Mens over 45 – Craig Eccles.

13th January – Giggleswick School (Kendal Winter League) – Results

1st LV70 – Linda Lord; 1st LV60 – Wendy Dodds; 2nd LV60 – Katy Thompson; 2nd LV50 – Jean Brown.

19th January – Inskip Half Marathon – Results

1st V55M – Kevin Davies; 3rd V60M – Alan Clarkson; 1st V55W – Avril Duckworth.

20th January – Whitestone (Kendal Winter League) – Results

26th January – Northern Athletics Cross Country Championships, Pontefract – Results

27th January – Birkrigg Common (Kendal Winter League) – Results

1st LV60 – Katy Thompson; 1st LV50 – Jean Brown.

Parkrun Roundup

Date Venue Name Age Time
 1st January  Burnley  Alfie White  JM15-17  21:14
 5th January  Burnley  Stephen Green  VM60-64  21:23
 Hyndburn  Linda Lord  VW70-74  27:48
 12th January  Burnley  Olivia Metcalfe  JW10  33:05
 Hyndburn  Craig Nicholls  JM40-44  21:52
 19th January  Burnley  Ryan Bradshaw  SM20-24  17:37
 Alan Archer  VM60-64  24:07
 Clitheroe Castle  Andrew Priory  VM50-54  23:02
 Andrew Dugdale  VM55-59  24:31
 Witton  William Barlow  JM11-14  23:41
 26th January  Burnley  Alan Archer  VM60-64  24:03
 Helen Harrison  VW50-54  26:11
 Clitheroe Castle  Natalie Nicholls  VW35-39  32:22
 Hyndburn  William Barlow  JM11-14  24:33
 Linda Lord  VW70-74  27:45
 Bryn Barnes  VM65-69  27:49
 Witton  Paul Thompson  VM45-49  20:22

Junior Parkrun Roundup

Date Venue Name Age Time
 6th January  Burnley  Eliena Lusty  JW10  08:36
 13th January  Burnley  Francis Woodruff  JM10  09:22
 20th January  Burnley  Imogen Ferguson  JW11-14  08:01

December Roundup

Happy New Year Team Clayton!

Pendle on Christmas Eve 2018 (pics; Mick Hughes & David Belshaw)

Pendle on Christmas Eve 2018 (pic; Mick Hughes & David Belshaw)

The start of December seems ages ago, but a wet start to the month saw the first real mud at the cross country races, and a chance to test my washing machine’s capabilities of removing the mud and returning the twins’ racing vests to their pristeen Daz whiteness. Despite the rain, the weather has been relatively kind (at least we’ve had none of the white stuff), and our runners have been all over the place representing the club. If you were in a race I haven’t covered, or you’re entering a race I might not know about, please let me know so I can include it. Also, please consider writing a race report – we really don’t need many words, even one of our juniors has contributed this month.

Good luck for 2018’s running, I’m hoping my ankle is finally sorted and that I will be pulling on my race vest sometime this year.

Helen Stevens

‘Fields, Frost & Festivities’

(Senior Men’s Cross-Country / Festive Season Report)

by Mick Hughes – Mens XC Captain

Hello Harriers.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The last Cross Country before we headed into serious festive mode was the Mid-Lancs ‘Hyndburn’ fixture at Woodlands, Clayton-le-Moors. In all honesty it was not without glitches and some errors on the day with course direction and timings. But, hey ho, frustrating as it was, these days happen and we have to remain positive and move forward… and that we did. Great turnout from the guys and ladies and once again it was most pleasing to see debuts from new athletes putting themselves forward to represent the club. I want to mention Shaun Sturdy who bravely came along and really had a good go and enjoyed himself ! (note to others pondering!)
It was a diverse lapped course of winding woodland trails, a couple of streams to cross, muddy slopes and open field sections. The biggest and arguably worse enemy on the day was the small tree stumps dotted about in both the woods, a few of the lads fell and got minor injuries but on the flipside a lot of the lads said they had enjoyed the different course and the experience. It was, I think a difficult course to get up to pace and remain consistent at. Mark Magee continued his superb form and did not disappoint with another 1st counter for us, crossing the finish in 40;19, the experienced Matt Duckworth ran in a great 2nd to Mark in 40;47. The quality and attendance we have come to appreciate from Andy Holt, Ryan Bradshaw and James Dunderdale proved once again to show our strength as they also all put great runs in with sub 43 minute finishes. For many, it was a cold, wet, glitchy afternoon that they may want to forget, but to me it was still a good reflection of our presence, quality and ‘get on with it’ spirit.

James Dunderdale continues his fantastic form. Photo: Gillian Hughes

James Dunderdale continues his fantastic form.
Photo: Gillian Hughes

Andy Quinn getting stuck in! (pic; Gillian Hughes)

Andy Quinn getting stuck in! (pic; Gillian Hughes)

Ryan Bradshaw in action at Hyndburn with another great run (pic; Gillian Hughes)

Ryan Bradshaw in action at Hyndburn with another great run (pic; Gillian Hughes)

Quite a few attended the festive favourite ‘Turkey Trot’ at Hurst Green on December 15th , a rainy day but great attendance and some very creative colourful costumes on the day.. I cannot recommend running in full Star Wars villain attire though! It is said to be the last Turkey Trot, but If this is the case, I do hope someone takes over the helm at this festive fun one, as it’s a good fund raiser and light- hearted race after the years serious competing. Many clubs enjoy the banter.

Wayne Mcintosh, Cassie Smedley and Michelle Abbott getting into the spirit (pic; David Belshaw)

Wayne Mcintosh, Cassie Smedley and Michelle Abbott getting into the spirit (pic; David Belshaw)

Me chasing Gillian Hughes down (pic; Steve Harling)

Me chasing Gillian Hughes down (pic; Steve Harling)

No year would be the same without the traditional Clayton run up our beloved Pendle on Christmas Eve. Some had a change and went to Worsthorne where I believe a similar great route and time was had. I assisted David Belshaw and took one of his camera’s up to capture a mix of the seniors and juniors on the routes up and at the trig. A good turnout across all ages and the views on that bright morning were magnificent.

Pendle on Christmas Eve 2018 (pics; Mick Hughes & David Belshaw)

Pendle on Christmas Eve 2018 (pics; Mick Hughes & David Belshaw)


Next  Mid Lancs Cross country fixture is Towneley Park on 12th January.

*PLEASE REMEMBER* as long as you are a registered EA athlete with us you can register on the day at Mid Lancs fixtures and we would really appreciate your efforts

Thanks and appreciation as always to Donna Airey, Jason Pier, Cassie Smedley, Michelle Abbott, Helen Morphet Stevens, Gill Hughes and all others who have helped in any way.

See you at Towneley

And finally we get mud! Both December XC fixtures had lots of it.

Women’s Cross Country Report

by Donna Airey – Women’s XC Captain

The final Red Rose Fixture was held at Todmorden in real XC weather. A new venue and it didn’t disappoint. Organised superbly by Todmorden Harriers, I said in the car on the way over, they like a hill! A good turn out for the ladies, 14 taking part. Well done all.
Cassie was first Clayton lady back, followed closely by Liz Mullan and Michelle Abbot to make up our ladies team who finished 6th.
Vet team, Cassie Smedley/Michelle Abbot/Vicky Heys finished 5th
Congratulations to Christine Leathley who finished the series 3rd place F65, well done Christine!

Next up, Mid Lancs Hyndburn. Once again, a good lady turn out. The start was a bit of a shambles. After the U15B/U17W start was delayed, the ladies start was also delayed but with no indication for how long which made keeping warmed up a pain. Setting the men off on time also caused issues for the second half of the ladies. The paths were tight enough with us ladies out there never mind when the man caught up and tried to get past. Luckily, even with a few tumbles, all our ladies came back unharmed. Well done to all our ladies on a very tough day!
Ladies A 5th Tara Robb/Jean Brown/Michelle Abbot
Ladies B 13th Cassie Smedley/Lisa Ellis/Vicky Heys
Ladies F35 3rd Jean Brown/Michelle Abbot/Cassie Smedley
Ladies F45 3rd Jean Brown/Vicky Heys/Irene Roche
Ladies F55 3rd Irene Roche/Yvonne Wickham/Karin Goss

Ribble Valley 10K – 30th December 2018

If the number of race reports we received for this is anything to go by, it’s a very popular race! So here you get a couple of different perspectives…

Craig Nicholls

A tongue in cheek comment about there not being enough me in the monthly roundup was met with a suggestion that I provide a report myself and I was subsequently given the task of doing a write up for the Ribble Valley 10K. So here it is.

Having completed the 2018 Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix and entered my name and my two little runners William and Emily onto the hallowed list of the PBGP Grand Slam club I had decided to take a little break from the constant pressure of running and racing. A decision that backfired spectacularly when I decided to return to the fold in time for the cross country season and realised that my summer vacation had not been kind to my legs or lungs and that something resembling a small wok had appeared where I once hoped a six pack might reside.

The obvious solution was to make a firm commitment to JRs Winter Training programme and put my faith in Clayton’s answer to Gareth Southgate to rescue the situation and transform me back into something that the club might want to call one if it’s own again. Ten weeks of Tuesday and Thursday training with cross country races at the weekend followed and the marginal gains started to appear as week by week my Strava segments started to improve as did my finishing positions in the cross country races so I decided to book onto the RV10K and see whether or not I was in good enough shape to think about a new tarmac PB.

The morning of the race finally arrived and suddenly the pressure of being competitive beyond my ability started to suck all the fun out of the occasion and I spent most of the morning imagining how disappointed I was going to be if and when the race went badly. These feelings however were swiftly dispersed when I arrived at the start line and was met with over 1,300 runners of all shapes, sizes, ages and ability who were all just as excited and nervous as myself. With no less than 39 Clayton members in attendance it’s virtually impossible not to feel inspired and motivated about being part of something bigger and better than your own personal running goals so I made my way to the start line ready for whatever the race happened to have in store for me.

The race started and the elite runners were quickly out of sight and out of mind leaving the rest of us to negotiate our way round a challenging but fun tour of the Ribble Valley countryside. Each and every runner was greeted by cheers and encouragement literally every step of the way and the kilometre markers seemed to fly by meaning I was soon counting them down to the finish splitting my time equally between watching where I was going and staring at my watch whilst constantly recalculating my target finish time.

With 2K to go and my motivation starting to ebb away I was greeted by the sight that nobody at a Tuesday or Thursday session ever wants to see. John bloomin’ Roche appeared by my side (not a road to Damascus apparition though – it really was him) and I knew that any attempt to slack off before the race was complete would not be tolerated. With his trusty sidekick Mr Wilcock by his side the two Johns carried me (not literally – that would be cheating) through to the finish line and a new sub 42 minute PB.

A worried Craig gives John W a sideways glance...

A worried-looking Craig gives John W a sideways glance…

NOTE – I’m only messing about by making this race report all about me. Hopefully readers will note the subtle references to the excellent training sessions put on by JR, the brilliantly inclusive series of cross country races we’re all entitled to attend and the uplifting experience of being a small part of this wonderful club.

Marion Wilkinson

The tradition of running the Ribble Valley 10k with my daughter Lisa started when I was 65years old, and my time then was 52:28, I only started running a couple of years before.

Lisa could not run it this time so I stood in the 1000 plus crowd without my best friend.
We always wished each other good luck and then off we would go to do our own thing.
I had started to get slower as the years passed from my first race at Clitheroe, but this year my fitness had improved since having my operation for glaucoma three years earlier.

This year I wanted to get under 60mins. My first 10k in 2018 and I did it 58:47, so so pleased, but that means no retirement for another year.

Going to do a few more 10ks in 2019, onwards and upwards lets see if I can make some more progress

Marion Wilkinson at RV10K. Photo: David Belshaw

Marion Wilkinson at RV10K. Photo: David Belshaw

1st December – Todmorden XC (Red Rose Cross Country League) – Results

3rd U13 Boys Team (Robbie Smedley, William Woodruff, Jenson Bentham), 1st U13 Girl – Helana White, 2nd U13 Girls Team (Helana White, Amelia Halstead, Sianna Smith), 2nd U15 Boy – Jackson Mackay,  2nd U15 Boys Team (Jackson Mackay, William Nicholls, Lennon Jackson), 3rd U15 Girls Team (Ella Dorrington-Levy, Hannah Eccles, Imogen Ferguson), 2nd U17 Men’s Team (Nick Hennessey, Michael Stevens, Peter Stevens), 2nd U17 Women’s Team (Briony Holt, Nicola Moynihan, Millie Stubbs).

1st December – Podium 5K – ‘A’ Race Results – ‘B’ Race Results

2nd December – Myerscough 10 – Results

8th December – Hyndburn (Mid Lancs Cross Country League) – Results

2nd U13 Girl – Helana White; 1st U13 Girls Team (Helana White, Amelia Halstead, Sianna Smith); 3rd U15 Girls Team (Ella Dorringto-Levy, Imogen Ferguson, Hannah Eccles); 3rd U15 Boy – Jackson Mackay; 3rd V35 Ladies Team (Jean Brown, Michelle Abbott, Cassie Darling-Smedley); 3rd V45 Ladies Team (Jean Brown, Vicky Heys, Irene Roche); 3rd V55 Ladies Team (Irene Roche, Yvonne Wickham, Karin Goss).

15th December – Hurst Green Turkey Trot – Results

15th December – Tandle Hill (SE Lancashire Cross Country League) – Results

1st U13 Girl – Helana White

Tandle Hill Race Report by Sophie Ashworth

Nicola Moynihan at Tandle Hill. Photo: Rachael White

Nicola Moynihan at Tandle Hill. Photo: Rachael White

‘Too Cold for Boys’

We pulled up onto to Tandle Hill Road, through a gap between two houses to get to the start. Nearly had Rachael breaking her foot after falling through a stile, lucky Helana was there to catch her. We walked the course avoiding the two foot drop into a hole. The ground was rock hard with patches of ice. Even though this was a cross country race, the hills made it more a fell race. Representing team Clayton were: Helana White, Hannah Eccles, Nicola Moynihan and myself. Helana ran first and no surprise for her to win quite comfortably. Next up was Hannah and myself both had a great start and with Hannah finishing 8th and unfortunately I dropped out due to falling over on my ankle. After that Nicola was up with a great finishing position with 4th place. Meanwhile, whilst Nicola was racing I was still up at point K waiting in freezing conditions for the St. John ambulance to arrive.

Overall good race and amazing effort from everyone braving the cold and wet weather.
Well done girls!

15th December – Kong Winter Fell Series Race 2 – Results

26th December – Whinberry Naze Dash Fell Race – Results

1st MU21 – Charlie Parkinson; 1st FV60 – Karin Goss; 1st MV60 – Peter Dugdale; 3rd MV60 – Andrew Firth; 3rd FU21 – Ella Dorrington-Levy;

27th December – Wansfell Fell Race – Results

1st FV70 Karin Goss; 2nd FV60 – Wendy Dodds; 3rd MV60 – Andrew Firth; 3rd MU18 – Michael Stevens.

30th December – Ribble Valley 10K – Results

Parkrun Roundup

Date Venue Name Age Time
1st December  Clitheroe Castle  Andrew Dugdale  VM55-59  25:29
 15th December  Clitheroe Castle  Mark Taylor  VM35-39  22:02
 Andrew Dugdale  VM55-59  24:57
 Yvonne Wickham  VW55-59  28:27
 22nd December  Clitheroe Castle  Alan Life  VM50-54 21:34
 Hyndburn  Bryn Barnes  VM65-69  28:04
 25th December  Witton  Alan Life  VM50-54  22:27
 Carol Life  VW50-54  27:34
 29th December  Burnley  Daniel Fleming  VM30-34  18:04
 Hyndburn  Andrew Orr  VM45-49  22:13
 Bryn Barnes  VM65-69  28:01
 Robert Mitchell  VM65-69  29:21
 Pendle  Hannah Eccles  JW11-14  25:33

Junior Parkrun Roundup

Date Venue Name Age Time
1st December  Burnley  Fraser Anforth  JM10  09:10
 Francis Woodruff  JM10  09:53
 16th December  Burnley  Olivia Huyton  JW10  09:11