January Roundup

It appears to have been a quiet month, race-wise. Don’t be fooled though – some of our veteran ladies and gents have been leading the way in the Kendal Winter League, with a special mention to Jean Brown (who seems to be amazing at evey discipline), Wendy Dodds (two 1sts), Linda Lord (a 1st at Giggleswick AND 2 Parkrun PBs), Katy Thompson, and Jack Holt. VM75 David Scott was also victorious at Lancashire Cross Country Championships – see his race report further down.

As a special feature, I asked David Edmondson, who recently won an England vest for 10K, to write about how he has managed to improve his form over recent years. I hope you find this interesting and useful.

As ever, many thanks to all our contributors for helping make the roundup possible. Cheers!

The Long Road Back: From Injury to an England Vest

by David Edmondson

I have been running competitively for over 40 years, to a moderate level of success. Frequently plagued by injury; like most. Especially over the last few years, maybe it’s inevitable? Since 2013 I’ve never felt like I was running well.

Now my wife Tracy who has been teaching Pilates for 14 years has been pointing out areas of improvement for some time, in particular to do with posture and dynamic posture: running gait in other words.

My problems included:
• Hyper extending knees
• Head too far forward
• Pelvis hiking
• Shoulders too far forward
• Week core
• Glutes not firing

You can see some of the faults in the cross country picture.

Cross Country

Cross Country

Over the last few years something has clicked, maybe my engineering background helped. We are very much design to run so why do we frequently get injured? I put months of thought and analysis into the problems a couple of years ago. In fact I enjoyed that so much I eventually resigned form my teaching career to join Tracy teaching Pilates. Some of my classes specialising in Running.

What did I find was the solution to my problems? A real concentration on getting that posture right, improving stability, running gait and crucially, ensuring my glutes are not only strong but firing properly. I’ve slowly altered my running gait, minimum necessary change each time. Much of these gains made through Pilates with some work that I’ve called Pilates Plus; the same principles but with weights or resistance. The picture form Telford 10K perhaps demonstrates some of these improvements; still with some gains to be made.

Telford 10K

Telford 10K

How have I improved? I returned to road running last summer after perhaps 3 or 4 races since 2009. My 4th road race of 2018 I ran 10 miles in just over 63 minutes to grab the V50 Lancashire 10 Mile Champs and a few weeks later ran just over 37 minutes at the Telford 10K to get an England selection. Not stunning times but over the last 12 months I’ve only averaged 25 miles a week; my lowest average for some years! Now I have the correct movement patterns, stability and strength I can begin building the mileage up again and we’ll see what I can do?

I’m running for England V50 10K team in May and then hope to focus on an Autumn marathon; aiming for an England vest at that distance.

Lancashire Cross Country Championship 2019

Race Report by David Scott
It was a cold January Saturday, with rain forecast for the afternoon, so my usual stalwart supporter, Jill (aka Dave Scott’s wife) decided not to come. I first ran in the Lancs. as a Senior in 1965 and have run numerous times since. In those days, I was more concerned about my position, but in recent years I now look at how many runners are behind me when I finish. As a Vet60, I beat 30, and then steadily the numbers dropped to 22 as a Vet 65 and then 20 as a Vet 70.  Last year when I was not quite 75, I beat 4! This year I improved to beat 7!!
I’ve been running at Witton Park since I was 15 and years ago running up ‘The Saucer’ was one of my strong points.  Nowadays I can just about run up it on each of the 3 laps. The worse thing that has happened is probably that I can no longer set off ‘fast’!!!! In 2018 I was last at the end of the starting straight, but managed to pass 4 in the next 2 laps but that was it; the others a looong way ahead. This year, 2019, I was last but only by ONE metre and soon overtook others and managed 7 by the finish.
The underfoot conditions over the past 2 years have been some of the best that I can remember and even the notorious muddy gate at the bottom of the hill (which the fast guys fly through with no obvious slowing down) was only 3 or 4 muddy strides.
Receiving a Lancs. medal standing on the podium being photographed is one of the great things about the Championships and although this year there were less than 10 people still watching as I stood on the top step, I still felt very proud to win a Gold and represent Clayton.
Dave Scott, Lancashire Cross Country VM75 Champion. Photo: Donna Airey

Dave Scott, Lancashire Cross Country VM75 Champion. Photo: Donna Airey

Ladies’ Cross Country Report

by Donna Airey

Back to back XC races during October, November and December. It weird when your hit with the 4 weeks break. I, and I’m sure others too, was happy when it was back to putting the spike on.

First up (feels like ages ago now) was the Lancashire XC Championships at Witton Park. A fantastic course, drier than previous years but still good fun. Great turn out from the seniors with the ladies team finishing 5th overall. Everyone did fantastic, well done!
Our ladies Vet team finished an impressive 3rd and bagged themselves a bronze medal
Also impressive performances by Julia Rushton (2nd V55), Karen Goss (1st V65 and 1st V70) and Christine Leathley (2nd V65) who all finish on the Podium.

Some of the Ladies' Team at the Lancashire Cross Country Championships

Some of the Ladies’ Team at the Lancashire Cross Country Championships. Photo: David Belshaw

Week after we were back to Mid Lancs League. Held on our turf, we once again had a good number of ladies taking part. Well organised by Trawden, results were up before I’d even got my spikes out the bag. Being able to hear when Burnley (well Fulham) scored was also a bonus!

We had good results and currently ladies stand in the league joint 2nd place in Division 1. V35 – 3rd. V45 3rd. V55 3rd. We need as many as you as possible for the 2 remaining fixtures, please!

5th “A”— 22 Tara Robb 25, Jean Brown, 29 Rebecca Rimmington
11th ‘B’ 118 — 36 CDarling-Smedley, 39 Michelle Abbott, 43 Donna Airey
F35 – 3rd— 13 Jean Brown, 16 Rebecca Rimmington,19 C Darling-Smedley
F45 – 4th— 9 Jean Brown, 26 Irene Roche, 28 Julia Rushton
F55 -4th — 4 Irene Roche, 29 Susan Allen, 30 Christine Leathley

The last January fixture was the Northern Athletics XC Championships held at Pontefract. Thank you to all that put their name forward to represent the club, especially after the committee decided to affiliate to NA so our members could take part in these big events.

My 4th year doing the Northerns and a different venue each time. There’s just something special about taking part in this big event, the atmosphere, the talent, the challenge of a longer course. Well done to those who ran and hope you all had a good day out and we see more of you put your name forward next year!

Junior Report

by Alan Dorrington

The first race of the month was one that many of our Juniors had been targeting all season – the Lancashire XC Championships. Witton Park can be very muddy at this time of year but conditions were surprisingly firm and even the infamous Saucer descent was relatively mud-free.

Helana White powering to the finish to become Lancashire Cross Country U13G Champion

Helana White powering to the finish to become Lancashire Cross Country U13G Champion. Photo: David Belshaw

Helana White led the U13G race from early on with her usual focus and took a comfortable win to become Lancashire Champion and achieve her second County vest. Backing up her win with great runs also, her team mates Sianna Smith (13th), Amelia Halstead (15th) and Eleanor Edwards (23rd) helped the girls to 2nd Team.

U13 Girls' Team (L-R Amelia Halstead, Helana White, Sianna Smith, Eleanor Edwards). Photo : David Belshaw

U13 Girls’ Team (L-R Amelia Halstead, Helana White, Sianna Smith, Eleanor Edwards). Photo : David Belshaw

In the U11B, Charlie Fee continued to progress in 17th  place and Fraser Anforth was 56th. We had 5 girls running in the U11G race, with Eliena Lusty tantalisingly close to the top 10 in 11th, Emily Nicholls 26th, Lottie Smith 35th, Phoebe Jackson 49th and Ellisia Smedley 54th.

U11 Girls' Team (L-R Lottie Smith, Emily Nicholls, Phoebe Jackson, Ellissia Smedley, Eliena Lusty). Photo: David Belshaw

U11 Girls’ Team (L-R Lottie Smith, Emily Nicholls, Phoebe Jackson, Ellisia Smedley, Eliena Lusty). Photo: David Belshaw

By comparison, unfortunately we had no boys running in the U13B race, for the first time coaches can remember – here’s hoping the boys bounce back and we can field a good team in future races.

Jackson Mackay finishing strongly to earn (hopefully) a Lancashire Vest. Photo: David Belshaw

Jackson Mackay finishing strongly to earn (hopefully) a Lancashire Vest. Photo: David Belshaw

Jackson McKay just missed out on automatic selection for the County team with 7th in U15B so fingers crossed he still gets another vest, whilst Will Nicholls was 27th, Lennon Jackson 42nd and Will Barlow 43rd.

U15 Boys (L-R Jackson Mackay, Will Nicholls, William Barlow). Photo: David Belshaw

U15 Boys (L-R Jackson Mackay, Will Nicholls, William Barlow). Photo: David Belshaw

Ella Dorrington led our U15G home in 18th, closely followed by Imogen Ferguson (23rd), Sophie Ashworth (27th), Hannah Eccles (34th) and Beth Wheatcroft (45th).

U15 Girls' Team (L-R Sophie Ashworth, Ella Dorrington-Levy, Bethany Wheatcroft, Hannah Eccles, Imogen Ferguson). Photo: David Belshaw

U15 Girls’ Team (L-R Sophie Ashworth, Ella Dorrington-Levy, Bethany Wheatcroft, Hannah Eccles, Imogen Ferguson). Photo: David Belshaw

The U17B attacked the race with their usual commitment in a really strong field with Nick Hennessey 17th, Charlie Parkinson 18th, Michael Stevens 24th and Peter Stevens 27th and finally Caleb Thornber 31st. Nicola Moynihan was our sole representative in the U17G race with a fine 9th place.

U17s (L-R Charlie Parkinson, Caleb Thornber, Peter Stevens, Nick Hennessey, Michael Stevens, Nicola Moynihan). Photo: David Belshaw

U17s (L-R Charlie Parkinson, Caleb Thornber, Peter Stevens, Nick Hennessey, Michael Stevens, Nicola Moynihan). Photo: David Belshaw

The following week, our cross country Juniors returned to the local fixture in Towneley Park, as part of the Mid Lancs series. There were top 20 performances in the U11 from Eliena Lusty and Charlie Fee, and Helana White took a gritty second in the U13G with Amelia Halstead, Sianna Smith and Eleanor Edwards helping the girls to 3rd team.

Jackson Mckay was just pipped into 2nd after a close race in the U15B and with William Nicholls and Lennon Jackson, the boys took 3rd team.

Our U17B team was on fire at their home fixture and with Nick Hennessey (4th), Michael and Peter Stevens (9th and 10th) and Charlie Parkinson (11th) they won the team prize. Fantastic work lads!

The Kendal Winter League is a well established series of races that can best be described as cross-country on steroids or fell racing-lite. Either way, they are a great way of keeping some fell fitness and experience going over the winter months and fell devotees Ella Dorrington and Christopher Brown attended several during this month. Ella placed  2nd U17G at Giggleswick and 3rd at Whitestones in Cumbria, whilst Christopher was 10th in U15B at Scout Scar, 11th at Giggleswick, and 7th at Whitestones.

Finally, a sizeable team made their way across to Pontefract racecourse for the Northern Athletics Cross Country Champs, a high quality race with large fields. All our Juniors raced well against the best runners in the region, on a fast but draggy course round the infield of the racecourse.

1st January – New Year’s Day Awakener, Whitworth – Results

1st F55 – Yvonne Wickham; 2nd M50 – David McMullan.

5th January – Lancashire Cross Country Championship – Results

1st U13G – Helana White; 2nd U13G Team (Helana White, Sianna Smith, Amelia Halstead, Eleanor Edwards); 3rd Ladies (Vets) Team (Jean Brown, Michelle Abbott, Cassie Darling-Smedley); 1st VM75 – David Scott.

6th January – Scout Scar Fell Race (Kendal Winter League) – Results

1st LV60 – Wendy Dodds; 2nd LV50 – Jean Brown; 1st MV70 – Jack Holt;

13th January – East Lancs Hospice 10K – Results

1st M50 – David Edmondson; 1st M60 – John Roche; 2nd M45 – Robert Morrison.

12th January – Towneley Park – Mid Lancs Cross Country – Results

2nd U13 Girl – Helana White; 3rd U13 Girls Team (Helana White, Sianna Smith, Amelia Halstead); 2nd U15 Boy – Jackson Mackay; 3rd U15 Boys Team (Jackson Mackay, William Nicholls, Lennon Jackson); 1st U17 Mens Team (Nick Hennessey, Michael Stevens, Peter Stevens);3rd Ladies Over 35 Team (Jean Brown, Rebecca Rimmington, Cassie Darling-Smedley); 1st Vet 70 Men – David Scott; 3rd Vet 70 Men – Richard Lawson; 2 Ladies Over 50 – Carol Life; 3rd Mens over 45 – Craig Eccles.

13th January – Giggleswick School (Kendal Winter League) – Results

1st LV70 – Linda Lord; 1st LV60 – Wendy Dodds; 2nd LV60 – Katy Thompson; 2nd LV50 – Jean Brown.

19th January – Inskip Half Marathon – Results

1st V55M – Kevin Davies; 3rd V60M – Alan Clarkson; 1st V55W – Avril Duckworth.

20th January – Whitestone (Kendal Winter League) – Results

26th January – Northern Athletics Cross Country Championships, Pontefract – Results

27th January – Birkrigg Common (Kendal Winter League) – Results

1st LV60 – Katy Thompson; 1st LV50 – Jean Brown.

Parkrun Roundup

Date Venue Name Age Time
 1st January  Burnley  Alfie White  JM15-17  21:14
 5th January  Burnley  Stephen Green  VM60-64  21:23
 Hyndburn  Linda Lord  VW70-74  27:48
 12th January  Burnley  Olivia Metcalfe  JW10  33:05
 Hyndburn  Craig Nicholls  JM40-44  21:52
 19th January  Burnley  Ryan Bradshaw  SM20-24  17:37
 Alan Archer  VM60-64  24:07
 Clitheroe Castle  Andrew Priory  VM50-54  23:02
 Andrew Dugdale  VM55-59  24:31
 Witton  William Barlow  JM11-14  23:41
 26th January  Burnley  Alan Archer  VM60-64  24:03
 Helen Harrison  VW50-54  26:11
 Clitheroe Castle  Natalie Nicholls  VW35-39  32:22
 Hyndburn  William Barlow  JM11-14  24:33
 Linda Lord  VW70-74  27:45
 Bryn Barnes  VM65-69  27:49
 Witton  Paul Thompson  VM45-49  20:22

Junior Parkrun Roundup

Date Venue Name Age Time
 6th January  Burnley  Eliena Lusty  JW10  08:36
 13th January  Burnley  Francis Woodruff  JM10  09:22
 20th January  Burnley  Imogen Ferguson  JW11-14  08:01

From snowdrifts to snowdrops – the March and April Roundup

3 March – Mid Lancs XC League Round 6

This was the cross-country final that nearly wasn’t. Whilst the Beast from the East did it’s best to snowdrift the country into a complete standstill, the M6 northwards and western fringes of the Lake District were strangely replete of snow, allowing the Mid Lancs XC crowd to head north for this new fixture up in Ulverston, at the Glaxo site on the very edge of Morecombe Bay.

A bone hard and undulating course, with a somewhat coolish breeze coming off the Bay greeted the runners, with trail and fell shoes being the preferred option for most runners.


Helana White to the fore. Photo:


Amelia Halstead capped off a breakthrough xc season with a fine 4th place in the U11G, not far behind the winner and putting her into a series 4th overall. Her regular team mates Ellisia Smedley, Emily Nicholls and Joni Higgins helped the Clayton girls to 10th overall.

Charlie Barnes led the U11B home in 28th, and with Fraser Anforth and Josh McKay the boys took 12th palce in the team competition.

Helana White continued to blaze a trail at the front of the U13G with a fine 3rd, with Ella Dorrington in 9th and the fast improving Imogen Ferguson in 22nd. A few tense hours waiting for final results confirmed the U13G team in 3rd place overall just behind Blackburn and just ahead of Trawden, a great result for them after a full season of working hard toward that team prize.

Robbie Smedley in 3rd was followed by William Nicholls 13th, and Matthew Jackson 14th and this allowed them to claim  3rd place in the U13B team prize by one point.

Only Sophie Ashworth ran in the U15G race to14th, with the last minute start line addition of her race number!

Jackson McKay went out hard in the U15B race in an attempt to stamp his authority on the front group and it nearly paid off as he came in a hard fought 4th, with Michael Stevens 10th and brother Peter 13th. Lennon Jackson and Theo Burfield battled away for 22nd  25th. With Harrison Codd who ran in earlier races, the boys came 5th overall.

Josh Hall was our sole U17B in 7th whilst Brinoy Holt in U17G took a fine 2nd place overall in the series.


Imogen Ferguson was flying in Ulverston. Photo: Cassie Smedley


Donna Airey capped off a great season with 13th to give an overall season placing of 16th Senior Lady (8th Vet), whilst Tom Brewster took 15th to give and overall senior Men 9th place.

David Edmondson had a consistent season and took 2nd overall in the Vet 50 competition (7th Vet overall), Andy Holt a top ten in V40 with Calum Holmes 6th in U20 Men. Dave Scott was first in the V70 Men.

Gold Team Prizes (and promotion to Division 1) were awarded for the season to the Division 2 Ladies and V65 Ladies teams, with Silver for our Division 1 Senior Men, and Bronze for the V55 Ladies and V40 Men.

Donna Airey reports:

“Ulverston was the final fixture in the mid Lancs League, A new venue and it didn’t disappoint. In fact, personally one of my favourite’s. Cold, windy, and undulating. Just missing some mud! Great turn out considering the snow around Burnley and hour and half drive up the M6. With the XC season now over, many thanks those who have taken part. Special thanks to Jason for everything he does and those who have helped with the tent. We’ve had plenty of seniors turn up to most fixtures even with some being over an hour’s drive away. We’ve seen some newcomer’s taking part, hope you have all enjoyed it and we will see you again next season. Well Done everyone, here are some of our overall performances”

And that, as they say, was a wrap for cross-country 2017/18


10 March – Inter Counties XC


Briony, Ella, Helana, Josh, Robbie and training partner Jack Villiers with their vests. Photo: Rachael White

There’s mud, and then there is MUD. The 5 Clayton Juniors selected to run for Lancashire had probably never run in worse conditions underfoot and probably never want to again. However, it didn’t deter Helana White, Ella Dorrington, Robbie Smedley, Briony Holt and Josh Hall from donning their shiny white and red Lancashire vests and getting stuck in. All of them did their Club and County proud and we expect to see more of them, and their teammates in Lancashire colours.

Robbie Smedley. And some mud. Photo: Woodentops

Robbie Smedley. And some mud.
Photo: Woodentops


10 March – Stan Bradshaw Round

Andrew Holt on his way to a cracking 27th. Photo: David Belshaw

Andrew Holt on his way to a cracking 27th. Photo: David Belshaw

As if one wasn’t enough… Beast from the East 2 arrived in time to threaten loads of fell races this particular and the Stan Bradshaw Round on our beloved Pendle Hill was no exception. However, a judicious course alteration from organiser Colin Woolford and some heroic marshalling meant the race avoided the cancellation that befell many other races in the region.

The now shortened course followed the normal start route to CP1, CP2 then left along the next wall to Ogden Clough, down to upper Ogden Dam and what was CP5, then up to Fell Wood to an amended CP6 giving roughly 12k in all. And a thoroughly testing day out with cold winds, frozen turf in places and deep drifts to wade through in others.

There were  21 Clayton runners led home by Chris Holdsworth in 3rd overall. Tara Robb was 1st Clayton Lady home (5th Lady overall).


Michelle Butschok, wrapped up against the cold. Photo: David Belshaw


Chris Holdsworth, moving quick enough not to need tights! Photo: David Belshaw

Full Results


25 March – FRA English Junior Championships

It was the usual late March start for the FRA English Junior Championships series, and like 2 years ago, Todd Crag in Ambleside was the setting for the first race of the season. The snow had gone, the sun shone and the racing was fast but technical on a rough and steep Lakeland course.

Jenson Bentham was 12th in the U13B with Helana White chasing hard for 3rd place in the U13G.

Jackson McKay took 5th and Ella Dorrington 16th in the U15B and G races, whilst Peter Stevens got the better, just ahead of brother Michael in the U17B race, taking 22nd and 23rd respectively. Briony Holt was 5th U17G.


Jenson Bentham. Photo: Dave Rylance


Ella Dorrington. Photo: Dave Rylance


Briony Holt. Photo:

Full Results

7 April – Pendle Fell Races

Wet and claggy weather was booked for Pendle again this year, to celebrate the incorporation of the Lancashire Fell Running Championships into this long-running club fixture. Two new organisers also took over this year, Mark Nutter (Senior race) and Alan Dorrington (Junior races).


Jackson McKay - U15B Lancashire Fell Champion

Jackson McKay – U15B Lancashire Fell Champion. Photo: Woodentops

In the Juniors there were Lancashire medals for Jackson McKay who was Lancashire Champion in U15B, Helana White with silver in the U13G and Ella Dorrington with silver in the U15G. Many of our other Juniors also took part in the races, with several top ten performances from the likes of Jenson Bentham (7th) and Matthew Jackson (8th) in U13B, Robbie Smedley (6th) and William Nicholls (7th) in U15B and Imogen Ferguson 7th in U15G.

Peter Stevens also impressed in the U17B, narrowly missing out on a medal in 4th, with Josh Hall in 6th. Sophie Ashworth was 5th in U17G with a very muddy and shoeless Millie Stubbs in 7th and Beth Wheatcroft returning from injury in 8th.

Helana White - a silver medal in the U13G. Photo: Woodentops

Helana White – a silver medal in the U13G. Photo: Woodentops


Ella Dorrington – also a silver medal in the U15G. Photo: Woodentops

Peter Stevens just missed out on a Lancashire medal in 4th. Photo: Woodentops

Peter Stevens just missed out on a Lancashire medal in 4th. Photo: Woodentops

Junior Results


Jim Hickie wonders if his watch has started after all. Photo: Woodentops

Jim Hickie wonders how his new watch is supposed to work, while Mr Go Pro man behind captures it all for Youtube. Photo: Woodentops

In the Under 19 Men’s race, held as part of the Senior race won by evergreen V40 Rob Hope, Nick Hennessey had a fantastic run to become Lancashire Champion.

There were top ten places in the Senior Men’s race for Matt Perry and Andy Laycock (9th and 10th) and a fine 6th place overall and 2nd U23 Lady for Rhiannon Whickam. Peter Coates took a bronze Lancashire medal in the V40s, and Geoff Gough a silver medal in the V60 Men.

Irene Roche was a silver medallist in the Ladies V50, Karin Goss Lancashire V60 Champ and Linda Lord Lancashire V70 Champ.

Senior Results


14 April – FRA English Junior Championships

There was a new (to FRA Junior Champs) venue for the 2nd round of the FRA English Junior Championships with Trawden AC taking the race to Blacko and the hills surrounding the iconic Tower. The sun shone, the barbecue was pretty tasty and there was some great racing over traditional grassy Pennine hills (and bogs).

Helana White bagged her first ever win in the Junior FRA series with a powerful performance to see off her closest rival, based upon disappearing up the hill at a vast rate of knots to put in some distance between them. Her strategy paid off and she was a clear winner in the U13G race (and 8th overall), a fantastic achievement at this level.

I got this - Helana White in determined mood at the start of her U13G race. Photo: David Belshaw

I got this – Helana White in determined mood at the start of her U13 race. Photo: David Belshaw

Ella Dorrington improved on her last FRA outing with 8th in the U15G and Briony Holt had a solid run for 6th in U17G.

Emily Nicholls celebreates her Birthday in style in the U11 race. All was well afterwards. Photo: David Belshaw.

Emily Nicholls celebrates her Birthday in style in the U11 race. All was well afterwards. Photo: David Belshaw.

Full Results


22 April – Ron Hill 10k

Clayton Ladies Claire Vincent and Michelle Abbott were age group winners in the Senior Ladies and W35 Ladies categories respectively at this popular local 10k, whilst Calum Holmes took the U23 Mens win and 6th overall.

Calum Holmes sets off quick with Nick Hennessey.

Calum Holmes sets off quick with Nick Hennessey.

Full Results


28 April – 3 Peaks Fell Race

Is it a fell race, a trail race or a marathon with mountains? That all depends on your perspective but what it clear is that it is a classic, and a hard one to pace, to boot.

David Bagot led home the usual large Clayton contingent in 3 hours 27 mins.

Photo: Chris Holdsworth.

Photo: Chris Holdsworth.

Andrew Webster took on the 3 Peaks for the first time this year – here is his report:

“I had never done this race before and was a bit nervous as I had struggled on the recce a few weeks ago on the back 2 peaks but I had had lots of good advice off people before race day.

I got there in plenty of time and caught up with several other Clayton runners before we lined up in our expected time orders. I had a stroke of luck and set off with Simon Stansfield who had given me advice about pacing and leaving a little for descent off Ingleborough. I had set myself 2 race goals – avoid the bus and walk the hills and run everything else so I made cutofffs. It was pleasant trotting on with Simon to the base of Pen y Ghent and Ii think I paced it ok – Igot up in just under 48 minutes. The descent off was nice and there was a temptation to tear off on the good running to Ribblehead but I managed to contain myself and kept a consistent pace. At Ribblehead I was heartened to see Andy Bradley in front of me him being the 1st other club member I had seen since Pen y Ghent. I was prepared for Whernside being tough but not the biblical bog at the bottom – I actually saw 1 bloke go in almost to his waist.  Swerve that 1 I thought! I managed to get to the summit of Whernside only feeling like chucking up a little and on the plus side my calves where that sore they had actually gone past pain and were just numb ( a blessed relief!!). I managed to gain a little speed coming down and didn’t knock any walkers over thankfully and before I realised it I was at the Hill Inn and oh joy inside cut offs!! Only by about 18 minutes but I do admit I was relieved! at this point. I really knew I would finish the race and gathered myself for the looming bulk of Ingleborough.

Two fields in I saw Richard Briscoe and again this raised my spirits to see a fellow club member and managed to stagger past him. Just before starting the climb it hailed for just 2.5 seconds but I thought my world was going to end as I wasn’t feeling quite myself at this point and though this is all i need! The climb didn’t seem as bad this time and I was lifted to see Steve Berry near the top shouting encouragement and giving me a drink of water. He said ” Andy’s just a minute in front of you – he’s yours to take!” I replied that all I wanted taking was a me in a helicopter from the summit but he just laughed ( I was deadly serious but he’d thought I was joking!). On my way to the trig I saw Andy Foster coming down and we said hello.

This was the bit I was most bothered about now as I was tired and it is horrible on that limestone coming back ( in fact on our recce Alex ended up with 3 stitches in his knee falling along the route back). But I remembered Simon’s advice about the race really starting from here and luckily I had paced it so that I steadily overtook quite a few on the way down including Andy who had a bad cramp attack and was slowing rapidly. Even more unusually I didn’t fall. These Yorkshire folk must like value for money in a race, as several times on the way in people shouted just a mile and a half to go  when it was more like 4. Even so I managed to gain a few more places till the finish took me by surprise popping out from that tunnel straight onto the field!!

It was a great event and a fantastic experience I will definitely do again.  I was very pleased with my time as I had reckoned around 5 hours to 5 and a half mark but got in in 4:45. My thanks to the organisers, marshalls and support on this race – it truly is a classic and I’d recommend it to every club member wholeheartedly.

Martin Brady (2nd from L) and Andrew Orr (R)receiving their trophies for 21 3 Peaks completions. Photo: Andrew Firth.

Martin Brady (2nd from L) and Andrew Orr (R)receiving their trophies for 21 3 Peaks completions. Photo: Andrew Firth.

Full Results


28 April – Fellsman

Fellsman regular Andy Armstrong and first timer Alan Dorrington set about this classic old-school ultra in the Dales, finishing together at the end of its 61 mile route with over 11,000ft of climb in just over 18 and a half hours.

For Alan it was a step into the unknown, given he hadn’t run more than 6 hours before but a combination of frequent refuelling with sausage rolls, pasta, hotdogs and flapjack and Andy’s experienced pacing and grit when he was unable to eat any of the above mentioned buffet for the last part of the race, saw them both round in good order. A great, if slightly lengthy day out over the many of the highest parts of the Dales.

Andy Armstrong and Alan Dorrington not taking things too seriously at the Fellsman. Photo: SportSunday

Andy Armstrong and Alan Dorrington not taking things too seriously at the Fellsman. Photo: SportSunday


Winter’s not over till it’s over…

No let up in the winter weather this month with gales, snow, ice and then a proper cold snap heading toward the UK at the end of month. Of course none of that deterred the Clayton runners from hitting muddy fields, wintry fells, snowy mountains and the roads in between.

3 February – Lancashire Schools Cross Country

Helana White waiting for the B of the Bang...

Helana White (609) waiting for the B of the Bang… Photo: Rachael White

Clayton Juniors were to the fore at the recent Lancashire Schools Cross-Country Championships. There were fine age group wins for Helana White and Briony Holt, top 10 places for Harry Cole, Ella Dorrington and Jackson McKay and a host of fine supporting performances as our Juniors ran for their individual District teams.

Year 7 Girls – Helana White 1st, Rachel Stevenson 59th

Year 7 Boys – Harry Cole 8th, Jenson Bentham 24th, Finley Stubbs 31st

Junior Girls (Yr 8 and 9) – Ella Dorrington 10th, Sophie Ashworth 26th, Imogen Ferguson 59th, Keira Stevenson 64th

Junior Boys – Jackson McKay 9th, William Nicholls 20th, Lennon Jackson 39th

Inter Boys – Nick Henessey 20th, Michael Stevens 22nd, Peter Stevens 26th,

Inter Girls – Briony Holt 1st, Millie Stubbs 8th, Caitlin Welsh 31st.

Apologies to anyone I have missed – as our Juniors were running for their District teams it is harder to spot them in the results.

Full Results

4 February – Blackburn Winter Warmer

Jon Cleaver reports from this popular event:

A very strong field lined up for the 2018 Winter Warmer at Witton Park on a chilly Sunday morning with the sun on our backs which made for very good racing. The course itself is a toughie and from past performances one which normally sees you at least 2 minutes short of your PB.  It starts with a climb of around 450ft climbing out of the park and then most of the work is out of the way. I managed to hold on to a pack holding the top 5 until the descent which found me lacking a bit for speed to keep with them. There is a little kicker of a hill at mile 4 before you start on your way back through the park which again is flat or descending until you see the track. I’d managed to gain a couple of places back but was starting to get a bit concerned when I looked behind and saw a lad from Salford starting to make some distance on me.  Not to be deterred I held on and pushed for the last lap around the track for a top 10 finish.


Nick Hennessey. Photo: David Belshaw

There were some outstanding runs from the younger Clayton lads picking out a couple of exceptional results from Nick Hennessy 38:11, Ryan Bradshaw 37:22 & Josh Hall 42:30.

Great start to the road championship for 2018 and well done all whom turned out to run and cheer us on.

Editors update: Clayton took the 2nd team prize behind the winners, Blackburn Harriers

Full Results

4 February – Kong Mini Mountain Marathon Series Rd 1

Sparkling condtions over to the Carneddau at the Kong mini Mtn Marathon. Photo: Alan Dorrington

Sparkling condtions over to the Carneddau at the Kong Mini Mtn Marathon. Photo: Alan Dorrington

Alan Dorrington headed over to North Wales for the 1st round of this 4 hr score event series, held out of Bethesda on sunny day with low temperatures and with significant snowfall higher up to spice things up..

“With 4 hours to find as many controls of varying point value and heavy penalties if late back to the finish, this type of event requires a systematic plan that can be varied according to the conditions underfoot, and according to any mistakes that may or may not be made in finding well hidden controls over a wide area. My initial plan to pick off higher scoring controls with some ridge running over Carnedd Gwenllian was abandoned due to tough running in wind-slabbed snow, so I opted to target controls at lower elevations for the next 2 1/2 hours. A bit of a wobble with some poor map interpretation meant a panic to get back over some fairly big climbs and back to the finish in time to avoid penalties, as well as losing out on some controls on the homeward sweep. All in all, the Kong events are a great way to see some areas that you wouldn’t normally visit, as well as sharpen up on navigation for some of the longer, harder fell races.”

10 February – Windy Hill fell race 9 miles and 1280ft

Jon Cleaver enjoying a windy Windy Hill

Jon Cleaver enjoying a windy Windy Hill. Photo: Cannonball Events

A new-ish fixture on the fell calendar, this 9 mile B category race visits the hills around Hollingworth Lake. No that the runners would have seen much of the great scenery around there this year…

Report from Jon Cleaver:

Well this race certainly lived up to its name! On a very wet & cold day I layered up well with 2 hats, 2 pairs of gloves and 4 tops to ensure I kept warm and braved the moors around Littleborough & Blackstone Edge.

Starting out at the Rugby Club near Hollingsworth Lake you climb up over the M62 and onto the moors about 3 miles in there is a climb which goes on for a mile and climbs around 900ft. Once you got to the top you got hit with a wall of wind and rain. The path followed the old Roman road for quite a bit which was treacherous due to ice. This lost me a bit of ground on the top 10 due to lack of grip in my mudclaws. On the way in you have about 2 miles of really good trail and finally some good old fashioned 2 foot deep mud making it quite a quick run in!

Even though the elements were against us I really enjoyed it and could have been caught with the occasional smile on my face (hard to believe I know!). Overall I came 11th in 01:08:53 (8.8miles 1565ft).

Full Results

11 February – Barbondale fell race

Briony Holt digs in at Barbondale.

Briony Holt digs in at Barbondale.

Hail hill and hurt – Andrew Holt reports:

2nd of five races of Kendal Winter League for myself and Briony and one we’ve been wanting to do for a couple of years as it’s well known as the steepest of the series. The location is nestled in the hills behind whernside linking the dales  to the howgills, not that we could see much due to the snow and cloud

After a struggle parking we arrived with time to shred our calf’s walking the route – for Briony 300m of ascent then a 200m run to the top and for myself the same 300m ascent in 800m followed another 800m runnable but uphill at the top. Then straight down for the both of us

The ground was slippy, wet, sprinkled with ice at the top but nothing of value on the way up or down. The weather cleared at the top for a while and I decided to wear a top and gloves as it was completely different to the conditions in the valley below. And the views,when the weather cleared  were more than worth the effort.

And we’re off – 13 minutes eyeball popping power walking followed by 5 minutes running to the trig. I did my usual grind it out start and pulled myself into 40th or so at the top (it was nice to be on the flat near the top before the front runners passed us on the way down) and gained another 4-5 places overtaking just before the hill steepens and thankfully staying upright into the finish

The awesome Wendy Dodds and Katy Thompson took a 1/2 in their respective categories with Briony a brilliant 2nd overall and I squeezed in a top ten finish for my age. A brilliant series that’s well worth a look

17 February – Mid Lancs XC League Round 5

warm up

Team warm up for the U11 Girls. Photo: David Belshaw

u11 boys

Charlie Barnes and Fraser Anforth. Photo: David Belshaw

helana lancaster

Helana White giving it 110% for a fine 3rd place. Photo: David Belshaw


Millie Stubbs. Photo: David Belshaw

A new venue up the M6 for the penultimate round of the Mid Lancs XC series saw the Clayton tent pitched in the middle of Ryelands Park, Lancaster.

The U11 Girls team of Amelia Halstead, Ellisia Smedley and Joni Higgins were straight into warm up and off round the grassy course which had a few twists and turns rather than lots of straights. Amelia continued her good form and took 7th, with Ellisia and Joni in 57th and 61st. In the U11 Boys, Charlie Barnes was 45th and Joshua McKay 62nd.

Helana White scored her best performance of the Mid Lancs series so far, with a really gutsy run to 3rd place in the U13 Girls, with Ella Dorrington in 8th and the ever-improving Imogen Ferguson in 40th. The girls also took 3rd in the team competition, setting them up nicely for a possible series team placing.

William Nicholls also had a great run for 16th in the U13 Boys, with Robbie Smedley, Finley Stubbs and Matthew Jackson supporting.

Millie Stubbs was the sole U15 Girl in 12th, whilst Jackson McKay also came in 12th in the Boys race, closely followed by Harrison Codd in 13th and Lennon Jackson in 23rd.

Briony Holt took 3rd in the U17 Girls race, despite suffering the after effects of a tough England Mountain Running Team training camp earlier in the week.

ladies at lancaster

Clayton Ladies looking chirpy before the race. Photo: David Belshaw

deborah greenwood

Deborah Greenwood looking slightly less chirpy… Photo: David Belshaw

tom brewster

Tom Brewster. Photo: David Belshaw

Donna Airey led the Ladies home in 25th, as well as the Ladies Over 35 team to a fine 2nd place backed up by Michelle Abbott and Cassie Smedley.

Another consistent improver, U20 Calum Holmes was the first Clayton man back to the finish in 18th, leading the Men’s team of Tom Brewster, Thomas Walker, Andrew Holt, Mark Aspinal and Chris Funnel to 2nd in the team competition. With the addition of John Wilcock, the Vet men took 3rd Over 40 and 2nd Over 50 team also.

Full Results

25 February – Hoppits’ Hill fell races

Ella Dorrington descending at Hoppits. Photo: Alan Dorrington

Ella Dorrington descending at Hoppits. Photo: Alan Dorrington

Organised by fell running royalty in the form of Nicky Spinks, this low key local race around the hills near Dewsbury incorporates relaxed Junior races and is a lovely warm up for Juniors looking ahead to the fell season starting in the Spring months. Not that it was that warm with the Best from the East on the way, though the snow was yet to arrive.

Ella Dorrington was the sole Clayton runner there amongst the Juniors but made up for that by coming 2nd overall in the U15 race, as well as 1st girl in the combined U15 and U17 race. Chocolate prizes presented by Nicky capped off a lovely day out.






Kicking off 2018 with a (X) Country flavour!

It’s been (mostly) about cross-country during this otherwise quiet month, with the Lancashire Championships, and Mid Lancs League as well as some other mud-based action further afield. Worthy of special mention, is the club’s Junior section who continued training hard right through the Christmas break, with both the younger and older Juniors putting in the time despite the weather. This led to both individual and team awards for their efforts, with ALL the Juniors being part of the success that is Team Clayton.

We also learnt this month that Danny Collinge, one of the Junior section’s big inspirations and role models as well as ambassador for Clayton overall is soon moving on to pasture’s new. Danny’s fantastic exploits have graced this report many, many times over the years and behind the scenes his help, support and encouragement for Juniors (and Seniors too) has been hugely valued and much appreciated by so many in the Clayton family. In common with all of us at the Club, I would like to thank Danny and wish him the all the very best for his running in the future – thank you.


7 January – Lancashire Cross-Country Championships, Witton Park

Our U11 Girls team charges off the line! Photo: David Belshaw

Our U11 Girls team charges off the line! Photo: David Belshaw

We’ll start with our Clayton Juniors as they came away from the Championships with a fantastic medal haul and a good collection of Lancashire vests earned for the Inter Counties race in March.

Amelia Halstead (in blue headband above) pulled off a stunning victory in the U11 Girls with a finely judged run from behind to overhaul all but one of the hard-charging front runners on the second lap, and all finished off with a gutsy sprint to the line to take the win. Amelia had been moving up the placings in Red Rose and Mid Lancs league races so her Championship win was not unexpected but richly deserved nonetheless. Ellisia Smedley, Emily Nicholls and Joni Higgins all battled hard and made up the Clayton team finishers.

In the U11 Boys race, Charlie Barnes (in 31st) led home Brayden Clarkson, Joshua McKay and Fraser Anforth for a team finish.

All eyes were on Robbie Smedley, Matthew Jackson, William Nicholls, Finley Stubbs, and Jenson Bentham in the U13 Boys race for both individual results and the team prize. Robbie Smedley had a fine run to take the Bronze and with it Lancashire selection whilst Matthew Jackson also placed in top ten (and reserve for the County team) and with the others, secured 2nd place in the team competition.

Helana White and Ella Dorrington were both aiming for Lancashire vests in the U13 Girls race and after one of their customary big battles with each other, as well as the rest of the field, both secured their vests with Helana 6th (in her first year in the age cat)and Ella 5th. Behind them, Imogen Ferguson and Rachel Stevenson brought their lovely smiles and cheery demeanour to our U13G team.


Robbie Smedley clinched 3rd place. Photo: David Belshaw


Ella Dorrington. Photo: David Belshaw

Helana White pushes to the line. Photo: David Belshaw

Helana White pushes to the line. Photo: David Belshaw

In the U15 Boys race, Jackson McKay finished 12th, Michael Stevens 17th, twin brother Peter 24th and Adam Stevenson 29th. The normally fast Lennon Jackson also ran but appeared to not particularly enjoy the experience and finished a little behind the others…


Briony Holt. Photo: David Belshaw

Millie Stubbs, Kaliska Clarke, Beth Wheatcroft and Keira Stevenson all ran in the U15 Girls with Millie 13th after chasing hard for a top ten place.

Briony Holt secured Lancashire selection with a strong 4th place in her first year in the U17 Girls age group, whilst Josh Hall and Nick Hennessey were 10th and 16th respectively in the U17 Boys race.

Danny Collinge came home 11th in the Senior race and earned a reserve place on the Lancashire team.

Finally, in the Vets race, our  team of David Edmondson, Richard Stevenson, Andrew Holt and Michael Toms were 3rd, with Tara Robb leading the Clayton Ladies in (26th), and Donna Airey the Vet Ladies (16th).

Full Results

12- 14 January – The Montane Spine Challenger

Nicholas Olszewski, Andrew Armstrong and Andrew Morley lined themselves up for this epic challenge, 108 miles along the Pennine Way to Hardraw in the Yorkshire Dales. Freezing temperatures, torrential rain and biting winds did nothing to deter their resolve and they all finished close together in 39 hours. Yes, 39 hours of non-stop running, walking and general forward movement. There are photos circulating of discolated fingers, trench foot and the like but it’s probably safer to show some of the photos I took whilst encouraging them near Malham Cove. Special mention too to Adrienne Olszweska who was probably as sleep deprived as them travelling around supporting on the road stops.

Our Spine Challenger racers near Malham. Photo: Alan Dorrington

Our Spine Challenger racers near Malham. Photo: Alan Dorrington



13 January – Mid Lancs Cross-Country League Towneley Park

Should be a prize for smiling - here's your winner Rachel Stevenson. Photo: David Belshaw

If there was a prize for smiling whilst racing, here’s your winner Rachel Stevenson. Photo: David Belshaw

With barely enough time to clean off dirty spikes from the weekend before, our Clayton athletes were back in action on home turf at the 4th Mid Lancs League round in Towneley Park. Conditions were surprisingly fast and firm leading to some quicker racing than in the heavy going at Witton Park the week before, though a cold wind in the finish straight made fast finishes tough going..

Amelia Halstead built on her win at the Lancashire Championships the week before with a great 2nd place in the U11 Girls, whilst in the U13 Girls Ella Dorrington produced her best Mid Lancs performance this season in 3rd, backed up by Helana White in 6th. With Imogen Ferguson they took 3rd place in the team competition.

Robbie Smedley, William Nicholls and Matthew Jackson worked well to take 3rd team in the U11 Boys race, and Briony Holt placed 2nd in the U17 Girls race.

The leading Clayton runners in Senior Ladies and Mens were Tara Robb (30th) and Tom Brewster (27th) whilst the Senior Men (Tom Brewster, David Bagot, Calum Holmes, David Edmondson, Richard Stevenson and Thomas Walker) took 3rd team and the Vet 40s also secured 3rd team (David Edmondson, Richard Stevenson, Andrew Holt and Michael Toms).


Josh McKay. Photo: David Belshaw


Jackson McKay and Michael Stevens chase a local rival. Photo: David Belshaw


Nerina Gill. Photo: David Belshaw


Kaliska Clarke showing good form at the finish. Photo: David Belshaw

Full Results

14 January – East Lancs Hospice 10k and 2k

Your winner! Danny Collinge. Photo: David Belshaw

Your winner! Danny Collinge. Photo: David Belshaw

Road racing is a bit thin on the ground this time of year but this traditional New Year fundraiser for the Hospice always attracts a good field including those wanting to test their legs a bit before the season starts properly in the Spring.

In one of his final appearances for the club before moving on to pastures new, Danny Collinge took a very convincing victory by well over a minute from Matt Nuttall of Blackburn Harriers with a very impressive time of 33:50. Callum James was next in for Clayton in a great 9th overall and 1st Junior with Nick Hennessey 2nd Junior and 16th overall.


Cassie and Michelle. Pairs race winners… Photo: David Belshaw


A fine run from Callum James. Photo: David Belshaw

The inseperable duo of Cassandra Smedley and Michelle Abott were 4th and 5th women, and Joanne Motley 8th. Angela Shian and Vickey Heys were 6th and 7th in the women’s V40 and V45 cats respectively with Charlie Clutterbuck 4th in Mens V70+.

There were plenty of Clayton Juniors in the 2k race held alongside the main race, with Matthew Jackson back on his preferred tarmac surface placing 2nd overall and 1st U13B, chased in by Helana White in 3rd overall and 1st U13G.

They're off! Photo: David Belshaw

They’re off! Photo: David Belshaw


Toby Birtwhistle eyes up the finish line. Photo: David Belshaw


28 January – Kendal Winter League Whitestones

Andrew and Briony Holt risked forever changing the interior of their car (for the worse) at this renowned uber-mudfest, part of the super tough Kendal Winter League where fell races masquerade as cross-country races, the sheep wear Inov8s on the fell and, well you get the drift… they’re quite hard.

Andrew reports:

After promising myself I’d do as many of these races as I can this year life and work have conspired against me making this one-the fourth in the series-my first.Todays race wasn’t particularly promising either- a heavy cold since Thursday and awful conditions when we awoke.

Briony was excited to be back on the fells however, and once we passed Settle on the way up the rain eased off.I’ve watched this race but not ran it yet and it’s steep at the start, technical, and with this years extra dose of mud more than challenging along the top of the course.The distance is just over four miles with 250m of ascent, a challenging run.

We started and it’s a mad rush to get the 300 or so yards to the single track ascent to the top of the first hill. I misjudged it and found myself scrambling through the gorse next to the path trying to keep momentum up the hill. On top the course flattens for a mile or so, and is cross crossed with bogs and tussocks sapping our legs.

Unlike the recent cross country races I was faster than the people around me on the flat-hard ground and anything technical or boggy I would fall back a couple of places. We ran around the top of the valley into the strong wind to the summit of the next peak adjacent to where we start.

I counted twenty or so people in front of me, and I was neither gaining nor being overtaken so in kind of a run-come-bog trot traversed around the head of the valley to the descent. I managed to drag maybe three people in on the final hill prior to dropping onto the finish, but was reminded again these are fell runners as they came past me downhill like I was stood still!

I finished 20th overall, v happy and looking forward to the Fell season starting proper.

Briony came 2nd in her first fell race this year, and despite dragging herself up the first hill with a combination of eyeballs and willpower finished with her usual smile enjoyed it immensely.

Stephen Fish and Chris Brown were the other orange hoops on show and looked strong in their respective races

Andrew Holt at the Farleton Knott fell race. Photo by Geoff Thompson

Andrew Holt not in the mud at Whitestones but in warner times at the Farleton Knott fell race. Photo by Geoff Thompson

Full results


December’s Festive Roundup

Into December and on toward Christmas and the New Year, the cross-country season rolls on with guest appearances from the fell and road runners around the festive break.

To round off the year, there have been Junior wins, Senior wins, some dodgy fancy dress and a mass takeover of Pendle Hill. Grab a brew and the last of those mince pies and review the final month of the year, hopefully emerging inspired to take on 2018 in similar style.

Right, see if you can stand still without being blown off your feet!  Photo: Deborah Stevenson

Right, see if you can stand still without being blown off your feet! Photo: Deborah Stevenson

26 November – Lee Mill Relays

The running around the quarries and moors above Bacup is surprisingly tough and this year’s Lee Mill Relays, a recent and popular fixture on the calendar were made even tougher by proper wintry weather conditions. Clayton fielded 3 teams and Sarah Helliwell reports:

It was a cold and overcast morning as 3 Clayton teams made their way to Stubbylee Park near Bacup. As we parked up, it was obvious it was going to be snowy, frosty and boggy if you ‘stepped or fell’ into the wrong place!

We had 2 ladies teams who braved the conditions and 1 men’s team. The leg 1 runners had a tough start as they had to forge their route through thick snow, hidden tussocks and freezing cold bogs that many of the runners got stuck in! With the odd rain, sleet or snow shower depending what altitude you were running at, creating wintery conditions for the majority of the runners over the 6 mile course. Very tough and definitely character building.

The men can 5th overall with a time of 4.00.58, the team consisting of Carl Helliwell, Luke Turner, Russell Clarke and Chris Snell. Well done lads on some tough conditions.

Both ladies teams put in sterling efforts, with some of the ladies doing the event for the first time. The A team included Tara Robb, Rhiannon Wickham, Alison Dugdale and Jean Brown, with all of them having good runs and coming home as 3rd ladies team with a time of 4:50:37. The B team was a vet 40 team consisting of Angela Shian, Julia Rushton, Teresa De Curtis and Katy Thompson with a time of  6:00:11. A massive well done to all who ran and represented Team Clayton on a very demanding day.

Carl Helliwell blazes a trail on Leg 1. Photo: mick Fryer

Carl Helliwell blazes a trail on Leg 1. Photo: mick Fryer

Full Results

2 December – Red Rose Cross Country League Round 4

Marl Pits. Like Marmite. Some love it, some hate it. Either way there will be always be weapons grade mud at the final Red Rose League fixture and this year didn’t disappoint.

Jenson Bentham supplements his diet with Marl Pits mud. Photo: David Belshaw

Jenson Bentham supplements his diet with Marl Pits mud. Photo: David Belshaw

Junior Races

Highlight of the day was Ella Dorrington’s win in the U13G. Using her fell running strength on the hilly and muddy course, she tracked the 3 early leaders, put in the quickest final muddy descent of all of them and outsprinted the final two on the line. Helana White was close behind in 10th.

Robbie Smedley had his usual battle royal with former teammate Dexta Thompson and secured 2nd on the day with teammates Will Nicholls and Finley Stubbs securing 2nd team prize also.

In the U11s Charlie Barnes led the boys home in 27th and Amelia Halstead was 11th in the girls race.

Harrison Codd was first Clayton U15B in 12th and Millie Stubbs led our U15G girls home in 6th. Special mention to Sophie Ashworth who fell and tore ligaments in her ankle – we wish her a speedy recovery.

The U17B were led home by Josh Hall in 7th with Briony Holt our only U17G in 3rd place.

Our Juniors won several awards in the overall 4 race series:

2nd= U13B Robbie Smedley

3rd= U13G Ella Dorrington

3rd U17G Briony Holt

2nd U13B Team



Ella Dorrington on her way to her first League XC win. Photo: David Belshaw


Another race goes down to the wire. Season long rivals Robbie Smedley, Dexta Thompson and Joe Ormerod. Photo: David Belshaw

Briony Holt revelling in the conditions. Photo: David Belshaw

Briony Holt looking very relaxed on the slick descents. Photo: David Belshaw


Danny Collinge beat the Bog of Doom in the woods to secure a classy win in the Senior race, and backed up by Dave Motley, Tom Brewster, Peter Coates, Matthew Duckworth and Carl Helliwell took 2nd place in the Team race. Our Vet Men performed well too, also taking 2nd Team with Peter Coates, Carl Helliwell, Andrew Holt and Andrew Orr.

In the Ladies, Cassie Darling was 26th (15th Vet too) and with Michelle Abbott and Irene Roche the Vet Women took 6th place in the Team race.

Here’s a report from Vet Andrew Holt:

“Having watched my kids run there, and listening to the more experienced runners at CLEM I knew that the annual Marl Pits mud fest would be to my liking, it was just a case of waiting for my shifts to line up at work.

Following a reasonable night shift on Friday, and with four XC events in my legs already this year I felt I’d be able to do myself justice running it. It felt warmer than before, but was still boggy and the course was cutting up nicely following the earlier kids runs.

I’d half an hour when I arrived, so the choice was either a recce of the course, or a 50p coffee as mine was cooling nicely on the kitchen table where I’d left it. The coffee won!

A quick warm up, pep talk from Briony (grind the hill, walk the bog and ur gonna love it!!) and we were under starters orders. For the first time this season I felt the field pull away from me on the opening lap. I wasn’t concerned as I hadn’t ran this week and didn’t want to blow up later, but was the lack of sleep/training gonna take its toll? The first lap was manic, lots of slipping and sliding, up until the bog where the gaps started appearing and we settled into our running.

I was able to hold the runners around me on the ascents, and gain ground on the downhills and through the numerous hazards. The cheering at the bottom of the hill was excellent, demanding commitment,  and I had the misfortune of a couple of pals from the mountain rescue giving me loads next to the wooden bridge, and any thought of resting was scuppered by coach Phil loitering in the field above the hill. The hills/bridges/bogs took care of themselves, and before I knew it I was on the last lap descending into the finish. I nearly got mugged on the line by one of the BOFRA runners I know (thanks Sarah for the warning) and ran in for my highest position so far this season.

I’m gonna plug my lad Curtis too for finishing this hard hard course despite barely no training and no doubt a hangover. I’m in front of him at the moment but I doubt that’s gonna last very long!

Superb running from everyone, baptism of fire for many. Now onto the flatter courses, starting at Leigh.”

The overall series results for Seniors/Vets included:

4th Vet Women 35-39 Cassie Darling

2nd Vet Women 65-69 Christine Egerton

3rd Vet Women 65-69 Christine Leathley


Michelle Abbott loves mud. No really. Photo: David Belshaw


Sarah Helliwell. Photo: David Belshaw


Kirstie Higgins getting stuck in. Photo: David Belshaw

Marl Pits Results

Final Series Results

9 December  – Mid Lancs Cross Country League Round 3

The cross-country season returned to Leigh Village for the 2nd time this season, this time for the 3rd Mid Lancs counter.

Junior action saw Amelia Halstead have a great run in U11G for 6th, Robbie Smedley 6th in U13B, Helana White 13th in U13G, Michael Stevens 14th in U15B and Briony Holt 2nd in U17G. The U13B team were 2nd with Matthew Jackson and Will Nicholls scoring points.

Tara Robb led the Women home in 20th with Tom Brewster 37th in the Senior Men. Calum Holmes had a good run for 4th in the U20 Men and Richard Lawson was 3rd in V70 Men.

Our Vets teams were 3rd in V40 and 2nd in V50.

Full Results

16 December – Hurst Green Turkey Trot

A fancy dress competition masquerading as a race, the Turkey Trot is always a firm favourite at this time of year. Whilst the fancy dress makes identifying individuals difficult, the results show that Andrew Payne was first Clayton home in 6th and Tara Robb was 7th Lady. It’s hard to do justice to all the fabulous fancy dress efforts that day but Michelle Abbott and Cassie Darling made it ‘Mario-Time!’ with their outfit, backed up by Lennon in his own inimitable style…

It's-a-Me!! Guess who? Photo: David Belshaw

It’s-a-Me!! Guess who? Photo: David Belshaw

Jenson Bentham kept it rubber side down this time, to chase Helana White. Photo: David Belshaw

Jenson Bentham kept it rubber side down this time, to chase Helana White. Photo: David Belshaw

Full Results

24 December – Christmas Eve social up Pendle Hill

Strong winds and clag on the tops didn’t deter a large group of Juniors and Seniors from trekking up Pendle Hill to temporarily claim the trig platform as their own. Our own super-photographer David Belshaw also displayed his amazing time-travelling ability to almost be in two places at once with photos from the fell gate and then photos back in the car park as many of the runners returned. Personally, I think we should get him a vest and get him out racing..

Everybody look at me! Photo: David Belshaw

Everybody look at me! Photo: David Belshaw


I’d hold onto those Santa hats if I were you. Photo: David Belshaw

26 December – Whinberry Naze Fell Race

More fancy dress on show here for the fellrunner’s traditional hangover cure on Boxing Day. With a race distance of less than 4 miles but with over 750ft of climb, it’s always a bit of a rude awakening for the slightly befuddled, climbing steeply from the start before a correspondingly fast descent back down. Not before passing the trig and collecting a packet of Smarties from Santa though. Bonus points for those that can eat them on the way down without choking.

Fancy dress winner Shrek aka Julia Hartley and her movice co-stars. Photo: Kath Brady

Fancy dress winner Shrek aka Julia Hartley and her movie co-stars. Photo: Kath Brady

Full Results

31 December Ribble Valley 10k

Incorporating the North of England Championships this race always attracts a quality field with Olympians Jonny Brownlee and Laura Weightman amongst the star runners this year.

Jacob Watson claimed the honour of fastest Clayton runner in 71st and 35:10, whilst Richard Stevenson was quickest Vet with 37:39.

Claire Vincent was quickest Clayton woman in 43:17 and Lisa Johnson our fastest Vet woman in 52:56. Super Coach Marion Wilkinson won the V75 category overall with a predictive time for the following New Years Day of 01:01:01.


The amazing Marion Wilkinson. Photo: David Belshaw


Richard Stevenson chases Dave Motley. Photo: David Belshaw


Calum Holmes digs in. Photo: David Belshaw

Full Results


Remember, remember, the Roundup in November

As we head through Autumn and toward Winter proper, the mud has been building and the cross-country races coming thick and fast. Two Red Rose fixtures and the expanded Mid Lancs fixture at the Liverpool National Cross Series have kept our runners and teams busy this month. There’s been a season’s swansong too for the fell runners at our very own classic, the Tour of Pendle.

11 November – Red Rose Cross Country League Round 2

Astley Park, Chorley was the venue for the 2nd round of this popular series with it’s course mix of fast flowing grassland, woodland trails and ankle eating bogs.


Amelia Halstead had a great run in U11G for her first top ten placing this season, and Helana White also produced a stormer for 4th in U13G in her first season in this age group. Robbie Smedley (also in his first year in the age group) continued his good run of form in U13B with a 3rd place and was backed up by Finlay Stubbs and William Nicholls with the boys taking 2nd in the team competition. Josh Hall took 5th in the U17B and Briony Holt 3rd in U17G.

Amelia Halstead on her way to 10th. Photo: David Belshaw.

Amelia Halstead on her way to 10th. Photo: David Belshaw.

Helana White on her way to 4th in U13G. Photo: David Belshaw

Helana White on her way to 4th in U13G. Photo: David Belshaw

Matthew Jackson getting stuck in. Photo: David Belshaw

Matthew Jackson getting stuck in. Photo: David Belshaw

Kaliska Clarke. Photo: David Belshaw.

Kaliska Clarke. Photo: David Belshaw.


Danny Collinge led the Senior men home for 10th place, with Tara Robb the first lady home in 20th. The Men’s team were 4th overall and the Ladies 6th with some great individual performances to secure those team positions.

Report from Ladies XC Team Manager, Donna Airey:

We had a fantastic 20 ladies take part in the 2nd Red Rose Fixture. Weather was great, a bit chilly but fine at least and there was plenty of mud for our ladies to enjoy.

Tara Robb was our first lady finisher in 20th Place

Team Results

6th Place, Tara Robb/Liz Mullan/Cassie Smedley

Ladies Vets

10th Place, Cassie Smedley/Michelle Abbot/Irene Roche

Cassie Smedley. Photo: David Belshaw.

Cassie Smedley. Photo: David Belshaw.

Chorley Bog. Photo: David Belshaw

Chorley Bog. Photo: David Belshaw

Julia Rushton. Photo: David Belshaw

Julia Rushton. Photo: David Belshaw

Full Results

18 November – Red Rose Cross Country League Round 3

Hot on the heels of Round 2, it was off to Leverhulme Park, Bolton and the familiar mixed grass and hills course for the 3rd round of the League.


In the Juniors, Robbie Smedley finally pulled off a fantastic win in the U13B, something he had been working hard toward for a while. A mixture of good racecraft and guts saw him beat perennial rival and friend Dexta Thompson, formerly of Clayton. The U13B team (with William Nicholls and Matthew Jackson) picked up a strong 2nd place as a result. Briony Holt also went one place better than in previous round for 2nd in the U17G.


In the Seniors, Tom Brewster led the men home in 27th, whilst the U20 men of Callum Holmes, Reece Lawrence and Simon Wilshaw were 1st team. Andrew Holt has continued to get faster and faster this season and took 16th in the Vets.

Report from Ladies XC Team Manager Donna Airey:

We had 12 ladies take part in the 3rd fixture in the Red Rose league

Our first lady finisher was Cassie Smedley in 21st place who described the course as wet, muddy, hills and grass but was a good race and enjoyed it.

Team Results

7th Place, Cassie Smedley/Michelle Abbot/Jean Knightley

Full Results

18 November – Tour of Pendle

Chris Holdsworth. Photo: David Belshaw

Chris Holdsworth on his way to victory. Photo: David Belshaw

At the same time as the Red Rose League was taking place in Bolton, the club’s keen fell runners were battling their way round the classic Tour of Pendle route. A clear and relatively benign day eased most of the navigational and weather challenges, but there was still plenty of water in the bogs to entertain and keep things appropriately ‘Pendle’. Our own Chris Holdsworth capped a fantastic season of fell and mountain running and proved his fell credentials yet again with a storming victory over the 17 mile course in 2:19:16. Hot on his heels, and in 3rd place (overall!) was Victoria Wilkinson who smashed Angela Mudge’s long standing womens record with a truly outstanding run for 2:23:25!

Dave Motley down Geronimo. Photo: David Belshaw

Dave Motley down Geronimo. Photo: David Belshaw

Matthew Duckworth gets it a bit sideways... Photo: David Belshaw

Matthew Duckworth gets it a bit sideways… Photo: David Belshaw

First timer Andrew Howarth reports:

This was my 1st time doing the Tour of Pendle after sort of being talked into it by Ste Ainsworth, Chris Funnell and Andy Foster on our Sunday runs and during Tuesday training. Ste and my main aim was to support Andy round so he could get his points for 3 Peaks as he had been injured for a short period and we were just going to have a go “for a laugh”.

We did a recce of the first half a few weeks before as foolishly I was most concerned about the CP4 cut off time – how daft that was!!! Race day was a bit cloudy to start but we knew it would soon clear and got registered numbers etc before a quick brew and double check of kit and maps then joined the throng for the start. Our intention was to start steady and hopefully finish steady having heard grim tales of grown men weeping on the Big End. We set off sort of mid pack-ish and followed the path of muddy prints up onto Buttock and the 1st bit of the climb before seeing David Belshaw. His shout of “glad I’m not running” had me thinking ‘how the hell did he get from Burnley Parkrun to his photo position so quick – I wish I could move that fast’.

It was great to get to the trig and see so many people about encouraging runners, and we fell into a nice comfy rhythm that carried us over the stile and through the mud. Before we knew it seemed we were descending Geronimo to CP4 with a good 25 minutes to spare. We stuck to our plan and stopped for 2 minutes to water and fuel up as we knew the worst was to come. We set off up the trail back over to the Nick and the climb to the memorial before the drop to Mearley which did surprise me and not in a good way!! I managed to only slip the once climbing into the Clough before the ascent and this was the toughest for me as my calves were on fire and I felt like I was literally crawling and getting nowhere. In fact half way up, I considered throwing myself down the hill to be carried back to Barley by Mountain Rescue or doing a Laurel and Hardy with some feathers and getting a St Bernard to rescue me with a barrel of brandy but Ste’s encouragement from behind pushed me on and we summited by the cairn. Andy was a short way behind having cramped a bit so we sorted ourselves out with some excellent peanut butter fudge and set off for the last challenge of the Big End.

I found this easier as I knew it was the last climb but Andy said he was hallucinating about a shimmering pint at the top that got no closer! After that it was good to not be on a 90 degree surface and we set a decent pace back off from the trig, down Ogden to the finish, managing a strong finish and passing a few more knackered people on the way in (hill reps pay it seems for a finish). After managing to get dressed without the aid of our fingers or hips it appeared, we retired to the Pendle Inn to discuss the event and had decided before any alcohol that we would do it again next year. This was one of the best organized and marshalled events I have done locally and would like to thank the organizers and volunteers for a grand day out.

Tour of Pendle outtakes…

Suboptimal for shorts longevity, Mr Motley... Photo: David Belshaw

Sub-optimal for shorts longevity, Mr Motley… Photo: David Belshaw

Definitely a 'special' line down Geronimo, Andy Bradley! Photo: David Belshaw

Definitely a ‘special’ line down Geronimo, Andy Bradley! Photo: David Belshaw

Full Results

25 November – Mid Lancs XC League Round 2

The Mid Lancs League incorporates itself once a year in the much bigger National Cross Challenge Series round held at Sefton Park. Whilst competing in the Mid Lancs League for points, this also gives athletes the chance to race in a large national standard field against some of the very best cross-country runners in the country.

On a cold but dry morning in Liverpool and in the midst of top-flyte national standard opposition for the National Cross Challenge race, our Clayton Juniors all acquitted themselves really well with a particular mention to Amelia Halstead coming 20th in the U11G, Robbie Smedley 27th in U13B,  and Ella Dorrington 28th in U13G.


Robbie Smedley. Photo: David Belshaw


Imogen Ferguson. Photo: David Belshaw


Will Nicholls. Photo: David Belshaw


Briony Holt. Photo: David Belshaw

Ladies XC Team Manager Donna Airey reports:

After traffic delays on nearly every motorway to Liverpool, 13 ladies managed to get there in time before the gun went off. Sefton Park was cold, wet, sunny and extremely muddy.
Our first lady finisher was Liz Mullan followed closely by Amanda Duffy who missed the start due to gassing!
Team Results
19th Place, Elizabeth Mullan/Amanda Duffy/Irene Roche
Over 35
11th Place, Amanda Duffy/Irene Roche/Julia Rushton
Over 45
6th Place, Irene Roche/Julia Rushton/Nerina Gill

Full Results for the National Cross Challenge

Full Results for Mid Lancs League


It’s Autumn, it’s October and the Roundup is back!

Robbie Smedley at Red Rose Round 1. Photo David Belshaw.

Robbie Smedley at Red Rose Round 1. Photo David Belshaw.

Welcome to the first of the new-look Clayton-le-Moors Harriers Roundups. As many of you will know, Adrienne Olszewska has stepped down as your Roundup editor having completed an incredible run of weekly Roundups over the past few years. Having deputised on occasion for Adrienne when she has been away ultra-running, I can confirm the huge commitment she made for each weekly Roundup and along, with many others, wish to thank her once again for all her witty, insightful and entertaining writing and reporting over that time.

In a shift away from the previous pattern of Roundups, your regular digest of all-things Clayton on the racing front will now come to you on a monthly basis, and will feature selected events off the Clayton calendar, including those where significant numbers of Clayton runners compete, team events and club championship races.

Races and events that will be featured in the monthly Roundup will be publicised in advance and this is where you all come in. To keep the Roundup fresh and topical, it needs your input and insight in the form of your race reports and pictures. To send your reports for inclusion, simply use the ‘Contact the Roundup Editor’ form on the website or message through the Team Clayton FB page.

This months Roundup is a little sparse as we transition to the new format but will hopefully build, with your input, into a bigger and more informative report on all things Clayton. Thank you in advance for your submissions.

1 October

Thieveley Pike Fell Races – 4.3m, 1310ft

A long standing fixture on the fell calendar which saw some epic battles in the 80s and 90s, this local AS category race is currently organised by Pete Booth and is still a stern test of climbing ability with a very steep pull out of the valley before a longer more gradual climb to the trig point. Though the route has changed over the years, there is a still an exhilarating blast back to the finish field and the welcome sight of the pub.

Junior Races
First Clayton boys and girls home were Charlie Barnes 1st in the U9 race and Ellisia Smedley 7th, Robbie Smedley 2nd in the U11 race and Helana White 8th, with William Nicholls 4th in the U13 race.  Josh Hall was 1st in the U15 race (13th overall) and Sophie Ashworth 7th, both running the full race distance. Special mention too to Peter Stevens who had a great race to take 2nd behind Josh, having only run a handful of fell races previously.

Helana White


William Nicholls


Peter Stevens


SPRINT! Lennon Jackson and Sophie Ashworth

All photos David Belshaw

Senior Race

The full distance senior race was won by Andrew Worster of Todmorden Harriers in 36:33 and George Pier found some form of old and had a cracking run to take 8th and the honour of first Clayton runner home.


George Pier looking determined. Photo David Belshaw.

Junior Results

Senior Results

Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relays

The ‘Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay’ started life as the ‘Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay’ and takes place in the heart of the Lake District Fells. Usually around 70 teams from across the country compete in what is the longest-running mountain relay in the country.

The race is a tough one, with 4 legs each throwing up their separate challenges, including hard climbs and steep descents on difficult terrain. The route requires careful navigation, especially in bad weather. Which the 2017 edition had in abundance, with significant route changes at the last minute affecting all legs in order to minimise the risk from gales and heavy rain on the tops throughout the event.

Clayton sent 3 full teams, an Open team, a Vets and a Ladies team.The Senior Team were 23rd out of 69 teams, the Vets 25th and 6th Vet team, and the Ladies 64th and 7th Ladies team.

Sarah Helliwell reports here on how the Ladies team got on:

It was a wet windy day as the team made its way to Patterdale. The course had been shorten and changed due to the weather with all 4 routes staying on the east side of the valley. The main changes were that leg 2 was shorten with the major climb up to High Street taken out and leg 3 and 4 were 2 and 1 in reverse..
Leg 1 was led out by Wendy Dodds (9 weeks after breaking her ankle) & Anna Kelly as they left the field from Patterdale in the only bit of dry weather that day! This soon changed as they hit the fells and the heavens opened. Both ladies made good ground over the tops and gave the team a good start as they dropped down into Hartsop to pass the baton onto Alison Dugdale and Tara Robb for leg 2.
As Alison and Tara made their way up to Kirkstone Pass the visibility became poor as they carried on with a good pace. They made good choices to find the checkpoints before descending out of the mist to pass onto Jean Brown and Claire Vincent waiting in the pouring rain at Kirkstone.
Good route choices again by Jean and Claire as the found the reverse checkpoints in atrocious weather. Before the tricky decent back down to Hartsop and the cloud line before passing the baton onto Linda Bostock and Katy Thompson. Linda and Katy climbed back over Angle Tarn before retracing the route back to Patterdale.
All the ladies did really well in tough conditions, poor visibility and sudden alternative route changes. A big thank you to all who ran and well done. On an impressive note Wendy Dodds has completed a total of 30 Hodgson Relays and in the words of Anna Kelly “she is a machine”, hopefully there will be many more to come. A great achievement.

Full Results

14 October

Red Rose Cross Country League – Round 1

Photo David Belshaw

Photo David Belshaw

A clash of fixtures with the first Mid Lancs Series race saw the Clayton Juniors starting their cross-country season en masse at the first Red Rose race at Leigh Sports Village. A mixture of more experienced runners and some Juniors new to cross-country saw Clayton pack out the placings with great runs from all the Juniors in almost unseasonally warm conditions.

Charlie Barnes. Photo David Belshaw.

Charlie Barnes. Photo David Belshaw.

Harrison Codd. Photo David Belshaw.

Harrison Codd. Photo David Belshaw.

Millie Stubbs. Photo David Belshaw.

Millie Stubbs. Photo David Belshaw.

A handful of Seniors also ran at Leigh whilst the bulk of the Senior/Vets and Ladies were over at Cuerden for the Mid Lancs racing.

Full Results

Mid Lancs Cross Country League – Round 1

The Clayton Senior cross country runners, supported by a few Juniors made their way over to Cuerden Country Park for Round 1, and in contrast to Leigh looked they instantly found some good mud.

Photo Tina Holt

Reece Lawrence, Curtis Holt and Simon Wilshaw. Photo Tina Holt

Performances of note included Briony Holt taking 2nd place in the U17G race, the Ladies teams taking 6th overall, 4th in the O45 and 2nd in the O55 team competitions. The Senior Mens team was 5th and the U20s were 2nd with the Vets O40 team 3rd and O50 team 2nd overall.

Full Results

15th October

British Fell Relay Championships

Chris Holdsworth. Photo Paul Shackleton

Chris Holdsworth. Photo Paul Shackleton

With somewhat kinder weather than for the Hodgson Relays a couple of weeks previous, Clayton sent 3 teams down to Llanberis for the British Relay Champs. The Relays were won by Dark Peak Fell Runners with 176 teams competing. Our A Team of Chris Holdsworth, Matt Perry, Andrew Laycock, Andrew Payne, Dave Walker, and Dave Motley as16th, the B Team of David Bagot, Carl Helliwell, Peter Coates, Russell Clarke, George Pier, and Chris Snell was 68th and the Ladies team of Claire Vincent, Tara Robb, Jean Brown, Wendy Dodds, Katy Thompson and Sarah Helliwell were 137th and 20th overall in their class.


Sarah Helliwell

Jean Brown and Tara Robb (SH)

Jean Brown and Tara Robb. Photo Sarah Helliwell.

Full Results


Time to say goodbye

Well dear readers, after three years of compiling the weekly roundup, the time has come to hang up my editorial hat and move on. Did you know that over 70 individuals have submitted race reports in that time which is a fantastic achievement and testament to the enthusiasm and commitment of so many of our members. Those words have really made this roundup write itself and come alive. Thank you.



A quartet of Clayton runners took part in this midweek race. Junior runner Matthew Jackson finished in 5th place overall and 2nd JM. Michelle Abbot was our only lady runner and she finished in 18th place and 1st LV35. Jack McGuire and Ron Chappell completed the Clayton team.

Pos Name Cat Time
5 Matthew Jackson JM 21.14
18 Michelle Abbott FV35 24.03
44 Jack McGuire V60 33.46
46 Ron Chappell V65 41.46

Full Results



Five ladies and half a dozen men competed in the Great Whernside Fell Race. Both ladies and men’s teams finished in 9th place

Ladies Results

Five Clayton ladies ran with supervet Wendy Dodds our first finisher and 1st LV65.

Linda Lord and Sarah Helliwell at the Great Whernside Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

Linda Lord and Sarah Helliwell at the Great Whernside Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

Pos Name Cat Time
64 Wendy Dodds LV65 00:49:30
67 Katy Thompson LV60 00:51:27
68 Linda Lord LV65 00:51:40
79 Sarah Helliwell L 00:57:37
86 Karin Goss LV65 01:05:18

Full Results

Men’s Results

Chris Holdsworth was our first finisher in the mens race, finishing in 5th place overall.

Chris Holdsworth at the Great Whernside Fell Race

Chris Holdsworth at the Great Whernside Fell Race

Pos Name Cat Time
5 Chris Holdsworth M 00:30:02
63 Andrew Payne MV40 00:35:36
73 Carl Helliwell MV40 00:36:06
121 David Bagot M 00:39:35
169 Garry Wilkinson MV50 00:40:39

Full Results


Alan and Carol Life ran in this 6.2 mile race with 846ft of climbing. Alan finished in 15th place and was 1st V50. Carol was 52nd and 2nd V50 lady.

Pos Name Cat Time
15 Alan Life MV50 00:50:47
52 Carol Life FV50 01:07:11

Full Results


Report from Colin Woolford

Confidence was high approaching this Mountain Marathon. Following the (still) amazing result at the OMM Lite two weeks ago, I was well up for the ROC, formerly the RAB. What attracts me to this event is that you can compete as a solo. Most MM’s are aimed at teams of two, so this one is a real novelty.  This would be my 6th RAB/ROC.

Since the OMM Lite, I had kept my running to a minimum, wanting to be rested for the ROC and had decided that my regular Tuesday CleM runs (about 10-13km per evening) and one other 10km run the weekend between would be enough to ‘turn my legs over’. The Tuesday before the weekend I went off for the usual session (this month from Barrowford) BUT with new Mudclaws on.  Fresh out of the box, I wanted to bring these in to circulation as the RAB previously has finished shoes off – and I mean absolutely trashed them, so I thought I would be ahead of the curve and get some km’s on some new shoes, leaving my regular pair ready for the weekend.

So that was mistake number one!  I have worn classic Innov-8 Mudclaw 300’s for the past x many years, I have had well over ten pairs, same brand, model and for the last three pairs same colour and probably even the same batch as I bought a job lot from Pete Bland Sports in a sale.  This was the last pair from that batch – why would they be any different?  Clearly they were and for whatever reason, this pair gave me a hot spot on my left heel two km’s in to the run and by km three I knew I had a blister…  I stopped, had a look and thought with a bit of re lacing I could get back to the van/pub at a slow trot.  Wrong. Within 500m I had bent the back of the heel down and was running gingerly as I was now wearing the equivalent of fell running crocs…. (a gap in the market maybe?)  I left the group and made my way back to the pub.



I am pretty good at managing and treating blisters, learnt over many years walking, first aiding and reading many articles/books etc, particularly “Fixing Your Feet” by Jon Vonhof (well worth purchasing for any runner) so I was confident I could get to a point where I could trot round the ROC, I may not get the good result I was hoping for, but still, I would be there.

The ROC arrived, or rather I arrived in South West Cumbria, in the shadow of Black Combe, near Millom and I was ready to start and collect my map and control sheet. This is the premise behind a “score” event. you have a time (6 hours day one, 5 hours day two) to find as many controls as you can over a given area. You get the details at the start line and it is part of the challenge to formulate a plan/route that allows you to collect as many controls on your dibber as you can and get back to where you need to be – in this event an overnight camp- before the time runs out and you start to lose points by way of penalties.  I have lost all my day one points before on these events… gutting to say the least!

Mistake number 2 then was a real school boy error. Somehow in my haste I marked up the map incorrectly and gave a control a points value when it wasn’t in fact live that day – or indeed in use at any point over the weekend!  This tipped my route choice into a direction I otherwise wouldn’t have taken.  I realised my error as I was charging along to what I thought was the first control. I reached for the control description, expecting to see something like “stream source” or “spring” looking at how the map was marked but what I found was nothing. Control 210 wasn’t even on the live list, so why and how I had given it a value of 10 points was beyond me.  I quickly checked the others I had marked…. all fine. Phew!  Not for the mad house yet then… but that all took up more precious time. Oh well, I will carry on, I will lose even more time if I head back and take an alternative route from the start, the next control about a km away, was in my plan anyway.

It was at this point that the cloud came in.

Typical Lakeland View

Typical Lakeland View

The weather forecast for Saturday was clear, overcast, but not raining and clear visibility on the tops.  By 10.30 am the cloud base was down to about 400 m, it was very damp in the air and any chance at a view was lost.

Now I am a good navigator and back myself in poor conditions like this, but with a scrambled brain from trying to understand why I had made a control up, sore heel and still cursing myself for starting so poorly my relocation took longer than it should have, with the added pressure being against the clock brings I was getting decidedly cranky! Several expletives may well have passed my lips, much to the amusement of the ever present Herdwick Sheep on Black Combe. Rumours I asked ‘lost’ fell runners from the 2016 championships on this hill for directions are unfounded!

I got there in the end- the next control a 20 point one loomed out of the mist.  The game was on!  I tore off north east following a trod heading gently down I was certain about my location and where to head next and the terrain was very runnable.  This would still rank as my worst start ever – 2 hours in and only 20 points!  I then came across three other competitors, a solo male and a male pair, all studying their maps and with compass in hand. They didn’t know where they were with any great conviction, so I advised them accordingly. “We’re here mate”, much gratitude was expressed and the pair carried on their way, the solo – a chap named Dan on his first MM asked to team up for a while.  Sure, with no view, conversation would be good for the next few km’s!

“OS Trig Pillar” control description with control.

“OS Trig Pillar” control description with control.

Dan was clearly a better runner than I and as we got lower down and the visibility improved he sped off to follow his own plan.

From here on in I was navigating to my usual standard and hitting controls exactly where I expected them to be.  I still get a massive buzz from that, but essentially the damage was done.  The poor tactics, dodgy heel and slower going in the clagg meant I was in damage limitation mode and the main objective was to get back to camp without incurring penalties, which I was able to do and got back in with a meagre 200 points and four minutes to spare.  My plan had seen me get somewhere between 270 and 300 which would have left me comfortably mid table at half way, instead I was languishing in the bottom 20 or so 92nd from 113 ish.

But tomorrow was another day!

Day two and the weather was much improved.

Sunrise Day 2

Sunrise Day 2

Feeling good and less achy than I usually feel on day two of these things and with a heel blister that hadn’t got any worse I was raring to go and at 8.13 am I dibbed out of camp to head back via as many controls as I could in a bid to make amends for the previous days woes.

And oh what a day.  Stunning conditions, runnable, although wet ground and with clear visibility.  It was like running a different event, my route choice saw me tackle some controls I had visited the previous day (all correctly marked up this time!) and a whole heap of new ones.  The views were stunning, with Eskdale and the Scafell Massif to the north and the Irish Sea and coast to the south and west it was a vista to inspire whenever your head was up.

The going was good and I was pleased with my lines and nav to the controls.  By two hours in from the five I had I had about 120 points… a much better haul!

My Day two total was 300, which placed me 53rd on the day from the 113 that started  which is where I usually am, mid pack, but because of day one’s error and conditions I finished in a disappointing 75th. The heel is now healing nicely and although somewhere between uncomfortable and painful did not get any worse which was pleasing. I almost wish I was competing at this year’s OMM I’m gonna have to wait till 2018 for my next Mountain Marathon.



Report from Alan Dorrington

This was the Championships that nearly wasn’t. After the original hosting school pulled out, a fairly last minute but very welcome intervention by Giggleswick School meant the fell champs could go ahead and the junior fell racing scene made its way to Settle for a full programme of racing.

The courses were long, as per normal for the English Schools but didn’t contain as much climbing as usual. However with steep initial climbs followed by fast running over undulating tracks, they were still challenging courses and tested the runners considerably. Our Clayton Juniors were there to represent their respective schools and all had good runs on a lovely later summer day.

Robbie Smedley (no 8) at the English Schools Fell Running Championship. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Robbie Smedley (no 8) at the English Schools Fell Running Championship. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Robbie Smedley was pushing very hard from the off in the Year 7 race, and produced a great run for 7th despite falling hard AND losing a shoe. What might have been if he had had a clean run? Behind him, Helana White was battling hard to take a fantastic 5th place in the Girls race. Jenson Bentham was struggling with injury and didn’t quite manage to perform as he would have wanted to, with a still creditable 23rd.

In the combined Yr 8 and 9 race field of 178, Jackson McKay (Yr9) had his usual calm, collected performance for a great 5th place, and Ella Dorrington (Yr8) beat many older girls to take 10th in the Girls. She was backed up by a smiling and bouncy Sophie Ashworth (Yr9) in 29th.

Ella Dorrington at the English Schools Fell Running Championship. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Ella Dorrington at the English Schools Fell Running Championship. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Finally in the Yr 10 and 11 race Michael (Yr10) and Peter Stevens (Yr10) ran a tough 7km around the Settle Hills in another large and very experienced field containing international runners, to take 44th and 53rd respectively.

This event pretty much wrapped up the fell season for our Juniors, and they now turn their attention to the cross-country season where no doubt they will be to the fore again.


Paul Foster has kicked started a holiday around the west coast of Scotland by running in the Loch Ness Marathon. He finished in 671st place with u 3:55:13.

Report from Paul Foster

Paul Foster after his successful Loch Ness Marathon.

Paul Foster after his successful Loch Ness Marathon.

This is a brilliant event in a great location. My target for this, my 1st Marathon, was to go under 4 hours so really pleased with my time of 3:55:13. Followed a training plan and John’s Tuesday and Thursday sessions definitely helped me. I managed to stick to the pace I’d set myself and finished strongly over the last 6 miles. The route follows the south west shore of Loch Ness and finishes in Inverness

Full Results

ROSSENDALE 50TH MMM (Mini Mountain Marathon)

This combined event was staged by Rossendale Harriers for their 50th birthday, and was planned by PFO and SELOC members with orienteering controls and SI timing. It was a Mini Mountain Marathon score event run over 3 hours. The competition area was covering approximately 20 sq km, comprising Cowpe Moor, Lee Quarry and Stubbylee Parks.

Three club members took part

Pos Name Cat Score Time Points
14 Dave Motley M35 355 184:02 360
18 Ralph Baines M45 310 175:55 310
37 Katy Thompson W60 260 169:23 260

Full Results


Junior runners, Matthew and Lennon Jackson, ran in the Run Preston 5K race. Matthew was 7th and Lennon was 15th. Great results as usual for the Jackson boys.

Pos Name Cat Time
7 Matthew Jackson M 00:21:11
15 Lennon Jackson M 00:22:07


Eight seniors ran in the Run Preston 10K. Matthew Duckworth was our first finisher in 17th place and with a time of 36:46. Michelle Abbot was our first lady finisher in 170th with a time of 46:09Full Res

Pos Name Cat Time
17 Matthew Duckworth M 00:36:46
165 Robert Morrison V45 00:45:55
167 Colin White V40 00:45:57
170 Michelle Abbott V35 00:46:09
198 Christopher Lawrence V50 00:47:12
322 Angela Shian V40 00:50:57
405 Peter Costello V55 00:53:02
718 Mick Hughes V40 00:59:55

Full Results


This week’s parkrun results for Clayton-le-Moors Harriers

This week’s Burnley junior parkrun results














It’s a whopping double edition this week! You’d think there wouldn’t be much going on this time of year, but as usual our club members have been out there racing and competing all over the place.  You have been doing ultra-long distance events, representing the England Team, winning races, reaching important milestones, and raising money for charity. You’ve been out on the high fells, the boggy moorlands, the rugged coast, the parks, roads, tracks and trails.



5 Clayton Runners took part in this 5 mile race. This was a particularly significant race for Martin Brady

Report by Martin Brady

Last night I reached a personal milestone – I completed my 500th race since my mechanical aortic heart valve replacement (AVR) 7 years ago. The races ranged from 33 mile fell races down to 5K road races and open water swims (5K down to 1 mile). The first few months after my AVR I did not think I would get back to running again as I had several problems which made it difficult to run. I eventually overcame these problems and got back to racing – initially with open water swimming. Last nights race was a 5 mile fell race in very wet and windy conditions. It was very muddy but it was probably the most enjoyable race I have done recently. With the weather conditions last night I did not really fancy running but I am glad I did now.

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
26 Scott Baistow MS (008/013) 00:44:41
60 Andrew Howarth M55 (009/015) 00:50:01
61 Martin Brady M55 (010/015) 00:50:07
72 Stephen Fish M60 (005/010) 00:52:22
108 Ron Chappell M65 (003/003) 01:28:34

Full Results



A dozen Clayton Harriers turned out for the latest race in the club fell championship. Ryan Wilkinson was our first finisher in 9th place. Jack Holt was 1st V60 and 13th overall.  Barbara Savage was our first lady finisher in 25th place and 1st LV50 and Linda Lord was 1st LV60.

Report from Sarah Helliwell

It was a sunny day as we lined up in the show ground. The ground was saturated from the weeks worth of rain. After a quick start the runners started to spread up the track and up the climb at Mellor Knoll. Unfortunately the ground was absolutely rutted from the cows between the climb and this is where I went over on my ankle….. 😞.
I carried on hobbling/running and started the climb up Totteridge and hung onto 3 runners as my ankle got its movement back. I cheered on the Clayton runners coming back down the climb. Think Ryan Wilkinson was the first of them followed by Mr Orr, Nutter & Wigham.

Once at the top it as tussocks and heather and around the trig. I started to ignore my ankle and thought right it’s time to pass the 3 runners in front of me as we started the long decent. I got the last one climbing back over Mellor Knoll before the big dipper field to the finish.

It is one of my favourite races, in a stunning area.

Barbara Savage had a great day with first Vet and 1st vet 50. Linda Lord was 1st Vet60 and then myself included we won the ladies team for Clayton. Well done all.

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
9 Ryan Wilkinson M 00:52:45
11 Andrew Orr MV40 00:53:33
12 Mark Nutter MV50 00:54:38
13 Jack Holt MV60 00:55:05
20 Ivan Whigham MV50 00:59:15
24 James Hickie MV50 01:03:33
25 Barbara Savage LV50 01:05:14
27 Peter Dugdale MV60 01:06:39
28 David Naylor MV60 01:06:49
29 Andrew Dugdale MV50 01:07:36
31 Linda Lord LV60 01:07:59
32 Sarah Helliwell L 01:12:24

Full Results


Two Clayton Harriers ran in the Lothersdale Show fell race. Alan Life was our first finisher in 7th place and Scott Baistow was 12th.

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
7 Alan Life MV50 13:90
12 Scott Baistow M 14:39

Full Results


Report By Ralph Baines

It’s never a large entry for this race, there is a Half Peris taking in Elidir Fawr, Y Garn and Glyder Fawr and finishing at the car park at Pen y Pass which is about two and a half hours with 4500ft of climbing. Altenatively the Full Peris does the same route at the beginning then continues on the Miner’s track before doing Lliwedd, Snowdon and Moel Cynghorion totalling 8500ft. Andrew Priory and I raced it for a second successive time, last year was glorious weather, this time not so, but we were familiar with the route and knew what was to come. The rocks were very slippery all the way round the course and also coming of the Glyders down to Pen Y Pass was particularly boggy, a good pair of shoes made quite a difference.

Ralph Baines at the Peris Horseshoe fell race.

Ralph Baines at the Peris Horseshoe fell race. Photo by Beau Dog Photography

We ran a chunk of the middle section with Tim Laney who was a member of Clayton many years ago and now lives in Bath. The Descent off Lliwedd was very technical and the climb up Snowdon by the Watkin Path was a long drag, never sure how far off the top we were. I knew it was about an hour from the top to Llanberis and wasn’t too tired this year so we had a good run off and finished in the sunshine in 5:08 hr. The day was completed with sausage, egg and chips at Pete’s Eats and a long drive home.It’s never a large entry for this race, there is a Half Peris taking in Elidir Fawr, Y Garn and Glyder Fawr and finishing at the car park at Pen y Pass which is about two and a half hours with 4500ft of climbing. Altenatively the Full Peris does the same route at the beginning then continues on the Miner’s track before doing Lliwedd, Snowdon and Moel Cynghorion totalling 8500ft.

Andrew Priory at the Peris Horseshoe fell race. Photo by Beau Dog Photography

Andrew Priory at the Peris Horseshoe fell race. Photo by Beau Dog Photography

Andrew Priory and I raced it for a second successive time, last year was glorious weather, this time not so, but we were familiar with the route and knew what was to come. The rocks were very slippery all the way round the course and also coming of the Glyders down to Pen Y Pass was particularly boggy, a good pair of shoes made quite a difference. We ran a chunk of the middle section with Tim Laney who was a member of Clayton many years ago and now lives in Bath. The Descent off Lliwedd was very technical and the climb up Snowdon by the Watkin Path was a long drag, never sure how far off the top we were. I knew it was about an hour from the top to Llanberis and wasn’t too tired this year so we had a good run off and finished in the sunshine in 5:08 hr. The day was completed with sausage, egg and chips at Pete’s Eats and a long drive home.


Report By Colin Woolford

The OMM (Original Mountain Marathon) is just that – originally launched as test of team work, mountain skill and running ability the The OMM has long been the bench mark of multi day navigation based events in the fell running/orienteering community.  The OMM Lite is a more recent idea, developed as an entry point to multi day running events, it is on trails and rights of way rather than open fell/mountain with the navigation being less daunting. The checkpoints are at path junctions or significant features rather than on some tiny contour feature in the middle of nowhere!

Colin Woolford and at the OMM lite

Colin Woolford and Paul at the OMM lite

The other key difference is that the the competitors in teams of two, don’t need to carry their overnight kit like on the full OMM, you return to a central point to refuel, recover and sleep.  The OMM also want to encourage families to attend so family tents, partners and children  are welcome to make use of the event cafe and bar!  This would be my second OMM Lite (and 10th Mountain Marathon) and the plan was that  last years team mate – Graeme from Scotland would run with me whilst our wives and children would amuse themselves around the Yorkshire Dales for the 7 hours on the Saturday and the 5 hours on the Sunday of the “Long Score” format.  We would be charging around the Hawes area finding red and whie flags and collecting points.

Well, that was the plan.

On Wednesday before the Friday night drive to Hawes Graeme rang to say his wife had been quite poorly and that the weekend was in doubt… They would know more after a Thursday morning doctors visit.  By 10.00 am Thursday morning, the weekend was off! With Jenny ordered to bed rest, Graeme clearly wasn’t going to abandon her with their 6 year old to come and charge around boggy bits of Yorkshire with me.  Gutted!  So a quick scan of the website and OMM rules and a brief exchange of emails and text messages with the organisers and it became clear I could turn up and run solo, but be ‘non competitive’ for the weekend having been judged to have had enough experience to do so -or find a partner and transfer the entry, which we could do right up till the start on Saturday morning.

By the time I was able to start reaching out to people I thought might be up for it it was Thursday evening!  No joy with the ‘usual suspects’ so I thought it was time for drastic measures and a post on the Team Clayton FB page – someone must be up for it and available!  But no… desperation kicked in, the idea of being non competitive just did not appeal – those that know me, know I am never going to win these things – but I am damn well going to put a shift in and the idea of getting a “good score” but it meaning nothing was too frustrating to consider.  Time for a post on the FRA FB page.  BINGO!  Within thirty minutes I had some potential partners, with one looking promising, he had done the OMM before, completed the Spine Challenger race (110 miles up the Pennine Way) and could get a pass for the weekend.

We arranged to speak Friday lunch time and by then the show was back on the road. so Paul, and I met at registration on Saturday morning in Hawes at 8.30 am and by 9.45 were running the OMM together.

And what a weekend it was! The weather was wet to say the least, torrential rain had caused many of the rivers to be in spate,  so several fords were now marked as out of bounds and a few checkpoints were dropped for competitor safety, but the two of us seemed to find an even stride. When you have 7 hours to fill on the hill with a complete stranger, you talk about a lot of stuff!  It turns out we were both “mid table” in our results. I’ve always said top 50% is a good result for me, top 75% is more common!  SO what happened that Saturday was just bizarre… We came in after 6 hours 45 minutes, 41 km and a score of 500 points to find ourselves in 9th!!!  9th!!! I’ve never been that high up a leader board in my life!  A celebratory beer was in order!  We were both gob smacked that we clicked the way we did and were keen to put in a good performance to see what we could do on the Sunday..could we improve our lot? would we slip down the field? – we had met the teams in 7th and 12th and seen several of the other teams around us earlier on the hill – competition was going to be strong.

Sunday came and the forecast was shocking – heavy rain due in from mid morning and a stronger wind for the rest of the day. We were going to have to dig deep to battle the elements and see if we would hold on. Neither Paul or I had ever finished in the top ten before… we kinda liked the view!

Sunday we set off at 8.40 at a gentle pace to allow ourselves a gradual warm up. It was a tough day and much more traditional OMM terrain, with greater distance between the check points to boot.  the high ground was particularly tough in the wind, but we both felt we had enough in the tank to push for the higher value checkpoints – the risk with these events is always that you can push too far and end up burnt out and miles away from the finish line which leads to penalty deductions if you are late back. I have on several occasions made this mistake and lost most of my points by being 30 minutes and later back to base!  We were both keen to avoid such a mistake today.

We nailed it. 4 hours 56 minutes and 30km on our feet we came back knowing we couldn’t have done any better or given anymore.  Cold, wet and keen to get the results we sat down to eat the finishers meal and waited for the course to close and results to come in….7th!!!  7th!!!  We’d gained places!  My highest finish ever in a race, never mind a mountain marathon – with a complete stranger by my side!  Astonished didn’t begin to describe the expression on our faces. We knew we had run well, but 7th!

Paul was every bit as amazed as I was, 7th was his best ever result also. To top it all we were 3rd in age category.  3rd!!!

All in all we had plucked triumph from the jaws of my despair – on Thursday evening I wasn’t sure if I was even going to be there at all. To then place in the top ten is still, a few days later… quite astonishing.  I am sure there is a message in there somewhere.  I am still to chuffed to work out what it is though.

Roll on the ROC Mountain Marathon in two weeks time.

Full Results


Report By Adrienne Olszewska

This is a low key challenge event organised by the LDWA (Long Distance Walkers Association). It’s a 23 mile route around Malhamdale along trails, paths and county lanes and is the perfect event for any runner wanting to try out longer distances. The route is very runnable with only one steep climb up the side of Gordale Scar.

This event was a bit of a confidence booster as I had entered a longer event the following week. I needed to make sure I could still do the time on my feet as I’ve been a bit scant on training over the last couple of months. I managed to joggle round merrily and had a good time as well. The weather was kind despite a wet start and the conditions underfoot weren’t too bad despite a week of continuous rain beforehand.

I finished in 26th place overall with a time of 5 hours and 33 minutes.

Full Results



Report From Katy Thompson

Wendy Dodds and I took part in the Lake District Mountain Trial from Gatescarth Farm, Buttermere last Sunday. I was doing the Medium course as usual but Wendy had dropped down to the short due to breaking her fibula a couple of months ago.

Runners set off at minute intervals and at my start time of 8.54 the rain was fairly light and in the valley bottom we were sheltered from the wind. However, conditions deteriorated and we were battling into the wind along Hindscarth Edge and down to Honister. Quite a lot of runners called it a day here and ran back down the road to Gatescarth.  After a slow start I was just getting going so carried on over the side of Grey Knotts to Checkpoint 4 on Seathwaite Fell above Sty Head tarn. Here we learnt that the Medium and Classic courses were being abandoned due to the deteriorating conditions and we were sent down to Seathwaite where we were ferried back to the finish. I think I felt disappointment and relief in equal measure. I had been out nearly 4 hours and would probably have been out another 3.

Of 58 starters, ten runners – either very fast or very early starters – did complete the Medium, with a further 15 reaching Checkpoint 4, and prizes were awarded accordingly. The Short course  was completed by 47 out of the 60 starters, including Wendy who had climbed well but found the descents more testing on her injured leg.

I think this is the first time the event has had to be abandoned mid-race, but the organisation was excellent and everybody was accounted for and ferried back to the event centre with little fuss.

Although the courses seemed rather longer than usual, and would have been testing even in good conditions, they offered lots of route choice and the Mountain Trial is a great navigation exercise. The short course can now be tackled in pairs – an ideal introduction to this event.

Full Results


Alison Smith was our only runner in this inaugural trail half marathon. The race takes place along the scenic banks of the River Ribble following the Ribble Way. Alison finished in 74th place coping admirably with mud, puddles, cows and soggy fields.

Alison Smith at the Ribble Way Half Marathon.

Alison Smith at the Ribble Way Half Marathon.

Pos Name Cat Time
74 Alison Smith FV45 02:14:56

Full Results


Report from Lynsey Birtwistle

Sunday 10th sept saw me take on my third great north run. The weather was a bit damp when we got to the start and quite chilly but perfect for running really. We met up with team Clayton Karen, Anita, helen and mark and then everyone went into their pens for warm up. This was my first race back since breaking my toe and I hadn’t run anywhere near half marathon distance since may so I was feeling the pressure. I set off too quick (which is quite normal for me!) but managed to find a comfortable pace around the 8 minute mile mark and stuck at it. The support of the crowds is amazing and really spurs you on. I began to struggle around 9 miles which I knew I would through lack of training and I had to really grit my teeth and dig in. When I came down onto the sea front in South Shields I knew I was in with a chance of sub 1:45 which I secretly wanted to get. I gave it everything down that final mile and crossed the line in 1:44:59!!! I don’t half make it difficult for myself sometimes. This is a 5 minute pb so definitely gave me a confidence boost and I got to meet the legend steve cram who asked me about my race!!! Well done team Clayton great day out

Team Clayton at the Great North Run

Team Clayton at the Great North Run

Report from Colin White

Despite protests of injury and not expecting a great time before the race he managed to come home in his fastest GNR time of 1:40:52 for his best position of 3069th.

Pos Name Finish Time
3069 Colin White 01:40:52
3656 Alun Hall 01:42:50
4466 Lynsey Birtwistle 01:44:59
11447 Mark Knowles 01:58:30
12729 Justin Birtwistle 02:00:20
20868 Helen Harrison 02:14:07
36660 Karen Clarkin 02:50:32
36661 Anita Jones 02:50:32

Full Results


There were Clayton runners in all three categories in this year’s Yorkshireman off road marathon. Congratulation to Christopher Holdsworth on his win in the half marathon despite a navigational error at the beginning of the race!

Marathon Solo Runners

Alex Cran was our first finisher in 39th place with a time of 4:28. Three Clayton ladies also ran finishing in 94th, 96th and 115th place.

L-R Vicky Heys, Angela Shian and Irene Roche. Photos by Woodentops

L-R Vicky Heys, Angela Shian and Irene Roche. Photos by Woodentops

Pos Name Cat Time
39 Alex Cran MV40 4:28:57
94 Vicky Heys FV40 5:20:37
96 Angela Shian FV40 5:20:41
115 Irene Roche FV50 5:42:18

Marathon Pairs Runners

Dave Motley won the pairs even running with former Claytoner Ian Livesey. Martin Terry and Dawn Terry were 10th overall in the pairs race.

Martin and Dawn Terry at the Yorkshireman Off Road Marathon. Photo by Woodentops

Martin and Dawn Terry at the Yorkshireman Off Road Marathon. Photo by Woodentops

Pos Name Cat Time
1 Dave Motley / Ian Livesey M 3:39:26
10 Martin Terry / Dawn Terry MIX 5:22:06

Half Marathon Runners

Christopher Holdsworth at the Yorkshireman Half Marathon. Photo by Woodentops

Christopher Holdsworth at the Yorkshireman Half Marathon. Photo by Woodentops

Pos Name Cat Time
1 Christopher Holdsworth M 1:40:05
50 Jeffrey Pickup MV60 2:15:35

Full Results


The WRRS was held in Wythenshawe Park on 10 September for a second year. One of the most exciting and varied courses in the race series, the route takes place largely over trails, including grassy parkland and dirt paths and starts and finishes on a local athletics track, situated within the park.

Report from Michelle Abbott

The women’s Manchester 10 k was a 2 lap course starting then finishing with a full lap of the track. The course though was more of a xc and trail, with a bit of ducking through trees kind of run. I wasn’t on set for a race just a nice steady away run so was surprised I came in in 9th place overall.  It was well organised with lots of support on route

Full Results



The Hardmoors 60 route follows the Cleveland Way from Guisborough to Filey passing through coastal resorts and fishing villages such as Saltburn, Staithes, Robin Hoods Bay, Ravenscar, Scarborough and Filey while following cliff tops for the main duration of the race. Competitors will have 18 hours to complete the 62 miles.

Ultra-runner Martin Terry who was 1st V50 at the Hardmoors 60

Ultra-runner Martin Terry who was 1st V50 at the Hardmoors 60

Awaiting official results but congratulations to Clayton runner Martin Terry who was 1st V50 in this year’s event.


Congratuations to Briony Holt who after earning an England vest went on to finish in 4th place in this event and 3rd England counter.England won in both age categories U17s and U20s in boys and girls. A great debut performance for Briony.

Briony Holt running for England at the Junior Home International Mountain Running event. Photo by Woodentops

Briony Holt running for England at the Junior Home International Mountain Running event. Photo by Woodentops

Report from Briony Holt

After three weeks of waiting for the weekend of the Junior home international, it was finally here. We travelled up to Scotland on the Friday to be greeted with an outdoor adventure centre, where some of my England team mates were. The first part of the weekend was basically just a meet and greet session, putting bags in the dorms and getting ready to check out the course. It was also a chance to get some food before driving to Peebles as we were all starving!

When we first saw what we were running up, everyone was surprised by how flat it was, not the type of route I’m used to – these thoughts were soon changed on the day of the race! It started on a gradual uphill that lead to a funnel to get through a gate in the wall. Then the hill got a little steeper which followed by a gradual downhill section leading us to the next ‘climb’. We contoured around the hill for a little bit before being hit by the steepest section of the course about half way round. I’d say that this part was the only real hill in it! Then the undulating downhill started which lasted for basically the rest of the course. From the races I’d been used to running, it was a lot flatter and this added to the nerves that were already there. I knew I would find it hard! After an early start, it was race day. The face paint and glitter were ready to be applied and our England kits were all lined up along the dormitory floor. The atmosphere was surprisingly calm but I think everyone was quietly nervous!

Briony Holt (2nd from left) with her England Team Mates. Photo by Woodentops

Briony Holt (2nd from left) with her England Team Mates. Photo by Woodentops

We arrived at Peebles High School where Dave and Eileen Woodhead were ready for pre race photos with the England team. He had a stash of GB flags including a Yorkshire flag (his home ground)! Everyone was kept there for a good 10 minutes which helped calm the nerves as they took our minds off the actual race. Considering how small the pens were, I knew that I wouldn’t get a good start. However, I soon caught up with a good uphill to the first section of downhill. I was in 5th place for most of the race until the downhill section where I managed to make ground on the girl in front which secured me fourth position and third England counter. For my first international race, I was over the moon as I wasn’t expecting anything above 6th place! We won the team as well which is always a bonus! I loved the experience as it was a chance to race against some of the top athletes in Britain, but most importantly, it was an opportunity to get to know some of my fellow competitors better. Thankyou to all of the coaches and team mates who have helped me achieve my goal, and to my parents for being the weekend taxi!



The men ran six stages and the club entered 4 teams. Team A were 30th with a combined time of 2:13:21, Team C were 91st with a combined time of 2:39:15, Team D were 101st with a combined time of 2:56:25. Unfortunately, Team B were disqualified but ran an excellent combined time of 2:22:58.

Full Results


The ladies ran four stages and the club entered 2 teams. Team A finished in 18th place with Laura Hesketh winning the first leg. She ran the 3rd fastest leg in the ladies competition. Team B finished in 51st place with a combined time of 1:50:34

Clayton Ladies at the Northern Athletic Road Relay Championships

Clayton Ladies at the Northern Athletic Road Relay Championships

Report from Angela Shian

We went to Sports City on Saturday with 2 ladies teams: these types of events always get the butterflies going when you’re on start line, crowded in with top sprinters..!! In an overwhelming stadium, (loudest cheers of encouragement coming from team orange of course.!) team A was Laura Hesketh, Claire vincent, Amanda Duffy & Donna Airey. All 4 ran fantastic legs. Coming a very respectful 18th position overall. We nearly burst with excitement as Laura came sprinting into the Stadium in first position on leg 1, she had an outstanding run, and achieved 3rd over all on fastest leg. Team 2: Michelle abbot headed out in leg 1, Lyndsay Birtwistle (made her relay debut leg 2) Vicky heys was on leg 3 and myself on leg 4, our overall position was 51, out of 86 teams (quite a few dq) A big thank you to both teams to the ladies that ran, we to make sure we continue to compete in these prestigious events and of course, cheer the loudest..!!

Full Results


The club entered 8 junior teams.

Clayton Juniors at the Northern Counties Road Relays

Clayton Juniors at the Northern Athletics Road Relay Championships

U13 Girls finished in 18th place. U13 Boys A Team finished in 12th place and U13 Boys B Team were 19th. U15 Girls A Team finished in 27th place and U15 Girls B Team were 36th. U15 Boys Team A Finished in 26th place and U15 Boys B Team were 41st. U17 Mens Team were 27th.

Full Results


Report from Adrienne Olszewska

Adrienne Olszewska and Nicholas Olszewski took part in the inaugural Red Rose 50, a 50 mile (well actually 52 mile) challenge event organised by the LDWA. The route starts and finishes at Jumbles Sailing Club taking competitors up and over Winter Hill, on to Rivington, Brinscall, Houghton, Mellor Brook, Witton Park, Tockholes, Darwen Tower, Entwistle Reservoir and Holcombe Tower.

In typical LDWA style entrants were provided a detailed route description and looked after superbly at 8 checkpoints groaning with goodies to keep you going. The recent rainy weather made the going especially boggy on the various moorland sections and I managed to fall over quite a lot almost from the start. So much so, that at the first checkpoint I was asked if I had enjoyed the spa treatments! The conditions underfoot made for slow going at times but that was countered by some nice, easy flattish bits where I was able to trot along and get in front of the speedy walkers that kept passing me on the climbs. Even as a veteran of LDWA events, I am still constantly amazed and impressed by the speed that some of those walkers can maintain.

I was hoping to finish at midnight and to get to the checkpoint at Entwistle reservoir before it got dark enough for a head torch. As I was running around the reservoir in almost total darkness, I missed the steps up to the top carpark and found myself at the damn. So I headed up the road to get to it the other way and saw car lights. With a cheery hello I appeared out of the darkness full of mud to see some people and some cars who were most definitely NOT an LDWA checkpoint. Awkward! I beat a hasty retreat and headed back, fortunately a couple of people were just heading up the steps and I finally found the checkpoint.

The final section in the dark was the tricky navigation around the back of Bull Hill skirting the MOD firing range. It’s boggy and tricky even in the daylight so it was a welcome relief to have teamed up with a speedy walker who knew the route and to find a set of red lights marking the route like a runway strip!

Didn’t quite hit the midnight target but only over by 25 minutes. I am happy with 16 hours 25 minutes and 47th place,considering my lack of serious training and the conditions underfoot. There were 166 starters and 25 retirements.

Nick has been plagued with injuries for much of the year so this event was ideal to tackle as a test of his recovery. He had a fantastic run with no navigational errors and was at the front of the event in a group of four or five runners from start to finish. He finished in 4th place with a time of 11 hours and 15 minutes. A great return to form.

Full Results


A baker’s dozen of Clayton Harriers were on the entry list for this race and several orange hoops have been spotted on the photos. Still awaiting results.

Report from Alan Dorrington

The shire counties of Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire may have long changed themselves, but the Three Shires boundary stone still lies at the top of the Wrynose Pass road and forms the central point of the race which is named after it. Starting and finishing in Little Langdale, at the eponymously named pub, the Three Shires race is a classic AL Lakeland race, which whilst just scraping a “Long” classification, certainly deserves its A category. A nice easy start rolling along to Greenburn is abruptly replaced by a brutal and very long climb up Birk Fell and then up onto Wetherlam. It’s tough mentally as you can see exactly where you are headed as the race stretches out above you and tough physically as the route gains around 1700ft in1 mile of distance.

Clayton Runners at the Three Shires Fell Race. Photo by Steve Wilson

Clayton Runners at the Three Shires Fell Race. Photo by Steve Wilson

Thankfully once Wetherlam summit is reached it becomes much more runnable, down off the back of Black Sails with only the rocky path up Prison Band to Swirl How to break things up. Clear conditions on the day meant the runners had fantastic views all around the Coniston Fells and over to Bowfell and Scafell. The route then drops pretty much in a straight line down sometimes boggy slopes toward the Three Shires Stone on the Wrynose road. Just under half distance and so far so good. But the hardest part of the race is to come, up and over Pike ‘O’ Blisco before a long and at times taxing descent down Wrynose Fell to Blea Tarn.

The final part of the race up and over Lingmoor Fell is a real test of resolve. The climb is long, at times steep, often boggy and with a couple of false summits. If you had anything in reserve at that point, it’s soon used up and it’s a real battle to keep moving well, up and over Mart Crag and onto a long run into the finish back at the pub. I had my usual inability to move well downhill later on in the race, and so struggled in somewhat slower than I had hoped, but the tea and pasty at the finish soon took care of that and the satisfaction of completing one of the longstanding classic Lakeland races in great weather soon replaced any grumpiness about times and the like.

Report from Carl Helliwell

I headed up with the Z-team to do the 3 Shires at the Langdales on Saturday. After a couple of months of niggles I was hoping for a niggle free race and this is thankfully what I got. The weather was brilliant as I headed up the first climb with the usual faces from various clubs. I knew it would roughly be an hours-worth of climbing as my legs started to get their rhythm and felt stronger the further I climbed. This is also a good chunk of the race and I thought I needed to make the best of it. It is a stunning area for a race and was well organised by Ambleside. Every runner was given a pasty, brew and a commemorative 35 year mug for doing the race. Well done to all members for doing the race. Andy Laycock was the first one home in 9th position, plus a special mention to Mark Nutter who next year will complete his consecutive 30th 3 Shires fell race. Well done all who ran.




Top ten finishes for Danny Collinge and Calum Holmes at the Asda Foundation Bury 10K.

Team Clayton at the Asda Foundation Bury 10K

Team Clayton at the Asda Foundation Bury 10K

Pos Name Cat Time
3 Danny Collinge M 00:34:10
7 Calum Holmes M 00:37:11
96 Reece Lawrence M 00:42:39
244 Chris Lawrence M50 00:47:09
589 Alison Thorne F45 00:54:20

Full Results


Report from Luke Turner

I do the course a lot on training runs so despite doing the road relays yesterday I decided to still have a go at racing it. The conditions were good, dry and not too cold. I went out in the leading pack of 3 and sat on the shoulders of the other two comfortably for the first 4 miles. Unfortunately going into the 5th mile yesterday’s relays caught up with me and my legs started to tire and I fell off pace a little. I managed to come home in 3rd which I’m really happy with having ran the race on very fragile legs. It’s one of my favourite courses and I’ll definitely be back next year hopefully for the win

Happy Harriers at the Burnley Leisure 10K

Happy Harriers at the Burnley Leisure 10K

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
3 Luke Turner MS (003/019) 00:37:36
20 Robert Morrison M40 (004/016) 00:45:13
27 Cassandra Smedley F35 (002/013) 00:47:16
28 Colin White M40 (007/016) 00:47:41
35 Stuart Proctor M40 (008/016) 00:50:58
36 Brian Wildman M50 (006/020) 00:51:48
38 Nina Kewin F35 (004/013) 00:52:24
49 Ian Hargreaves M40 (011/016) 00:54:40
57 Melanie Hirst F40 (003/021) 00:56:21
79 Helen Harrison F50 (003/008) 01:00:31
85 Christine Egerton F60 (004/005) 01:01:51
103 Ron Chappell M60 (008/008) 01:08:48

Full Results


Richard Briscoe was our sole runner in Embsay Fell Race organised by BOFRA.

Pos Name Cat Time
37 Richard Briscoe M 26:20

Full Results


A scenic one lap race in and around woodland, following the River Yarrow, starting and finishing in the Yarrow Valley Country Park, Chorley. This course takes in the crossing of the River Yarrow. Deborah Greenwood and Bianca ran in the race.

Deborah Greenwood and Bianca Bennett after the Yarrow Splash

Deborah Greenwood and Bianca Bennett after the Yarrow Splash

Report from Bianca Bennett

Muddy fun with a scenic route. The course was well signposted and marshalled. I haven’t raced in a while and I was glad I picked this race. It has blown the cobwebs off and given me my mojo back. Great XC prep too!

Pos Name Cat Time
87 Bianca Bennett F 1:04:59
129 Deborah Greenwood FV45 1:14:10

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Latest parkrun results for Clayton-le-Moors Harriers

Latest Burnley junior parkrun results












Wake me up when September Ends

Hang on… there’s no time for lounging around. Oh no, Clayton-le-Moors Harriers have been out and at it with gusto. You’ve been fell running up the biggest mountains, at country fairs, up crags, down scree and all over the place. You have been grinding it out on longer events like the Garstang half, the Golden Ball 20 and the Gritstone Grind. And there’s also been some super fast road running at Salford and various parkruns. There’s even been a bit of hardcore triathlon this week.



Rick Moore was our sole runner in this Bank Holiday fell race. It’s a 5 mile route with 958ft of ascent.

Pos Name Cat Time
41 Rick Moore MV55 00:49:45

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Half a dozen Clayton vests were on show at this famous Yorkshire fell race. A short 1.2mile blast with 407ft of climbing make this event a fast and furious one.

Clayton runners at the Kilnsey Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

Clayton runners at the Kilnsey Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

Report from Ralph Baines

Because this race is on a work day I have always ended up missing it, my only other go was in 2000. I met up with Andy Firth, Mark Nutter, Ivan, and Steve Fish (All retired gentlemen of leisure) at registration, had a look round the show and at 3pm watched Richard Briscoe running the Mile track race, the only member young enough and mad enough to do both.

As Andy pointed out there aren’t many races that you can do a full recce of the course 3/4 hour before the start but we went and had a look with Darren Fishwick. There is a rope in now down the ‘Chimney’, properly secured, so no longer just a bit of old wire fence to hang onto. The race itself is a mad blast, down the 100m field, out to cross the road and beck then up the steep banking, everyone sets off at a ridiculous pace and the lactic build up has you regretting it after only a couple of minutes.

There is a flat section out along the top to catch your breath a bit then down steep to the chimney which is over before you know it and across the screes and just try to hang on. There is always a large crowd watching and Roger Ingham with his words of Yorkshire wisdom so you burst a lung for a good finish and a couple of scalps. Mark, Richard, Ivan, Andy and Steve were in very soon after me. Great fun.

Pos Name Cat Time
45 Ralph Baines MV45 11:41
61 Mark Nutter MV50 12:26
63 Ivan Whigham MV55 12:44
67 Richard Briscoe M 12:59
95 Andrew Firth MV50 14:51
101 Stephen Fish MV60 15:11

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Twenty Clayton Harriers travelled up to Scotland to take part in the Ben Nevis race. A motley crew of first timers and more experienced runners. Danny Collinge was our first finisher in 38th place overall with Andy Laycock snapping at his heels in 41st and only 6 seconds behind with the 46K Matterhorn Ultraks still in his legs!

Some of the Clayton runners at the Ben Nevis Race.

Some of the Clayton runners at the Ben Nevis Race.

Two ladies ran this year. Barbara Savage was our first lady finisher in 417th place overall and Nicola Horsfall was 440th.

Pos Name Time
38 Danny Collinge 01:56:20
41 Andy Laycock 01:56:34
67 Dave Motley 02:01:15
92 Garry Wilkinson 02:06:22
103 Russell Clarke 02:08:11
114 James Williamson 02:09:32
119 Neil Hardiman 02:10:17
160 Lee Smith 02:17:03
177 Kieran Carr 02:19:02
247 Dominic Carr 02:29:23
277 Adam Shaw 02:34:26
293 Geoffrey Gough 02:35:49
333 Andrew Firth 02:42:23
353 David Nield 02:44:51
382 Chris Funnell 02:50:58
391 Simon Stansfield 02:52:56
417 Barbara Savage 02:58:23
457 Dugald McCallum 03:01:01
436 Andrew Dugdale 03:05:13
440 Nicola Horsfall 03:06:16

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There were four Clayton runners at this 5.5 mile fell race with 899 feet of ascent. Martin Brady was our first finisher in 44th place with Wayne McIntosh, Michael Frost and Robert Hirst making up the quartet of runners.

Pos Name Cat Time
44 Martin Brady MV50 54:04
55 Wayne McIntosh MSEN 57:57
68 Michael Frost MV60 1:05:28
80 Robert Hirst MV60 1:18:30

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Two Clayton vests were on show at the Grisedale Horseshoe a 10 mile fell race with around 5000 feet of climbing.

Start of the Grisedale Horseshoe. Tim Edwards raring to go.

Start of the Grisedale Horseshoe. Tim Edwards raring to go.

Report from Alan Dorrington

Huge Lakeland climbs up Birkhouse Moor, Catstycam, a scramble along Swirral Edge up to Helvellyn, tourist dodging around Nethermost and Dollywagon Pikes and a proper hard descent off St Sunday Crag. Not technical, just a quad masher. Oh and the final climb out of Grisedale Beck and over to the finish.

Alan Dorrington during the Grisedale Horseshoe race

Alan Dorrington during the Grisedale Horseshoe race

They saved the ‘best’ till last with that one. There were broken runners all over it – literally on all fours crawling. All for £5, with a blunt organisers prerace brief full of pre-emptive bollockings. Orange squash and cheese and pickle sandwiches after. Old school

Pos Name Category Time
16 Tim Edward M50 02:14:02
93 Alan Dorrington M40 03:05:54

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One junior runner and a couple of seniors took part in the latest BOFRA fell race.

Report from Rachael White

Helana White was the only Clayton Junior who travelled to Bradley for the Fell race.

A cloudy day which threatened but never delivered the rain. The U12 course was an up, along, up a bit more before a very fast descent, all on recent high cut grass, with lots of loose grass everywhere – (as well as cows in the next field that were running up and down alongside the runners) – Helana came 3rd  U12, which she was pleased with.

Helana White at the Bradley fell race. Photo by Geoff Thompson

Helana White at the Bradley fell race. Photo by Geoff Thompson

Two Clayton seniors made the trip – Martin Brady & Stephen Fish. The adult’s course started the same way as the juniors… and then carried on across the skyline to the next hill before the same fast descent.

Senior Results

Pos Name Category Time
47 Martin Brady MV50 36:22
53 Stephen Fish MV60 38:14

U12 Results

Pos Name Category Time
10 Helana White GU12 07:19

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Chris Holdsworth and Katy Thompson ran in the Castle Carr Fell Race a 15-mile with around 4000feet of ascent on a route in the private estate of Castle Carr and Midgley Moor.

Report From Katy Thompson

Castle Carr, 15miles and 4000ft over the moors above Hebden Bridge, was the second long race in the English Fell Champs.  The route was rather contrived, to get in the necessary climbing. (If you look at the map on the Calder Valley website you will see what I mean!)  Despite a couple of recces I wasn’t completely confident of finding the way, but quite a lot of the route was flagged, and I ran most of it with Lesley Malarkey from Keswick, one of my LV60 rivals, who had been over the bits I hadn’t. Between us we got round without any major errors and I managed to pull away from her back over the moor to the finish. This was the bit I was most worried about as there are so many trods over those moors, but I managed to go in the right direction without too much deep heather, and kept ahead of Lesley to finish 2nd LV60. The longest race I’ve done for a while, but I did enjoy it and the rain kept off until after the presentation!

Pos Name Category Time
28 Christopher Holdsworth MSEN 02:18:55
191 Katy Thompson W60 03:35:23

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Four Clayton men and one Clayton lady ran in the Garstang half marathon.

Report from Robert Morrison

The race was tougher than I thought it would be but it was a good race. I wanted 3 mins faster than last time. Came home 4 mins quicker – would have been faster but believe it or not, I got stuck behind a tractor for about a kilometer on country roads. There must have been a show on there was about 30 overall. A good race really enjoyed it –  we all did well. I will definitely pencil it in for next year.

Report from Nina Kewin

The Garstang Half was a gorgeous, scenic route which I would describe as hilly rather than ‘undulating’. We were even treated to a random and quite bizarre procession of around 25 tractors along the winding country roads. This was my first half marathon and it was lovely to see Robert Morrison and Colin White waiting for me at the end – although there was only a few of us, that summed up the Clayton Team Spirit for me. Same again next year!

Pos Name Cat Time
44 David Moynihan MV50 1:34:47
56 Robert Morrison MV45 1:40:04
76 Colin White MV40 1:45:27
78 Brian Wildman MV50 1:46:18
112 Nina Kewin FV35 1:57:59

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Daniel Plant was our sole representative in this 20-mile race organised by the Lancaster Race Series. It’s run on a network of paths and quiet roads.

Pos Name Cat Time
25 Daniel Plant M 2:24:35

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The Gritstone Grind is a low-key ultra marathon organised by Beyond Marathon. The race follows a 35 mile, picturesque and linear route between Kidsgrove and Disley along the Gritstone Trail. Andrew Webster and Stephen Ainsworth took part and finished in 76th and 77th place in a time of 7:48:25.

Stephen Ainsworth and Andrew Webster at the Gritstone Grind

Stephen Ainsworth and Andrew Webster at the Gritstone Grind

Pos Name Cat Time
76 Andrew Webster MV40 7:48:25
77 Stephen Ainsworth M50 7:48:25

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Report From Peter Coates

I completed the Helvellyn Triathlon on Sunday which is a tough event starting from Glenridding in the Lake District. The race began with a 1 mile swim in Ullswater followed by a 38 mile cycle with a number of challenging climbs including the 2.5 mile climb to the top of the Kirkstone Pass from Ambleside known as “The Struggle”. This was followed by a 9 mile run setting off from the transition area in Glenridding up to the summit of Helvellyn via Swirral Edge.

The weather took a turn for the worse during the race which ensured a tough race was even more challenging with strong winds making for a tough bike leg. A decision was made by the organisers during the race to run the shorter run route so we did not actually make it to the summit of Helvellyn but took the path down at Red Tarn and back down into the finish at Glenridding. I was disappointed that the run section was cut short as a technical hilly run plays to my strengths but it was the right decision made by the organisers. I had a good race without incident and I finished in 36th place overall out of a total of 395 finishers so was happy with this result.

This is a great well organised race in a fantastic location which I would recommend if anyone fancies a good challenge and something a little bit different. I will definitely be back to do next year were hopefully conditions will allow the run to go to the top of Helvellyn.


Jacob Watson and Amanda Duffy tested their legs at the Salford 10K race. This is a popular and fast 10K with full road closures so athletes are out for a PB. Jacob Watson had a great run to finish in 8th place overall with a time of 33:42. Amanda Duffy finished in 140th overall, 10th lady and 1st F35 with a time of 41:22

Report from Amanda Duffy

The City of Salford 10k takes place on the quays at Media City. It’s a relatively flat course with great PB potential.  It was an excellent atmosphere with great support around the course.

Amanda Duffy at the Salford 10K

Amanda Duffy at the Salford 10K

There was a 15 minute delay at the start but it didn’t seem to affect my performance.

I finished 10th female and won the v35 cat with a PB 41.22

Another great performance from Jacob Watson finishing in 8th place and another PB 33.42

Pos Name Cat Time
8 Jacob Watson MSEN 33:42
140 Amanda Duffy F35 41:22

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Burnley parkrun – A total of 438 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
2 Josh HALL 17:53 JM15-17 New PB!
3 Jonathan CLEAVER 17:55 VM35-39 New PB!
4 Nicholas HENNESSEY 18:14 JM15-17
5 Jonathan PYE 18:22 SM25-29
6 George PIER 18:28 SM20-24
7 Ryan BRADSHAW 18:34 SM20-24
8 Chris SNELL 18:37 VM35-39
9 Mark ASPINALL 18:41 VM55-59
11 Paul BRANNON 18:47 VM55-59
13 Michael STEVENS 19:06 JM11-14
14 Matthew DUCKWORTH 19:08 SM25-29
26 Peter STEVENS 20:05 JM11-14 New PB!
33 Harrison CODD 20:39 JM11-14 New PB!
36 John WILCOCK 20:49 VM55-59
41 Matthew JACKSON 21:14 JM11-14
42 Simon WILSHAW 21:15 JM15-17
53 Jeremy BRADSHAW 21:47 VM45-49
55 Lennon JACKSON 21:59 JM11-14
56 Aaron LUNDIE 22:01 JM15-17 New PB!
65 Chris LAWRENCE 22:30 VM50-54
74 Ella DORRINGTON-LEVY 22:46 JW11-14
75 Sophie ASHWORTH 22:46 JW11-14
80 Charlie BARNES 22:57 JM10
82 Reece Adam LAWRENCE 23:01 JM15-17
85 Andy QUINN 23:05 VM45-49
97 David Ian SCOTT 23:39 VM70-74
102 Colin WHITE 23:49 VM40-44
104 Bethany WHEATCROFT 23:56 JW11-14
113 Nina KEWIN 24:08 VW35-39
127 Toby BIRTWISTLE 24:48 JM10
132 Lisa JOHNSON 25:05 VW45-49
141 Andrew TAYLOR 25:21 VM55-59
142 Donna SCOTT 25:21 VW50-54
148 Beth QUINN 25:36 SW18-19
158 Helen WELSH 25:49 VW45-49
164 Katy THOMPSON 25:58 VW60-64
170 Carl CAREY 26:07 VM45-49
189 Melanie HIRST 26:49 VW40-44
195 Justin BIRTWISTLE 26:59 VM40-44
203 Caitlin WELSH 27:14 JW15-17
213 Evan WELSH 27:31 JM11-14
215 Darcey HIRST 27:42 JW10 New PB!
270 Judith CAREY 29:44 VW35-39
271 Helen HARRISON 29:45 VW50-54
287 Jack MCGUIRE 30:18 VM60-64
295 Ruby CLEAVER 30:40 JW10 New PB!
322 Ron CHAPPELL 31:55 VM65-69
334 Emily JOHNSON 32:29 JW10
336 Marion WILKINSON 32:31 VW75-79
367 Olly PLANT 33:59 JM10
368 Charlie PLANT 34:00 JW10

Burnley junior parkrun – A total of 85 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
2 Matthew JACKSON 7:45 JM11-14
6 Charlie BIRTWISTLE 8:33 JM11-14
10 Toby BIRTWISTLE 9:11 JM10
11 Guy WHALLEY 9:29 JM10
14 Darcey HIRST 9:50 JW10 New PB!
31 Ruby CLEAVER 10:55 JW10

 Dewsbury parkrun – A total of 94 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
77 Robin PRICE 09:27 VM70-74

Lytham Hall parkrun – A total of 233 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
67 Philip NAYLOR 24:24 VM40-44

Lyme Park parkrun – A total of 103 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
13 Ivan WHIGHAM 22:47 VM55-59

Pendle parkrun – A total of 100 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
11 John HARTLEY 21:56 VM60-64
25 Martin BRADY 24:10 VM55-59
51 Richard LAWSON 28:38 VM75-79
61 Yvonne WICKHAM 30:14 VW50-54
65 Christine Jennifer EGERTON 30:53 VW65-69
76 Christine LEATHLEY 32:44 VW65-69

Witton parkrun – A total of 97 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
29 Vicky HEYS 02:12 VW45-49

Woodhouse Moor parkrun – A total of 511 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
4 David BAGOT 18:00 SM25-29