September 2020 – senior training

After a long period of protracted absence… senior group training is back! Please review our training page to identify whch group is for you.

We know that for some of us, our running has suffered over the whole Covid 19 period, through a number of factors out of our control. Equally for others some are running the best they ever have! It really is a mixed bag. Hopefully there is something for everyone, with several sessions offering ability led groups/varying speeds. Please contact the leader for more information if you wish to attend or for more information.

Please remember YOUR responsibility to your fellow runners if you do attend:

  1. Please maintain a physical distance between yourself and other runners/members of the public.
  2. Please practice regular hand washing/sanitising before and after sessions.
  3. Please do not gather in close proximity and large groups for prolonged periods of time before and after training. If going to the pub please adhere to the establishments rules!
  4. Expect to give your name to the session organiser in the event of track and trace being required.
  5. Please do not attend training if you or someone in your household are symptomatic. In this case please get a test and self-isolate as appropriate.

Further Covid information can be found on the Government site and England Athletics.

Happy Running.

The Committee.

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